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Husband and wife go on a Florida vacation leasing a beach house for the entire Month. Their twelve year old daughter is to join them for the last two weeks.
This totally fictional story is written by a complete novice from his infertile mind! I make up stories for my own entertainment! If I were a professional writer, I’d have a lot more money in the bank!

Cassie-Daughter, Seventeen yrs.
Todd-White stranger
David-Black stranger

This story is told from the view of the wife, Debra.

Once In A Lifetime Vacation

My husband, Stan and I were on the Florida coast for a long rest and well deserved vacation. We both have been working hard and in a welcome turn of fate, we both had slack time at work and could get vacation at the same time so we could take off together for the first time in years. We took a month’s lease on a beach house. We’ll have our privacy for half the time and then our twelve year old daughter, Cassie, would join us for the remainder of our vacation. She’s staying with her best friend next door, and her parents will take Cassie to the airport for her flight here and Cassie would get two weeks on the beach with us.

I’m Debra, a 30ish red head, medium height, slim body, small busted woman who works for a large corporation in the public relations department! Stan is an accountant in the purchasing department of a large manufacturing company.

On a Friday night on the Florida coast we went to a nice restaurant to eat and then to an over the water night club to drink and dance. I wore dressy jeans with a tunic type top that extended past my waist down to the middle of my thigh. It was comfortable and casual, but dressy looking. When I just had the top on in our bedroom, before sliding into my jeans, my husband remarked to me that I should just wear the top over my panties; I’d be “hot” and luring to all the men around. I replied that I’d be too embarrassed to walk! He had teased me that my dress shouted out “I’m in the mood to fuck! Please, won’t some guy please come fuck me?” I smiled and spun around showing off to my husband my black lacy bikini panties! I decided to tease my husband some, to turn up his horny mode! I took off my top and took out another tunic top. I liked these for my casual dress-up. This one had very thin light weight material, like rayon or silk. I then, with Stan watching my every move, took off my bra and slipped into my new light tunic top. You couldn’t really see thru it but you could tell I wasn’t wearing a bra! This brought a twinkle to his eyes! Then I put my jeans on and we went to eat and dance afterwards. My husband teases me a lot about letting some strange man pick me up and take me to his bed for the night! I can’t tell if he’s serious or not! It would be an erotic fling! Maybe on this trip, I just might just test his limits and see if he’s willing to let a strange man take me to his bed and fuck me!

After supper, we went to a local night club we’d spotted earlier in the day. It advertised a 3-piece combo for entertainment. After we’d been there awhile, two nice looking gentlemen came in and sat at the table next to us. Shortly, we struck up a conversation and got to know each other better. One of them asked me to dance and I said yes. This didn’t bother my husband at all, because I love to dance and he doesn’t care to. The other guy and my husband talked while David and I danced. This was the closest I ever been to a black man and as we danced and talked, we moved closer to each other. Without even noticing, we ended up dancing very close to each other and I put both my arms around his neck and snuggled close to him so I could feel his body against mine. I guess I felt a little horny from the liquor and music. Subconsciously I wanted to feel his cock against me, wanting to feel how large he was. Throughout high school, girls were always talking about black boys and men having large penises and how they could stretch out a woman’s vagina opening and give a woman a fantastic sexual experience. Maybe this would be my first time to find out for myself if this were true. David whispered something and I moved to face him and he kissed me! A short kiss, but I wanted more! I responded by putting my lips against his, opening my mouth and inserting my tongue and searched out for his! Locating his, I licked his tongue with mine, letting him know I was ready for a little intimate play!

My husband got acquainted with the other gentleman and they both talked about us dancing. The other gentleman was white and his name was Todd. He told my husband, as they watched David and me dancing and rubbing against each other, about David’s reputation of being a ladies ’ man! Todd and my husband started making bets on far David could get with me, and if he could talk me to going to his hotel for the night! If they would have asked me right then I would have told them all a definite yes, take me to bed and fuck me silly! I was enjoying David’s tongue rubbing mine! At that moment, I wanted to be naked with David and feel him inside me, moving his erection in and out of my pussy!

