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Danielle wants one more night of kinky fun before her wedding.
Cold Feet
By: DamonX (

I was almost asleep when the phone rang. I rolled over in bed and
grabbed my cell phone from the bedside table. It was dark in the room
but the light from the ringing phone flashed into my eyes, making me
squint with discomfort as I struggled to see who was calling me.
‘PRIVATE' was all my caller ID would say. At first I was about to
ignore it and go back to sleep, but something told me that I should
answer it. I flipped open the phone.

"Hello?" I muttered, placing it to me ear.

At first there was no answer, but I could hear someone breathing on the
other end.

"Hello?" I reiterated, this time sounding a little bit purposefully

"D..Damon?" someone finally responded in a meek, feminine voice. "It's

I sat up in bed.

"H..Hi," I responded, too astonished to figure out what to say. It had
been over a year since I had last talked to her. "How's it going?"

"Good. How are you?"

"Umm..fine..I guess.." I glanced over at the clock to check the time.
"It's been a while."

"Yeah," she responded in her typical soft-spoken voice. "It has."

As a short period of awkward silence resumed, and I began to think about
why Danielle would be calling me at 3am on a Thursday. We had had an
on-off relationship back in university, but I had been reluctant to
make any commitments. After a year and a half of the occasional booty
call, she had become fed up with the situation and cut things off. The
last I heard, she had been dating some guy in a nearby town.

"Damon, I have something to tell you," she finally said, breaking my
little mental trip down memory lane. "I..I'm getting married."

"Wow. That was...not what I was expecting."

"Oh yeah?" she retorted. "And just what were you expecting?"

"So let me get this straight," I stated, dropping my head back down to
my pillow. "You called me at 3 in the morning to tell me that you were
getting married?"

"Yeah...well actually...there is something else."

"Okay...Are you going to tell me?"

Again a period of awkward silence ensued.

"It's just that..." she began. "I've been thinking about you a lot

Again my interest was roused.

"Oh yeah?" I asked. "And just what were you thinking?"

"I was thinking..." she began hesitatingly.

"Yes?" I prompted.

"Well, I was hoping to see you one more time."

I was speechless.

"What do you mean ‘see me'"?

"I think you know what I mean."

"Like to go out for coffee or something?" I asked, smiling to myself.

"No," Danielle responded. "I want to sleep with you one more time."

"When? Now?"

"No. Not now. Well...anytime...just it has to be before the wedding."

I was now completely astounded.

"So you want to fuck me, but you have to do it before you get married?"

"Yes!!" she said back, raising her voice slightly.

"Look Danielle," I began. "We tried this before. It obviously didn't
work, so I don't think it's a good idea..."

"Damon." She said cutting me off. "I really want this. I need this!

I was beginning to get a little surprised at the desperation in her

"Have you been drinking?" I asked.

"Actually yes," she answered, following a short pause. "But only because
I had to work up the courage to call you. I've been thinking about this
for a while."

"Oh yeah? And just what does your future husband think about all this?"

"Jesus Damon!" she blurted out in exasperation. "He obviously doesn't
know. Why are you being so difficult about this?"

"Hey I'm just trying to get all the info here. I haven't heard from you
in over a year and now you call me up and tell me you want to meet up
for a secret rendezvous?"

"You know most guys would be pretty happy about this type of thing."

"Yeah, well I don't think it's a very good idea. I'm kind of...seeing
someone right now."

Again, a period of silence descended over the conversation before
Danielle broke the awkwardness.

"Seeing someone? I thought you weren't ready for a serious

"That was a long time ago," I shot back. "Things are...different now."

"Damon please..."

"No. I'm sorry Danielle. I just...cant."

I was in the process of closing the phone when she blurted out something
that made me stop.

"I'll do anything you want!"

Again I was speechless.


"Yes", she replied, her voice returning to its normal diminutive level.

I took a moment and thought about the possibilities.

"Damon?" she asked after about 30 seconds of silence.

"Okay," I said bluntly.

"Okay what?" she asked.

"Tomorrow night. I'll text you with my address and orders."


"Yes. Remember you said you'd do anything. Or are you having second

"No," she responded, her passive cute voice starting to leak back into
the conversation.

"Okay then? See you tomorrow?"

"Yeah, see you tomorrow." * *
* * I fell asleep
thinking about all the things that I could do to Danielle the next
night. She had been an attractive enough girl, but tended to lack that
certain quality that I generally look for in women. She was shy and
self conscious, and thus found it hard to open up in the bedroom.
There were things I always wanted to do, and things I always wanted to
try, but she was just too reserved to push her limits. Now I had my
chance, and I was going to take it.

I awoke the next morning and immediately went to work planning my
evening. I took a couple hours and made a list of things I wanted to
do. I then went out and purchased a few items. I picked up some wine
and some vodka then headed over to a nearby porn store. I felt kind of
embarrassed buying a dildo and some lubricant but the guy at the front
counter didn't seem too shocked. I made one more stop to pick up a new
memory card for my digital camera before heading home. I sent a text
message to Danielle to give her my address and to clarify my final
request. And then I waited.

When 8 pm finally rolled around, I was sitting patiently having a drink.
My mind was filled with a flurry of thoughts and ideas about what was
going to happen in the next few hours. The stage was set. I just
hoped Danielle wouldn't back out.

