A true story about boys during WWII finding love in the ruins of bombed out Germany
A Boy Finds Love In The Ruins
A True Story
As told to
A reader wrote to me recently about his first sexual experience. The conditions and situation was so unique that he thought others would find it interesting. I agree with him.
Imagine being a 10… almost 11 year old boy living in Nazi Germany in the closing months of the war. Things were dire and the Allies were constantly bombing all of the major cities day and night. Hitler was so desperate for troops that he conscripted boys as young as 11 to serve in the Army. Hans was one of those boys. He is a 76 year old man who just recently found out he has 3 months to live. He shared his story with me and I now share it with you …
A Boy Finds Love In The Ruins
My first sexual encounter was way back in 1944, when I was a lad of 11 serving in the Hitler Youth in Germany. Needless to I am old but I thought others might enjoy reading about it. It was July 1944. I had just turned 11 was serving in the army.
I served with my best friend. His name was Otto. He was 2 years older than me and we had been best friends since I was 4 years old. We were in the same company and did everything together.

It was a frightening time to be in Germany. The Allied bombers were coming day and night so it was almost impossible to get any sleep. We caught 40 winks any place and time that we could.

One night we were in the basement of a bombed-out building. There were 6 of us between the ages of 11 to15 in that basement. It was a hot summer night in July of 1944.

I was lying down with my head resting on Otto’s arm. I always felt safe when I was close to him. We were wearing only our underwear because of the heat. I was awakened by strange noises.

I raised my head and looked around the basement. I saw where the other boys were. They seemed to be wrestling. Two of the boys were on their backs. As I looked closer I saw that each of those boys had another boy between their legs. Their legs were being held high in the air and spread wide apart.

As I looked closer I noticed that the boys on top were naked. Sometimes Otto and I wrestled naked like that so it was no big thing. I laid my head back down and dozed off again.

I can't remember if I really did get back to sleep. There was something pushing into the back of my shorts. I reached behind me and was totally shocked to find Otto’s raging hard on. I quickly let go and was frozen in fear that he had felt me. I listened to his breathing to see if he was asleep.

Suddenly there it was again, his penis pushing into my butt crack. I held my breath, what should I do. Then I began to feel a strange sensation in my stomach.

I reached down to rub my stomach and was surprised to find that my penis was hard. It was harder than it had ever been. I didn't know what the word sensual meant back then but I knew it felt good when I felt his penis rub against me.

The next time Otto pulled back, I decided to push my shorts down and see what it felt like to have his bare penis touching me. It took a while. I waited for him to pull back and when he did I pulled my white underpants down to my knees.

It took me a while but I finally got my underpants down. I held my breath wondering what would happen next. My small white underpants were barely down when Otto shoved his hard cock against me. Of course we were dry so he couldn't get it in. But that didn’t keep my best friend from trying again. Otto aimed his 13 year old rock hard cock between my legs and pushed again. It was too dry and he could not enter me.

I felt his naked boner as it rubbed against my bare butt. It rubbed against my crack and then against my cock and balls. I felt the dry tip of his boner trying to enter me. I was confused, frightened and excited all at once. It hurt as he tried to penetrate me.

His hand came around my waist and he took a hold of my cock. "Hans, Ich leiben zie" he whispered in my ear. "Do you want me to stop" he asked.

"yes…no…no…don't stop." I whimpered. I didn't under all this. I hated the pain he caused me, but I love the closeness of our naked bodies. I wanted it to stop immediately and at the same time I wanted it to go on forever. My love for Otto made me tell him I wanted to go on.

Otto stood up and picked me up with him. As he took my hand my white underpants fell to the floor we were both completely naked. I felt very vulnerable and excited at the same time.

"Do you think he is ready for this?" Asked one of the other boys.

"Ja" replied Otto. As he told them that yes I was ready.

I had no idea what they were talking about other than it involved being naked. I knew it meant that we would be touching and holding each other. I wanted to be held and loved more than anything.

Otto took me over to the other side of the basement where the other boys had been wrestling and we sat down on the floor. Otto held on tight to my boner. He made sure that he never let go of my cock.

Two of the boys began to act like they were wrestling, but even I could tell it was just horse play. It only took a couple of minutes before one of them got on top of the other. They made sure their heads were right in front of us. The boy on top was Wilhelm. He was 15 and the oldest boy among us. He acted like he was holding Stephan, a blond 12 year old down.

