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Damon pick up a dirty younge girl at the gracery store.
Dirty Girl
By: DamonX (

Dirty Girl By DamonX

"Do you have a club card?"

Suddenly I was snapped out of my trance.

"Huh? Oh,umm yeah."

I fumbled around in my wallet trying to find the card as she smiled at
me. I could tell she was amused. I, on the other hand, was embarrassed
beyond belief. How long had I been staring at her?

"Here you go," I said passing the card to her.

She smiled as she took it from my hand. I started to wonder how old she
was. I guessed about eighteen. She had that youthful appearance, but
was still well developed. Her skin was flawless, with not a blemish in
site. She was wearing makeup, but not enough to seem trashy. Her hair
was a light blonde, which is what probably attracted me to her in the
first place. That, and her mouth. Guys usually don't pay much
attention to a girl's mouth, but I think that it can be far more sexy
that a pair of tits or a nice ass.

And this girl's mouth was to die for.

Her perfect pouty little lips made me hard just looking at them. I also
noticed that she had braces, giving her that innocent school girl look.
Her breasts were maybe less than average, but that didn't bother me.
Her body looked firm and she had an ass that was outlined perfectly by
her tight black pants. How could a girl in a grocery store uniform
look this good?!

I was reading her name tag when she looked back at me. "Bria," it read.

"Anything else?"

Just then I noticed that it must have looked like I was staring at her
chest and I quickly looked up.

"Nice name."

"Thanks," she said with a grin. "Can I get you anything else?"

"How about your phone number?"

I couldn't believe what I had just said. I braced myself for the

"How about I just come over after work."

I was shocked.

"Uh, okay. Great," I stammered.

I then scribbled my name and address down on a piece of paper and handed
it to her.

"Damon," she read. "Nice name."

"Thanks," I said taking my groceries and heading out to my car.

A million thoughts went through my head on the way home. Did she want to
fuck or did she just just want to hang out. Either way was okay with
me, although the thought of those lips wrapped around my dick sent
shivers up my spine. As soon as I got home I jumped in the shower. It
didn't take long for me to begin stroking myself and soon I was
spraying the shower walls with more that just water. I then got out,
cleaned up the place a little and waited patiently.

I was starting to think that she wasn't going to show up, when I heard a
knock at the door at around 11:00 pm. I opened it to find my dream
girl standing there.

"Hi," she said, walking inside. "Do you mind if I have a quick shower?"

"Sure," I replied, staring at her ass as she walked by.

When she came out of the bathroom she had changed from her uniform into
a short black skirt and a little white top. A pair of knee high white
sox adorned her feet.

She sat down on the couch next to me and let out a sigh of relaxation.
We immediately started in on a little small talk after I gave her a
drink. I learned that she was in fact eighteen, and that she had just
had her birthday a couple days ago. She also informed me that she had a
boyfriend, and that he had blown her off to go out with his friends on
her birthday.

"I think he might be cheating on me too," she said.

"Really?" I asked. "He would have to be the stupidest guy the world!"

Bria smiled and leaned back.

"And why is that?" she asked.

"Because you're the hottest girl I've ever seen!"

I knew it was a little forward but I figured I might as well go for it.

"Aww, that's so sweet," she said.

At that moment I though I knew that there was no way I was going to get
any from this girl. When a girl calls you sweet, it usually means she
likes you as a friend and had no interest in you sexually. I was just
beginning to think that I was going to spend the night jerking off when
she leaned in and kissed me. It was just a peck on the lips, but it
was better that nothing.

"Do you think your boyfriend would mind that you did that?" I asked

"I don't really care," she answered back. "I might just do more than

"Oh really?"

"That's right."

"Well what are you waiting for?"

In a flash she was on me. Her hands grabbed at my hair as her tongue
dove into my mouth. It took me a little while to regain my senses, but
I soon started kissing her back with equal intensity. It was the first
time I had ever kissed a girl with braces, and it felt kind of weird.
I placed my hands were on her tiny waist only to have Bria grab then
and push then down to her ass. My fingers clutched her firm ass as our
tongues danced. She tasted so sweet I could have kissed her for hours.
My cock was at full attention, pressing hard into her as she straddled
me. She obviously enjoyed the feeling as she started to grind her body
into mine. I couldn't believe this was happening.

"You know," she whispered into my ear as I started to kiss her neck.
"I've been noticing you for a while now."

Her nimble little tongue flicked at my ear sending shivers down my body.

"And I've wanted to fuck you since the moment I laid eyes on you."

With that she started sliding down my body, coming to rest on her knees
before me. She looked up with a cute little smile and started to undo
my pants. I threw my head back in ecstasy as her small, delicate hands
dove into my pants and pulled out my turgid cock. She seemed to study
it, stroking it softly, before pulling my pants completely off. A
small droplet of precum had found it's way to the head of my dick, and
Bria lowered her head and placed her lips just around the fleshy cap
sucking softly. She then took it and pushed it to the side, running
her tongue down the hard shaft, leaving a glistening trail behind her.
Like an artist she worked on my cock, wetting it before allowing it to
slip through her little pink lips. It slid over her tongue and down
her throat as her hand caressed my balls.

