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Damon meets Lisa for a quickie in her mini van.
The Married Woman Part 2 [part 2 of 3]
By: DamonX (

The Married Woman Part 2

"Okay," I explained. "Just like this."

The woman on the bench in front me struggled clumsily to lift the bar
from her chest. Normally I'd be staring constantly at her perky tits,
and drooling over her spandex covered ass, but my mind was elsewhere.

"Good Cindy," I continued. "One more time."

The girl struggled out one last rep before I took the bar and placed it
back on the rack.

"Well that's it for today. Same time tomorrow?"

"Sure," Cindy said, sitting up and wiping a bead of sweat from her brow.
"Wow, that was hard."

"Don't worry. You'll get used to it."

I looked at my watch. 12:14. I was supposed to meet my girlfriend,
Erin, at a coffee shop down the street in 6 minutes.

"Well, Cindy, I have to get going, so if you don't have any questions
I'm out of here."

Cindy shook her head and headed for the locker room, saying a quick
goodbye. I turned and headed for the staff room. If I was late again,
Erin would kill me! especially since I had been so late for dinner the
night before. She would have been even more pissed, however, if she
had known that the reason I was late was because I was fucking another
woman in the ass!

After grabbing my wallet, I was heading out the door when I ran into
someone very familiar.

"Well hello there," Lisa said cheerfully.

She looked fantastic, with a medium length beige skirt, slit right up
the side and a loose fitting white blouse. Her hair was tied up in a
ponytail, which bobbed to and fro as she talked.

"H..hi," I stammered. "What are you dong here?"

"Actually I came to see you."

"Oh really? And why is that?"

"Well, I came to see if you wanted to go to lunch."

"Actually, I'm on my way to lunch right now. With my girlfriend."

"Well, when I said lunch, I didn't actually mean lunch. what I meant to
say was...Would you like to ass fuck me in the back seat of my

My eyes widened in disbelief.

"So what do you say?" Lisa reached out and traced her finger down my

"I..I can't. My girlfriend is waiting..."

"Oh it won't take long," she replied calmly.

"I really can't. I promised..."

Lisa grabbed me and pulled my face to hers.

"Let me ask you something baby," she whispered. "Have you ever had your
ass licked before?"

A few seconds later Lisa was leading me into the alleyway behind the
gym, where her mini-van was parked. How could I resist?

"Get in," she commanded, giving me a playful slap on the ass.

I slid the heavy door open and climbed into the van. Lisa got in behind
me and shut the door. I sat down nervously, noticing a car seat on
the seat beside me.

"Not there," Lisa said. "The back seat. There's more room."

She climbed in behind me, brushed a few Barbie dolls and other toys off
the seat and beckoned me to join her. I climbed around to sit beside
my irresistible enchantress as Lisa placed a hand on my leg. My cock
was already hard, and she could feel it growing down my pant leg.

"Well, it looks like someone is happy to see me," she said with a sexy

I leaned in to kiss her, but she pushed me back.

"Uh uh," she warned. "Give me that cock!"

Lisa tugged at my pants, freeing my dick and had it in her mouth before
my pants were even around my hips. She moaned around my shaft as her
hands struggled to yank my clothes off.

She looked up at me as she pulled my pants down around my ankles,
deepthroating my cock as she placed a knee on the tussled pile of
clothes under her. As she held them down, I pulled my feet up, freeing
myself completely. I must admit it felt kind of weird, to be totally
naked from the waist down in such a public place, especially since Lisa
was fully clothed.

She prompted me to lay down on the seat as she knelt on the floor of the
van between my legs. She then placed one of my legs up on the top of
the seat, spreading me wider.

"Now it's time for me to fulfill my part of the deal," she said with a
slutty grin.

I laid my head back and closed my eyes as Lisa lowered her head between
my legs. I could feel her nimble fingers rubbing my balls and holding
my cock up against my stomach as her tongue snaked its way down my
taint to my asshole.

I almost fainted when I felt it. Her warm, wet tongue touching my most
private area, stabbing softly at my puckered rosebud. Running in small
circles, teasing, taunting me. I was in heaven.

Lisa lifted her head.

"Does it feel good?"

"You fucking bet it feels good!" I responded.

"And I'm only getting started."

With that, she dropped back down and poked her little pink tongue back
against my asshole as her hand started to slowly stroke my shaft. I
actually had to stop her, since I felt as if I would cum. She just
went back to work, wrapping her lips around my hole, stabbing with her
tongue as she moaned.

"Mmm," she moaned as she pressed her tongue hard against me. "I'm such a

"Yes," I groaned back. "You're my fucking whore! My little asslicking

I was totally overcome with ecstasy, and she had barely even touched my
cock yet!

"Mmmmm, I want my tongue in your ass," she moaned again as she grabbed
my cock in her tiny delicate hand.

She then pursed her lips around my hole and pushed her tongue up inside
me. I could feel her wet little tongue snaking its way into my asshole
as her hand gave my cock a few easy strokes.

That was all it took as my dick erupted hot cum all over my chest.
Luckily, I managed to pull my shirt up in time as the warm fluid
splashed against my naked skin, and pooled around the shallow creases
formed by my abdominal muscles.

"Aww," Lisa said, pouting her lips. "Now you what are we going to do?"

To my surprise, however, my dick barely softened at all. I was still
horny and ready to fuck Lisa's ass right away.