When I finally heard the knock at the door I was a little relieved. As I
opened the door, a feeling of d? vu swept over me. Danielle looked
much the same as the last time I had seen her, with that shy, timid
expression on her face. She looked extremely nervous, but was managing
a small, cute smile.

"Well, hello there," I said with a smile as I pulled the door wide open.
"Come in."

"Hi," she said nervously, swiping a few strands of blonde hair behind
her ear.

Danielle walked in and set a small duffle bag on the floor, before
beginning to take off her jacket.

"Let me take that," I offered, accepting her coat and sliding it off her
shoulders. "Would you like a drink?"

"Sure," she responded, as she walked over and sat down on the sofa. I
made her a drink before joining her.

"Here you go," I said, handing her the glass. "It might be kind of

"Thanks," she answered, as she accepted the glass and proceeded to drink
the entire thing.

I smiled as she finished the last drop and set the empty glass down on
the coffee table. I wasn't trying to get her drunk enough so that I
could take advantage of her, but rather so that she would relax just
enough. I made her another drink, which she drank a little slower but I
was already beginning to see she was getting buzzed. We made small
talk for a while until I sensed she was ready.

"Well," I said after about an hour of conversation and 2 drinks later.
"Should we get this show on the road?"

"Show on the road?" she snapped back with a laugh. "That's romantic."

"You can change in the bedroom," I said with a smile. "I'll wait here."

Danielle smiled back and finished the last of her drink. I could see a
little bit more of her usual nervous apprehension creeping back into
her mannerisms. She then stood up, grabbed the duffle bag she had
brought and headed to the bedroom. I sat back and smiled to myself as
I watched her. She looked back to flash me one more nervous smile, and
then closed the bedroom door. I could already feel my dick beginning
to grow hard within my pants.

I got up and grabbed my camera from the kitchen table, making sure
everything was working ok. Then I dimmed the lights a little. I wanted
to set the mood, but still wanted to be able to see everything. I also
knew Danielle was pretty self conscious about her body and I wanted her
to be as comfortable as possible. A few minutes later the bedroom door
opened and Danielle re-appeared.

She was wearing a white corset with that emphasized her already ample
breasts, along with a pair of tiny, sheer, white panties. The corset
itself was also made from a sheer material, allowing tantalizing
glimpses of bare skin to be seen around the breasts, sides and back.
Her legs were covered by the pair of thigh-high white stockings which I
had requested. For some reason I had always fantasized about seeing her
dressed like this, and now she was standing before me, hands on hips,
smiling coyly. Danielle, although far from being considered chubby, was
definitely thicker than most of the girls I had been used to being
with. She had a soft, curvy body with very large, round breasts that
most men would consider to be her most enticing attribute. I however,
was more interested in a completely different part of her anatomy. Her
blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail which hung down to the level of
her shoulders.

"Mmmm, yummy," I said with a smirk, reaching for my camera.

"Hey!" she blurted out, stepping halfway back into the bedroom. "You
never said anything about taking pictures!"

"Anything I wanted. Remember?" I stated, reminding her of our previous
agreement. "Now smile."

Sheepishly, Danielle walked out of the bedroom once again as I held up
the camera. I snapped a few shots as I made my ways towards her.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," she said, rolling her eyes back in

"Hey," I said softly, reaching out to take her hand and pulling her to
me. "Just relax. You look so fucking good right now."

My eyes were locked on hers as I leaned forward and kissed her. As my
lips pressed against hers, I could feel some of the tension flow out of
her body. Her eyes closed and her mouth parted slightly. Our tongues
touched, tentatively at first, as she let out a soft moan. I placed a
hand on her hip and pulled her closer, my hard dick pressing eagerly
against her through the fabric of my pants. We kissed for a good
minute before I pulled away slightly. Her cheeks were flushed and I
could tell she was turned on. Her piercing blue eyes locked intently on
mine as if she were trying to guess what I was going to do next.

"Get down on your knees," I ordered softly but firmly.

Danielle just stared at me for a brief moment and swallowed hard, her
face expressionless but still retaining a sense of timid apprehension.
Then, slowly she lowered herself down to the floor, her stocking-clad
knees coming to rest on the soft carpet.

"Undo my pants," I commanded as she stared up at me with a look of shy

I could see her hands were trembling a little bit as she reached up and
carried out my orders. Soon my belt was off, and my pants were around
my ankles. My dick was now pushing uncomfortably against the thin
fabric of my boxer-brief underwear, creating a thick bulge that
Danielle was eyeing intently.

"Keep going."

She swallowed hard and slipped her fingers under the waistband of my
underwear. Slowly, she pulled them down allowing my cock to spring
forth in an almost comic fashion, as it bounced a few times in front of
her face. Danielle looked up at me as my dick swayed slowly before
her. "Put your hands behind your back."

Again, she obeyed, placing her hands behind her and grasping one wrist
with her hand.

"Open your mouth."

