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Lori was one hot fuck
Lori 4

I went towards her and picked her up quickly before she could react and hurried her towards the kitchen.

"Peter? What are you doing?" Lori squealed.

"Instead of making gentle passionate love this time I feel like just taking you!"

With that I laid her on her back on the kitchen table and pulled her blouse apart, ripping the buttons off as they flew to the floor. I then started kissing her all over from head to toe. I kissed and licked every part of her body that I could reach or touch. Lori went from squealing in surprise to moaning in delight.

I kept this up for ten or so minutes then slowly stroked and caressed one of her tits while nibbled, sucked and licked her other nipple. I alternated between tits and nipples till she was begging me to stop; she couldn’t take anymore. By the time I had finished with her breasts Lori grabbed my head in her hands and was pushing it down her body to her well lubricated cunt. I knew what she loved and wanted me to do.

I didn't take too long to reach her pussy but when I first touched it and started licking the outer edge of her lips Lori's back arched up and she grabbed my head and pulled me in tighter against her. I shoved two fingers up her cunt till I found and massaged her g-spot while licking and sucking her clit for all I was worth till she was one quivering mass of flesh. She was so excited and overheated she went into a couple of long slow and intensive orgasms. For a second time within ten minutes Lori said she couldn't take anymore.

"Peter for fucking sake, get out of your clothes and fuck the shit out of me.

I backed off and removed my clothes with Lori's help. She stood up, got on her hands and knees and turned around so her gorgeous ass was pointing my way. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me. “Do it Peter…fuck me good!”

"Fuck me! Peter, fuck me hard and fast! We can make nice slow love later. Right now I want you to take me fast and hard. I know you want that as well. So go ahead and do it! Make me scream and yell. Make me your woman, your lover, your slut and only your slut."

I didn't need a second invitation. I stepped up to Lori and thrust into her very wet and welcoming pussy. As she begged of me, this wasn't going to be a gentle love making session, this was me taking my lover and both she and I loved it. I pulled her legs up over my shoulders and started hammering her with all my strength. Lori was as so excited by now that all I did was make her cum and cum and cum over and over again until the sweat was pouring off her and she was a quivering mass of body jello.

Afterwards we were both really exhausted from several bouts of fucking and both of us cumming several times. Lori cum about three times to my one; just the way I like it. After the small rest we had several bouts of love making. We then sat down and talked about how we were going to move forward; and even discussed the possibility of just living together or marriage. I really did love this woman and I seriously thought that she loved me as much.
A few days later Lori called me on her lunch break and asked if I could be at her home around six that evening. Not having a problem with the time I said, “Sure, is there something wrong that you want to discuss?”
No she said, “I have just been missing you since the last time we met and planned out a surprise for the man I love.”
I pulled my car into her driveway and got out. When I opened the door Lori was standing there with a glass of wine in each hand. She gave one to me and then led me into the living room.

Candles had been spread around the room and they gave off a soft romantic glow. There was also soft music playing in the background. As I walked towards her Lori stopped me with a hand gesture. I stood still watching her sway towards me.

"Tonight, I am your servant. This is my present to you. Body is yours to do whatever you want with it. How would you like me to serve you?" she said in a voice that she knows gets me excited to a point of no return.

I just looked around the room and noticed that there were candles going up the stairs as well. Also in the kitchen there was a soft glow and a sweet scent around the room I hadn't smelt in years. Thinking for a moment I recalled that scent as incense. That's what the smell was! Lori looked up at me when she noticed I was looking around the room and smiled when she saw me recognize the smell.

As I looked at my lover she bowed her head to me.

The dress gaped open revealing her medium sized breasts. Her nipples were already hard!

Lori was dressed in a sheer, skin tight dress made of nylon. Black lace thigh highs were attached to a garter belt beneath the dress. My eyes feasted on her features, ones I had come to memorize and never got tired of.
"I've been waiting for you, to get here. I want tonight to be special" she said with a sexy smile on her face. Her hair fell in gentle waves to the top of her shoulders. The vision of this beautiful woman was breath taken.