Finally the combo took a break and David and I walked back to our tables and my husband. My natural reaction was to take David’s hand to lead me wherever he wanted to take me! We stopped in front of my husband and I sat down and I unconsciously held onto his hand tightly to keep him at my side, so he sat next to me. He took his other hand and pried me loose, I didn’t want to let go.
Stan said that he wanted to go back to our beach house, but I answered that I didn’t, yet. A discussion started, but I kept quiet. I didn’t want to start anything. If I said I wanted to stay in a night club dancing with two complete strangers, my husband might get mad, so I waited to see what happened. I didn’t know at the time that my husband had made a small wager with Todd which involved me going to their hotel room for the night and having sex with both of them!

Todd offered to bring me to our beach house later if it was ok with my husband? He said that would be fine. As long as Todd and David took care of me, that would work for him, and he kissed me and whispered in my ear, “See you tomorrow morning babe!”

I looked at him as he left! He looked back with a devilish grin on his face! Did he just give me permission to spend the night with these two men in their hotel room having sex! I couldn’t believe it! My mind raced! Did I really want to spend the night naked with these two men? Yes I did! My husband was offering to give me my own special vacation gift! I definitely wanted to feel both of these men’s cocks buried deep in my pussy! I thought then about me ovulating now, what effect would that have on my decision! It was only a chance of conception, not a certainty! I blew off the thought! I could take protection later!

David asked me to dance again as the music started. We walked out on the dance floor and I put both of my arms around his neck again and my lips against his! I wanted to suck on his tongue and rub my hips into him! I wanted him to know that I was his for the night for the taking!

Todd came over and cut in. He was just as smooth a dancer as David. I didn’t hold back, my arms went around Todd’s neck too and my mouth to his! I wanted them both to know that they could share me; neither of them would not get all of me! I wanted two lovers tonight! The song ended and I excused myself to go to the ladies room. I took a pee and thought about my husband’s comment about being sexy without my jeans, so I took them off and folded them up and went back to the table! Actually in this local of Florida, most of the women wore hardly anything at all. During daylight hours, I saw many young women topless on the beach and also shopping in stores along the beach road.

When dancing with the two of them, I got to feel of both of them and they both had larger male equipment than my husband had! I thought back to my high school and college days, the girls were right, black men are well equipped more that white men! At least David definitely is!

Todd came over and cut in. He was just as smooth a dancer as David. I didn’t hold back, my arms went around Todd’s neck too and my mouth to his! I wanted them both to know that they could share me; neither of them would not get all of me! I wanted two lovers tonight! The song ended and I excused myself to go to the ladies room. I took a pee and thought about my husband’s comment about being sexy without my jeans, so I took them off and folded them up and went back to the table! Actually in this local of Florida, most of the women wore hardly anything at all. During daylight hours, I saw many young women topless on the beach and also shopping in stores along the beach road.

When dancing with the two of them, I got to feel of both of them and they both had larger male equipment than my husband had! I thought back to my high school and college days, the girls were right, black men are well equipped more that white men! At least David definitely is!

As the song ended, I adjusted my panties and went to the ladies room again; only this time I wanted to call my husband and be sure he wanted this to happen! I had to borrow a cell phone to call my husband, mine was in my jeans on the table.

“Hello babe, how are things going?” answered Stan. I asked, “Did you mean it when you said you’d see me tomorrow morning? Are you teasing me! Was that a hint that you really want me to spend the night with these two guys?”

“In a word, YES! Have fun tonight! This night is yours to go wild! Absolutely no regrets! See you tomorrow, very well fucked, I hope!” replied Stan.

“Very well fucked, how about pregnant! I’m fertile!” I told him. He answered me, “Like I said, see you tomorrow morning, very well fucked! You could get pregnant or not! Just go enjoy yourself!” “OK, just remember, you’re OK with what happens!” I answered my husband. “I love you!”

