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Lisa invites Damon over while her husband is out.
The Married Woman 3 [part 3 of 3]
By: DamonX (

The Married Woman 3 By DamonX

"Oh yeah, baby," Erin moaned.

My tongue lapped at her clit as my finger slid easily in and out of her
little wet pussy. I was eating my girlfriend's pussy, but I was
thinking of Lisa.


Her moans were encouraging, but it just wasn't the same as Lisa's filthy

Erin began running her hands through my hair just like she always does
when I go down on her. Pulling my slick finger from her hole I lowered
it to her puckered ass and rubbed it lightly. She made no objections
so I began to press a little harder.

"Damon, what are you doing?"

Erin's voice stopped me cold.

"Just relax," I said softly. "You'll like it."

"I don't think so," she said firmly, pushing my hand away. "How would
you like it if I stuck a finger up your ass?"

My thoughts drifted back to that night with Lisa, when she fingered my
ass while she sucked my cock. The feeling had been incredible,
especially since her husband had been in the house at the time.

"Well, I'll make you a deal." I said, sitting up. "You can play with my
ass if I can play with yours."

"Ugh, don't be gross!" Erin spat, slapping me on the arm. "Is that what
you really want?"

"I just thought we might try to spice things up."

"Oh, so now I'm boring??"

"That's not what I said. I just..."

"Maybe you should just leave!"

Erin pulled the blankets up to cover her naked body and rolled over.

I breathed a a deep sigh in frustration.

"Fine," I said, getting up and grabbing my shirt.

Without another word, I walked out of the room. As I shut the door, I
could hear Erin crying softly to herself. I thought about going back,
but I was tired and had to work at 6 am the next day. I knew that if I
went back in there, I'd be up all night talking, and I just wasn't in
the mood.

* * * * *

I was awakened at by the sound of the phone. I sat up and looked over
at the clock. "Three fifteen?" I muttered as I rubbed my eyes. I
figured it was just Erin calling to apologize, so I took my time
getting out of bed and walking over to where I had last tossed my

"Hello," I said groggily.

"Hey lover," a sultry voice answered.


"That's right. I hope I didn't wake you."

"Well, actually you did."

"Sorry sweetie, but my hubby just ran out on a call and I was wondering
if you'd like to come on over."

I ran my hand through my tussled hair, trying not to yawn.

"But it's 3 am?"

"What can I say? I'm horny."

"I don't know if I can," I countered. "I have to work at six."

"Well that's too bad," Lisa replied, her voice dripping with mock pity.
"I guess I'll just have to find some other hot young stud to satisfy me
from now on."

My head dropped. I knew I couldn't say no to this woman.

"Okay, I'll be there. But what if your husband comes home? I don't want
another ordeal like last time!"

"Don't worry. His normal shift is at five anyway, so we won't be coming
back home. Just hurry up and get that fine ass of yours over here! I
want to get some good fucking in before the kids wake up."

* * *

I wrapped my coat around me tightly in defense of the cold wind, as I
stepped out of my car and made my way down the street towards Lisa's
house. I hadn't even reached the front steps, when the door opened.

"Hurry, get in," Lisa whispered. "I don't want any neighbor seeing you

I leaped up the steps into the house as Lisa shut the door. She was
wearing only a bathrobe, and had somehow found the time to take a
shower, as her hair was still wet. I shivered as I took off my coat.

"Awww, poor baby. Are you cold?" Lisa asked through pouting lips. "Here.
Let my warm you up."

With that, Lisa shoved her hand into my pants, grasping my cold balls
with her warm soft hands.

"Oooo, It must be cold out there," she said with a smile.

I returned her smile as she pulled me into the kitchen and proceeded to
drop to her knees.

"Aren't we going to go to the bedroom?" I asked as Lisa yanked my pants
down to the floor.

"Uh uh," she answered, cupping my balls in her tiny hands. "I don't want
to wake the kids."

She then leaned in and covered both my shrunken balls and flaccid cock
with her mouth. She felt so warm on my cold flesh, I threw my head
back and gasped. Lisa let out a giggle and worked her soft lips and
tongue over my dick. Immediately, it began to grow in her mouth. I
could feel my cock filling with blood as her hands roamed my balls and
ass. I placed a hand in her wet hair and encouraged her to suck me
faster. Lisa did as I asked, bobbing her pretty little face back and
forth, swallowing up my cock with each time.

