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Life with Wendy, Ellie and all our other friends is good
This is the sequel to 'Ellie's end of school party' and 'After Ellie's end of school party (1)' and 'After Ellie's end of school party (2)' and 'Mary (1)' and 'Tommy' and 'Suzie' and 'Wendy'.

Hi I'm Bill telling this part of the story.

I was friendly with one of the men at my work, Phil, and we often had a beer and a pizza together on Friday lunch time. This particular Friday Phil was a bit moody, and after a bit of prying I got him to tell me what was eating him. It seems that his girlfriend had lived with him for about 2 years until one evening when he arrived home early and found her fucking someone else. He blew a gasket and told her to get out, and she went. That was 5 weeks ago, and now he was missing her, or anyway he was missing the sex.

On the spur of the moment I told him that we were having party night at my place and that if he came home with me, I thought that I could guarantee him a fuck with an attractive, younger woman. I was not entirely surprised by his enthusiastic acceptance of my invitation.

Back at work, I called Wendy, to warn her about Phil.

“Does that mean we have to be dressed when he arrives?”

“Hell, no! The man needs sex. Let's set the right note from the start.”

“Are you at least going to warn him that everyone will be naked when he arrives?”

“No. If he hasn't got an erection before he steps through the door, I reckon that he will have one as soon as he sees all you beautiful naked young women. Just watch his crotch.”

“You are evil, you know.”

“I was a very reserved, polite, considerate person, before you and Ellie seduced me. I am the monster that you created.”

“Well. I hope that he's a good fuck, anyway.”

“That I don't know. I have to go. I love you. See you tonight.”

“I love you too.”

When Phil and I arrived home, everyone was there: Wendy, Mary and her 7-year-old son Tommy, Ellie and Greg and a friend of Greg's called David, and of course Suzie nursing her month old baby. As I was introducing Phil, I was amused to see that Wendy was staring at Phil's crotch and indeed there was a large lump pressing against his fly. I had checked him before I opened the front door and there had been no lump then.

I slipped my clothes off, then fetched a cold can of beer for me, and one for Phil. Seeing me naked he realised that he was the only one not naked. Wendy saw his embarrassment and went to his rescue. She got his shirt off fairly easily, and then she knelt to remove his shoes and socks. Still kneeling she reached up to undo his trousers but he baulked.

“Wendy! Not in front of everyone!”

“Phil! I have given oral sex to everyone in this room, men and women, except you and Tommy and David. I have tried to give Tommy a blow job, but it does not work for him yet. And I've received oral sex from every one in this room, except you and David. No one will be surprised or upset to see me give you the blow job which you so obviously need.”


And he let Wendy undo his trousers and pull them and his underpants down to his ankles. Then she encouraged him to step out of them. Phil's cock was as stiff as it could be and waving in the air just in front of Wendy's face. Holding it with her right hand, she licked the head, then pushed forward and pressed her face all the way till her nose was pressed into his pubic hair. Over the past year Wendy had spent a lot of time practicing on my cock, and finally, about a week ago, she had succeeded in deep throating me. Now she was showing off her new found skill to everyone in the room.

The look of amazement and pleasure on Phil's face was heart warming. “Fuck me,” he said, “I've never been deep throated before.”

Wendy pulled off for a moment to reply, “I'll fuck you later, but right now I'm giving you a blow job. Shut up and enjoy it.”

Not surprisingly, Phil was very soon pumping a load of cum straight down Wendy's throat. When we realised what was happening we all hollered and cheered. When Wendy was satisfied that Phil's orgasm was finished she stood up and took a bow to her audience, then she wrapped her arms around Phil and pressed her naked body against his, as she gave him a big sloppy kiss.

“There. Do you feel better now?” she asked Phil.

“Thank you.” was all that Phil could think of, to say.

Then Ellie announced that dinner was ready and we all sat down to eat, and drink. Over dinner, Phil sat beside Wendy and asked her about herself. He learnt that she was finishing a gap year and planned to study maths (=US math) at uni next year. When the meal was finished Wendy stood up, pulled Phil to his feet and led him off to our spare bedroom.

With so many people sleeping over we had felt the need for an extra bedroom and so I had sacrificed my study, turning it into the spare bedroom. My study was now a desk and a computer in the main bedroom.

The rest of us sat around, joking and drinking for a while longer. Finally I took Mary and Ellie to bed with me, and of course Tommy came with his mum. I ate Ellie's pussy while Tommy ate his mum's. Then Tommy fell asleep and I fucked Ellie first then Mary.

I slept really well after that, until Wendy and Phil came into the bedroom really early, I think that it was about 6:00am.

“Bill. Phil and I are going for a run along the beach. Do you want to come?”

For a while now, I had been telling myself that I should get more exercise, so I decided to make the effort. Mary and Ellie didn't even stir. Tommy woke up, yawned, and went back to sleep.

Wendy got running shorts and a sports bra out of her wardrobe and put them on.

“This is the only bra that I own.” she joked, “Can you lend Phil a pair of shorts, please?”

So I found two pairs of running shorts, and gave one to Phil. Soon we were walking, barefoot, the short distance to the local surf beach.

“So Bill. There's something that I just don't get. Last night I had stunning sex with Wendy, the best sex that I've ever had.”

“So what's not to get about that?”

“What I don't get is that the sex was so good that I asked Wendy, here to move in with me. Do you know what her answer was?”

“She said 'no', I hope.”

“She said that she would not leave you because you and she love each other. So if you two are lovers how come I was fucking her last night, and you were fucking Mary and Ellie? Why weren't you and Wendy fucking each other?”