As they wrestled around I watched in amazement Wilhelm’s 15 year old stiff cock. It must have been about 16 cm or about 6 ¼”. It was thick with a thick growth of blond pubic hair. His foreskin had retracted to reveal a thick flared head that was a deep red color. Wilhelm held Stephan down and shoved his cock down Stephan’s throat.

I was mesmerized as the thick long boy cock began to pump in and out of the younger boy’s mouth. It looked so huge yet it was going all the way in and out. I could feel my own cock getting harder and harder until I thought it would break.

But Otto’s loving hand had the situation well in hand. "Does that look like fun Hans, would you like to try it?”

Without waiting for an answer the boys moved out of the way so we could take their place. Here I was with 5 naked sexy boys. Otto laid me on my back in the center of the other boys.

The next thing I knew I had Otto’s big cock was pressing against my lips. I opened my mouth and his thick boy cock entered my mouth. Otto went slowly…ever so slowly, so I wouldn't choke. Otto only put in about 2 inches.

I felt Otto’s body tremble. Then he began to pump his hard boy boner in and out of my mouth. As he thrust his hard boy flesh in and out of my mouth, Otto told me "Suck on it like it was a piece of hard candy".

I began to suck on his hard boy flesh. It was not all that bad actually. I rather liked it. It had kind of a salty taste. I liked the pungent odor from his patch of sandy brown pubic hair.

Suddenly two of the boys grabbed my ankles. They spread my legs wide apart. They lifted me up toward Otto so that my ass was up in the air. They rolled us over so that I was above Otto with his cock still in my mouth. They had me on my knees with my ass was high enough in the air that someone began licking my anus.

The feeling of a tongue on my ass drove me wild. It was awesome. I was wild with pleasure as he continued to lick me. I had never thought about having something like done to me and it was driving me up a wall.

I opened my eyes to look at Otto, I had never realized how well built he was. I began to run my hands up and down his body. "My god he is truly beautiful.” I thought.

All at once I felt the tongue leave my hole and a finger took its place. The boy took his time and after a couple of minutes had worked his finger all the way in me. It hurt a lot but I was not going to let Otto down. The boy started to work a second finger in me. Otto told him to stop. The only one that would put anything in my body tonight would be Otto.

My brain couldn't understand what was going on but my mouth and the rest of my body didn't care. I was really in to sucking this cock and whatever would come next would just happen. I loved Otto so much. All I wanted to do was give him pleasure.

As Otto continued to face fuck me, I reached my arms around to Otto’s cheeks. I was going to rub on them. I was surprised that there was a hand there. The hand was shoving fingers in and of Otto’s ass.

"Hans, do you want to feel me in your ass?" Otto asked as he slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth.

I had been so wrapped in pleasuring Otto I was doing that I had not noticed that two of the boys were fucking right beside of us. I lay there in awe as a shiver of sexual delight raced through my body. I had just discovered for the first time in my young life how erotic it was to watch two naked young boys making love. They were no longer playing around pretending to wrestle. They were trying to pleasure each other in the most primal way. They were two beautiful blond boys crashing toward and urgent need for sexual release. Their primal grunts and groans were erotic music to my ears. I realized for the first time how much I loved being a part of this primal male mating ritual.

The sexy bottom boy had his muscular legs spread apart so that I had a perfect view of the thick boy cock that penetrated him. I was mesmerized watching the thick boy boner going in and out.
The boy doing the fucking was pulling his cock out so just tip was still in, then he would take his time and slowly go all the way back in. The bottom boy would moan every time it went in all the way. As I watched the top boy began to thrust faster and faster. He cried out that he was cumming. I watched his boy cock become a blur as he filled the younger boy with his hot seed.

"Get on your hands and knees", Otto said.

I rolled over and got ready for whatever he wanted to do. I watched those sexy boys as the wild sexual pleasure raced through their muscular bodies. And I felt Otto as he brought his head down and began to lick my ass. If I thought it felt good before, now I was beside myself with sexual ecstasy. Otto told one of boys to suck my cock and another to let me suck on his.

Otto explained. "This will hurt a little in at first, so the boys will help take your mind off the pain."