"Damn, you're good," I managed to say between labored breaths.

Bria said nothing but looked up at me with those big innocent eyes.
subtly, her fingers moved from my balls, down between my legs. I threw
my head back as one of her slender fingertips grazed the rim of my
asshole. At first I thought it was accidental, but soon realized that
it was on purpose. With increasing pressure, she stroked my tight
hole, sometimes poking her tiny finger inside.

"You dirty girl," I said with a smile, admiring the work she doing on

Bria allowed my dick to slip from her mouth and looked up at me.

"Do you like dirty girls?" she asked, forcing her finger farther up my

"Oh yes."


With that, she put my glistening hard cock back into her sweet little
mouth, sucking harder than before. I put both hands at the back of her
head coaxing her to suck faster. She complied, moaning on my dick,
obviously enjoying it. I just stared down at her mouth wrapped around
my cock and began to feel that familiar feeling. As much as I wanted
to continue I knew my time was almost up. With a violent thrust my
hips bucked forward sending a torrent of hot cum spewing from my cock
into the young girl's mouth. Bria didn't seem to mind, and in fact
moaned even louder as she eagerly sucked down my fluid. I sighed
deeply as she let go of my dick and sat back up on the couch. My eyes
were closed in relaxation, but I could feel her moving closer. I then
felt her lips on mine again, kissing me with just as much passion as
before. I could taste the subtle bitterness of my cum on her tongue as
she continued to kiss me.

"I guess it's my turn now then," she said.

I looked at her, with her deep youthful eyes and her slightly protruding
upper lip, the lips that made her cute and sexy all at the same time.
I then realized that there was nothing I would rather do than lick this
girl's pussy.

With a silent smile I slid off the couch to assume the position Bria had
just been in. She smiled back as she pulled her skirt down and moved
over in front of me, spreading her legs and showing me her little white
panties. I couldn't tell for sure, but I thought I saw a hint of
moisture clinging to the thin fabric.

Gently I reached up and pulled them down her smooth, slender legs. I
then found myself staring at the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen.
It was a light pinkish color and void of hair save for a thin strip of
blonde that reached up a few inches above her hole. As she lifted her
legs I could see her tiny pink anus as well, so tight and inviting.

I moved my head in and lightly touched her clit with my tongue,
eliciting a quiet moan from her sexy mouth. Her hands clawed at the
fabric on the couch as I slowly licked her pussy lips from top to
bottom, before nestling into her sweet hole. I pushed my tongue in as
far as I could, enveloping her entire cunt with my mouth. Her hands
went from the couch to my head, running through my hair, urging me on.
Reaching up, I gently spread her pussy lips and went to work on her
clit, sucking and nibbling it with my lips. Bria took one of my hands
and placed it at her pussy, obviously wanting more than a good licking.
I took the hint and slid two fingers into her as I flicked her clit
with my tongue.

She was tight. Tight and wet. As I worked my fingers in and out of her
hot little cunt a thin trickle of fluid ran down my hand. Suddenly she
pulled my hand away and brought it to her mouth. Her eyes burned into
me as she put my wet fingers into her mouth and sucked them, just as
she had sucked my cock minutes earlier. I had never been more turned
on in my life. I wanted this girl bad. I wanted all of her.

I resumed licking and Bria shifted her hips and pulled her legs even
farther back.

"Will you do something for me?" she asked in that cute little voice of

"Anything," I replied.

"Will you lick me here?"

Bria brought her small hand down and placed a finger on her tiny
puckered asshole. I smiled.

"Maybe if you ask me nicely."

"Will you please lick my ass for me?"

I needed no encouragement. In fact there was nothing more that I would
rather do than shove my tongue up this hot little chick's ass.

I ran my tongue down her swollen pussy lips and planted little kisses
around her anus, but not touching it. Her sexy moans were music to my
ears. When I decided that I had teased her enough I flicked my tongue
across her tight little rim, causing even more moans to escape her
lips. Up and down, back and forth I swabbed her saliva soaked butthole
before poking my tongue into her little pink bulls eye. Her ass was
tight and squeezed my tongue like a vice. I had to plant my lips
around her anus and push with all my strength to get any farther inside
her ass.

"Oh yeah," she squeaked, rubbing her clit frantically.

I continued tongue fucking her asshole as she spasmed with a massive
orgasm, causing even more of her love juices to flow from her pussy
down to her ass. Hungrily, I lapped up her girl-cum from around her
little pink anus before she pulled me up for another long wet kiss.

"Fuck me now," she moaned as she laid back on the couch.

