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This is not a line by line filthy erotic story so if your one of those who need every other word to be sexual, find another one
While this is not a wholly erotic story it does have some quite erotic portions so for those of you who need filthy erotic words on every line, you ought to move on to another story. This story is also quite long and in many chapters, so patience is key.

I’ve been a member of the SIS (Secret Investigative Services or MI6 as its been called) for over 15 years and was recently promoted to second in charge, Deputy Director with special responsibility for international terrorism and security. The job comes with a lot of perks not the least of which a full time Gulfstream with crew. Since my advancement took on new energy 5 years ago I’ve had a personal protection team assigned to me, 4 agents two male and two female. They usually work 48 hours on and 48 hours off in a team of two. A team was Sue and Mike and B team was Betsy and Jack.

This job has never allowed any permanent relationships, so I’ve never married but shared my bed with many, many women over the years given my stature, power and relatively good looks. Betsy the newest agent assigned to my protection came onto me within 6 weeks of her assignment and given her assets (great rack, young 26 years old, experienced in the sack, single and a look alike for Selma Hayack) how could I turn it away. She slept with me on every night of her shift and her partner Jack was nonetheless for wear. Betsy was a proclaimed bi-sexual and was very active in the sex arena. When not with me she lived with a female agent also in the service, whom I knew vaguely. I don’t know about the female to female thing, but Betsy was one of the finest sex partners I had ever had. Jack could care less and had his own harem of women and besides he was the real deal as an agent. One of the very best in the service, so he got the best assignment….me and I took great care of him. My alternate team, Sue and Mike had their own interests, their own partners (married) and were just all around good agents.

It was early one morning when I got a call from central command that a secure briefing needed to be convened ASAP in the “War Room”. I notified the appropriate participants and headed to the secure location. Once the 12 essential folks were all seated we started the video conference with the director of the Mousaad in Israel. Two women of Iranian decent had just boarded an El Al flight to Amsterdam. It was revealed after the flight had left that they possess critical information on a plot to conduct a major terrorist attack in London within the next 7 days. It was strongly suggested that a team from SIS immediately deploy to Amsterdam to meet the flight, detain the alleged perpetrators and do what was necessary to extract critical information from them. As DD for International Terrorism, I was to head up the team. It would include, me, my B team protective detail, a special agent trained in interrogation and an experienced translator from the Service. We were instructed to depart from Heathrow within the hour aboard the our assigned gulfstream and would be on the ground in Amsterdam, 45 minutes before the El-Al flight. Amsterdam authorities would be briefed while we were enroute and be instructed to take the targets off the plane and they would be brought to a secret, secure location for interrogation. It required all of us to move quickly.

I gave my B Team 15 minutes to make calls to family etc and meet us at the South gate. I kept a fully packed bag in the office at all times so I was ready to go immediately. I took the 15 mins to get something to eat and was waiting at the South gate first. The special agent for interrogation arrived next. His name was Tom Foster and I had worked with him several times in the past. He was the best at what he did and could get blood out of a stone. He was good, qualified, experienced, trustworthy and fun to be around. I was glad to have him aboard. The translator arrived next. She introduced herself to me first. Her name was Allison and wished to be called Allie. She was 25 years old, been with the service, four years and was fluent in 6 languages. Get out ! 6 languages. On top of that she was gorgeous. Short, black hair, easily 36 D but proportional. She was wearing sunglasses, a neat black suit with no blouse but very professional. She was carrying a brief case and a small maroon leather overnight bag. When I tell you she was a knock-out, she was a knock-out. I immediately thought to myself, this could get interesting. As I introduced her to Agent Foster I could see she was rather nervous. I inquired of her what the problem was. She told me she had never been on an out of country assignment before and it was her long standing dream to be involved in that end of the service but to date she was strictly a desk jockey, reviewing trans, translating etc. Since we needed someone on an immediate basis, she was chosen and was scared stiff. I tried to relax her but it seemed useless. As my team arrived we loaded into the suburban type armored car that I used exclusively and Allie was intent on seating right next to me gripping my hand like she was headed to the gas chamber and shaking a bit at the same time. From the very rear seat Betsy whispered in my ear: “whats with the translator”? I referred to my blackberry and wrote the following text to Betsy: “shes never been out of the country before, let alone on an assignment like this and is scared shitless!” Betsy wrote back: “Well maybe we can indoctrinate her appropriately. She’s gorgeous! Where did she come from?” I wrote back: Translation pool and don’t let any of those weird ideas go to waste!” Boy was this trip starting with a bang.