I smiled to myself and went back to greet my two lovers! They didn’t know it yet, but I was all theirs for the night and maybe the rest of the weekend! We had over two weeks of Florida left planned! I had permission to go wild and I was going to do it! After all, this was our vacation of a life time! We wanted to go all out with some kinky sex mixed in! I wanted to spend the night having sex with these two men! I wanted to feel them deep inside me as far as they could get! I’ve felt them as we danced! They’re both much larger than my husband! I didn’t think they would hurt me too much getting inside me! But then again, they’d give me so much pleasure from being inside me; I was willing to endure a little pain! It was kind of like losing my cherry all over again! A little pain for a lot of pleasure!! Stan answered my concern about protection, I had strong desires to be a very naughty girl and I could be as wild as my imagination could go and put is all aside tomorrow and be comfortable with my family! I really wanted my lovers to give me a baby, but it was never a certainty!

Todd took my hand and led me to the dance floor and I turned, put both arms around his neck and pressed my thinly covered breasts against his chest as I kissed him as passionately as I could! I now belong to them and as a woman; I wanted to do my best to please my men! Wild thoughts swirled in my mind! OK! I’m going for it all! I’m not going to use any protection! I’m going let Todd and David fuck me bare back and hope they get me pregnant! My imagination ran wild! I pressed my body as close to Todd as I could as I sucked his tongue! The song ended and we returned to David. It was getting late and I wondered what would happen next. David put his arm around me and kissed me passionately as I felt him unbuttoning my tunic top! Todd then complimented my breasts and I thanked him! I was at ease being bare breasted, especially around this area, bare breasted females of all ages were common. Grandmothers and granddaughters alike went topless. I guess it was a local beach thing. Some of the bikini bottoms left a lot of cloth off and didn’t hide too much of a female’s equipment! This would be the perfect place to teach Jr. High Sex Ed! You could see it all in the open!

David wanted to dance again and we stepped onto the dance floor. My arms went around his neck and both his hands to my breasts! This slow dance allowed my breasts to get well massaged!

After the dance, at the table, finally the test of my conviction to spend the night with these two men! Todd asked if I were tired and wanted to go back to my beach house and my husband! I replied, “Didn’t my husband make some other plans for me?”

David spoke out, “Your husband hinted that we could possibility entice you to spend the night with us in our hotel! What do you think?”

I teased, “Do you mean that my husband gave me to you to take to your hotel for the night for the two of you, complete strangers, to get me naked and spend the night fucking me!”

“That’s what he said! Believe me or not!”

“OH, I believe you, because that’s what he told me when I called him from the ladies room!” Then a broad smile came across my face! “Well gentlemen, I guess I’m all yours for the night and anything goes!”

At their hotel room, undressing was easy for me. I took off my tunic top, kicked off my Sandals and I lay back on one of the beds and watched Todd and David undress. Naked, they talked and Todd lay
down beside me and slid his hands up my legs to my panties and slid them off my butt and down my legs and off to the floor. He then put his arms around me and passionately kissed me as he moved his body on top of mine as I spread my legs! Finally I got a clear view of their male equipment! They both were much longer and bigger round than my husband Stanley! Todd’s cock was a little smaller than David’s and they had decided to take it easy on me! Todd rose up and rubbed the head of his cock in my clit with his hand, lubing me with his precum! I was excited and very wet! He smiled at me and I took the initive and removed his hand and took hold of his erection and positioned him at the opening of my pussy and told Todd to “fuck me”! He slowly slid his penis into me, filling me up! He was a little larger round and way
longer in length than my husband, but not so large that his size caused me much pain! Todd felt great inside me as I felt like I was opened up more than I ever had been! I kissed him and told him to take me hard and stretch me deeper! Todd humped me harder and harder with each stroke and he felt great! I couldn’t believe my pussy felt so full and good with a stranger fucking me! Todd pulled out almost all the way and then shoved back in, bottoming out in me against my cervix and I felt his hot cum spurting in me and filling my womb! We lay there holding each other, kissed and caught our breath.

I noticed Todd getting out a digital video camera to record us! It only
added to the excitement!

