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A kinky reunion between two former lovers.
"329, 331, 333..."

I muttered to myself, reading the numbers off the doors as I made my way
down the narrow hotel hallway. I could almost hear the sound of my own
nervous heartbeat over the quiet buzzing of a nearby ice machine as I
pushed my hand into my pocket to pull out a folded, crumpled piece of
paper. Cursing myself for the inability to calm my shaking nerves, I
unfolded the small parchment and read the number scrawled upon it.


My eyes moved from the paper up to the door before me.


This was it. Behind that door waited a night of unparalleled carnal
pleasure, but could very well lead to months of shameful regret. I
thought briefly about my girlfriend Kim back home, trying with great
difficulty to suppress the feelings of guilt that were beginning to
weigh heavy on my mind. I had cheated on girlfriends in the past, but
Kim was different. I could actually see myself marrying her one day.
She was perfect in almost every way.


I took a deep breath and stared vacantly at the closed door. I knew
that once I stepped into that room, there would be no turning back. I
knew that once I saw Tara again there would be no restraining my
desires. For 8 long years I had been replaying our past sexual
exploits in my head, all the while searching in vain for the one woman
that could possible compare in terms of sexual prowess. In the two
short years we had spent together I had evolved from inexperienced
virginity to complete sexual freedom, as Tara had taken pride in
fulfilling my every sexual desire. She had also been happy to share
her many fantasies with our mutual interests and understanding leading
to 24 months of pure carnal bliss. In a way, she had actually ruined
me for other women as my standards for sexual adventure had developed
beyond what most girls would deem appropriate.

I continued to stall as my mind began to process the various
consequences that could arise from this long awaited reunion. Although
Tara had been a wet dream come true for an 18 year old virgin, our
problems outside the bedroom were considerable. Along with her
considerable sexual experience came a fair amount of emotional baggage
that I had not been fully equipped to deal with at the time. Over the
years, however, the memories of our various problems had faded, leaving
only the torrid details of our numerous salacious adventures.

I began to wonder how much Tara had changed during our time apart. Now
married with three children, I assumed she had matured considerably
from the 20 year old single mother I had met all those years ago.
Apart from being an extraordinary sexual partner, Tara had always
possessed a vibrant personality that made her a joy to be with outside
the bedroom as well as within. My only hope was that years of marriage
and suburban life had not yet crushed her adventurous spirit. Judging
from the witty and provocative emails we had exchanged in the past
couple months my guess was that it had not.

But there was only one way to find out. I raised my fist and knocked on
the door.

The next few seconds left like an eternity as I waited patiently. My
heart began to race even faster when I heard the rattling of the chain
lock followed by a sharp "click" as the door was unlocked from the
inside. With a quick motion, the door swung open and for the first time
in years my eyes fell upon the woman that had occupied my thoughts for
the better part of the previous decade.

Tara's face was aglow with noticeable excitement as she greeted me with
an exuberant smile. Her contagious expression of happiness soon caught
me and I smiled back as my eyes worked quickly to take in the familiar
figure standing before me. Dressed in a simple blue dress, she looked
sexy but elegant as she stepped aside to allow me to enter the room.

"Hey," she said, beaming with enthusiasm.

"Hi," I answered, slightly overwhelmed with the situation.

I strolled into the room as Tara shut the door before turning back
towards me. Before I could say another word she threw her arms around
me pressing her body into mine.

"I can't believe you're actually here," she muttered, hugging me

I returned the hug, my face pressed against her neck as the long
forgotten scent of vanilla once again brought a series of memories
rushing back. After a momentary embrace, she pulled away slightly
pausing for a brief moment to look into my eyes with her sparkling blue

"Wow," she exclaimed, stepping back to scan up and down my body. "You
look exactly the same!"

"Is that a good thing?" I asked with a chuckle, as I began to pull off
my jacket.

"Oh yes," she answered quickly, biting her bottom lip as her eyes roamed
over me.

I smiled as I tossed my jacket over the back of a nearby chair. Tara
always knew how to make me feel good.

"Want something to drink?" she asked, motioning to a selection of liquor
bottles assembled on a desk on the other side of the room.

"Yeah, sure," I answered, sitting down on one of the beds as she turned
towards the desk.

"What do you feel like?" she asked, strolling across the room. "I
didn't know what you drink so I kind of got...everything."

"Whatever you're having," I replied as I leaned back and watched my
ex-girlfriend fumble with the assortment of bottles.

"Gin?" she called back over her shoulder, causing me to wrinkle my nose
in disgust.

"Umm...How about vodka?"

Tara laughed and set the bottle of gin back down.

"Oh yeah. I forgot you hate gin."

As she prepared the drinks I took the opportunity to watch her,
breathing deeply as I carefully studied her every move. Her light blue
dress was open in the back, allowing a large proportion of her smooth,
sexy back to be visible, covered only by a pair of thin straps that
crossed each other before looping over her shoulders. Her auburn hair
was now a lighter shade, almost strawberry-blonde, and tied into a pony
tail that bounced against the back of her neck as she moved. The dress
itself came down to her mid thigh, allowing my hungry eyes an ample
view of her delectable legs. As she had given birth to three kids, I
had been mildly concerned that Tara's figure would have suffered, but
to my surprise it had not. In fact, it appeared as though she had lost
weight since the last time I had seen her last and her body had assumed
a more toned, athletic look while still retaining many of her ample,
luscious curves.

As she turned towards me, her hands each holding a liquid filled glass,
I noticed something else different about Tara. The front of her dress
came down into a v-shape, permitting a generous view of her ample
cleavage. Her breasts seemed not only larger than I remember, but also
much more round and shapely. At first, I thought it might be the bra
she was wearing but the lack of straps or lines under the light fabric
soon dismissed that notion.

Tara handed me the glass with a smile. She then took a seat on the bed
across from me, leaning back crossing her legs. As she did so, her
dress slid further up her thighs and I found my eyes wandering downward
as I took a sip of my drink.