We were whisked off to Heathrow, police escort ahead of us with three motorcycles and two patrol cars. All the way, Allie had a tight grip on my hand and never let go. She whispered to me once: “ I’m sorry about holding on so tight. You don’t mind do you?” I quickly replied: “not at all sweetheart, don’t worry about a thing, I’ll take really good care of you. This is an important mission and you’ll do just fine”. I knew Betsy could hear me and I felt a strong nudge in my left shoulder. I simply smiled to myself. We got to the airport in less than 12 minutes and were driven right onto the tarmac and right up to the stairs of the gulfstream. My two pilots were already on board and ready to go. The one stewardess assigned to the jet was already preparing for us to leave immediately. We all scrambled out of the armored car and passed out luggage and other essential equipment to the two attendants waiting. We scrambled onto the jet and Allie never let go of me. The gulfstream has 8 first class seats up front, 4 on each side, a large conference room with all types of communications equipment in the middle and a large bedroom with shower and facilities in the rear. There would be 5 of us traveling and the one stewardess so we all took seats. I was on first and took the back row on the right and Allie sat down right next to me on the aisle. My B team took the two seats in front of me, as they usually did. I usually sat alone in the seat I was in but not today. The stewardess, her name was Becky sat in the aisle in row 1 on the left and Agent Foster sat at the window in Row 1. There are handrests between the seats but they can be pushed back like in a passenger jet and they usually always were. Allie got situated with the seat belt on and was practically sitting in my lap. This poor kid was so nervous it wasn’t funny or was there something else at work here?

Chapter 2

The gulfstream was readied quickly and we were taxing immediately and in the air within 10 minutes of us arriving at the door. I had to make a couple of phone calls right away and called my assistant to be sure that everything in Amsterdam had been arranged. She assured me it was. I told the whole crew that we would be turning off our communications gear for the time being but reminded them to turn it on upon descent and that we would all be operating on Channel 4, the most secure. They all concurred and uttered assent. All but Allie. She didn’t have one. She asked me what should she do and I reminded her to: “just stick with me kid and you’ll be fine”. She smiled and put her head on my upper arm/shoulder and seemed to be calming down. As we climbed out of Heathrow and the bell signaled we were free to move, I unbuckled my seat belt and invited Allie to come with me and see the rest of the jet. She did so immediately and seemed eager to join me. We went into the conference room and I explained all the intricate equipment and details and she seemed to catch on really quickly and she did ask some pointed good questions. I had closed the door behind us as we went into the conference room and my agent Jack immediately got up and asked, “do you want this closed, Sir?” I answered thanks Jack I’m fine. The stewardess was inquiring of everyone what they might like, food, drink, equipment etc. and everyone seemed to be adjusting just fine. Allie and I spent about 3 minutes in the conference room and then entered the bedroom. Again closing that door behind us she seemed shocked that there was a full queen size bed and closet space in the plane let alone a full shower and bathroom. She sorted of squealed, whoa look at this ! I took off my suit jacket and was unbuttoning my shirt with an intent to change into a sweat suit top that I kept at the ready in the closet. Allie asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was going to get comfortable for the 3 hour flight. She seemed intrigued and asked if she could do the same. I said, sure. What do you have in mind? She turned to me and grabbed me around the neck and planted her lips firmly on mine. She said I just want to thank you for taking care of me and trying to calm me down. She went on to day how nervous she was being her first assignment and all and that I had done a lot to make her feel welcomed, confident and at ease. She then asked, can I kiss you some more? I just nodded and she gave me one of the most seductive, firm, hottest kisses I had had in a long, long time. Her tongue immediately pierced my closed lips and magnetically grabbed my tongue and began a firey tango. She held me firmly to herself and was grinding into me. The kiss must have lasted over a minute and breathlessly she found the energy to say, Mr G, you just reaq of power and strength and lust and I’ve been soaking wet since I got into the car next to you. I embarrassed to act this way and tell you this but I don’t know what else to do. I know it could get me fired at the least and even worse but I just cant help myself. Are you OK with this? I smiled at her and told her just what I thought about her. How I found her lusciously beautiful, intriguing and hotter than a firecracker. If she was OK with was about to happen and could handle it and all of its ramifications, she could be assured I could handle it just fine. She kissed me hard again and I pulled her down onto the bed. I kissed he back this time and thought it was about time to be more aggressive to see where this was going to go. As we wrestled on the bed, I took her suit jacket off and found she had a very sexy black lace bra on underneath it. Her tits were astounding. Firm, real, large, spilling over the lace cup. I pulled the left one out and sucked on it hungarily. She moaned loudly and whispered, “ my God Sir, your making me cum!” I replied than if your not already your going to be the most multi-orgasmic women in all of Europe. She smiled at me and said simultaneously, my dreams are coming true.