I smiled and said, “David’s turn!” David got on the bed next to me and asked if I was ready for a real hard fuck! I told him I was! He whispered, “I’m going to fuck you so good that you’ll leave your husband and move to my house and have my babies! You’ll never want to have that little wimp white pecker in you ever again!” Now I’d never mentioned to them that I was ovulating, so they really had no idea that I could get pregnant! David kissed me and moved his body on top of me, while he took a hold of his penis and directed himself to my love hole! David starting inching his larger tool inside me! He was much larger
than Todd. David had several inches in length and bigger round! He used his weight and slowly shoved himself into me, gradually stretching me larger and larger than I’ve ever been before in my life! David knew
what he was doing! He inched in me a little and stopped, then inched some more in me and stopped again! There was pain, but it was easilybearable made welcome by the intense pleasure of having a very large equipped man inside me! I looked at Todd and he was videoing our fucking! At this point, I didn’t care! I wanted this man to TAKE ME, I’M ALL YOURS, I yelled! David kept up the pressure and bottomed
out against my cervix! I didn’t know it, because I couldn’t see, but his cock still had a couple of more inches left to get totally inside me! He pulled out a little and shoved back in forceably! Out and in, increasing his stroke each time! After several strokes, David was pulling almost all the way out and plunging back in me! Each time he plunged into me, he bottomed out against my cervix! He kissed me again and I him! Right now, we were lovers, not just fuck buddies! I wanted David to fill my fertile womb full of his black baby making sperm! I loved the chance of being impregnated with a black baby! It excited me! Stan would go nuts!

I said, “David, I’m ovulating! He asked me, “What do you want me to
me to do, pull out, get a condom?”

I didn’t hesitate at all! I said, “David, make love to me and I want
your baby! It’s crazy, I know it, but I love you! You’ve made me feel so
alive! I want to be with you! I want to have your babies, as many as
you want me to have! I love you fucking me!”

David smiled, and said, “I told you I’d make you mine! Do you want to
go back to your husband?”

“N0, I want to go with you! I want to be yours!” I yelled at David as he filled my womb full of his hot sperm!

“Well how about we call him and tell him that! What do you say?”

Todd handed me my cell phone, my husband had been listening to me being fucked and every word I said! “Stan, you heard me?”

“Yes, I heard Debra! Do you really want to stay with David and bear his babies?”

“Stan, I’ve never been fucked this good in my life and I don’t want it to stop! I can’t help it! What is it they say, once a white woman goes black in the sack, she’ll never go back! Baby, right now I’m laying naked in a bed with a naked black man! David has fucked me and filled me full of his cum! He’s lying on top of me with sixteen inches of black cock filling my pussy! I never want this to end! I can’t help it, Stan, I never want to go back to only having your little dick! Oh, I’m so sorry baby, you didn’t deserve that! But that is how you’ve described yourself! Look, forget all this, I’ll see you in the morning and we’ll talk! After all what has happened tonight, if you want me to leave, I will!”

David moved over next to me, where he could talk over the phone. “Stan, Debra will call you in the morning or will come to the beach house. I think the booze is getting to her!” David took my cell phone and hung it up.

In the morning, I awoke to the sound of the shower running. I looked over in bed beside me and looked into the face of a large black man. Last night’s events came rolling back into my mind. I smiled and leaned over and kissed David and said, “Thank you for the best night of fucking in my life! I really hope I’m pregnant!”

He looked at me and replied, “If you want, there’s many more in your future!”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I want many more!” My cell phone started ringing.

“Stan calling again, so soon.” asked David.

“No, it’s my daughter from home. Hello, Cassie.”

David moved close to me so he could hear both sides of the conversation. Cassie had called Stan last night and the conversation got complicated when Stan made the comment that I wasn’t with him; that I was out on a date and went out dancing! Our daughter really got curious. I tried to make it look innocent, until David commented, where my daughter could clearly hear, “Tell her how well I fucked you last night and she’s going to have my black baby to help take care of!” That brought the conversation to a sudden halt!

Cassie is twelve, fully informed about sexual matters, and old enough to comprehend the sexual escapades of adults. David listened as I explained just what happened last night, but leaving out any comments of mine about her father’s lacking of sexual equipment or ability! I told her about her father and I kidding in the past about me having a sexual romp with a stranger and him pushing me to do it as long as he knew about it in advance. I explained that this whole event just happened and I’m glad it did. She asked if it was true I was pregnant and I replied that I could be, biologically speaking. I said, “Your father and I have had some sexual fun with each of us involved. Your father set it up, without me knowing. It’s something we’ve kidded each other about in the past. We didn’t plan it, it was all spontaneous!” She then asked, “Who did you fuck mom?