"Two beds?" I asked, glancing around the room. "Are you expecting

"Maybe," she replied, raising her eyebrows. "Why? Did you have someone
in mind?"

I smiled and took another drink before shaking my head. "Not at the

"Aww, that's too bad," Tara whined, her full, pink lips pouting with
mock sadness. "We never did get the chance to have a threesome."

I just smiled. If I was worried that Tara had lost her playful nature,
those fears were quickly vanquished. Every word she spoke seemed to be
dripping with blatant innuendo. In fact, she obviously did not share
my apprehension, and appeared to be more excited than nervous.

"But that's okay," she continued casting me an amorous look. "I want
you all to myself tonight anyway."

As we continued with the obligatory small talk, my eye caught the
shimmering diamond ring on her finger as she brought her glass to her
lips. Tara noticed my distraction as she glanced at me and then down
at her hand. I tried to pretend I hadn't noticed, but it was too late.

"Does it bother you?" she asked, holding out the wedding ring that
encircled her slender finger. "I can take it off if you want?"

"No, no," I responded.

"Are you sure?"


When I had first located Tara on Facebook and found out she was married,
I did experience a tinge of jealousy. That jealously had since
dissipated, but I was unsure of how she felt about cheating on her

"What did you tell him?" I asked, my curiosity overwhelming my better

"I told him I was going to visit my sister," she answered with

She was obviously not too bothered with the prospect of adultery, which
made me wonder if she had cheated on me during our relationship.

"It doesn't bother you at all?" I asked, pressing the issue further.
"You don't feel...guilty?"

Tara gave her shoulders a quick shrug and then downed the rest of her

"A little," she said, getting up to get another. "It's just that..."

I remained silent, awaiting the rest of her response.

"...I've been married for a few years now and..."

She paused as if trying to find the right words.

"He's a great guy, and I love him and everything, but..."

"But what?" I pressed, cocking my head in curiosity.

"We just don't have that...sexual connection. Like you and I had."

"I know what you mean," I stated bluntly as I finished my drink.

"Why? Do you feel guilty?" she asked, turning the tables on me as she
poured us both another drink.

"A little," I answered truthfully, although my guilt was quickly
subsiding under the influence of alcohol and Tara's irresistible sexual

"Are you sure it doesn't bother you?" she asked again, bringing the
topic of conversation back to her wedding ring. "I can take it off."

"No," I assured, as I accepted another drink. "In fact..."

"What?" she asked, tilting her head in anticipation.

"It...kind of...turns me on,"

Tara's inquisitive expression unfolded into a smile and she gazed at me

"Really?" she muttered with sudden understanding. "You have a thing for
married women now?"

I shrugged.

"I guess so."

Tara giggled and took another drink.

"Well that's good," she cooed, as she let her lips linger on the glass
while staring at me with a look of intense, lustful desire. "Because
I've been waiting eight years to have you again."

I couldn't help but smile.

"You've been thinking about this a lot huh?" I asked, growing more
comfortable with the situation.

"Yes!" she exclaimed with exuberance. "It's all I've been thinking about
since I first found you on Facebook."

"We did have some good times," I said with a nod as I referred back to
our various erotic endeavors.

"Great times," Tara corrected emphatically, causing me to smile once

"Soooo...." I began, my inhibitions slowly slipping away. "What exactly
have you been thinking about?"

"Oh, just reminiscing," she answered coyly as she tossed her head back
and rolled her eyes in avoidance of my question.

"Reminiscing about...?" I pressed with increasing insistence.

"Oh, I don't know," she muttered with a smile, continuing to play her
little game as she stood up and took a step towards me. "How about the
time we were at my friend's party and you dragged me into the bathroom
and bent me over the sink?"

I swallowed hard as Tara stood over me. Using her legs to push my knees
apart, she moved closer pressing her thigh against my crotch. I
looked up into her eyes as she smiled down at me, feeling the growing
hardness between my legs pressed against her naked leg.

"Uh huh," I muttered softly. "I remember."

"And you pulled my pants down..." she continued, inching ever closer.
"And fucked me from behind."

I nodded.

"And you had to put your hand over my mouth to keep the other people at
the party from hearing me moan. I remember you fucking me hard and
sliding your finger up my ass."

I smiled, recalling the provocative scene as Tara nudged closer,
straddling my thigh as she ran a hand down my back. My body tingled
with excitement as I felt her long awaited touch. Pressing close to
me, she touched her lips to my neck, letting them linger for a moment
before moving upwards.

"That..." she continued, whispering into my ear. " what I've been
thinking about."

Moving her head back, we soon found ourselves staring into each other's
eyes. We held our intense gaze for a brief moment before our lust
overtook our inhibitions and we became entangled in a long, deep kiss.
Tara moaned softly into my mouth as our tongues danced and she pressed
her body into mine. Our escalating passion was soon halted, however,
as Tara accidentally tipped her glass a little too far, sending a
moderate amount of dark liquid spilling out down over her hand and onto
the bed.

"Oops," she giggled, stepping back holding the drink at arm's length.
"Got a little too excited there."

I smiled and moved over on the bed, avoiding the newly formed wet spot
as Tara walked over to the table and set down her glass. She then
looked over to me as she sucked her fingers clean of the spilled

"By the way..." she began, seductively sucking her middle finger.
"Notice anything different about me?"

As she spoke, she turned sideways and pushed her chest out motioning to
her breasts with a raised eyebrowed expression.

"Yeah...," I began, stroking my chin as I realized what she was implying
with her less than subtle tactics. "I thought there was something
different about those. Are they...?"

"Fake?" Tara blurted out enthusiastically. "Yep."

I almost laughed at my ex girlfriend's candid manor, although her
outright disclosure certainly did not surprise me. When we were
together, she had always talked about getting breast implants, but our
financial situation at the time did not allow it.

"My twenty-eighth birthday present," she explained. "What do you

"They look great," I complimented as I took another drink.

"Thanks," she said simply, walking back towards me. "But I know you're
not much of a tit man."

"Yeah," I agreed, laughing. "I think you liked them more than I did."

