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I could tell she was peeking at me one day first through the bedroom and then through the livingroom window.
I set my alarm early because it was winter and I wanted to let my
truck warm up before I jumped into it. Where my truck was parked was
the bonus of this situation. I noticed the bedroom light go on as it
was still dark but the curtains were closed. I started the truck and
revved it a little when the living room light came on. The curtains
were parted about five inches and I could see straight through to the
kitchen. I sat still in the truck and let it idle. I saw a white
housecoat flash by. I hoped it was a chick I thought absentmindedly
rubbing my cock. I could see eye level into her apartment and if she
came to the window she could see down into the cab of my truck. There
she was in the kitchen making coffee. I remember cursing myself for
masturbating already that morning. She wore only a white housecoat
and I could see her legs just barely above her couch. She set up an
ironing board and began ironing facing me directly. In my mind the
belt of her housecoat is coming undone and it's falling open to reveal
tiny white lace panties and a lacy bra. I'm aware of my surroundings
as I begin to masturbate slowly savouring the opportunity. I make no
secret of myself watching her but she pays no heed. She irons her shirt
and I'm masturbating like crazy hoping she'll look up. I came quickly
and put it away and drove off to work.

I fantasized all day about that and jerked myself off as soon as I got
home and all night thinking about the next morning.
I got up at the same time after a restless night. I resisted the
morning jerk and put on my sexiest pair of panties thinking I would
change out of them before going to work. I went out to start the truck
and had a really good look around for unexpected visitors observing me
and what I was going to do. Her curtains were parted but her
lights were still out as I started the truck. I revved it and then let
it idle and her light came on as if I woke her up. My woody was raging
already. I opened my button fly jeans all the way and I was stroking it
gently under the panties when her living room light came on and she
appeared into my view. The same white housecoat, coffee and ironing
board. I was so exposed. If only she would look up I thought as she
looked up to see me. All she could see though from where she was was
my upper torso behind the steering wheel. She would have to come to
the window to see my panties. I was so ready to come. I wanted her to
see but I didn't want to be crudely overt. She looked down to her
ironing as I came. I waited a short time for a reaction but she didn't
seem to have seen me yet. I cleaned up and went to work with the
panties on still.

I made it safely home and fantasized again all night
about the chick downstairs.
Well I was totally happy about this new routine and looked forward to
it every morning. I would warm the truck up for forty minutes
sometimes before I came. I was always super wary of the angles of view
and potential surprises by passersby. There was a patrol car once that
gave me a heart attack and an occasional jogger but it was way too
early for most people. She would iron in her white housecoat while
sipping coffee and I would masturbate hoping for her to catch me
everyday for about a month. Occasionally I would bring my vibrator and
let it make me cum while watching her but it was too noisy even with
the truck running. She was pretty hot and she gave me the same show
every day ironing in front of the open window she never let on that
she knew I was there though.

I could tell she was peeking at me one day first through the bedroom
and then through the livingroom window. I was vibrating down my pantleg
though and had no panties and decided not to be too obvious but I came
while she was looking at me. That was good but I had to sneak back to
my apartment because I got cum all over my jeans.
If she saw me I can't tell because the routine continues as if nothing
happened. I would lay back in my seat and close my eyes whenever I
thought she was going to look or peek out her window. But she'd just

So one morning she's already up and halfway through her ironing when
I start the truck. I'm wondering if I'm late as I quickly get my cock
out. I lay my seat back and expose my panties as much as possible.
She's done ironing before I'm fully erect. She glances up before she
disappears and as she looks into my eyes I know she knows. I'm closing
my eyes as I imagine her standing behind her curtain furiously rubbing
her pussy while watching me masturbate under my lacey white panties.
I'm totally lost in fantasyland when I open my eyes. Her lights have
gone out and I'm sure that she's standing there just behind the
curtain. I'm as exposed as ever and my hand is stroking ever faster
toward orgasm.

Just as I'm about to come I catch a flicker of movement
out of the corner of my eye. Then in my rearview she approaches my
side and comes towards my door. I can't stop the orgasm
as as she gets closer. I want her to see me cum but she walks slowly
past my window and towards the car beside my truck and sticks her key
in the door. The first gush splashes out through my panties to land on
my jacket as she turns and opens her door. I rolled down my window
and said good morning as my orgasm subsided. She said hello back to
me as she sat down while I rubbed the last of my come out into the
panties just below her line of sight. I could only wonder if she saw
as she drove away.

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u sick bastard


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