She opened her mouth but let her eyes fall from mine. I shuffled
forward a bit and placed the head of my dick between her lips. Then
slowly I pushed my hips forward, sliding my shaft into her wet, waiting

Immediately her lips locked around my cock and she began to withdraw her
head backwards. I stopped her by reaching down and grabbing the back of
her head, holding it in place. Again I pushed forward, sliding the
entire length of my dick past her lips. I could feel her tremble as my
balls pressed up against her chin, but she was able to stop herself
from gagging.

"Good girl," I praised, smiling down at her. "Now suck it."

Immediately she went to work bobbing her head back and forth, sliding
her lips up and down my glistening shaft. Danielle always liked to
give me head, even though she wasn't particularly good at it. She was
always too slow and sensual for my liking. I was going to have to show
her a thing or two.


Her long slow strokes soon turned into short nods as I pointed the
camera down at her.


She stopped briefly at the sound of the camera going off, but quickly
resumed sucking my dick, her eyes closed tightly.

"Open your eyes," I commanded. "And look at me while you suck my dick."

I smiled as her eyes opened and her head turned slightly upwards to
stare into my contented face. I put the camera to my eye and snapped
another shot.

"That's better."

Danielle continued sucking me for a few more minutes, before pulling her
lips from around my cock and running her tongue up the underside of my

"Hmmm," I muttered. "You have learned a few new tricks."

I was actually surprised. In my previous experience with her, she had
exhibited very little variation in her technique.

"Lick my balls." I ordered, positioning the camera for another shot. I
reached down and grabbed my dick pulling it up against my stomach as
Danielle moved down and placed her soft wet tongue on my balls, licking
softly. The feeling was amazing. I took a picture, and let my dick
fall, landing with a wet ‘slap' against her face. I then grabbed her
hair and pulled her face lower, as her tongue explored the backside of
my balls and the area directly behind them. I moaned and took a few
more pictures before setting the camera down.

"That feels so fucking good baby," I complimented. "You should do that
to your husband on your wedding night. "

She glanced up at me with a glare that I could only take as a warning.
I smiled back and encouraged her to take my balls into her mouth,
sucking softly.

"Whoa there," I said, grabbing the back of her head. "Easy on those.
Not so hard."

Danielle flashed me another stare before resuming her work. I let her
continue for a while longer before I pulled her head back again and
slid my dick back into her mouth. I pushed it in all the way and held
it there for a moment as she fought to suppress her gag reflex. I then
slid it out slowly before thrusting it back in. I continued to fuck her
mouth as she wrapped her lips tightly around my cock. I could feel an
orgasm approaching and I increased the pace, desperate to fill her
mouth with my cum. As the feeling reached its peak, my hands clutched
her hair and my body convulsed. I held back for another brief moment
before sending a torrent of hot cum into Danielle's waiting mouth. She
paused for a brief moment and I thought she might pull away to spit it
out in disgust, but to my surprise she resumed sucking, taking every
spurt I had to give and swallowing it down.

"Alright," I said contentedly, pulling my wet dick from her dripping
lips. "Let's head into the bedroom."

A slightly embarrassed look crossed Danielle's face once again as she
looked down at the ground, using her thumb to wipe the corner of her
mouth. I motioned my arm towards the bedroom, smiling with
satisfaction. She stood slowly and turned, making her way through the
doorway. I picked my camera back up and followed her into the room.

"Nice outfit by the way," I commented as she sat down on the bed. "Is it

"Kind of..." she answered tentatively. "Actually I bought it for my

"Oh yeah?" I said with a smile. "That kind of turns me on."

"I bet it does," she said with a short laugh. "I can't believe you made
me wear this."

"Hey," I said, tossing my hands in the air. "I could have made you wear
a school girl's outfit or something. Would that have been better?"

"It wouldn't surprise me."

"Well, I was thinking about," I said, walking over to her. "Or maybe
French maid? That would be hot!"

"Yeah, yeah," Danielle muttered, smiling up at me.

I returned the smile and leaned down to kiss her. She closed her eyes as
our lips touched and we shared a rare tender moment before I decided to
move things along.

"Ok," I said, pulling away from her. "Lay down on the bed."

Danielle looked apprehensive once again as she lay back on the bed. I
raised the camera and took another picture.

"Now spread your legs," I added, getting ready for another shot. That
familiar embarrassed expression crossed Danielle's face as she slow
pulled her legs apart, revealing the sheer white panties that I could
see were now slightly dampened with excitement. I took another
picture, focusing on the area between her legs. I could already feel
my dick regaining its rigidity as I continued to have my way with the
shy, timid girl before me.

"Take off your panties," I ordered.

A bit of Danielle's shyness melted away as she bit her bottom lip and
began to slide the lacy white underwear down her stocking covered legs.
Holding the skimpy garment on her finger she looked into my eyes and
tossed them on the floor at my feet. It was almost as if she was
challenging me to continue. I looked down at the underwear at my feet
and then back up at Danielle who was now laying back, propped up on her
elbows, waiting for my next command. Her ample breasts were spilling
out of the top of her bustier, producing an enticing amount of
cleavage. She was naked from the waist down, with the exception of the
white stockings that adorned her legs, now spread wide to reveal her
perfectly shaven pussy. I smiled and tossed the camera on the bed.
"What? No more pictures?" Danielle asked sarcastically, sounding
somewhat satisfied at being able to entice me away from my brief
photography session.

"Not right now," I answered, crawling onto the bed. "There's something
else I want."