I didn’t want to beat around the bush anymore, so I let it all out! “Cassie, your father and I met two gentlemen in a nightclub. Their names are Todd and David! Your father went back to our beach house to leave me alone with them so if I wanted, I could go with them to their hotel and spend the night naked, fucking them and I did and I very much enjoyed the night! I knew I was ovulating and I purposely didn’t use any protection so I could possibly get pregnant! Your father knew all of this and was in on the decision! He encouraged me to get pregnant! So there, you know everything! I’m sorry if you don’t approve, but it’s done now! Before you say another thing, if I’m pregnant, I’m going to have the baby! There’ll be no discussion on that!”

There was silence on the phone, and then Cassie spoke. “OK mom. It’s OK. You know, you’re such a hottie! I hope you are pregnant! My friends will go nuts! Is there anything I can bring you? My flight is still on schedule for tomorrow. I checked a little while ago and printed my boarding passes.”

“No Cassie. We’ll see you tomorrow morning around nine.”

Stan and I talked about the pregnancy situation and decided tomorrow would be a good day for Stan to go golfing while I pick up Cassie and we can be alone shopping and clear up any unresolved complications about what has happened and what the future with a baby would hold, if in fact I am pregnant.

Shopping with Cassie was a trip. She had read about the area having the policy of allowing open nudity and she wanted to get ready. We had discussed nipple rings and other assorted decorations for bare breasts and Cassie had been trying to get me to approve of her going topless. Well, now she had me just where a teenage daughter wants her mother! How could I not let her go topless on the beach after I spent the night with two strange men having sex! Cassie had me! We found several shops that had assortments of nipple jewelry. In one we purchased several nipple rings for each of us. Stan was going to get his eyes full! Cassie said she wanted to wear her nipple rings around the beach house and nothing else! She kidded that she’d get her father all worked up so he’d really take care of me that night! I told her not to push things too far! I kidded her that she might get raped!

David and Todd were at the house when I arrived with Cassie from shopping. They introduced themselves and Cassie was friendly and asked a lot of questions of them. She was very curious about last night!

Cassie and I told them to sit down, we had something to show them. We went to the bedroom to get naked and put on our new jewlry!

Stan arrived at the house expecting us all to go out to eat. What he got to view was an erotic shock. We had been having a conversation about our nipple rings and when Stan walked in, Cassie and I were modeling our new nipple rings for David and Todd! After Stan’s heart slowed to a normal beat, he talked to David and Todd about plans for supper while Cassie and I got properly attired to go eat!

That night after a fine meal, we all went back to the beach house. There wasn’t going to be any night club tonight, Cassie was too young. Stan needed a good night’s sleep because he had a deep sea fishing trip early tomorrow. Cassie and I would do the beach sporting only our new nipple jewelry. Various topics of conversation went on and finally sex came up. Finally Stan gave up. “OK, I’m going to make you all a proposition! David, give me your hotel key and I’ll sleep there tonight, so I can get some rest for tomorrow and you girls can stay in our beach house with your boyfriends here and fuck the night away without an old fogy like me!” Cassie and I had our mouths wide open at his statement!

It seems while Cassie and I were getting dressed for supper, Todd had made a few comments about Cassie being a fine young woman and Stan took the conversation from there.

I took my husband’s arm and pulled him aside, “What is going on in your kinky mind babe?” “Well, this might be a good time to introduce Cassie to how pleasurable sex can really be, rather in a back seat with some young stud who hasn’t really figured out what goes where! You’ve already fucked both of these guys and you told me how good they were so let’s allow Cassie the pleasure of starting off with good teachers! What do you think?”

“OK! I understand what you’re saying. And we’re on vacation away from home, so nobody will know but us three and as far as Cassie’s friends will know, she’s still a virgin! There are so many incidental ways a girl can break her hymen; Cassie can always claim it be a virgin even through her wedding night!”

They went back into the big room and Stan asked David for his hotel key and driving directions. Debra leaned over and whispered to Cassie, “OK woman, which man do you want first?” She didn’t know if Cassie was still a virgin, but she did know that several high schoolers had been trying their best to get into her panties. She thought about Stan and how smart he was at coming up with novel solutions to difficult situations.