As I proceeded to undress Allie, I found her desperately trying to grab my crotch, no doubt trying to determine what kind of package I was carrying and what my state of arousal was. When she finally got a good hand on it, she found my semi hard 9 in cock and I was sure she could tell I was enjoying this as much as she was. Once she got a good feel for it she whispered: “ I want you in my mouth Mr G”. I thought to myself this was as good as time as any to set the record straight. I held her up, sat her up no topless and what a sight it was and said: “hold on a second Allie, we need to get a couple of things straight before this goes any further”. She looked worried to say the least and immediately mouthed: “ oh no I knew I was in trouble. I’m truly sorry Sir, really I am”’ I calmed her fears: “ No, no Allie its not like that. I just want you to be sure you know what your getting into.” I went on to explain that I was single, almost twice her age (45 really) and while not involved or in love with any woman, I was having a long term affair with me agent, Betsy. She look stunned for a moment and thought speechless for a moment or two. I watched her closely to see what kind of reaction she was going to have. The silence was somewhat deafening so she broke it by asking: does that mean you don’t sleep with others? No I immediately replied but sleeping with another in the service could prove difficult and uneasy and it was not something that I would choose to keep from Betsy. I think I understand, Allie replied. So you would be interested in getting involved with me as well, right she asked. Oh very right I replied as her face lit up with a big smile. She had the whitest straightest teeth I had ever seen. Its just that I will want to tell Betsy about it and well frankly Allie, Betsy is bi-sexual and she may very well want to join us. How do you feel about that? Allie quickly responded, that’s would be fine with me. She’s not only really beautiful but if she’s an intimate friend of yours she has to be really good. Thanks I said, I think that was a compliment. Lets put that out of our minds right now and let you get down to that request you made a few minutes ago as I simultaneously unzipped my trousers and let “Herman” (my pet name for my nice thick 9 in by 3 in. cock) out. I could here the gasp that Allie emitted as Herman appeared and she immediately placed my cock into her mouth. She was accomplished all right and she quickly responded with something I thought was” and it tastes heavenly too”. She proceeded to give me one of the best blow jobs I had ever had stroking me while she mouthed, licked and sucked my entire cock, handled my cock with one hand and my balls with the other and both knew exactly what to do and how to do it. She would try to alternate between my balls and my asshole and she knew just how to excite. I wasn’t about to let her make me cum anytime soon so after about 10 minutes sucking me I lifted her up and finished undressing her. As I lifted her out of her $1,000 suit skirt¸I found that she had a pair of dark nylons, thigh high and I gorgeous matching black boy shorts panties that were soaked through onto her thighs. I got her skirt out of the way, admired how her nylons stayed right in place without a belt of any type and headed to her panties which she was more than willing to let go of. I grasped the top elastic and pulled them southward and could not get over just how wet these shorts really were. Allie seemed embarrassed and whispered to me: I’m really sorry about the panties, I’ve already come several time. Just being with you had me coming so you can imagine what my pussy went through as I sucked that gorgeous manly cock of your”. I smiled at her and put those panties in a special place that I knew would be safe. I whispered to her that I thought she should join the others as she had already been gone for 20 minutes or so. What shall I wear she exclaimed, I don’t have my bag here. I went to the built in drawers and got an expensive black velour sweat suit. I said here put this on and go out and take your seat, have a drink and something to eat and I’ll be out soon. She smiled and dressed quickly, fixed her hair and makeup some and trotted out through the conference room and out to the seat she first occupied. As she went out and I had a chance to put Herman away, I called out to Betsy and asked her to come back. She responded immediately and once the door was closed had that look on her face. She was too respectful and proper to inquire and I clearly knew my boundaries with this very good “friend” ! Before she could or would say anything I turned and opened a drawer, took out the panties I had taken off of Allie and handed them to Betsy. If smiles were graded, Betsy’s was an A +++/ She took the panties immediately to her nose and then her mouth and took in several long breaths. Oh my God boss what the hell happened in here. I proceeded to tell her that I never even touched her pussy that Allie was like that just from being chosen for this mission and sitting next to me. I was saving her pussy for you I told Betsy.