As the boys started in on me, Otto began to rub his cock head up and down against my ass hole. He gave the boys a couple of minutes to get me warmed up, he then Otto began to slowly insert his member into me. The pain wasn't that bad at first. The more of Otto’s hard young boy cock that entered me, the more uncomfortable it became.

But Otto was right. Between have my cock sucked and sucking on a hard boy boner helped take my mind off of the pain.

Otto told me to relax and enjoy it. Otto thrust his hard boy cock forward and my groin was suddenly on fire. I gasped for breath at the fierce pain his 13 year old boy boner caused as he entered my virgin 11 year old butt. My ass was on fire as he began to thrust his hard boy cock in and out of me.

I was too young to really understand what was going on. I was too young to understand that the sexual couplings of the other four boys had inflamed Otto’s lust and his need to seed. I didn’t understand that we were 6 scared young boys afraid that the next bomb might land on us. We sought the solace of being in a naked friend’s arms. I didn’t understand that fear of death only intensified the need for sexual release. I only knew that my tender virgin ass was on fire.

Otto’s need to seed was so great that he never gave me the chance to adjust to the intrusion of his stiff boy cock. As he started thrusting his boner in and out of me, the painful sensation drove me crazy. My rectum contracted with intense spasms as his boy cock pounded in and out of me. I couldn't comprehend all of this.

Otto cried out that he was going to cum. He began thrusting wildly and I felt the warmth of his boy seed as he filled me with jet after jet of his hot cum. I still didn’t understand what was going on, but from the way Otto acted I knew it must have been wonderful for him.

I felt his still stiff cock slip out of my ass. He turned me around and held me in his arms and pulled me tight to his naked body. I felt his slippery boner as it pressed against me. Otto was still rock hard and he parted my legs and lifted my ass. His semen slick boner slipped into me again.

I was beginning to enjoy the feeling of my best friend’s boner buried deep inside me. Otto had just begun to speed up a little when the mournful sound air raid sirens started to the still summer night air. The siren sent a cold chill down our spines as the sound warbled up and down.

Otto stopped stock still with his stiff cock buried in my ass and for a second started to pull out of my. I felt him stop just before the head of his cock was removed. I suddenly felt empty and ached to feel him deep inside me.

When he stopped, Otto looked into my eyes and said. Hans if we are going to die then I would rather that it happen knowing that I had made love to the one I love. Do you want to go on or stop?

I took my mouth off from the cock I was sucking. Otto please don’t stop, let’s keep going. It doesn't matter if we live or die. I have never felt this good in my whole life. I don't want to stop.

We all knew that if we were caught we would be shot. There would be no mercy shown to 6 boy caught fucking each other. But the feelings that we were all feeling at that moment overrode any danger we faced from the bombs or our own troops. We lived for the moment. We lived for the good feelings we could give each other. We lived for the feeling of a naked body in our arms. We heard the drone of the bombers in the distance.

Otto began to pump into me again and I swear I could feel every single blood vessel in his cock. As for the boy whose cock I was sucking, I tried hard to take every single inch of his beautiful boner down my throat. I sucked his awesome cock for all I was worth.

Otto suddenly began to squeeze my hips very hard and started moaning. "Mein Gott, Mein Gott" you have the best ass I have ever gotten in to. With that I felt him as he began to fill me with his boy sperm. Otto groaned in pleasure again and again as I felt him fill me with his hot seed.

The boy that I was sucking on began explode in my mouth. I tried to swallow but was not prepared for the volume of sperm that came out. Needless to say most of it came out the sides of my mouth and ran all over the floor in the dirty old basement.

Suddenly I had this amazing tingling in my balls. I held my breath as the pleasurable feeling increased. It felt so good. I didn't know what it was but I knew that I really liked it. Suddenly these amazing powerful feeling raced through my body. I shook as the pleasurable spasms rocked my 11 year old body. I gasped for breath as the intensity of the feelings died down.

Otto pulled his hard cock out of my ass. He took me in his arms and hugged me very hard. He kissed me and then began to pour out his feelings. "I have wanted to do that for a very long time. I have always thought you were the sexiest boy I have ever seen. I was trying to wait for the right moment. But it just seemed like we were never left alone. I ached to have you, but I never had the chance…until tonight. For the first time we were alone and half naked. I heard the boys behind us and I knew what they were doing. It made my cock so hard. When my cock got hard and I rubbed against your ass crack, I knew that was it. I knew that it would be now or never. I had to have you. I wanted to explain things first but from the way you took everything you seemed happy with it.