Cassie was a smart girl and instantly grasped the situation that her father was setting up for her. She could decline the whole encounter or let herself be sexually taken by a very accomplished lover and enjoy the sexual pleasures of a lifetime with the full acceptance of her parents. Besides her mother will be in the other room with a second man! Cassie swiftly went to Stan as he was leaving, threw her arms around him, and said, “Thanks daddy!”

Stan left his wife and daughter to take turns fucking two guys! As he walked out the door, he yelled “You guys make sure these two girls are well fucked and have sore pussies tomorrow!” He thought to himself, this vacation is turning out better than he ever hoped it would! He would see them tomorrow afternoon after his fishing charter. Debra pushed Todd to fuck Cassie first, because he had a smaller cock and would get into her easier and not hurt her. She thought that she’d try to arrange a two-sum for Cassie after Todd got her pussy all juicy for David’s larger cock! Debra wanted Cassie to enjoy a variety of sexual pleasures this vacation. It was her daughter’s one chance in a lifetime!

After Stan left, Debra fixed all four of them a drink, very little liquor in Cassie’s. Debra didn’t want Cassie drunk. Cassie was more than willing to let Todd and David fuck her and didn’t need to be drunk to spread her legs for any man. It was an awkward scene with mother, daughter together with two guys that they all knew the girls were ready to fuck! It was a very awkward erotic situation! Todd finally broke the tension by walking over to Cassie, holding his hand out and asking if she was ready to go to bed! She smiled, took his hand and went to the second bedroom with him! Todd closed the door for privacy.

Debra smiled and held out her hand for David and they entered the other bedroom, leaving the door open so they could hear Cassie and Todd together! Very soon, they heard Cassie moan and say to Todd, OH, yes, eat my pussy! Debra looked at David and remarked. “The first time a girl has a good pussy eating, she’ll remember it forever!”
David fucked Debra good and filled her full of his cum. After resting a while, she suggested to David he go join Todd and Cassie and give her a night to remember! A twelve year old girl with two 30ish year old men fucking her and spending the night in bed with her! Cassie spent the rest of the night sucking one cock while another cock took care of her pussy! In the morning, Cassie would truly have a well fucked pussy!

In the morning, Debra partially woke up. She was very groggy! She could hear David and Todd talking but couldn’t understand the context of what they were saying! Todd mentioned dosing both the women with something to make them groggy and more manageable! Debra yelled for Cassie and tried to get out of bed, but instead fell on the floor on her hands and knees. David heard her “thump” and came into the bedroom and lifted her back into the bed. As he stroked her forehead, he told her to take it easy, she wasn’t going anywhere. “We’ll all be leaving soon in our private plane and then it’s off for you and Cassie to your new life! Here is Stan’s down payment of twenty-five thousand with the balance of seventy-five thousand to be paid on delivery of you two! Our client is paying premium dollar for a young mother and daughter combo! You’ll enjoy your new life! He’s a nice fellow and treats his women very good. But, if you don’t cooperate and give him a bad time, you and your daughter will be the new stars of a new snuff film! That’s what has happened to his past trouble makers! At least, that way, he makes his money back! So, your only chance for survival is to be good girls and do what the man wants! Yes Todd, Stan’s down payment is here on the nightstand as agreed and we’ll wire the balance of his money to his off shore account when we get paid by the client!”


Stan came back to the beach house from his fishing charter at dark. He went to the bathroom and took a leak and then went to the nightstand in the bedroom. He picked up an envelope and counted out100 dollar bills on the bed to make sure all of it was there, went out to his car and left to go eat! He’d report his wife and daughter missing around noon tomorrow. He’d look around town first and then file a missing persons report. He’d tell the police his wife and daughter never returned from a night on the town seeking sexual favors from young guys! He’d leave it at that! They never would be seen again!

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Great story up until the last paragraph. Why end the story on such a harsh, negative note? Stan taking his wife and daughter back home, happily reflecting on the black babies the each have growing inside their womb? That would have been a feel-good ending.

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All white women who fuck niggers should have their lives end in a snuff film.

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