I placed a hand on her leg, running it up softly, feeling the smoothness
of the stocking as I leaned in to kiss her inner thigh. Danielle let a
quiet moan slip out as she felt my lips touch her sensitive, naked
skin. I let my mouth linger there for a moment as I parted my lips and
touched her gently with my tongue. I then began to move up the bed,
kissing and licking my way along her inner thigh, as she let her head
fall back and opened her legs receptively.

Danielle had, quite possibly, the most perfect pussy I had ever seen.
It was flawless and pink, as well as usually well shaved. She had
always left a little strip of hair, but it was rarely even noticeable
due to the fairness and light colour. This time she had shaved it
completely, however, as not a single hair could be seen. I moved
closer. I wondered if that had been another "honeymoon present" that I
was getting the chance to unwrap early.

I kissed the skin to the right of her, and then to the left before
focussing in on her soft velvety folds. I nuzzled my lips into her
pussy, tasting her as I slipped my tongue out of my mouth and into her
moist hole. I could hear her moan a little louder as she pulled her
elbows out from under her and lay back on the bed. Wetting my finger
in my mouth, I then slipped it inside her, as my tongue moved upwards
to tease her clit. My finger slid easily up to the knuckle and I began
to caress her g-spot with firm strokes as I sucked gently on her little
pink button.

"Mmmm," she moaned tenderly as I slipped another finger inside her.

My middle two fingers were now deep inside Danielle's wet pussy, sliding
in and out as I continued to suck her engorged clit. Slowly, I removed
one of my fingers and moved it a little lower, running it gently over
her tight little asshole. She didn't respond, so I pressed a little
harder, massaging her tight opening with my nimble, wet finger. I
pushed even harder, pushing the tip of my finger through her taut,
muscular ring. Immediately, she tensed, her asshole rejecting my
intrusion with a quick contraction.

"Hey," she said sternly. "Just what do you think you're doing?"

I had brought up the subject of anal sex with Danielle in the past, and
she had always been vehemently opposed.

"Anything I want. Remember?"

"I thought you might try something like that," she said, resigning to
the fact that I was going to have my way with her.

"Oh, I'm going to be doing a lot more than this," I said with a
confident smirk as I continued to massage her virgin asshole with my
finger. "Just try and relax."

Danielle took a deep breath and lifted her knees slightly as my mouth
again found its way to her delicious pussy. My finger wiggled its way
past her restrictive little ring and I felt her ass tighten around my
invading digit. I lowered my face and ran my tongue around my
half-buried finger in an attempt to lubricate it a little more, before
pushing it deeper into her asshole. Danielle began to writhe and moan
as I slid my tongue back into her hot, wet pussy. I could tell she was
close to orgasm, and I flicked my tongue over her clit with quick,
rhythmic strokes. She began to tremble as I felt her climax

"Uhhhhhh," she moaned, biting her bottom lip and arching her back.
Suddenly I stopped and lifted my face from her pussy.

"Hey!" she shrieked, slapping her hand against the bed. "I was soooo

I smiled deviously as I shook my head.

"Not yet," I explained. "If you're really, really good....then maybe
I'll let you cum."

Danielle shot me a disappointed scowl as I began to crawl my way up her

"That's not fair," she grumbled, sticking her bottom lip out in an
exaggerated pout.

"I know," I answered as I lowered my face to hers as if about to kiss
her, but stopping just inches from her lips. "I guess you'll just have
to be a good girl and do everything I tell you."

Her soft blue eyes were locked on mine as I reached down and guided the
head of my cock to her eager, wet pussy. When she felt contact she held
her breath, as if waiting to be filled. Teasing her by rubbing my head
over her wet opening, I was prolonging her agony by withholding what
she was wanting most.

Suddenly and without warning, I thrust my hips downward, driving the
entire length of my dick into her starving wet pussy. She gasped as her
body was pushed upwards, almost hitting the top of her head against the
wall. Her hands moved to my back, where her fingers dug into my flesh,
pulling the weight of my body down into hers. With my shaft completely
embedded inside her, I moved my hips from side to side as I lowered my
head and whispered in her ear.

"Is that what you want?"

"Yes," she gasped, pushing her hips up into mine.

"Are you ready to get fucked?"

"Yes," she reiterated, her voice growing in urgency.

"Say it."

"Fuck me," she said meekly.


"Fuck me!"

I smiled to myself as I began sliding my dick in and out of Danielle's
tight wet pussy. Her shyness had always inhibited her from
participating in any dirty talk, so I was able to gain quite a bit of
satisfaction from making her say those two simple words. She then
closed her eyes and moaned softly as my hips rose and fell, driving my
cock deep inside her with each thrust. Sweeping a few strands of light
blonde hair away from her neck, I lowered my head and bit gently into
her neck. Danielle gasped and purred in approval as I continued
nibbling at her tender skin. Her hands gripped my back tightly, her
nails digging in harder with every second that passed.

"Oh God, I've waited sooo long for this!" she moaned, as I lifted my
head up to stare into her icy blue eyes.

"Oh yeah?" I said with a smirk. "What else have you been thinking


"Tell me."

My thrusts were now slow and forceful, shaking the bed with each descent
of my dick into Danielle's hot little hole.