“Well. One year ago, Wendy agreed to be my live-in lover for one year. But Ellie and Greg set us the example, even though they are deeply in love, if it's a party night they'll each fuck whoever is available. I was pretty sure that Wendy would fall in love with someone half my age before the year was up, so I decided to make the best of it while she was still around. We sleep and fuck together nearly every night, but on party nights we party like Ellie and Greg. Anyway, this past year has been a very happy one for both of us, and just a few nights ago I told Wendy that I would like her to stay after our 1-year contract was up, she said 'yes' and we both confessed that we love each other.”

“So doesn't that mean that from now on you should only fuck each other?”

“Why? We've both been very happy this past year, playing by Ellie and Greg's rules. Why not continue on the way that we have been so happy? I think that you agree with me, Wendy. Don't you?”

“Yes. If we had changed our rules I would have missed out on three really great fucks with Phil last night. I hope that you're going to ask him back for party night again sometime.”

Once we got to the beach we started running together along the wet sand at the edge of the water. Whenever a wave washed up the beach we were ankle deep in water. The morning air was fresh although we expected a pretty hot day later. The sun was sparkling on the rough water, the sky was blue. I was glad that I had got out of bed for this. However, after half an hour of running back and forth along the beach, I realised that I was not as young as Wendy nor as fit as Phil. I left them running together and dived into the shallow water and splashed about in the surf. The beach was not patrolled this early in the morning, so I was careful not to go too deep for fear of getting caught in a rip.

After about another half hour they came and joined me in the surf. Once they had cooled off we headed for home. We all jumped into my pool to rinse the salt off, then took off our wet clothes and hung them to drip on the clothes line. Then we dried off before sitting down to breakfast.

Over breakfast we talked about our plans for the day. Ellie and Greg wanted to borrow my car to go to a beach a bit further from home, where everyone was naked. I reminded them of all the money I pay out to have skin cancers removed, because I had spent so much time at the beach when I was younger.

“Don't worry Bill.” She stopped calling me dad after we started fucking. “We'll use block out, and wear caps and sun glasses. I love watching the blokes playing volley ball. Their cocks flap all over the place when they really go for the ball. Greg only watches the girls' boobs bouncing, don't you Greg?”

“I can't help it if I'm straight, can I?”

Suzie wanted to go shopping at the local shopping centre.

“I haven't been out of the house since I came home with Brian.” Brian is her new baby.

Wendy said that she would go with Suzie. Phil and David both had other commitments, Phil offered to drop Wendy and Suzie at the shopping centre. I was planning to do some chores around the house, so I would be the only one home.

They all went off to dress before going out. Ellie came back wearing a little sun dress which didn't cover much. She lifted the hem and twirled around to show me that she was naked underneath, which hardly surprised me. Greg just had on a pair of shorts.

Suzie and Wendy came back wearing matching outfits: very short, white shorts, and sexy little tops which looked like an ordinary singlets from the front but the backs scoop way below where the bra strap would be if either girl were wearing a bra. On their feet they had rubber thongs (=US+UK flip flops). Both girls got wolf whistles from all the blokes. But then Ellie noticed a problem.

“Suzie! You're leaking!”

Sure enough Suzie had little wet patches around each nipple, where her milk was oozing out.

“Shit! What can I do? I can't go out like this.”

“Can't you wear a bra?” Phil suggested.

“I don't own a single bra. I don't like wearing a bra. Wendy's got one sports bra, but it is too small for me. I don't think that Ellie owns a bra either.”

In the end, Wendy and Ellie came to the rescue. They found absorbent dressings in the medicine chest and cut small circular pads, which they fastened with sticking plaster to the tops of her breasts, so that she could lift them out of the way if she needed to feed Brian. Then they used a hair dryer to dry her top before she put it back on being careful not to dislodge the pads. The first attempt gave her boobs a very peculiar shape as they pressed against her top.

For their second try the girls cut v-shaped pieces out of two larger pads, then taped the edges together, pulling the pads into conical shapes, which they again positioned over her leaking nipples. It still looked a bit strange under her thin top, but after checking in the mirror, Suzie decided that she could face the world like that.

As Phil drove Suzie and Wendy to the shopping centre they had a very interesting conversation. Since I wasn't there I shall reproduce what Wendy told me, in her own words.

Phil asked me, “Wendy. How do you think Bill would react if he came home and found you fucking someone else?”

I didn't want to let on that I knew about him finding his ex-girlfriend fucking someone else, so I was a bit slow to answer, but Suzie giggled, then jumped right in.

“I reckon that he would whip out his cock and push it into which ever of Wendy's holes was easily accessible. He has double teamed each of us girls a few times.”

“The thing is,” I finally replied, “it would never happen, because if I'm going to fuck someone, I like Bill to know about it before I start.”

“So, don't you or he ever feel jealous. when your lover is fucking someone else?”

“No. It's always been like that between us, since before we realised that we loved each other.”

Then Suzie added, “It's the most wonderful household to be a part of, because everyone is always so very happy. That would not be possible if there was any hint of jealousy between them.”

Phil then said, “Wow! I wonder if I could ever learn to be like that. Maybe I would still be fucking my ex-girlfriend if I had been less possessive. She told me that she was only fucking the other bloke for the sex, that it was me that she really loved. I didn't get it, then. I'm not sure that I could ever get it.”

“You could try.” I suggested, “It works for us. At least talk to her about it.”

“Mmm! Maybe.”

Then he dropped us at the shopping centre, which ended our conversation.”


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