The statement was not an exaggeration. Tara's bisexual nature was well
known, and her predilection for busty women had been all too obvious.

"Yes. Yes I did," she agreed, a wide smile lighting her face with

"So..." she continued, turning her back to me and casting a sheepish
glance at me over her shoulder. "Are you still an ass man then?"

"And leg," I corrected, smiling back at her as my eyes scanned down her
body as she playfully presented herself to me, arching her back in
order to emphasize her backside for my viewing enjoyment.

Tara took a few steps closer to me and pulled the light blue fabric of
her dress tight around her ass as she slowly bent forward.

I bit my lip as I sat back, taking in Tara's playful tease.

"Did you miss THIS ass?" she asked seductively, overtly displaying her
every curve under the tightly stretched fabric.

"Yes, I did," I responded, adjusting my pants in order to accommodate
the increasing growth within. "In fact, I think you should bring it a
little closer."

"Oh yeah?" she said, slowly inching her dress up her legs. "Is someone
getting turned on?"


"Good," Tara answered, suddenly releasing her dress and standing back up

I stared blankly with confusion as she quickly dismissed her provocative
act and walked over to me. Her eyes remained locked on mine as she
sauntered across the floor. Reaching down, she placed her hand on the
throbbing bulge in my pants, smiling slightly as she felt my increasing

"I'm going to go change," she said softly, her hand gently squeezing.

"Change?" I asked, my pulse racing once again.

Tara nodded.

"I bought a special outfit for you."

I smiled.

"So...," she began, as she leaned in and kissed me. "I want you to sit
here and think about all the dirty little things that I'm going to do
to you when I come back."

I nodded, trying hard to maintain my eagerness.

"Good," she said once more, flashing a quick smile before turning and
abruptly walking away.

I watched as she made her way into the bathroom, closing the door
without another word. Unable to sit patiently, I immediately finished
my drink and hopped up. As I fixed myself another drink, my hands
trembled with anticipation. I quickly quaffed the newly prepared
beverage, before leaving the empty glass on the table. As the warmth
of the alcohol flowed through me, I hoped it was enough. I did not
want to be falling down drunk, but I did desire enough inebriation to
reduce any lingering inhibitions. With a night of unparalleled ecstasy
ahead, I wanted to be as unreserved as possible.

Returning to the bed, I removed my socks and took my shirt off. I then
reclined comfortably and waited, my eyes glued to the bathroom door.

"Ready?" Tara's voice called out as the door opened a crack.

"Yes," I replied.

The door swung open further and Tara stepped out into clear view causing
my jaw to drop in astonishment. She was wearing a black corset,
cinched tight around her waist, exaggerating the ample curves of her
hips. Her newly bought breasts were also prominently displayed, pushed
up by the corset, producing a considerable amount of visible cleavage.
Connected to the bottom was a short, black, sheer skirt coming barely
reaching her upper thigh. Through the sheer material I could make out
the dark outline of her tiny black panties and garter straps connecting
to the pair of provocative, black stockings that covered her legs from
mid-thigh. Her light strawberry blonde hair had been released from the
ponytail and was now hanging down to her shoulders, tucked neatly
behind each ear.

"What do you think?" Tara asked, turning half way as if to model her
lurid outfit.

"I think it's the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen," I blurted out
in response, completely taken aback by her pleasing choice of bedroom

"I thought you might like it," she said smiling, standing at the end of
the bed with her hands on her hips.

"Oh, I like it," I affirmed as I moved my way down the bed, eager to get
things started.

As I reached the end of the bed, I started to stand only to have Tara
playfully push me back into a seated position.

"Uh uh," she said bluntly, as she lowered herself to her knees. "First,
I get to play."

Her azure eyes were fixed on mine as she reached up and unbuttoned my
pants before pulling the zipper down with agonizing slowness. Leaning
back on my elbows I raised my hips off the bed as she pulled my pants
down my legs, leaving my naked body clothed with only the meager pair
of tight fitting boxer briefs. Tara's eyes flashed with wanton lust as
she averted her gaze from my face down to the straining bulge within my

"Mmmm," she cooed, tucking her fingers into the waistband and pulling
downwards. "You have no idea how long I've waiting for this."

"Waiting for what?" I asked coyly as she gingerly inched the underwear
down my thighs, allowing my dick to spring forth and slap against my

"For this," Tara answered smiling as she reached out to grasp my shaft,
pulling my cock upwards as she leaned down and sensually parted her

I let out a drawn out moan as I felt the long awaited sensation of my ex
girlfriend's soft lips enclosing the head of my dick. Suckling the tip,
her fiery gaze remained fixed on me as the length of my shaft slowly
disappeared into her warm, wet mouth. I felt her tongue lathering my
dick as her eyes closed and she descended farther down, taking my
entire length. Giving a few quick bobs of her head, Tara then
withdrew, her lips sliding back up my turgid shaft, curling into a
smile as she released my glistening dick from her mouth but holding it
firmly from the base. Holding me in her soft hand, Tara then lowered
her head and extended her tongue to press into my balls, her dazzling
blue eyes still staring from either side of my wet cock. Licking
upwards, she ran her tongue up the underside of my shaft before taking
the tip into her warm, inviting mouth once again. I let out a subtle
moan of approval as I watched Tara continue her work. In the eight
years since I had been with her I had yet to find a girl that rivaled
my ex girlfriend in the art of oral pleasure. Tara loved it, and she
was good at it.

"Mmm," I moaned, reaching out to push a strand of hair out of her face
as she continued bobbing up and down on my dick with increasing
intensity. "I almost forgot how good you are at this."

Tara smiled as she removed her lips from my throbbing cock, letting her
hand travel freely up and down the saliva-soaked shaft.

"Well, I guess I'll just have to remind you then huh?" she answered in
between soft, erotic lashes of her talented tongue. "Do you still like
having your balls licked?"

"Uh huh," I stammered, smiling in anticipation.

