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Parts 1 & 2 of my first series of porn stories
My Many Tales Part 1

Michelle and I were talking after Science one day.

“Hey Michelle!” I shouted. “You wanna come see a movie with me this Sunday?”

“Yeah, yeah I would like that,” Michelle responded. Her blue eyes lit up with excitement and her luscious, red lips parted into a smile.

I got her number and then watched her blonde curls and tight ass bounce off into the next classroom. I sighed. I wanted to fuck her so much, but I knew it most likely was never gonna happen. I’m short, 5’7, and I’m 19. I weigh in at 150 lbs. Nothing special. Except, I’m starting quarterback for the undefeated Georgia Bulldogs. Most girls would fuck me just because of that, but not Michelle. Ever since we were kids, she’s played hard to get. Well, not this time.

On Sunday, Michelle and I went to Regal. I bought her tickets and snacks and everything. I knew I wasn’t going to get any action today, but why not try for the future?

About halfway into the movie, Michelle’s silky smooth hand found itself into my jeans. I jumped in surprise and she looked at me and smiled. She gently stroked my 8 ½ inch dick. As it hardened in her grasp, her eyes grew wide, just now realizing how big it was. It was my turn to my smile.

After the movie, we walked holding hands to the car. She came up behind me and whispered “Get in the car and take off your pants.” I did as I was told. “Good,” she said. “Now, start driving to the dorms.” I once again did as I was told.

About 6 miles away from the dorm, I thought she had just been fooling with me. That’s when, quick as possible, her head jerked down and engulfed my erection. I was so surprised that I came in her mouth immediately.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, “I love the taste of your cum.” She then gulped back down my dick. Her tongue moved quickly up and down the shaft. She then put her tongue on the crown of my cock and swirled her tongue around while fiercely jacking my cock off. I was in so much bliss that I could barely drive.

I came one more time in her mouth before we got to the dorm, where I pulled my pants up and pulled her towards my dorm. She smiled knowingly at me and followed.

As we walked into my dorm, she whispered “Sit on your bed and take off all your clothes.” After doing as I was told, she said to me, “Now jack off until I say stop.” She slowly started to strip. She pulled off her blue plaid shirt, along with the white tank top underneath. Her C cup boobs could be seen through her white bra, which she quickly unsnapped. She then unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. My rock hard prick instantly got a little harder as her bright, pink panties came into view. I was getting closer and closer to cumming every second, and Michelle could see that, so she took her time. She slowly pulled off her panties to reveal a beautiful, recently shaved pussy. She then walked over, pushed me on the floor and hopped onto my bulging member. We moaned in perfect harmony, when I finally felt that I had to cum. As I whispered this, she jumped off my cock, stuck it back into her luscious lips, and made me cum all down her throat. We continued this for hours until we finally fell asleep…

My Many Tales Part 2
When I woke up, I felt Michelle’s soft hands rubbing my cock. She then pulled off the covers, turned towards me, and put her bright pink socks on my dick. She started slow, but then increased her tempo. I groaned as the mounting pleasure almost reached “critical mass.” I warned I was about to cum, and she started giving me the fastest sockjob I’d ever gotten. I came all over her socks. I groaned and smiled with the feeling of release. I almost burst out laughing when I looked down and saw the condition of her socks. The pink cotton was stained creamy white, but Michelle didn’t seem to mind.

A few minutes later, I was laying on my back with Michelle’s petite body riding my penis. Her tight, pink pussy was giving me the wildest ride of my life. I screamed out that I was about to cum, and she pounded away to the last second, when she pulled off and barked orders. She got down on her knees and said, “Baby, cover me, please, baby, please!” I was happy to oblige and squirted all over her. Her long, blonde hair was covered in it, as was her blue eyes, C cup breasts and tight, flat stomach. “Oh, baby, that was so good!” Michelle moaned.

Fifteen minutes later we were saying our goodbyes, because tomorrow was her mom’s birthday and she had to get home. I immediately thought of how much fun I could have. “Stop it, Sean, Michelle’s my girlfriend!” I said to myself. I was not going to give in.

One hour later, I was strolling campus looking for some good catches. I saw a girl I’d had a crush on since 2nd grade. I decided “Why not?” and went to get her for a one night stand. I walked up to Elizabeth and said, “Hey girl, what’s happening.”

A hour later, Elizabeth was pulling off her skinny jeans to reveal a blue thong. She then pulled off her blue and white top to reveal a matching bra. She unlatched the bra to release her DD boobs. I got up and started to suck on them, while she moaned in pleasure. “Aw, Sean baby, that feels so good!” Elizabeth moaned. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail and her blue eyes were shut in pleasure. She then pushed me back on the bed, and pulled down her thong. She bent over and said, “Eat me out like you eat out Michelle.” I was surprised. “You know about Michelle and I?” I said. “Yeah,” Elizabeth replied, “This is only a one night stand. Now eat me out or I will tell Michelle about this. You don’t want me to do that, now do you?” “No,” I said. I got up to eat her out, but she said, “One second.” She bent down and untied her glittery, gray converse to reveal a pair of purple ankle socks. She then said, “Lay down and close your eyes.” I did as I was told. It then happened so fast. One gulp. That was all it took to make me cum in her mouth and release my biggest load ever. She couldn’t swallow it and it dribbled down her chin and dripped on her DDs. “I guess I did good, didn’t I?” She asked innocently. “Oh yeah,” I said, “Amazing!”

A few minutes later, I was fucking her hard and fast on the bed. I was going to impress her. I kept fucking her, and held my cum in. By the time she had came 4 times, I was about to explode, so I pulled out and she said, “Squirt me!” Let me tell you, squirt I did. There was more places covered with cum than uncovered. “Aw, Sean, I love you!” Elizabeth shrieked. We then lay down and fucked so hard that we didn’t notice the door to the dorm opening…

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