"I can see that." I replied. I walked up to Lori and wrapped my arms around her waist; my hands where cupping her ass cheeks. She planted a kiss on my lips. Her outfit had sent my heart racing, my blood pumping furiously and as it went straight to my cock. Her warm soft body was pressed against me as her tongue was pressing against my lips to pry them open.

I loved the taste of her, the sweetness of her, and the sexiness of her frame against mine. My hands ran up and down her sides, the feeling of nylon making my erection even harder. Her hands reached for my shoulders, removing my jacket and deliberately dropping it feel to the floor.

Lori bent over to pick my jacket up and I could see straight down her top. When she had let me look long enough she stood straight again. She then walked behind me and kissed the back of my neck sending a shiver down my spine. Picking up my coat she placed it in the cupboard. As she did so she bent right over giving me a wonderful view of her bottom. My cock must have jumped and expanded another half inch that I didn’t know I had. She had NO PANTIES on! I was ready to explode in my pants by now!

I sipped my wine as she walked back towards me and again bowed to me.

"What else can I do for you my love?" again she said this with that soft voice that will drive me to my end of no return.

I gently cupped her chin and said, "Would my beautiful woman care to give me a blowjob?"

"Yes my love! It would be my pleasure." she replied in that same soft voice. When she knelt down to my groin area she reached up and pulled my zip down. She then reached inside and took out my very hard cock; again she looked up at me as she started licking the underside of my cock.

While doing this she was caressing my balls; I was in heaven. Lori often gives me blowjobs but never like this. I have to admit I don't have the biggest cock in the world but I am about average size. Lori once measured it at six inches in length and two and a half inches wide. Certainly enough to satisfy Lori but not so big she couldn't deep throat me.

She engulfed my cock and slowly swallowed it all. Until she reached her gag reflex she backed off a little and just bobbed her head up and down; slowly taking more of my cock till her nose was buried against my pubic bone. I just stood there with this sexy beautiful woman sucking my cock. I reached down and stroked Lori's hair slowing her down, she responded to my signal that I was close. A flood of my warm cum shot down her throat. She backed off till only the head of my cock was now surrounded by her lips so that she could collect the rest of my cum in her mouth to taste and swallow. She now sucked as hard as she could to make sure that she had every last drop I had to offer and then licked my cock clean with her tongue. Lori backed off and stood up. "Did you like that?" she asked.
I loved it! It was the best blow job I have ever had!” I replied.

I dropped my trousers and took my shirt off, I then took my shoes and socks off and I was standing there just in my boxer shorts. Lori is normally four inches shorter than me so with her come fuck me high heels on she was equally as tall. She walked back towards me slowly swaying her body to the music. When she reached me she picked up her glass of wine and I picked up mine; we clinked glasses and we both downed the remaining wine.

Standing close to me she kissed me with a very serious and long kiss. I put my arms around her and pressed my body against hers, she responded by squeezing back. I loved the way her hard nippled tits felt pressing against my chest. We were devouring each other with lots of tongues twisting and fighting for control of each other’s mouths.

I felt Lori's knees go weak. Lori must be the only person I know who can almost cum from just kissing! I reached my hand down to the hem of her dress and lifted it so I could feel her stocking legs. I am a legs man and go crazy from the feel of nylon covered legs. They did feel soft and silky. That got my cock steel hard again.

I gradually moved my hands up and under her dress. She gasped as I did so. I stroked her inner thighs for a moment just gently running my hands up and down her thigh. Finally when I sensed she couldn't take anymore I softly touched down between her legs until I felt her hot, wet, pussy lips.

As I pushed one finger inside her she let go of my mouth and gasped!

"Peter ... please ... I ... need you now! ... I need you to fuck me! I am your slave and your slut tonight! ... So please do whatever you want to me! Just take me and fuck me," Lori panted.