Tara returned my smile before returning her attention below my cock and
taking my soft, sensitive balls into her mouth. I felt her lips slowly
part and surround them completely before sucking gently as her tongue
wriggled up and down, eliciting a pleasurable sensation as her hand
stroked up and down my shaft.

"Still like to keeps things nicely shaved I see," she exclaimed with
approval in reference to my cleanly shaven balls and surrounding region
as dove back in bathe them with long, deliberate licks of her warm
tongue. "I always liked that about you."

I smiled in response, quietly hoping that Tara still shared my aversion
to excess body hair.

"Mmmm," she hummed, sending gratifying vibrations through my balls. I
lifted my legs and planted my feet on the bed as Tara continued her
unrelenting oral assault. Slowly, she let her tongue trail downwards
flickering teasingly at my perineum sending jolts of pleasure coursing
through my body. I held my breath and awaited her next move as she
seemed to be looking for my approval to proceed.

"You like that?" she asked, her soft, pink tongue gliding smoothly up
and down the cleanly shaven area below my balls.

"Fuck yes," I gasped, placing my hand placidly on her head, fighting the
urge to push her face downward.

"I think I know what you want," she stated, smiling up at me as her hand
continued its slow, deliberate stroking.

"Yeah?" I said in a quiet raspy voice, as Tara eyed me with a sultry,
mischievous expression.


Casting me a knowing glance, without a word she descended once again.
Tossing my head back in ecstasy, I soon felt the warm wet touch of
Tara's dexterous tongue sliding in small circles around my asshole.

"Oh my fucking god!" I cursed through gritted teeth, clutching the bed
sheets as she pushed my legs up forcibly, pressing her lips against my

Keeping her tongue firmly pressed into my tight little opening, Tara let
out a giggle in response to my exclamation before resuming her tongue
lashing, stabbing my ass with short, quick thrusts.

"Does your girlfriend lick your ass?" she asked between licks, purring
as she swabbed my asshole with long, sensual swipes.

"N...No..," I muttered, as Tara began to accompany her torrid rimming
with quickening strokes of her fist up and down my cock.

Dragging her wet tongue up over my balls, she bit her lip provocatively
before taking my dick back between her lips as she moved her hand up to
lightly stroke a fingertip over my freshly licked ass. As Tara's
massaging turned to gentle prodding, I reached down to halt her
simultaneous stroking and sucking.

"Whoaaa," I warned, grasping her hand to prevent any further

excitation. "Better slow down there. You're going to make me cum."

"Mmmm, good," she purred, pushing my hand away. "I want you to cum."

"I just don't want this to end so soon," I explained, tensing every
muscle in my torso in a vain attempt to prevent a premature climax.

"Oh, don't worry," Tara ensured, massaging my asshole with increasingly
firm, circular motions. "We have all night."

Relinquishing my last vestiges of reluctance, I laid back and allowed
Tara to have her way. Casting me a satisfied nod, she then descended
on my cock once again, clamping her lips around the head as she stroked
away with hasty intent. As I felt her tongue dive into my dickhole,
she wiggled her fingertip past my resistant muscular ring and slide
deep into my ass. Feeling her digital intrusion, my ass reflexively
contracted, squeezing her invading finger as Tara's fist pumped my cock
in an effort to hasten my approaching orgasm.

"Oh fuck!" I groaned, as she forced her finger deeper into my ass, her
head bobbing up and down with short, quick motions.

Feeling my pelvic muscles contract, my back arched as Tara curled her
finger inside my ass and swallowed my cock deep into her mouth as I
unloaded a violent blast of cum into the back of her throat. She
moaned in approval as she tasted the creamy discharge, pulling back to
take the subsequent spurts onto her tongue, opening her eyes to glance
at me as she sucked down every drop I had to offer.

"Damn," I muttered, letting my head fall back into the bed. "You
obviously still know how to get dirty."

"Yeah," she agreed, wiping a droplet of viscous, white fluid from the
corner of her mouth. "I guess you just bring out my kinky side."

"You mean you don't lick your husband's ass?" I asked with a cocky smile
as I propped myself back up on my elbows."

The corner of Tara's mouth curled up into a half smile as she shook her

"Actually...," she said, climbing onto the bed. "I've never done that to
anyone else."

"Oooh, I feel special," I responded with a smile, as Tara moved into
position beside me, pressing her body into mine.

"You should," she said bluntly, pressing her lips to mine as she ran her
smooth, stocking covered foot up the inside of my naked leg.

As my mouth parted, allowing the intrusion of her hot little tongue, my
hand slid down her back feeling the smooth material of her corset.
Lower, the black satin fabric gave way to the light, sheer material of
the tiny skirt, which I pulled up over her supple, round ass. Feeling
my touch on her bare skin, Tara moaned into my mouth and ground her
pelvis into my thigh. I could feel the moist warmth of her pussy
against my skin as her hand lightly traced its way down my chest and

"Sorry," I said, motioning down to my spent, lifeless cock. "It's going
to take a few minutes."

"Oh that's okay," she said, smiling as she raised herself up onto her
knees. "I know something you can do right now. "

"What's that?" I asked innocently, my eyes traveling up and down her

Tara gazed at me intently as she sat back, and spread her legs.

"Your turn," she ordered, casting me a suggestive smile.

I beamed with lust as I eagerly complied, reversing my position and
inching my way in between Tara's outstretched legs. Biting her bottom
lip in expectation, she watched as I placed a hand on her leg, running
my fingers upwards along the silky smooth fabric. The shear black
skirt was pushed up by her widespread legs, offering plain view of the
tiny black g-string barely covering the engorged folds of her welcoming
pussy. My eyes lingered on the irresistible sight as I planted a soft
kiss on her inner thigh, sending an amorous shiver through Tara's body.
Lifting my lips, I moved upwards, kissing my way up the inside of her
thigh before settling into position. The aroma of arousal overcame me
as my lips continued their exploration, touching everywhere except the
soft, wet area still covered by the scanty triangle of black fabric.
Tara shifted underneath me as I continued teasing her with avoidant
licks of my tongue.