I then grabbed her tiny hand and guided it to my ass. If Erin wouldn't
play with my ass, then I was sure Lisa would!

Lisa smiled up at me from around my dick and began running her fingertip
around my asshole. I smiled back, encouraging her to go farther.

Looking up into my eyes, she then inserted her finger into her mouth
sucking it as if it was a cock. Lisa then replaced the finger with my
dick once again and returned her finger to my ass.

I moaned at the feeling of her little wet finger sliding into my ass.
She had it in all the way up to the knuckle, before she began sawing it
in and out.

"That feels so fucking good!" I moaned.

Lisa said nothing, but just kept on sucking me as she finger-fucked my
asshole. I was getting more and more turned on. Here I was in this
woman's house with her children asleep upstairs, as she sucked my cock
and fingered my asshole! I was in heaven, but I wanted more.

"You little slut," I said firmly, grabbing her by the hair and pulling
her mouth off my dick.

Lisa just looked up at me with lust filled eyes, clenching her teeth as
she continued sliding her finger into my ass.

"You like being a whore don't you?"

"Yes!" she hissed.

"Then show me what a whore you can be!"

With that, I turned around and reached back grabbing Lisa's head,
pulling it into my ass.

"Oh yes!!!" she gasped through muffled lips as she buried her face in my
backside. "You know what I like baby. Tell me what to do!"

"Lick my asshole you dirty little slut! That's what you want isn't it?"

"Mmm Hmmm," she moaned contentedly as she covered my asshole with her
tiny mouth.

I put one of my feet up on Lisa's kitchen table to give her better
access and grabbed a fist full of her wet hair. It seemed the rougher
I was, the more turned on she got. She was now moaning uncontrollably
as her little nimble pink tongue stabbed at my sensitive asshole,
sending shivers racing through my body. With one hand, I pulled her
face harder into my ass, and with the other I reached down to grab my
engorged cock.

I began to stroke it as Lisa's tongue writhed and licked at my hole. My
hand beat faster as I felt her trying to push her tongue inside me.
Suddenly, my ass clenched tight as a deluge of hot cum spilled from the
end of my cock all over Lisa's kitchen table. I grated my teeth in
pleasure as my hips bucked and jolted, my hand beating furiously.

As I squeezed out the last of my juices from the end of my dick, Lisa's
tongue flickering ceased and she sat back on her knees, smiling up at
me. I turned to face her, breathing heavily.

"Come here whore!" I demanded, lifting Lisa to her feet.

She bit her lip in excitement, and I knew I was striking the right cords
with her tonight. In one motion, I yanked her bathrobe off and tossed
it aside. Grabbing her wrist with one hand I forcefully twisted it
behind her back, as I took hold of her hair with the other. I then
pushed her up to the table and bent her over, forcing her face down to
the cum covered surface.

"Show me what kind of whore you are!" I demanded. "Lick up my cum you
dirty little cumslut!"

With that, I forced her cheek down into a large pool of my jism.

"Oh yes!" Lisa moaned as her little tongue flicked out, licking at my

I continued to rub her face in my juices as my cock started to regain it
former state.

"Lick it all up. That's it."

Lisa was lapping at the cum covered table like a hungry cat, moaning all
the while. I tightened my grip on her hair and positioned my cock at
the entrance to her hole. It then occurred to me that I had not been
inside Lisa's pussy even though I had fucked her twice already.

I then yanked her head back as I shoved my dick inside her damp hole.

"Oh fuck yes!" she moaned as my shaft quickly traveled up her little
tight pussy. "Fuck me with your cock! Fuck my dirty little cunt!"

I rammed into her as I pushed her face back to the table. She quickly
resumed licking, hissing quietly to herself between licks.

"I'm such a whore! I'm such a fucking whore!"

My thighs were slapping hard against her ass, and Lisa's head bounced
forward and back as she tried in vain to suck up the remaining cum on
the table. With one more thrust, I pulled her cum covered face up to

"Do you like my cum you dirty fucking slut?"I whispered into her ear.