Are you kidding me said Betsy. I’ve been drooling over this woman since I first saw her. Did you come on to her or her you? I didn’t do anything I swear said Mr. G. You know better than that. I wouldn’t come on to a SIS employee under any circumstances. Come on know I said with a wry smile. Betsy feel into my arms and gave me a long hard kiss. I’ve missed you she said. Betsy hadn’t been with the boss for 3 days. Are you OK? Yea I’m fine I responded but this whole thing with the translator kind of caught me of guard. Sit down and tell me all about it Betsy said, every sordid detail. Come on I replied, I’ve only been alone with her for 20 minutes. Yea Betsy replied but based on these panties I have in my hand, nose and mouth, something happened. I told you, she was nervous and on edge and was looking to me for some stability. It turned sexual on her end just holding hands but when I showed her the bedroom and we were alone she just collapsed onto me. Betsy started to rub the bosses crotch and the story went on. After we kissed I deliberately told her about you and I as I know you would expect me to do and I wouldn’t think of doing anything different. I love you Betsy exclaimed. What did she say about you and I. Well first thing she said was does that mean there can’t be a you and me. I said well it would have to be behind Betsy and I and you didn’t hear it from me but Betsy has a penchant for woman. Then she exclaimed:” you mean that gorgeous, hot agent is bi-sexual?”. That’s what I mean to say Allie. She then asked if I thought there was any room for her and I told her we’d have to talk with you about that. By this time Betsy had the boss at full mast and was actively massaging his cock through his pants. Can I take it out Betsy inquired. You better take it out, the boss replied. When she got a fully engorged “Herman” out in the open it was clearly leaking and Betsy couldn’t wait to taste him. She licked soulfully right up his big wide open slit and got a good tongue full of pre-cum. I’ll need some more of that Betsy said and proceeded to give the Boss a full hands-on blow job. The Boss just sat back on the bed and let her take it all in. His mind was wandering about what a 3some with these two unbelievable women. It would have to wait for now but it brought him to a huge orgasm as Betsy tickled his asshole with her middle finger. He began to squirt and Betsy had all to do to swallow the first hard squirt. In fact it felt like a shot against the back of her throat and swallowed as hard and as fast as she can to no avail. Cum started leaking out all over the Boss’ huge cock and all over Betsy’s face. When he had given her 5 or 6 strong squirts Betsy could do nothing more than smile and milk his beautiful organ and mew and coo all over it. He heard her say, I love this fuckin beautiful cock and I need it more and more everyday.