"So now you're teasing me?" she asked, more as an accusation than a

"Maybe," I answered softly, glancing up for a brief moment before
gliding my tongue over the patch of damp fabric nestled neatly between
her flushed, engorged folds. "Why? Do you have a problem with that?"

Tara let out a subtle giggle as she placed a hand gently on my head

"Yes," she said suddenly, clutching a handful of my hair.

Before I could react, she used her free hand to pull her underwear to
the side, exposing her naked, pink pussy as she raised her hips off the
bed and forced my smiling lips into her hot, rubescent hole. I closed
my eyes in pleasure, relishing every sensation as I drove my tongue
deep inside her. Tara's fingers clenched tighter, heightening my lust
as I sucked her puffy, wet opening with increasing exertion.

"Mmmm, that's more like it," she moaned, gyrating her hips against my

Retracting my tongue from her deliciously wet pussy, I moved upwards,
clamping my lips around her clit. Tara purred with approval as I
sucked her little pink bud, maneuvering my middle finger in between her
moist folds and pushing deep inside. Letting out a pleasured gasp, she
lifted her leg and dug a heel into my back as I twisted my finger
inside her. With my lips locked around her fleshy pink button, I began
sliding back and forth, fucking her pussy with short quick thrusts of
my hand.

As Tara relinquished her grasp on my hair and assumed a more passive
demeanor, I rotated my body in a clockwise direction bringing us
halfway into a sixty-nine position. Slipping my finger from her hot
little hole, I sucked it into my mouth tasting her juices as I wet my
digit with lubricating saliva. With the new position giving me greater
access, I resumed my oral endeavor, darting my tongue in and out of her
little pink slit.

With Tara's moaning increasing, she lifted her knees and I reached an
arm over her leg, resting my forearm on the bed as I wiggled my finger
back into the damp confines of her inviting pussy. As my tongue danced
across her swollen clit, I felt the sensual touch of her hand reaching
between my legs.

"Mmmm," she purred, stroking her fingers down my ass, grazing the shaft
of my rapidly expanding cock. "That didn't take long."

I wasn't surprised in the slightest. Eating pussy was always a
sure-fire way of regaining my recently spent erections.

"Get over here," she said softly, enticing me to assume a full
sixty-nine position.

I smiled to myself and immediately complied, my knees stepping their way
towards her head before straddling her face, my dick dangling above her
hungry mouth. Feeling her full, firm breasts pressing against my
stomach, I settled into place allowing my balls to descend into Tara's
waiting mouth. The feeling of her soft lips pressing into my most
sensitive area increased my arousal and I plunged back down between her
legs, using my elbows to force her legs out wide. Her French manicured
nails dug into the flesh of my ass as her soft, wet tongue lapped at
the backside of my balls, slowly trailing upwards. As I removed my
finger from her pussy, I replaced it with my mouth, ticking the inside
of her hole with the tip of my wriggling tongue. With Tara's coaxing I
moved downwards, my forehead pressing into the bed as I parted her rosy
lips with mine before thrusting inside. Eyeing her asshole with wanton
desire, I moved my wet finger to her tight little opening and gently
massaged it with firm circular motions before testing the tautness of
her little muscular ring with careful probing thrusts.

A feeling of d? vu swept over me as my dexterous fingertip wiggled its
way into Tara's inviting ass. I couldn't begin to count the number of
times we had shared the very same mutually pleasurable position eight
years ago. My former girlfriend had always loved to 69 with me on top,
as it gave her full access to my ass.

"God, I miss this," I moaned as I felt her nimble tongue working its way
up from my tightly contracted balls over my smoothly shaved perineal

"Oh yeah?" she asked, her finger lightly stroking over my sensitive
asshole. "What exactly do you miss?"

Before I could answer, Tara roughly pulled my cheeks apart and stabbed
her tongue into my ass.

"Do you miss this?" she asked, her voice assuming an intensely
provocative tone. "Do you miss my tongue in your ass?"

"Fuck yes!" I gasped, tossing my head back in ecstatic pleasure as she
jammed her tongue back between my cheeks, assaulting my hole with
forceful, wet, lashes.

Reaching back, I pulled Tara's head into my ass, encouraging her to
continue her forceful licking. Moaning in response, she delved deeper,
her writhing, wet tongue stabbing shamelessly as she descended into a
carnal state of absolute lust. Neglecting her pussy, I pushed back,
pressing my ass into her face and pinning her head against the bed.
After a few labored breathes, I resumed my composure and relented my
forceful actions settling back into mutual sixty-nine as she let her
mouth descend from my asshole back to my balls, sucking softly as she
slowly stroked my cock with long, deliberate movements.

"I want to lick you from behind," I blurted out, lifting my leg and
freeing Tara's head from the confines of the straddling position.

"Okay," she responded with a knowing smile, quickly sitting up and
moving into position on her hands and knees.

As I knelt behind my former girlfriend I paused to take in the erotic
sight before me. Situated in an enticing pose, Tara's light red hair
spilled down over her upper back, allowing a few slivers of lightly
tanned skin to be visible before giving way to the shimmering black
corset tightly hugging her torso and accentuating her luscious curves.
Beneath the transparent, black skirt hanging halfway down her ass, her
thin black g-string was visible, nestled deep between her ample cheeks.
I licked my lips with desire as I moved into position behind her,
lifting the light black skirt up, revealing the full form of her ass to
my hungry eyes.

"You just want me like this so you can get a little ass action
yourself," Tara declared, casting me an accusing but playful look over
her shoulder.

"Maybe..." I responded cryptically, leaning down and pressing my lips
into her soft flesh as my hand traced the thin line of her g-string
from around her hip down into the enticing crease formed by her juicy

"Well," she stated, wiggling her ass from side to side in a provocative
manor. "Quit fucking around and get in there!"