I picked her up in my arms and walked over to the sofa. I laid her down so she had her legs spread. I lifted up the dress she was wearing and looked at her wet pussy.

I looked up at Lori’s face as she looked at me, "Play with your breasts while I give you oral sex" I ordered her. She didn't hesitate; she pulled the dress over her head then started caressing and pulling on her nipples gently at first then a bit harder.

I bent down, licking up and down her puffy lips, tasting her juices as they ran out of her pussy. I alternated between licking her lips and licking and sucking her clit. I held her clit lightly with my teeth as I quickly flashed my tongue across it. This drove her completely insane. After ten minutes of this alternating torture for her. Lori started wildly thrashing and bucking on the sofa as she finally came with a huge scream that probably was heard down the street. I’m surprised the police didn’t come knocking at her front door.

While she recovered I stood up and pulled her forward so my cock rubbed her very wet pussy. She reached up and put her arms around me and kissed me with passion. Pulling her herself forward she teased herself by rubbing her pussy lips up and down my hard penis then she raised her hips up and impaled herself on my cock. When she did that I picked her up while she was still impaled on my cock. While standing still for a moment I took her weight in my arms and I cupped her ass.

"Peter take me upstairs, I want a soft bed under us." She moaned at me

I started to pull out but Lori locked her legs around my waist and yelled, "Don't you dare pull that cock of yours out of my cunt!"

"What about dinner?" I asked. "It can wait; it's on a slow timer. I can't wait!" she almost screamed as I rubbed my cock against her wet pussy.

With a struggle we finally made it up the stairs.

Giggling and laughing as I slipped out a few times and then with every step I forced my way back into her pussy.

Eventually we made it to the bedroom. The bed was covered in rose petals and there was champagne in an ice bucket on the bed. I kissed Lori with a hot passion.

I threw Lori on to the bed and rolled over on to my back and turned to face her.

"Okay, my sex goddess, up on top! You are going to be doing all the work!" I said to her. She just grinned at me and sat up and impaled herself again on my cock; almost immediately she started moving up and down. She still had the stockings and suspenders on so I reached down and unhooked the belt leaving her in just the stockings. I was hot for the need of this over sexed loving woman.

While Lori bounced up and down I played with her nipples, squeezing gently one moment then caressing them another moment. When she wasn't expecting it I would squeeze her nipples quite hard but knowing Lori for the length of time I had, I knew when to ease off. With all this attention Lori had cum about three times where as I hadn't yet. But the way that Lori's pussy was vice like gripping my cock I knew that I wouldn’t last much longer. After a few more thrusts from both of us that was it. I couldn’t hold off any more. I actually had to close my eyes the pleasure was so intense. Lori came with me, collapsing on top of me breathing heavily. I was too.
We both must have drifted off this way. I was having this wonderful dream where Lori was making love to me all night long. I woke up and saw her asleep on top of me. I reached over and looked at the clock; we had been at it for three hours.

I gently kissed her back to wakefulness. After stretching and getting all her kinks out of her body, we headed into the shower where we cleaned each other.

At one point Lori began again to sucking me off and I was finger fucking her cunt. We came to each other's masturbation and then got clean for real this time. We then put on pj’s. Of course, as always, Lori only wore the top part and I wore the bottoms. I picked up the bottle of champagne and walked hand in with Lori back to the kitchen.

We both thought about food but just ended up having grilled cheese. We both felt lazy after fucking for so long. We talked about small things while eating and drank the champagne. It was only a small bottle but it did the trick. We put out the candles, and staggered upstairs until we reached the bedroom and this time I was on top and we made slow tender love for an hour or so longer then slept in each other's arms till morning. It was Saturday so what do you expect? We fucked for another two hours before going out shopping.


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Enjoyed this it was a nice tale.

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Fantastic story, very well written,great details.Would love to hear more.

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