"I forgot the lube, so we'll have to make do," she explained, pulling
her skirt up over her hips.

To my amazement, she wasn't wearing any panties at all.

She then crawled up my torso, licking my cum from my stomach and chest,
tickling my skin with her tongue. Once she had collected a fair amount,
she turned and knelt down on the seat with her ass facing me. She then
spit the cum into her hand and proceeded to smear it along her ass
crack. I had never seen such a dirty scene before. Not even in porn

Lisa looked back into my eyes as she stuffed the white jism into her
asshole, sliding two fingers in and out. I licked my lips and
lubricated my cock with spit as I watched the nasty scene before me.
Once her ass was nice and wet with my cum, Lisa pulled her fingers out
and sucked them dry.

I was about to crawl over to her, when she ordered me to sit up in the
middle of the seat. I did as I was told, sitting there with my cock
back at full attention. Lisa then straddled my hips, with her back to
me, and slowly lowered herself down. I reached down and guided my dick
to her asshole as she descended. It pressed firmly against her tight
rosebud, and then slipped inside her cum-coated butt hole. Lisa was
breathing deeply as she continued lowered herself, inching my cock
further up her ass. I watched in amazement as her impossibly tight
hole swallowed me to the hilt.

She nestled down into my lap, with my cock firmly embedded in her ass,
and leaned back. I placed my hands on her hips and kissed her neck. I
could smell the faint scent of perfume and could hear Lisa moaning
softly as she began to gyrate her hips. She wiggled her ass around on
my cock as she reached down to gently rub my balls. Her other hand,
she brought up and grabbed the back of my head so that we were cheek to

"I fucking love your cock in my ass baby!" she hissed as she continued
to gyrate her little hips. "I love the way it feels inside me. it makes
me so wet to be such a slut!"

I pressed up a little, trying in vain to force my dick farther up her
tight little hole.

"Oooh," she cooed. "That's it, baby. Fuck my ass. Fuck my tight little

Lisa then leaned forward, grabbing onto the seat in front of us. She
gasped as she lifted her body off of mine. I could see my dick slowly
emerging from her tight little tunnel as she rose. She went up until
my cock was almost free, then giggled as she squirmed around a bit,
clenching her asshole around the head of my dick. Then down she came,
faster than before, sucking me back into her nasty little hole.

"How does it look baby?" she asked. "Do you like to see your cock
sliding in and out of my ass?"

"It looks so fucking good," I groaned with pleasure.

"Does it look nice and nasty?"

Lisa lifted herself again.

"Yes. It's so fucking nasty. You're so fucking nasty!"

She giggled as she came back down, squeezing her anus around my shaft.

"That's right baby," she moaned. "I'm a nasty little whore. And I'm
all yours, so fuck my asshole good then send me back to my husband."

I grabbed Lisa's hips and lifted her into the air, slamming her back

"Oh fuck yes!!" she shouted.

I did it again, and Lisa began frantically fingering her pussy.

"Yes baby! Fucking use me! Fuck my asshole like the slut I am!!"

As I lifted her and pulled her back down onto my waiting cock, I began
to thrust upwards as well, slamming her hard, sending a loud "smack"
echoing throughout the van each time.

"Oh my god!" she yelled. "Fuck me! Fuck my dirty little shithole!!"

Lisa was getting kind of loud so I reached around and shoved two fingers
into her dripping wet pussy. I then brought them to her mouth and
forced them between her lips as I continued grinding into her ass. She
sucked them hungrily, moaning all the while with my cock in her ass.

The she screamed.

Her orgasm shook the van as she howled with my finger in her mouth.
Roughly, I clamped my hand around her mouth and fucked her even harder.
She made a wheezing sound as the lust overtook her. Her body trembled
and twitched. Her asshole clenched and unclenched around my shaft. I
knew it wouldn't be much longer.

"Don'," Lisa said between pants. "I want you in
my mouth!"

With that, Lisa dismounted, pulling her well-fucked asshole off my
engorged cock and dropped to her knees. She didn't hesitate at all as
she took the thing into her parched mouth. her hand furiously pumped
as her lips slid up and down my shaft, dying to taste my cum. i
grabbed a handful of Lisa's hair and squeezed hard as the first shot
was fired. As soon as she could taste it, she began moaning, sucking
harder on my tip. Stream after stream of the hot liquid fired against
the back of Lisa's throat and she sucked it all down as if was her last
meal. Even when I was completely spent, she licked and sucked at my
cock until it withered down to almost nothing.

"Thanks babe," she said. "I needed that."

I panted as I struggled to pull my pants up in the tight confines of the
back seat. Lisa just pushed her shirt back down and straightened her
hair in the mirror. I finished undressing, before taking my leave.
Lisa gave me a long deep kiss and a pat on the ass as I stepped out of
the van. I looked around quickly, hoping nobody had heard the
commotion. After a quick glimpse at my watch I was off and running.

I arrived at the coffee shop ten minutes late. I saw Erin sitting at a
corner table with arms crossed and a pissed off look on her face.

"And where were you?" she asked angrily.

"Sorry baby, "I pleaded. "I got kind of...hung up at work."

"You promised."

"Sorry, but I had this client that was all up my ass about something."

I smiled to myself at the truth of what I had just said.

"Whatever. Can we please just order? I'm starving."

"Whatever you say baby."

To be continued....

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