Humored by her bluntness, I let out a brief, restrained laugh before
peeling her black panties down over her supple cheeks, tugging as the
thin fabric snapped free from between her fleshy globes. As the meager
undergarment slipped down to her knees I placed both hands upon her,
pushing her ass apart as she awaited the touch of my tongue on her
freshly exposed asshole. Then, peeling her cheeks apart, I stabbed at
her ass with my adventurous tongue, feeling her tight hole reflexively
clench to halt my sudden intrusion. Resting her head against the
mattress, Tara arched her back and panted with her mouth agape as I
lapped at her asshole, coating it with warm spit.

"Fuck Yesssss....." she hissed, urgently pushing her ass back to meet my
mouth, forcing my tongue inside her.

One hand clutched at the bed sheets as her other hand suddenly appeared
between her legs, rubbing back and forth over her clit with two slender
fingers. My tongue circled her asshole before trailing downwards as
Tara moved her hand back, pushing her fingers up to the knuckle in her
dripping, wet pussy. Her wedding ring shimmered with wetness,
sparkling in the dim light of the hotel room as she jabbed her middle
and ring fingers in and out with deep, forceful thrusts. As she felt
my hungry mouth lightly touching her deeply embedded digits, she
withdrew her glistening fingers, sliding them out along my outstretched
tongue. As her fingertips slipped free, my lips enclosed them, sucking
them clean of her sweet, sticky juices.

Returning her fingers to her clit, I licked my way back up Tara's
luscious ass, honing in on her enticing little star. Encouraged by her
gentle moaning, I dove back in, piercing her tightly closed opening
with forceful, wet thrusts. Her breath coming in forceful, panting
gasps, she rubbed her clit with intense, circular motions. Her pace
quickened over the next minute, indicating an approaching orgasm as I
continued tonguing Tara's pulsing, tight asshole.

"Mmm, I'm gonna cum," she squealed as her body tensed and shuddered.

My wet tongue filled her dark hole as she rutted back against me,
forcing my face deep between her fleshy cheeks. Letting out a long,
drawn-out moan, Tara's asshole clenched violently, expelling my
invading tongue as her body tensed with orgasmic elation.

"Okay..." she sighed, letting her hips fall flat against the bed as she
rolled to her side and looked back at me. "You have to fuck me. Now."

I smiled, slowly stroking my dick as I knelt before Tara's prone body.
"I think I can do that."

She smiled back at me, rolling over onto her back and kicking her
underwear away as I moved into position, kneeling between her
outstretched legs. Tara purred with anticipation as I reached down,
located her dewy entrance and guided myself inside.

"Mmmm," she moaned, reaching out to me as I rested my hips against her
pelvis and lowered my naked body into hers.

I felt the firm but soft pressure of her breasts against my bare chest
as I placed a hand on either side of her head, propping myself up as I
stared down into her lust-filled eyes. Her fingernails grazed down my
back, sending a ticklish shiver through my torso, before coming to rest
on my ass. As her sexy stare intensified, she dug her nails into my
flesh, pulling my cock deeper into her insatiable pussy.

"God I love the way your dick feels inside me," Tara gasped, eagerly
raising her hips as she writhed underneath me.

Pushing back against her clutching hands, I withdrew before plunging
back in. Letting out a series of soft gasps as my hips rose and fell
repeatedly, Tara wrapped her legs tightly around my ass. Gliding in
and out of her hot, wet pussy with increasing speed, I lifted her legs
up onto my shoulders in order to achieve deeper thrusts.

"Mmmm," Tara uttered, smiling at my new choice of position. "I love
getting fucked like this."

"I know," I said, grasping her legs firmly, just above the ankles. "I

Her lush pussy juices coated my cock as I continued fucking Tara's moist
hole, my drenched balls striking her ass with every thrust. Feeling the
sensation of my balls slapping against her sensitive little star, her
eyes flashed with heated intensity and she reached out to grab hold of
my wrist. As she pulled my hand to her mouth, she parted her soft,
pink lips and slid them down the length of my middle finger.

"And just what do you want me to do with this?" I asked, grinning as she
let my wet finger slip out of her gasping mouth.

" know...," she answered, her words broken up my
unremitting thrusts.

Driving my cock hard and keeping it planted deep inside her sweltering
pussy, I reached down and let my wet fingers trail across the soft
flesh of her ass before coming to rest at her tight anal opening.

"Is this what you want?" I asked softly, massaging Tara's asshole with
spit covered fingers.

"Uh huh," she answered, waiting patiently for my teasing fingertip to
penetrate her tightly muscled ring.

"Say it," I ordered, smiling down at her as I tested the tautness of her
pulsing hole with gentle prodding.

Tara smiled up at me for a brief moment before her beaming expression
turned to one of lustful intensity and she reached up to the back of my
head and tightened her fingers around a handful of my hair.

"Stick your finger up my ass."

As soon as the words left her soft, pink lips I forcefully extended my
finger, feeling her asshole clench around me reflexively as I slipped
it deep into her smooth, pulsing tunnel. Tara let out a subtle gasp as
she contracted around my invading digit, before gradually relaxing at
the sensation of her holes being filled.

"Mmmm," she purred as I resumed the slow, deliberate grinding of my
hips, my finger now buried knuckle deep in her twitching asshole.

With my finger inside her, I could feel my dick, as I began sliding it
in and out once again. Pressing up against the thin layer of tissue
separating her two holes I felt the contours of my cock sliding over my
wriggling fingertip. Tara's eyes closed in ecstasy and her mouth fell
open as she reached down, pulling her ass cheeks wide to accommodate my
thrusting finger.

"Are you going to let me stick my dick up your ass too?" I asked,
coordinating the grinding of my hips with the stabbing of my finger.

"You fucking better," she blurted back emphatically, her eyes flashing
with carnal desire. "Otherwise I wasted ten bucks on that bottle of
lube for nothing."

I let out a laugh, humored by Tara's blatant sexual demands before
removing my finger from her ass and pushed both of her ankles up beside
her ears. Her pliable body now folded in half, I increased the depth
of my thrusts, driving my cock deep with every forceful descent. Each
time my hips slammed into the soft flesh of Tara's ass, she let out a
soft, audible gasp barely noticeable over the loud, wet slapping of our
colliding bodies. Leaning down to bring my face close to hers, I gazed
into her fiery blue eyes and whispered to her.

