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'Ace' was a Rottweiler I knew when I was a kid. He had been bought
as a puppy by his owner, Steve, who wanted a guard-dog for his lumber-yard,
which was next to my parents farm. I was about fifteen when Ace and I became
neighbors. At first he was just like any other puppy; soft and cuddly and
full of fun, but as he grew he developed a mean streak, which could
be kinda difficult when he still thought he was a puppy and tried to
jump into your arms. Ever tried catching 125 pounds of dog?
Steve tried chaining him up, but he howled and barked continually.
It became more and more of a problem as Ace grew, it got to the point
where he would jump up at anyone who came within range. While this was
partly what Steve had bought Ace for, it did tend to make it
impossible for the mail-man, and worse, for Steve's customers, to visit
the yard. In the end, Steve said that he was thinking of having Ace
castrated in the hope that would quiet him down. It seemed a shame to
do this, so I offered to see if i could get control of him. Steve said that
if I managed this, he would give me a hundred bucks for my trouble.

That evening, I walked Ace home with me, and tied him up in the barn;
later, I went out to see how he was; he seemed quite happy in his new home,
so after filling his water-bowl I decided to turn in for the night.
Next morning, I was woken early by his barking, so I went out to see what
the trouble was. His water-bowl was empty, so I grabbed a hose-pipe and
refilled it for him. He drank about a pint. I untied the rope from his
collar, and he responded by immediately trying to jump up me!
I decided that I had to show him who was boss, and indulge in a bit
of dog-wrestling. We landed with me on my back and him astride me, but
with my arm locked firmly round his neck. I stared him straight in the eyes,
he struggled and wriggled, but I kept hanging on. His eyes started
to roll and I felt him start to relax; I had won my first battle with him.
I let go of his neck, and as he pulled away, I noticed that the pink tip
of his cock was peeping out from his sheath; also what huge balls he had.
Then it occurred to me that maybe his jumping up people was a sign of sexual
frustration; after all, he was an adolescent dog, and so was likely to be
subject to all the same urges and desires as us humans. Perhaps the jumping
up was a mis-directed attempt at the normal male dog's urge to mount, and
that he just wanted to come?
I ran my hand under his belly to his sheath, and gave it a good squeeze.
He did not mind me doing this, and responded by extending more of the pink
end of his cock, but when I did the same to his balls, he yelped, reared
up and tried to bite me; I guess they were a bit sensitive, so i tried
feeling them again more carefully. I was amazed that his balls were each
about twice the size of mine.
I realised that in order to give him a really good jerking off without
hurting him, I was going to need some sort of lubricant. I went back to
the house and got a bottle of corn oil from the shelf next the stove, then
walked back to the barn. I began to massage the length of Ace's sheath
slowly and rhythmically, feeling his cock inside.
After about ten seconds, the pointed pink tip of his cock appeared again;

I stroked this, pulling gently on it to make it extend even further.
It was rigid, but not fully erect; then I remembered that some guy at school
said that dogs cocks have a bone in them. We had all thought he was joking,
but now I knew it was true.

His cock was now sticking out about five inches, then suddenly the 'bulb'
part slipped out of his sheath. I dont know if you have ever seen a dog with
a full hard-on, but theres a swollen bit some distance back from the tip.
Anyway, this bulb part now came out of his sheath, and started to swell up,
all pink and covered with purple veins. I realised that if i was to continue
rubbing it, i could make him very sore, so I popped the top from the
corn-oil bottle and greased up my hands, then pouring some more oil into the
palm of my hand, rubbed it all over his throbbing, engorged organ.
Then i began to massage the bulb part, pulling it gently, trying to ease out
the full length of his tool. He suddenly started humping, so I decided to
keep my hands still and let him do the work. I was kneeling down so I braced
my forearms against my thighs and let him thrust away as much as he liked.
His bulb swelled up enormously so I could hardly contain it in my hands, and
he had about a six inch length of cock between the bulb and where it went
back into his sheath; he was really massive!
He carried on humping for about five minutes, all the time making slight
whimpering noises, seeming to be a combination of pleasure and anxiety.
Then he started to come, at first with a couple of shots of clear juice,
then a surge of creamy white followed. His breathing was heavy and labored,
as he arched his back in a final spasm of sexual ecstasy. Then he stopped
humping, turned his head, looked at me and gave my face a massive lick, as if
to say 'thanks!'.
His erection did not subside immediately he had finished humping; the bulb
part was still purplish red and massively swollen. Could he need more I
wondered? So I carried on stroking and squeezing at the bulb. He managed a
number of extra minor orgasms, each time giving only a few drops of clear
fluid, before the bulb started to shrink. When I felt that he had finished,
I let go, and he sat back on his hind legs, his cock, with the bulb still
partially swollen, flopping to one side. Then he began to lick the tip,
this made the bulb part shrink and retract back into the sheath within a
couple of minutes, but the tip of his tool was still showing.
Then he stood up, walked over to the door of the barn, and lifted his leg;
his first few drops of urine were thick with some of the remaining come in
his tool, then the flow became clear and strong. After this, he lay down in
a pile of straw and slept for about an hour.