Chapter 3

The gulfstream sped as fast as it could go towards Amsterdam. After the little interlude in the bedroom the Boss and Betsy cleaned up fast and headed out into the conference room where the boss called everyone in to take a conference call with the Amsterdam authorities. They went over every detail as to out things would go down. As soon as they arrived they would be escorted to a secure location on the airport property where the Amsterdam authorities had set up the proper interrogation atmosphere. Agent Foster wanted to be sure the Amsterdam guys had secured a lie detector machine and a qualified operator and the lead agent on the other end confirmed that they had. The Amsterdam lead agent inquired whether the services of a translator would be needed. The boss put the phone on mute and asked Allie whether Dutch was one of the languages she would need help on. Absolutely not Allie replied I can do Dutch, French and Farsi and Persian and Arabic. The boss was impressed. He said to himself this chick is not just beautiful, she’s smart to. Betsy looked at the Boss and gave him a little wink that she made sure Allie saw. You could detect a little smirk from Allie. They concluded the call when all the parameters and issues were resolved.

The stewardess brought in what looked like enough food for an army and all kinds of stuff. Everyone seemed hungry and chowed down but the work continued. The Boss wanted to be sure everyone knew what was expected of them and wanted to be absolutely sure there were no slip-ups or oversights. He specifically gave his protective team specific instructions as he did every time they were operating out of country. Be sure you remain armed at all times and be sure you both have a reserve weapon on you. Agent Foster I assume you will be armed as well correct/ He responded in the affirmative. I will carry the weapon I usually do just so you two (directed to his protective team)know. The Boss generally carried a small luger in his pant leg. Everybody will be on radio, Channel four no exceptions. If we get separated for any reason you all know what to do right? They all knew the protocols for every contingency. They went over maps, background information on the targets and histories. They would be interrogating and aggressively so two Iranian women who have been linked as the wife and the daughter of a leading Terrorist in the area. It is widely believed by all of the UK operatives and the CIA contacts that these two women were headed to the UK to prepare logistics for a large scale terrorist incident. It was also believed that they would be very hard to break but both the Boss and Agent Foster knew that they would not be using conventional interrogation. The bosses last orders were: If we are not getting the information we need in the first couple of hours lets all agree that we are hijacking these two cunts and putting them aboard this plane and bringing them to one of our deep, deep camps and unless we get the information we need and maybe even if we do, they will never be seen again. Ultimately if we have to keep them on ice to get to the real bad guys, you know we will, the boss said. Everyone agreed but Allie seemed to begin to get very anxious. What had she gotten herself into?

As the jet began its decent into Amsterdam it seemed like minutes and they were on the ground. They were escorted to a hanger at the far end of the airport and brought inside where there were an entire phalanx of cars, marked, unmarked, and even a CAT (Counter Assault Team) team. We were whisked off the airport property to a location outside of the airport in what looked to be an abandoned factory. We went in to a well lit and modern office area and into a conference room where we were greeted by a high ranking Dutch official. A likeable guy who was very respectful and was quick to put the entire resources of the government at our disposal. Foster wanted to see the lie detector equipment and was ushered into an adjoining room where it was all set up. The officials radio crackled and he reported to me that the women were in custody without incident and would be arriving within minutes. I asked him if I could speak to him in private. He seemed to be having a little difficulty with English so I introduced him to Allie and asked her to come along. Jack the lead protective agent came as well as was protocol. I told Allie to translate in precise, forceful language. I began: Sir I and my government thank you sincerely for you for all of your cooperation and assistance. I want you to know that we intend to extract very sensitive information from these two subjects that is of vital nature to national security, Allie was translating as I went along. He seemed to understand completely. I want you to know that we will not hold back anything to get the information we need. We will be using unconventional techniques, in fact most likely illegal techniques. Allie looked confused but spoke fluently and quickly. It may very well be sire that upon approval of the highest levels of my government, we may choose to take these two women into our custody and to an undisclosed safe location in our country to be used as leverage in the case of a terrorist attack. Again he seemed to fully understand. I want to share with you finally that some of our techniques may be very troublesome and difficult for any of your folks to watch or ever discuss. In English the official said, I understand completely sir and I will comply. No one from my side including myself will be witness to what happens. Its all your show. I thanked him sincerely and before I could finish there was a commotion outside and the two women were being brought in in shackles and handcuffs and nearly hysterical.