"Is that what you've been thinking about?" I asked.

"Yesss," she hissed, seething through gritted teeth. "All the time,"

"How do you want me to do it?" I asked, prompting Tara to reveal more of
her lurid thoughts.

"From behind," she answered quickly, panting with lust as her body
shuddered with every stroke of my rigid cock.

"Mmm," I moaned as I closed my eyes and imagined the sweet scene of my
ex girlfriend on her hands and knees with my dick embedded deep in her

"For the last...few...weeks...," she continued, speaking in labored,
breathy gasps. "It's all I've been thinking about."

"Oh really?" I asked, encouraging her to continue.

"Uh huh. Every morning I lay in bed thinking about it. I...think about
you...putting me on my hands and knees and..."

"And...?" I asked with a pleased smirk, briefly ceasing thrusting with
my cock planted firmly inside her dripping wet pussy.

"...and grabbing me by the hair...and fucking me hard in the ass."

Smiling down at her, I slowly released my grip on her ankles, sitting
back and letting my dick slide free.

"Bend over."

Tara flashed me an exuberant, sexy smile and promptly rolled over onto
her stomach before arching her back and pushing her ass up into the
air. Her inviting pose beckoned to me as I stared down at her winking
asshole, slick and glistening with the fluids of arousal.

"Wait a second," she said, halting my amorous advance. "Grab the lube
from my purse."

Digging through the purse on the night table, I quickly located the
small bottle. Turning back, I saw Tara's face, pressed flat against the
bed and smiling back at me as she reached back, lightly stroking one
finger over her asshole as she buried two fingers of her other hand
into her swollen, wet pussy.

"Gimme that," she ordered, lifting her hand from her ass and reaching
out in request of the container.

Handing it over, I inched my way closer and reached down, pulling Tara's
fingers out of her dripping wet hole. As I leaned in, I sucked her
fingers into my mouth before letting them free and rising back to my
knees. I soon replaced her probing fingers with my dick, sliding it
back between her moistened lips and deep into the tempting confines of
her warm, wet pussy.

"Mmmm," she moaned, feeling my length slide into her as my hips butted
forcefully against her supple ass.

My hands gripping her soft cheeks, I withdrew and slammed back with a
stronger, hard stroke, causing her to lurch forward before driving her
ass back against me. Repeating my thrusting with increasing rapidity, I
gradually decreased my length of my strokes to short rapid jabs as Tara
flipped open the cap on the lubricant with shaking hands. Treating her
to a firm, jolting slap, I brought my hand down hard, sending quivering
ripples through her fleshy cheeks.

"Oooh," she cooed, overturning the bottle and drizzling the clear,
slippery liquid into her upward facing palm. "That's what I like."

"Yeah," I let out, allowing my hand to linger, grasping her supple flesh
with clutching fingers. "I remember."

"Then you probably remember I like it a lot harder than that," she
countered, reaching back with lube-covered fingers to slide her
dexterous digits between her plump cheeks and slathering her pulsing
asshole with clear, wet liquid.

In compliance to Tara's request, I gave another untamed strike, causing
her to toss her head back with gratification as she felt my hand crash
into her ass with a loud, reverberating ‘slap'.

"Mmmm," she moaned, sinking her fingertip into her tight, little ass.
"That's more like it."

Pushing her ass cheeks wide, I gazed down and continued my assault as I
witnessed her thin finger vanish within the tight, clutching embrace of
her quivering asshole. One more firm slap and I reached out and closed
my fist around a handful of Tara's soft, red hair.

"Yessss," she exclaimed, relishing in the roughness as she felt her head
yanked back by my forceful tug.

Panting with lust, Tara jammed another finger into her tiny hole as I
pushed her head down into the bed, driving my cock hard into her

"God I want to fuck your ass so bad!" I groaned, releasing her hair and
digging my fingers hard into her fleshy cheeks.

"Do it," she snapped back, reaching her hands back and pulling her
cheeks even wider. "Now. Fuck my asshole!"

Trembling with desire, I eased my cock out of Tara's dripping wet pussy
and grasped it firmly around the shaft.

"Go slow," she warned, feeling my slippery wet cock head butting against
her glistening star.

"I know, I know," I muttered, carefully pressing my dick into her slowly
opening hole.

Tara moaned and played with her pussy as she felt her asshole gradually
expand to admit my pulsating cock. I could see her fingertips moving
in small circles over her clit as my wet shaft gradual disappeared into
the clenching confines of her eager anal opening. Slick with
lubricant, her smooth tunnel hugged my dick as I began inching back and
forth inside her.

"Fuck yes!" she gasped, her ass gradually relaxing to accommodate my
sinking shaft. "Go deeper."

In compliance with her obscene demands, I pushed harder, gripping her
hips and forcing myself further into her hungry butt. With my cock
firmly embedded deep within the warm embrace of Tara's insatiable
asshole, she pushed back against me, swallowing up the remainder of my
slippery pole and butting her pliable cheeks against me.

"Mmmm, how does that feel?" she asked softly, grinding her ass against
me before moving forward and sliding her tautly stretched hole up and
down my throbbing cock.

"Fuck yes," I uttered, staring down captivated as Tara wiggled her
tantalizing ass, producing a deliciously dirty scene before my lustful

"Good," she purred, smiling back at me as she arched her back. "Now
fuck me."

With her hips now motionless, I resumed gentle thrusts, resting my hand
on her back as I slid in and out with deep, slow strokes.

"Mmm, I love seeing you like this," I moaned, fucking Tara's asshole
with increasing determination. "On your hands and knees with my cock in
your ass."

"Mmmm...," Tara reciprocated, reaching back between her legs to gently
squeeze my balls. "...and I love being on my hands and knees with your
cock in my ass."