I looked at his naked body and all I could think about was how handsome he was. I looked at that beautiful cock. It had made me feel like I had never been alive until it was in me. We could start all over and do everything again and it would be all right with me. Knowing how much that first time hurt, I would do it again in a second to have Otto deep inside me. I loved the feeling of his naked body against mine and his strong arms wrapped around me. I could not get enough of the beautiful boy.

We all sat down around the edge of the blanket. I looked around and took in each one of the boys bodies. All of them were well built. We worked out a lot in the army. Two of the boys stood out more than the others because their cocks were so big (6" or more). They were handsome boys with amazing penises. My penis started to get hard again as I sat there looking at their beautiful bodies. One of the boys had a cigarette which he lit up and shared. I turned it down as I had never smoked and didn't wish to.

Otto smiled at me when I said, "no thanks". Otto started to explain to me why he and the other boys did all of this. Otto told me that he had a gay uncle and he molested me one time. All in all, he explained, he had really enjoyed it. He wasn’t sure why they called it being molested. Otto told me that he made up his mind that he wanted to make love to me.

I always got cold feet he told me. I was so afraid you would reject me and I couldn't have taken that. So I decided to try it with other boys to learn how you would react and what you would do. So when I had my chance with you it would be perfect and you would enjoy it as much as I would. I love each of these boys, but, I'm in love with you. I'm not afraid any longer to tell you.

He paused for a moment as if to let all of this sink in. "All of us do everything and anything to each other. We can suck or fuck anyone whenever we want to. Tonight you will be fucked by everyone here. You can fuck anyone you wish.. That’s why I made sure that my cock was the first to enter your mouth and ass. We all have agreed to all of this so if you want to a part of it now is the time to say so.

I looked around again, then without saying anything I got on my knees and began to suck on Karl’s 6" cock.

"I knew you would join us", Otto said. He laid on his back getting under me and started to suck my cock. As he did this a boy got between his legs and started licking his ass. Then one began to do the same to my ass. I knew we would both have a cock in us very soon. Suddenly there was a loud explosion that shook the very floor we were on.

No one, not even me let it bother them, we just kept going. I for one couldn't wait to feel the next cock in my ass.

Gerhardt got behind me on his knees and began to push his cock into my hole, as he did this Johann began to fuck my Otto. I was surprised when he pushed his whole cock into Otto at once. Gerhardt was trying to work his beautiful cock into my ass sort of slowly,

"If Otto can take it I can too, push it all the way in me. Don't baby me." I told him.

As instructed, Gerhardt shoved it in all the way. I thought I would faint, the pain was so bad. It was hard to tell if the pain was coming from my anal ring or deep inside me, whichever it was it hurt like all hell.

It didn't strike me or any of the others as far as I could tell that here we were in the middle of an air raid and all any of us could think about was sex. We could hear the planes, the anti aircraft guns and the bombs exploding. It didn't faze us a bit. We had dealt with so much death and destruction that we just kind of turned the war off for now. This was our time and nothing was going to stop us.

Gerhardt’s cock began to really pump faster and deeper, I was sure my hole was stretched beyond repair, but I still wanted more. Karl was on his knees in front of me and I was licking his ass. I looked down at Otto sucking on my little cock and I knew that I was in love with him. I reached my hand out and felt his ass cheeks being bounced around from the fucking he was getting. Gerhardt started to moan and began to fuck me furiously. I knew he was going to fill my ass any second. I barely got the thought out and he shot a massive load into me.

No sooner had he pulled his cock out than Karl took his place and quickly shoved all of his cock in at once. I didn’t know that different size cocks felt different. I learned that real quickly.
This was the third cock I had in my ass so far. Each one was different and they all felt so good that I couldn't wait to feel the other two in me.

We could hear the bombers from the first group as they were leaving. We knew there would be two or three more waves of bombers before they were done. We were tearing into each other like a pack of wild animals in a feeding frenzy…only for us it was a sexual frenzy. The frenzied partner switching caused us to lose track of who we were with. We lost ourselves in wild mindless sexual couplings. The orgasms seemed to reduce the anxiety of our perilous situation.