I pushed her legs apart and placed my cock at her little wet entrance.
Bria grabbed my cock and guided it in. I almost fainted as I slid
inside her tight little hole. I thought I might even cum again, so I
decided to go slow. She pulled me close and kissed me as our bodies
melded together in a slow, sexy dance. Our chests were pressed
together as my hips rotated, forcing my dick up inside her. I could
hear the soft sucking sound of her pussy grabbing at my cock and I
increased the tempo. Her eyes closed in ecstasy as I reached up and
took a handful of her hair. I lowered my face to her ear and whispered
nasty little things to her as I clutched her soft blonde strands,
thrusting my pulsing dick into her tight, wet cunt.

"Ooooooo," she moaned as she grabbed my ass with both hands pulling me
into her body.

Her body started to shudder and I knew she was cumming again. I could
feel her fingernails dig into my ass and I responded by pumping her
little pink pussy even harder. As her orgasm subsided I pulled out and
sat up. She looked up at me with those big round eyes.

"Don't stop!" she pleaded. "I don't care if you cum inside me. Just fuck

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yes. You can even do me from behind."

"Okay. Bend over then."

Bria rolled over and pushed herself up onto her hands and knees.
thrusting her pert little ass up in the air. I licked my lips at the
site. She brought her hand to her pussy and rubbed her clit as I
pushed my cock back into her hot hole. She let out a huge sigh and
tossed her head back as I entered her. I grabbed her slender hips and
drove into her, filling her hole with my cock. Wetting a finger I
placed it between her ass cheeks. Bria's moans gave me permission and
I pressed it into her tight asshole. Her anus gripped my finger as I
continued to fuck her. She then looked over her shoulder at me.

"You make me feel so dirty!" she said.

"Sorry," I replied.

"No! I love it. I like being your dirty little girl."

"How would you like to have my cock up your ass then dirty girl?"

"Oh yes! I thought you'd never ask."

That was all I needed. I pulled out and Bria rolled back onto her back.

"I like it this way." she said, pulling her knees up to her chest.

I stared at her tiny asshole, glistening with pussy juices and saliva.
I then spat into my hand and stroked my cock.

"Go slowly though," she squeaked.

I pressed my head up to her hole. As I pushed forward, my cock nearly
bent in half before her anus stretched enough to take it in.

"Oooooo," she cooed, closing her eyes and pulling her knees tighter to
her chest.

I leaned in and slowly worked my meat up her little pink butt hole. I
had fucked girls up the ass before but she was so unbelievably tight!

"I don't know how long I'm going to last," I warned.

"No,no,no,no. Please don't cum. Keep fucking me. Keep fucking my ass.
Just wait until I cum again, then you can cum in my mouth if you want!"

As much as I wanted to fill this girl's ass with cum, the though of
spewing in her cute little face again was too good to pass up. I vowed
to hold it in.

Her ass was loosening up a bit, so I started to fuck her a little
harder. I watched my dick disappear into her impossibly tight butt and
clenched my muscles to keep from cumming.

"Oh my God!" she squealed.

I could feel her asshole clench around my cock as she came yet again.
Her body spasmed and twitched and I had to pull out to keep from
blowing my load.

Bria sat up, breathing heavily.

"Lay down," she said.

I complied, slumping back on the couch. She curled her legs up under
her and spread my legs wide. She then pushed my knees up towards my
head and I was a little confused. Then it happened. Bria lowered her
head and ran her tongue down my balls. Lower and lower.

"Oh fuck!" I moaned as her little pink tongue poked at my asshole.

I placed a hand on her head as she licked my most private area, running
that nimble tongue in circles as she stroked my cock. That was it. I
was done.

Her hand job sent a massive gob of cum flying from my dick, landing on
my chest. Immediately Bria wrapped her lips around my pulsing cock,
and her mouth filled with my jism. When I stopped firing, she released
me with a "pop" and crawled up my chest, licking up the creamy fluid
she found there.

"Damn," I said. "You are a dirty girl!"

Bria just smiled.

The End

Send comments to xdamon@hotmail. I love hearing what you think. I'm
also always open to ideas and suggestions.


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2015-03-15 19:07:23
I am 53 and I picked up a cute little 18 year old in a grocery in a small town while camping. She came back to my campsite and wore my ass out. I will always have fond memories every time I checkout now.

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2014-08-21 17:34:40
I love pussy stories with pussy cum! I couldn't stop fondling my breasts and rubbing my clit! PUSSY!!

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Love dirty sluts,,,,, I got a filthy cock cheating slut !!!! But,,,, that's why I am never getting married again !!
Any town I go to,,,, there is a slut that wants a ride on my hog,,,,,,, always carry a extra helmet.!
(Hate that fucking law). Biker rule.

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It informational resource, I'll bookmark it and visit it again!

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That sir or madam, was a good story

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