"I've thought about..." she began, closing her eyes again. "Sucking your

"Uh huh," I coaxed. "And?"

"And...swallowing your cum."

I smiled down at her.

"And..."She continued. "Letting you have your way with me."

Her dirty talk was far from filthy, but for Danielle it was pretty
adventurous. I was content. I was also ready to cum.

I lowered my head back down to her ear and whispered. "I'm going to cum
inside you."

She let out a subtle moan and bit her bottom lip as I began to pick up
speed. My cock plunged repeatedly into Danielle, her ample breasts
trembling beneath her tight fitting corset. With my hands on either
side of her head, I stared intensely into her eyes as I brought myself
closer to orgasm. As the rising sensation reached its peak, I slammed
hard into her pussy, contracting every muscle in my lower body and
sending a thick spurt of hot cum deep inside her. Another thrust
followed. And then another, each one decreasing in strength until I had
emptied myself completely into Danielle's warm, wet hole. After taking
a brief moment to catch my breath, I rose to my knees, withdrawing my
weary cock with one fluid motion.

After a quick trip to the kitchen to get a glass of water, I returned to
find Danielle sliding her underwear back on.

"No, no, no," I chastised, waving my finger in the air. "I didn't say
you could put those back on yet."

She made a pouty frown as I snatched the sheer white panties from her
and held them aloft.

"Hmm," I pondered, taking a sip of water. "Maybe I'll keep these." "I
don't think so!" Danielle snapped back.

"Oh yeah," I said with a laugh, tossing the underwear back to her. "You
need them for your honeymoon."

"You're evil," she muttered, lying back on the bed.

I smiled.

"Alright," I said, after setting the empty glass down. "Time for some
more pictures!"

Danielle frowned but put up little resistance as I reached for the
camera once again.

"Get on your hands and knees," I ordered, flipping the camera on.

She shot me a pouty expression, but did as she was told, realizing at
that point that I would continue to get my way. Reluctantly, she
assumed the position as a satisfied smile spread across my face. My
dick began to tingle once again as I took in the sexy visual. Her
tight fitting white corset hugged her waist, emphasizing the roundness
of her ass. From between her ample cheeks I could see her little pink
pussy lips peeking out, glistening with arousal.

"Arch your back," I suggested, bringing to camera into position. "And
lower your shoulders."

Danielle took a deep breath before complying, arching her back in a sexy


"Good," I praised. "Now look back towards me."

She looked back over her shoulder, but her face was slightly red with
embarrassment. I took the picture anyway before zooming in on her ass
to take a couple close-up shots.

"Spread your ass," I stated, becoming more aroused with every passing

"Noooo," she whined, flashing me a set of puppy-dog eyes. "Don't make me
do that!"

I just shook my head.

"I'm waiting," I returned, tapping my foot on the floor in mock

Danielle groaned, hesitating momentarily before laying her head down on
the bed and reaching her arms back behind her. Her fingers pressed into
her soft flesh and slowly she pulled her ass cheeks wide, lewdly
exposing her tiny pink asshole to my eager eyes. With trembling hands
I took the picture, revelling in my control over Danielle, which was
bringing me more pleasure than the dirty photographs that I was taking.

With my eyes glued to her shameless pose, I stepped over and retrieved
the dildo from one of my drawers.

"Here," I said, tossing the purple, rubber toy onto the bed beside her.
"I think you know what to do with this."

Danielle laughed as she scooped up the makeshift cock.

"Where did you get this?" she asked, inspecting it with open eyes.

"Don't worry about it," I responded dismissively. "Just use it."

After another resigned exhalation, she reached between her legs and
placed the head of the dildo against her swollen pussy lips. As I
readied the camera once again, Danielle began sliding the rubber dick
along her glistening slit before nestling it in between her engorged
pink lips. I snapped a few shots as the purple shaft slowly disappeared
into her hungry pussy.

"Nice," I commended, as Danielle fucked herself with the rubber dildo.

A few minutes later, after I had taken enough pictures to satisfy me, I
set the camera on the bed and retrieved the bottle of lubricant from
the drawer. Danielle, seemed not to notice, as she was now completely
preoccupied with the plastic dick between her legs.

My eyes were glued to her luscious backside as I climbed onto the bed
behind her. Looking over her shoulder at me, she flashed a quick,
nervous smile as I placed my hands on her ass. Reaching down, I took
hold of the dildo, which Danielle immediately relinquished to my
control. Keeping it deep in her pussy, I leaned in and planted a soft
kiss on one of her butt cheeks. I then kissed the other one as I began
sliding the rubber cock in and out with slow, deliberate motions. My
dick was back to solid form, but there was something else I wanted.

Slowly, and methodically my lips and tongue travelled over Danielle's
smooth skin, making their way into the crevasse between her cheeks. I
eyed her perfect little pink asshole lustfully before lightly licking
around it in small concentric circles. I could feel her tense up as I
made my way closer and closer before finally flicking my nimble tongue
over her tiny opening.

"Mmmm,' she moaned quietly as I buried my face in between her cheeks,
planting my lips on her butthole.