As the second wave of bombers started to come in our frenzied need for sex continued. We would try or do anything that might cause another orgasm. As I enjoyed the latest sexual coupling and the intense pleasure it was giving me, I thought about how ten minutes ago that Otto sat on my cock and moved up and down like a man obsessed. Someone else shoved their cock in his mouth and then another boy started double penetrating Otto’s ass with me. He was fucking Otto’s ass so fast and so hard that it threw us all off balance. We toppled over to our sides but no one stopped what they were doing. We all just kept on fucking and sucking like this would be our last moments of our lives. The closer the bombs came the more intensity I felt.

"Hans I love you, I love you with all my heart", Otto yelled at the top of his voice and then he planted his lips on mine and kissed me like I have never been kissed since. There was a powerful explosion. The rubble began to fall on us and all around. Otto landed right on top of me trying to protect me.

I blacked out. When I came to, Otto was still on top of me. I felt something warm running down my face and fear grabbed me.

"Otto, Otto are you okay?

Otto, answer me please".

I felt him start to move a little and then he rolled off onto his side. I saw the gash on the side of his head and began to cry.

"Otto, you are bleeding very badly we must get you some help". I looked over and was torn to pieces inside when I saw the boys’ naked dead bodies all torn to pieces.

"Hans we have to put their uniforms on them so when they are found no one will think anything bad". Then Otto grabbed me in a very loving embrace and he asked me, "Are you hurt Hans"?

"No", I replied.

We got to our feet and he was a little wobbly.

As I looked around my heart sank. Only a few minutes ago we were all entangled within each other’s bodies. I had no idea how we had managed to survive all this. Otto tried to explain to me how the building’s wall started to fall where we were at. He had quickly grabbed me and rolled us over and over managing to get us far enough away that we were fairly safe.

I had been hit by a piece of concrete and had been knocked out. Otto too had been hit by a piece that had cut the side of his head open.

Now it was like stepping out of the dream of a lifetime into my worst nightmare. Otto turned me around to see if I had any other wounds than the lump on my head. Satisfied that the lump was the only thing, he had me check him out to as he turned around. My god he had such a fantastic build, luckily there were only minor scratches. We sat there for a few minutes trying to get our thoughts together. Otto put his arm around me and suddenly I was safe again. I'll never understand why I felt so safe in his arms but it worked every time.

Just as he started to say something the drone of the motors from the bombers started again. This time they were nearly on top of us. Otto scooped me up and ran to the only wall still standing. He laid me down and lay on top of me. The explosions were coming closer and closer. I tried to close my mind like I normally did during bombing. Instead I wrapped my arms around Otto and held on.

All of a sudden I felt Otto’s' hard cock pressing into my groin. And just as quickly my cock shot up. When I think about it today, I can't for the life of me understand this at all, but it happened. We were still naked and it was just natural that my legs spread apart and up, offering him easy access to my ass. His cock made the penetration pushing all the way in and began to fuck me very, very hard and fast. The closer the bombs came the harder he pumped. All at once there was no planes, no bombs, no building, no war.

There was nothing but Otto and I making love. It was as if we were in an open field full of edelweiss. I could smell them I swear. I can't recall if Otto had an orgasm or not. The next thing I remember is kissing me as he pulled his cock out.

The rest of the story is extremely gory and I do not care to write about it. Otto was killed 10 days before the end of the war. He was my first and only true, true love.

Mack you are the very first person that I have ever told my story to. After reading your stories
I felt that you rather put your heart as well as your talent into them. I didn't want mine to be just another jerk off story. Had I not told the whole story, there wouldn't have been one.

I tried not to glorify the Hitler Youth in any way, but rather point out that it was simply 6 young boys doing what came natural to them in a very bad time in history. I still, at 76 cry at the thought of losing Otto. But in my years since, I have also learned to live with the things that he had opened up to me.
I realize that we were just 6 scared children and we used each other to cope with our fear. But I know in my heart that Otto loved me with every fiber of his being. He died in my arms telling me, "Ich Lieben Hans". But the most important thing I learned that night was that it’s okay to love another man or boy, no matter what the world thinks about it.

Sorry, didn't mean to get so emotional. Hans

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