"Yes! I love it! I love being your slut! Your whore! I'm your fucking
whore! Now fuck me!"

Back down she went, as my cock buried itself in her depths. I could feel
her muscles convulsing and contracting, as if trying to pull me deeper.
Each slap of my thighs on her ass resonated throughout the quiet house,
and was accompanied by Lisa's quiet, lusty moans.

"Mmmm," she moaned as her lips kissed the table top, sucking up my
juices. I let go of her hair and gave her ass a firm slap.

"Oh God Yes, baby!" she groaned through clenched teeth.

Again and again my I buried my dick inside her little wet pussy, each
time thrusting in up to the hilt. Lisa's little body was bouncing to
and fro as I let go of her arm and grabbed her hair with both hands.

"I'm...You're....Fucking....Whore!!!" she gasped between thrusts as she
reached back to slid a finger in her ass.

I looked down at her finger in her tiny butt hole and smiled. Grabbing
her hand, I pulled it away as I yanked my cock from Lisa's wet pussy in
one fluid motion.

"Spread that ass whore!" I commanded.

"Yesss," Lisa hissed as she reached back and pulled her tight little ass
cheeks apart for me.

After dribbling a liberal amount of spit down onto her asshole, I began
working my cock into her small body once again. Lisa clenched her
teeth, and groaned softly as I entered her most private hole.

"That's it baby!" she moaned. "Fill me up!"

It took about sixty seconds for me to implant my dick all the way in her
tight little butt hole. Once I was in, I began to gyrate my hips,
massaging Lisa's inner walls with my cock.

"Oooohhh, I'm a dirty, dirty, dirty fucking whore!" she gasped to

"And whose dirty fucking whore are you?" I asked, giving her a few small

"I'm your dirty fucking whore baby! I'm your dirty little assfuck!"

My eyes were transfixed on my dick sliding in and out of that impossibly
tiny hole, as Lisa kept on talking. Were words were as hot as usual,
although sometimes she was quite incoherent. I began to pick up the
pace, filling and emptying Lisa's ass pipe repeatedly as her tiny hands
held her ass cheeks splayed for my viewing pleasure. She was starting
to squirm on the table as I violated her asshole, pulling in and out.

Lisa groaned in ecstasy right before I pulled my cock from her asshole
and started smacking her tiny rosebud with my engorged tip.

"Please put it back in!" she begged. "Fuck my asshole!"

I then put it back inside, but not in her ass. She gave a sudden yelp
as I slammed my cock into her soaking wet pussy from behind, causing
her tiny body to lurch forward along the table.

"Ohhhhh, fucccccckkkk," she cursed as I resumed fucking her wet hole.

"Where do you want my cum, slut?" I asked, giving her ass another slap.

"I don't care!" she moaned. "You can fucking cum anywhere you want! In
my pussy, in my ass, all over my fucking face! Just do it!"

With that, I let loose a torrent of hot cum into Lisa's pussy, flooding
her insides with my juices. My cock kept pounding into her drenched
hole until I was completely spent.

"Oh yesssssss," she moaned as I pulled myself from inside her.

Lisa quickly spun and dropped to her knees, grabbing my cock in her
hand. She continued moaning as she wrapped her lips around my and
sucked me dry. As I felt myself softening, I pushed her head away and
started to pull up my pants.

"Noooo!" Lisa begged. "I want more!"

"I can't baby," I said, yawning. "I'm spent."

Lisa grinned an evil grin as she hopped up on the table and spread her

"Are you sure?"

I could see my cum dribbling from her pussy as she sat there, stroking
her clit. With a smile, she wiped up a droplet of the white fluid and
put it to her mouth.

"Mmmm, your cum feels good in my pussy."

She then sucked her finger between her lips.

"Tastes good too."

I threw my head back smiling. What had I gotten myself into?

Lisa licked her lips as she grabbed me and pulled me onto the table with

* * *

An hour later I left Lisa's house, looking at my watch in frustration.
My dick was limp and sore, not to mention covered in dried cum. I only
had half and hour to get home, have a shower and get to work.

"This woman is going to be the death of me," I groaned, as I climbed
groggily into my car.

To be continued...

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