The dildo was now moving in and out with a more intense pace as I
repeatedly stabbed her tight little ass with my tongue. Her moans only
encouraged me further as I pulled her cheek to the side and jammed my
tongue inside her. A quick glance down to see a large droplet of
pre-cum dangling from the head of my dick told me that I was ready for
more. Rising up on my knees, I inched forward as I pulled the dildo
from her sopping wet cunt.

"Here," I said, holding the glistening wet toy out towards her face.

Danielle looked at the rubber cock briefly, her eyes glazed over with
lustful arousal. Biting her bottom lip, she then slowly opened her
mouth to accept the dildo, slick with her own juices. Again I smiled
at her compliance as I slid the dildo past her lips and into her
waiting mouth. As her lips locked around the rubber shaft, I
relinquished my grip, allowing her to continue cleaning with phony cock
with her mouth. Now kneeling behind her, I wetted my own dick with
some saliva before replacing the dildo, sliding in up to the balls in
Danielle's hot little pussy. She moaned around the rubber cock in her
mouth and soon allowed it to fall to the bed as she tossed her head
back in enjoyment.

"I've been wanting to do you like this for a long time," I stated,
sliding my cock back and forth with short, slow strokes.

"I've actually wanted you to do me like this too," she muttered,
glancing back over her shoulder. "I was always just too embarrassed to
ask you."

"Oh yeah?" I prodded, picking up the pace. "You've thought about me
fucking you from behind?"

"Uh huh," she stammered, now overcome by the feeling of my cock driving
deep inside her.

"See," I continued, gripping her ass cheeks with lustful intent. "I knew
you were a dirty girl."

Danielle was breathing heavier and faster as my balls slapped against
her moist pussy with every forceful thrust. As I started to get
carried away, I slowed and picked up the camera from the bed. The scene
was perfect! My dick was framed by Danielle's luscious ass cheeks that
gradually gave way her waist, cinched tight with the white corset. Her
head was turned to the side and pressed into the soft mattress with her
little blonde ponytail bouncing around the back of her head, jolting
every time my body slapped sensuously against hers.

Danielle heard the picture being taken but didn't acknowledge it at all.
I then tossed the camera back to the bed and gripped her thighs
forcefully as my hips slapped repeatedly into her ass, driving my cock
deep with every thrust. Gradually, my hands migrated from her legs up
to her ass, and then delved in between her ample cheeks. Her asshole,
still slick from the tongue lashing it had earlier received, easily
accommodated my finger tip as I massaged the tight ring for a moment
before sliding in up to the knuckle. Danielle gasped and I felt her
tiny butthole clench reflexively around my finger. Slowly I moved it
in and out, reciprocating the thrusting motions of my dick.

Danielle let out a quiet, drawn-out moan as she felt both of her holes
being filled for the first time. With my finger snugly embedded in her
ass, I could feel my own cock sliding in and out through the thin wall
separating her two pleasurable orifices. After she had become somewhat
accustomed to my finger in her ass, I had a new idea.

"I want you to do something," I said, sliding my finger out of her tight
little asshole.

Danielle glanced back towards me with interest, not speaking, but
breathing in quick, labored breaths.

"I want you finger your own ass."

Expecting resistance, I was quite surprised when she took only a few
seconds before reaching back and gingerly touching her little pink
hole. As she continued to test the waters, I scooped up the lubricant
and flipped open the cap. Holding the tube over Danielle's busy hand, I
began to drizzle the slippery liquid down her finger and over her tiny
butt hole. She let out a surprised giggle at the feeling of the cool
fluid on her sensitive skin as she spread the lube over her tightly
closed asshole.

"Put it inside," I suggested my voice barely more than a whisper. My
dick was throbbing inside her as she tentatively forced her slippery
finger past her tight muscular ring up to the first knuckle.

"Good...." I gasped, as she went deeper. "Now move it in and out..."

Again she complied, slowly finger fucking her own ass. With every push
of her finger I would withdraw my cock, only to slide it back in as she
withdrew her finger. I could feel her slender digit pressing against
the topside of my dick as we moved back and forth.

"God, that looks hot..." I exclaimed, reaching for the camera once
again. After snapping a couple shots of the sexy scene I dropped the
camera and took a firm hold of Danielle's hips.


Our bodies collided repeatedly as I slammed my cock deep inside her, my
balls slapping wetly against her swollen pussy lips.

"Oh yesssss," she hissed, pulling her finger from her ass. "That feels
soo good!"

"Yeah? You like it hard?"


Danielle's ample backside shuddered with each thrust as she moaned into
the pillow. I kept up the unrelenting motion, driving my dick
repeatedly deep inside her. Time seemed to stop as I became lost in the
moment, relishing in the ecstasy of her tight, wet pussy. I was able
to keep up the frantic pace for a few minutes before I felt myself
approaching the point of no return. I began to slow, holding my breath
as I fought off the impending orgasm. As much was I was enjoying
myself, I had other plans.

"Nooooo," Danielle whined, as I ceased all motion and began to carefully
withdraw my dick. "Don't stop! I was sooo close!"

"Don't worry," I returned, slipping my hard, wet cock from her
orgasm-starved pussy. "You'll get yours soon enough."

She was about to roll over and protest some more, but I stopped her with
a simple placement of my hand.

"Stay in this position," I told her, smiling to myself as I covetously
eyed her tight little virgin asshole.