After this episode, we were best of friends. Ace would follow me round
wherever I went on the farm; he got jacked off at least twice a day,
three or four times if he got lucky. In less than a week I managed
to train him so that his cock would unsheath as soon as I started rubbing his
balls; then all I had to do was get a hold of his bulb, rub him up to a full
erection, and then when he started humping, hang on!
Sometimes he would extend his cock in anticipation even before I got my hands
on his balls, so enthusiastic was he for shooting his load. And all this
time, he never tried jumping up at anyone.

It was a few weeks later when Steve returned from a trip to Hawaii that he
saw Ace again, and was amazed at the change in him, so much so that he
said he wanted to have him back at the lumber-yard. I knew that the only
reason he was so calm and manageable was his daily sexual exercise and that
was the problem; how was I to explain to Steve what was needed to keep Ace
happy was to drain his balls twice a day? I suggested that Steve could have
Ace during the day, but that he should not be tied up at night and so he
could come round my place if he wanted to. Steve said that since he wanted
Ace as a guard-dog, he wanted him at the yard during the night, but that
Ace could go where he wanted during the day. We agreed that this was a
good idea, and so I was able to keep giving Ace his twice-daily pleasure for
the next three years.

Then came the time I had to go away for a month. On my return, I was told
tha poor old Ace was back up to his old jumping behavior. But Steve was
amazed when the day after my return, Ace went back to his previous normal
self. I could not tell Steve that I had given Ace five ejaculations in a row
that morning. But there was clearly a problem that had to be sorted, as I
was due to leave town the following week. I decided that I had to explain.
So that afternoon, I went round to see Steve.

I was half expecting Steve to be really angry, or to treat me as some kind
of pervert, but when I explained to him what the secret of my success with
Ace had been, he fell about laughing! It turned out that while I had been
away, an intruder had gotten into the yard one night, and Ace had cornered
him. The police had found this poor guy the next morning, cowering in a shed,
drenched in dog-cum, and with Ace standing guard over him, having spent most
of the night astride the terrified intruder, happily humping away!

Steve then said 'well, I guess Ace is a real OK dog to have round the place,
I can see my way to giving him what he needs'.
I explained to Steve that the secret was to rub Ace's balls to get him
started, and offered to demonstrate. Steve was apprehensive about rubbing
a dog's balls for the first time, so took it real gentle; Ace was cooperative,
and got a hard-on in seconds, but it took some time to get Steve to use the
right technique of squeezing Ace's bulb. But after about twenty minutes, he
was rewarded by a massive shot of dog-cum, and a wet doggie lick across the
face. For the next week, Ace was clearly in the canine equivalent of heaven,
because he spent the days with me, getting plenty of what he wanted, and the
nights with Steve, who was also doing it to him. At the end of the week, I
had to leave, so I went round that evening to Steves. I gave Ace a final
goodbye jerking off, then much to my surprise Steve presented me with a
hundred dollars. 'Just like I said I would if you tamed that animal' he said.
Even now, when I go back to visit my parents farm, Ace usually arrives
to greet me within a few minutes of my arrival, and full of expectation of
getting his balls drained; he generally gets what he expects!

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