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We’ve been laying here for a while, just staring at each other. Our heads share the pillow but we don’t touch or speak, not knowing what to do or how to do it. I can feel your breath on my face. One of us has to move or we’ll be here all night. I reach out to touch your face. My fingers hesitate over your cheek and I see you hold your breath. I lower them lightly on your face and stroke along your jaw line. You close your eyes and exhale, relaxing in the sensation. Your hand is suddenly on my hip and moves up and over my side to my shoulder and finally rest on my neck. My finger traces underneath your chin and I push up slightly tilting your face to mine. I lean forward and gently place my lips on yours. I let them linger just a little bit. Right as I begin to pull away, your hand on my neck tightens just a little bit and pulls me deeper into our kiss. My hand moves to your hip and pulls your body to mine, finally touching after all this time.

Our kiss depends and gets more fervent, both of us needing to feel it. We feel whatever it is rising up in us to the point of exploding. I push your hip back, rolling you over and getting on top. The weight of my body on yours quickens your breathing. Our lips continue to stay together as my hands explore your body. Your shirt wrinkles as I slip my hand underneath to feel your skin under my hand. Your fingers twist in my hair and gently pull me closer. My hands massage your body as they work under your shirt.

Your hands leave my hair and move down my back and over my sides. Your fingers curl around the bottom of my shirt and pull it up over my back. The cool air of the room gives me goose bumps and makes me shiver. We sit up and you pull my shirt over my head and I pull yours off too. I fall back on top of you and kiss you harder. I move down your body and kiss your neck. Your hands move over my back along my spine. I lift myself onto my arms and off of your body. I move further down to kiss the top of your breasts above your bra. I slip my fingertip underneath the edge and pull it up over your nipple. It’s already hard from my touching and I watch it get harder as the cool air brushes past it. I kiss each one as I take your bra off. Your body arches up for more and I reach my arm under and lift your stomach to my lips. I kiss from hip to hip and up your sides and back over your nipples.

You sit up on your elbows and pull my head up to your lips again. I wrap my arms around your body and you roll us over the other way. You take off my bra right away and start nibbling on my nipples. Your suddenness takes me by surprise and my breathing gets quicker.
I grab the back of your head and guide you to all the places I want you to kiss; my neck, my chest, my stomach, my sides. You grab the top of my jeans and undo the button and zipper and start working them down my legs. You get them off and let them go to fall on the floor as you start to take of my underwear. You kiss my clit when my underwear is finally off and lying next to my discarded jeans. You start to lick and suck and play with my clit with your tongue. After all we did to get worked up it doesn’t take long for me to start feeling the building inside of my body.

I have to pull you off of me before I fall over the edge of an orgasm. You’re body is hovering over mine as I strip you of your pants and underwear and start to move my finger in circles around your pussy, feeling how wet your are. You close your eyes and breathe out deeply, the scent of your breath intoxicating to me. I put your nipple in my mouth and your arms go weak for a second and you fall a few inches before catching yourself. I slip my finger inside of you and you arch your back for more. Your neck falls back and your breathing becomes faster as I move in and out of you. You body starts to move with my motions and I pull my finger out of you before you can get too worked up. I pull your body on top of mine, both of us covered in a slight sheen of sweat. I roll us on our sides and move down your body I get up and turn my body opposite of yours. My pussy is in your face begging for you to taste. I begin to lick your pussy from hole to clit. You copy my movements. I take each one of your lips and suck them into my mouth teasing them with my tongue. I spread your legs wider so I can lick deeper into your pussy.

Your tongue works over my clit. You keep working circles around my clit and flicking over it. The warmth of your tongue making me moan into your pussy. Your hips start to move and I pull you harder onto my mouth, my tongue going deeper. You bite the inside of my thigh and hold me tighter as I jump against you. You move back to my pussy and push a finger into it. I yelp as it surprises me and you laugh, pushing harder. You go as deep as you can and put another finger in my pussy, making me moan this time.
I put one finger in your pussy and start to move back and forth slowly. You start to lick my clit again and my moaning starts. My finger moves around inside of you and my thumb runs over you clit. Your pussy starts to clench around my finger. My body begins to shake and I’m trying to keep from closing my legs around your head. You lick faster and push your fingers in deeper and faster. I pull my finger out of your pussy and quickly thrust in two making you scream. I start thrusting faster. You regain your composure and start to thrust your fingers faster and deeper. We move at the same time. We’re sweating with the effort of making each other cum.

I feel it building inside of me again, starting to take over. It starts in my stomach and spreads throughout my body as a warm glow that begins to burn hotter. Your breathing is getting harder and more urgent. I feel your body burning against mine. Your body shakes in my arms and your pussy starts to cum all over my face. I lick it all as it comes pouring out. My legs shake and I start to cum all over your face. You keep thrusting and licking my pussy making my orgasm last even longer.

Our moans get louder as we cum over and over. Our bodies are covered in sweat and our faces are covered in cum. Both our bodies tense up and we finally collapse away from each other our chests heaving and trying to catch our breaths. I pull my body around with my arms so I can lie next to you. We look deep into each others’ eyes. I push you back onto your other side and curl my body around yours. I hold us through the aftershocks of our orgasms. The cool air of the room has started to cool us down and I cover us with the sheets. I stroke your hair as we start to fall asleep. I bury my face in your hair and your neck. I take a deep breath of your skin and close my eyes. I feel you take a deep breath and relax. You snuggle closer and we relax into sleep.

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2012-02-12 10:48:47
C5D5Tt Cool! You have answered. I'll take a quote! The meaning of life and everything else. Decided. No kidding!...

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2011-06-02 18:32:03
this makes me wish i could be a girl for a day lol


2010-04-24 21:49:52
Another lovely intense scene, actually I think I like this one best of them all. You have a real talent ... and, I can tell, some real experience too! I hope you write more stories, of this kind and the stronger, darker ones (I know not many lesbians like that, but I sure do!). Keep writing, please.

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