Danielle shot me a suspicious glare over her shoulder as I picked up the
container of lubricant.

"So how did that finger feel in your ass?" I asked, reaching for the
rubber dildo.

"I...It was...okay..," she answered tentatively, before narrowing her
eyes with mistrust. "Why?"

"Because," I began with a broad smile holding the dildo out above her.
"Now you're going to try something a little bigger."

Danielle let a short laugh slip out before shaking her head and
muttering something to herself.

"I was waiting for that," she stated knowingly.

I knew that anal was something Danielle was dreading. I also had my
suspicions that she knew I was going to get her to do it that night.
Maybe she just needed a situation like this to try all the things she
had always wanted to do but was afraid to ask for?

"You said ‘anything'," I explained.

"I know," she returned meekly, burying her face in her hands. "Just go

"Actually," I began, setting the dildo and lubricant down beside her.
"You're going to do it to yourself."

Again she laughed as she shook her head in disbelief. I just shrugged my
shoulders with a playful smile.

"I'm waaaiiiiiting."

Resigned to the position of my partially-willing sex slave for the
night, Danielle rose up to her knees and picked up the purple rubber
dick. She then flipped open the lube container and squirted a liberal
amount onto the shaft as I watched with growing interest. As she
stroked her hand up and down, covering the toy with the slippery fluid
I began a similar motion on my own dick.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," she said with a resigned tone, but
with a smile on her face.

As Danielle resumed the position, I sat back contentedly to watch the
show, my hand moving slowly up and down the shaft of my aching cock.
Fumbling with the slippery dildo, she managed to get it into position,
rubbing the large purple head back and forth between her cheeks,
covering her tightly closed asshole with more of the slick, clear
lubricant. Then, with an embarrassed groan, she placed the rubber
penis against her tiny virgin asshole and pushed.

"Try to relax," I suggested, sensing Danielle's discomfort as she
proceeded to slide the dildo into her butt.

She stopped for a second, took a deep breath and then continued. As her
asshole began to stretch around the purple shaft, the toy began to
slowly disappear inside her. After a few tentative inches, she
withdrew back until only the bulbous rubber head remained trapped in
her tight little ass. With a deep breath, she then forced it back
inside, this time with a slightly faster pace as she became accustomed
to the feeling.

"Good," I praised, watching with ever increasing arousal. "Here, let me

As she began moving the dildo in and out with slow, deliberate strokes I
reached between her legs and pressed two fingers firmly against her
clit. She let out a subtle moan of approval and pushed the rubber cock
a little deeper into her ass. As time progressed, Danielle's comfort
seemed to grow, and she was soon sliding most of the dildo into her
tight little butthole. My arousal, however, was also growing and I
didn't know how much longer I could resist sampling her enticing,
virgin ass for myself. When it seemed as if she had grown accustomed to
the anal penetration, I began to ready myself by covering my throbbing
cock in her pussy juices.

"Ok," I stated, kneeling behind her. "Are you ready for the real thing?"

Without answering, Danielle slowly withdrew the dildo from her asshole,
which closed up tightly once again. I shuffled forward, my eyes
hungrily locked on her tempting little pink star. Since she had already
been warmed up, I wasted no time in pushing the head of my cock into
her ass, feeling the tight muscular ring clamp down hard around my
invading shaft.

"Uhhhhh," Danielle moaned as she felt her asshole being slowly filled
once again.

I stopped to allow her to acclimatize to the increased pressure, before
gently rocking back and forth, my shaft moving mere centimetres inside
her. Gradually the centimetres gave way to inches as I pushed a little
deeper with each thrust. My hands held her cheeks splayed wide,
allowing me a delightful view of my hard cock, slowly disappearing into
Danielle's virgin ass.

Her intense moaning soon turned into a contented purring as she reached
between her legs to slowly rub her clit with tiny circular motions of
her fingers. When I felt her begin to relax a bit more, I started
increasing the velocity as my gently rocking soon gave way to a
slightly more forceful thrusting. Her well-lubricated asshole still
clutched my shaft with every movement, but allowed enough freedom for
my dick to glide easily down its entire length.

"Mmmm," she moaned, as she felt my balls settling against her dripping
pussy lips, signifying that my cock had just been completely swallowed
up by her virgin asshole.

"How does it feel?" I asked, rotating my hips to swivel my cock around
inside her.

"G..good," she managed to say, her eyes closed tightly and her teeth
clenched in intense pleasure.

I pulled out slightly before driving my cock back inside, eliciting a
startled gasp from Danielle's pursed lips. I repeated the motion, this
time sliding a little further out of her ass before thrusting back

"Ooh," she moaned in a quiet, feminine tone that was both cute and sexy.

"Do you like my dick in your ass?" I asked, thrusting into her ass once

"Yes!" she moaned, her fingers still working diligently on her clit.

"I want to hear you say it."

"I love it!" she squealed in between sexy moans. "I love your cock in my

I was actually surprised at the conviction of her response.

"Do you want to cum?" I asked, driving my cock deep into her butt once

"Fuck yes!" she cried out. "I want to cum sooo bad!"

"Ok," I said with a sly grin. "Then fuck me. I want you to fuck my dick
with your tight little ass."