The sensation of her nimble fingers caressing my balls, urged me on and
I began stabbing her tight little hole with shorter, quicker strokes.
Tara's eyes closed shut with blissful delight and her fingers travelled
back to her swollen clit in search of her second orgasm of the night.

"How...may cocks have been in this tight little asshole?" I asked, my
arousal growing with each lurid word that spilled from Tara's gasping

"J...Just two," she muttered, her voice now dripping with apprehension.
Sensing her reluctance, I brought my hand down hard with a spirited
‘slap' and plunged deep into her tightly stretched ass.

"Who were they?" I asked, sinking to the hilt inside her hot, clenching

" was my...husband," she panted softly, her face flushing red
with carnal emotion.

"And the other one?" I asked, my hand sliding down her arched back over
the soft, sheer material comprising the back of her corset.

Sensing my intrigue, and realizing that her confession would only
heighten my arousal, Tara looked back and flashed me a naughty smile.

" was a guy I met at a bar," she said, her upper body pressed flat
against the bed in a subservient, sexy pose. "It was the night we broke

"Tell me about it," I ordered calmly as I reached down and picked up the
bottle of lubricant.

"He had been buying me drinks all night...," she continued, as I opened
the bottle and began to drizzle a small amount down into the crease of
Tara's ass. "We talked and danced for a while...,"

As she continued her sordid tale, I watched the lube form a thin,
shimmering rivulet as it trickled down between her cheeks before
dividing in two to encircle the shaft of my deeply implanted dick.

"Uh huh..." I said, squeezing out a few more droplets along the base my
cock, withdrawing slowly in order to coat more of my length with the
slippery liquid.

"We started making out," she continued, her voice rising in volume as
she felt my dick plunging back inside her tight little ass. "And
then...he asked me to go out to his car."

Her breathing grew more erratic and her fingers continued rubbing her
clit as she continued talking, her sentences braking with every stroke
of my pulsing cock.

"As...ugh....As soon as we got to pulled his pants
down...and started..."

"What?" I asked firmly, reaching down and grabbing a handful of her
sweaty, tangled hair.

"I sucked his dick," she blurted out in between lusty, panting gasps.
"Then...he...bent me over...and fucked me from behind."

Holding her head pressed into the bed, I listened carefully as I worked
my cock in and out with diminishing restraint.

"Then...," she whimpered in a labored, anxious tone. "I told him to fuck
me in the ass."

"Did he fuck like this?" I asked, pulling her head back, and slapping
her ass hard, leaving a glowing, red imprint on her quivering cheek.

"Yes," Tara squealed, bucking her ass back against my cock. "He fucked
me just like...Oh fuck, I'm cumming!"

Losing her last vestiges of restraint, she shamelessly pushed back
against me as her asshole convulsed around my thrusting shaft. As she
let out a savage series of squeals and groans she brought forth an
exhilarating orgasm that wracked every inch of her sweaty, shaking
body. I smiled with contentment as I let go of Tara's hair and resumed
treating her tight little tunnel to a series of deliberate, long
strokes. Her breathing now heavy and labored, she raised herself up
onto her hands, her arms still trembling from her lingering climax.

"I'm going to cum soon," I proclaimed, quickening my thrusts as I held
her hips solidly in place.

"Don't cum in my ass," she warned, looking back at me with a glowing,
post-orgasmic expression. "Cum in my mouth."

I nodded, feeling the rush of my impending orgasm. As much as Tara had
always loved anal sex, she hated having cum in her ass.

"Did that other guy cum in your ass?" I asked, referring back to her
sexy story.

"No," she answered, still panting with lust. "He...shoved his cock into
my mouth and I sucked him until he came."

As Tara's kinky confession brought me to the point of no return, I
hastily unsheathed my wet cock from her twitching asshole and struggled
up to my feet, my legs straining to maintain a standing position on the
unstable, pliable mattress. With a crazed look of sexual excitement
flashing in her eyes, Tara spun around raised herself up on her knees.
As my hand pumped furiously, she eyed my pulsing cock with hunger and
extended her tongue out of her open mouth in a lewd manor, awaiting my
creamy white load.

Her subservient position pulled me over the edge and I gripped my shaft,
holding it tightly as I aimed my dick towards her outstretched tongue.
Easing my grip, I tensed the muscles in my pelvis as the unexplainable
feeling of orgasm raced through me. My cock swelled and my balls
tightened violently as I began showering her open mouth with stream
after stream of hot, sticky cum. Tara closed her eyes and moaned with
satisfaction as she felt the warm liquid spattering her waiting tongue.
Clutching my twitching cock, I squeezed out a final drop as she opened
her eyes and pulled her cum covered tongue back into her mouth,
swallowing her second load of the evening.

"Mmmm," she purred softly, licking her lips as she reached out to grab
my dick. "Did I mention how much I love your cum?"

"I seem to remember something along those lines," I answered as she
pressed her soft lips against the flushed head of my wilting cock and
sucking any remaining droplets into her mouth.

Unable to cope with the increased post-climax sensitivity, I pulled away
from Tara's smiling mouth and collapsed onto the bed in a flushed,
panting heap.

"I'm actually surprised," I said, wiping a bead of sweat from my
forehead as she crawled up beside me. "You only had two orgasms that
entire time. You used to be able to have five or six at once."

"Well," she said, sitting up on the bed. "I guess I'm just taking my
time. After all, we have all night."

I laughed, my chest still heaving from the marathon session we had just

"I don't know if I'll be able to go all night," I warned, taking a deep
breath and letting it out in an exaggerated sigh. "I'm pretty spent."

"Well, you better grab another drink then champ," Tara said with a
smile. Because we have eight years to make up for."

I shook my head, astounded at my ex's sexual insatiability.

"Where are you going?" I asked, watching her walking across the room
with a satisfied saunter.

"I'm going to have a shower," she stated without turning back. "You're
welcome to join me if you like."

As she reached the bathroom door, Tara stopped and threw me a suggestive
glance over her shoulder.

"Someone's been a very dirty girl."

The End

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She is just like my girlfriend...only I am married

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