With trembling arms, Danielle lifted her upper body from the bed into a
four point position. Then, leaning forward, she slowly slid her tight
asshole down my rigid cock before pushing back and once again burying
me to the hilt.

"Mmmm," I murmured, placing my hands on my hips. "That's it."

Again she rocked back and forth, repeatedly swallowing the entire length
of my dick as she built up speed.

"Come on," I coaxed with a light slap on her ass. "Make yourself cum. I
want you to cum with my cock in your ass."

"Oh god!!" she squealed, slapping her fleshy asscheeks into my thighs
with increasing vigour. "Fuck me! Hard! I want you to fuck my ass hard
and make me cum!"

Unable to resist her request, I began thrusting forward to meet her ass
with each stroke. My dick driving deeply into her newly ravaged
butthole. My hands gripped her tightly, and I pulled her back onto my
thrusting cock as she moaned and gasped with elation.

"Oh my god, I'm cummmmiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg!" she shrieked as her
body tensed and shuddered with a long delayed orgasm.

As her muscles contracted, her hips straightened and her butt cheeks
clamped together, forcing my dick to gradually slip out as she
collapsed face down on the bed, her arm pinned underneath her sweaty,
tired body. Her breaths slowly became less erratic and deeper as her
climax subsided, and her body gradually relaxed into a state of comfort
once again.

"Now that wasn't so bad was it?"

Danielle let out a forced giggle and rolled over.

"It actually did kind of hurt," she explained. "But as I got closer to
cumming...I just didn't care."

I nodded in understanding.

"I don't think I can do it anymore tonight though," she continued.

"That's okay," I complied. "There's something else I wanted to try

"What's that?" she asked suspiciously. "Haven't you already done pretty
much everything you could possibly do to me?"

I just shook my head and smiled.

"Take off your corset and lay down on your back."

She eyes me once again with mistrust, but in the afterglow of post
climactic bliss, she had grown far too compliant to argue. She did as
she was told, first removing the white, tight fitting corset and
finally freeing her plentiful breast from confinement. She smiled as
she lay back on the bed, a look of suspicious curiosity in her baby
blue eyes.

I then took the bottle of lubricant once again, and squirted a generous
amount onto her breasts, covering the both massive mounds with the
clear, thick liquid. Danielle's eyes widened and she let out another
short laugh as she realized my intent. Without saying a work I swung a
leg over her body so that I was straddling her chest, my rock-hard cock
lying in between her ample tits.

Without being told, she used her hands to press her breasts together,
trapping my pulsing cock in between the two soft, slippery pillows.
Supporting myself by placing my hands on the headboard, I began sliding
my dick in between her tits.

"So did you like getting ass fucked?" I asked as I fucked her breasts
with long, smooth strokes.

"Uh huh," she answered, her eyes glued to the image of my cock appearing
and disappearing from between her two massive mounds.

"Did it make you feel dirty?"


"How dirty?"

"Really, really dirty," she answered, starting to play along. "I felt
like a dirty little slut, getting butt fucked while wearing my wedding

My balls began to tingle.

"Are you going to let your husband fuck your ass?"

Danielle bit her bottom lip, casting me a shy expression.

"Maybe....," she said tentatively. "Or...I'll leave it will just for

The tingling sensation increased.

"Oh yeah?" I said, smiling down into her beautiful face. "Tell me more.
I want you to talk to me and make me cum."

"I loved being on my knees in front of you," she continued. "I felt so
dirty being on my knees with your cock in my mouth while you took

I was getting close.

"And I loved it when you grabbed my head and fucked my mouth, sliding
your big, hard cock in and out. And then when you grabbed my hair and
came in my mouth! I loved it! I love being dirty with you! I love
having you make me do dirty, slutty things."

Almost there.

Making me suck your balls...and making me finger my own ass while you
fuck me from behind..."

"Uggghhhhh," I groaned as my thrust forward, spearing Danielle's lips
with my cock and sending a wet stream of hot cum splashing across her

I pulled back a little as my next shot arced up onto her forehead,
laying a thin white line across her face. She closed her eyes just in
time as my third stream splattered against her eyelid. As she tilted
her head upwards to avoid the bombardment, another shot stuck her under
the chin before running down her neck. As the intensity of each
successive spurt waned, I pressed her tits together firmly, milking out
the final few drops that simply dribbled out to collect in a small,
opaque, white pool on her upper chest. Exhausted, I collapsed onto the
bed beside her as she wiped the cum from around her eyes with a playful
giggle. There were a few minutes of awkward silence before I rose from
the bed to fetch a towel. After a quick cleanup, Danielle's mood
changed significantly. She remained completely quiet as she dressed, a
look of worry spreading across her face.

"What's up?" I asked with mild concern.

"Nothing," she said curtly. "I just have to go. I need to get home and
shower before Greg gets home."

As she finished dressing, she gathered her things and headed for the
door. As she was just about to exit the room, she stopped and turned to
face me.



"You know that this is never, ever going to happen again right?" I

She turned quickly and left the room. A few seconds later I heard the
front door open. Then close.

As I lay back in my bed, I reached for my camera and started looking
through the pictures I had taken.

"Never happen again?" I muttered to myself. "We'll see about that."

The End


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