The women were placed into the room and Agent Foster took control. In a very rough and commanding way he sat them both down and shackled them to the chairs they were in. He told Allie to tell them that they had better stop their crying and realize they were in big big trouble. Amazingly, she was strong and almost gruff with both of them. Foster told them again to stop their sniffling and when they didn’t he gave each of them a very hard slap that took everyone, even me, by surprise. That in and of itself quieted everyone down. He told Allie to explain to them that he was hooking them up to the most sophisticated lie detector system in the world and once the questioning began if they were not truthful he would know within seconds they were being deceitful. Do you understand he yelled and Allie yelled it right back at them. They nodded their heads in unison.

Foster was very rough hooking them up to the machine. He didn’t roll up their sleeves, he ripped off the togas they were wearing. As they screamed he pushed them around. They didn’t wear underwear to speak of. They wore dirty tee shirts and what looked like winter long underwear under their tunics. They both had veils and headdressed of some sort on and Foster ripped them off in a heartbeat. So as they were being hooked up, tourniquets around both upper arms, both legs and a large rubberized belt across their chests, they just sat there.

I thought the older one, supposedly the mother was perhaps 38 or 39 years old. The supposed daughter was 16 or 17. With all of their clothes but their tee shirt and long pants on they looked more like women than most middle eastern females. The Mom had very large tits and the daughter looked to have much smaller but clearly 34C’s. They got all hooked up and before he walked over to the machine he gave the mother a very loud slap across the face and told Allie to tell her to start paying attention. He called to Allie, are you ready? Ready she said. Tell them I am speaking only to the Mom right now. Allie did. Foster yelled daughter to not make a sound understand. Allie translated. The daughter nodded. Foster boldly yelled out: Is your name Ameena Daad Masouda? Allie translated perfectly she nodded yes. Foster screamed. She cant nod she has to answer. Boldly Allie screamed at her you must respond yes or no. No nodding. She responded yes. Foster asked a series of more questions that were just common ones like I am wearing a blue shirt. Then he asked: are you involved or do you know about any plot to hurt or kill people in England. When Allie translated a cold face came over the Mom and she responded No! Foster asked a couple of more direct questions and then turned his attention to the daughter: Is your name Manizeh Antulla? Yes she answered. He asked and Allie translated another 20 questions or so. Foster abruptly ended the questioning and motioned me into the other room.

Foster said they are both lying through their teeth. They know something and we are not going to get it out of them with any conventional way. OK I said let me take a crack. Take the cables off. Foster went in and in a very rough way took all the cords off of the two women. I called Allie in. I told her in a very firm voice: OK we have a couple of real terrorists here and we are going to have to get down onto their level. I’m going to need you to be strong, in voice, in commands, in what your going to see and whats going to happen. Are you OK? She said as long as I’m standing next to you and taking my key from you I’ll be fine. I know you know how much you mean to me and I want to do good by you and for you. Thanks I smiled and said now lets go break these two. I’m going to talk and you just translate. OK she said lets go.

I went in, took of my coat and tie and started. Let me have your full attention. I am James Grant and I am the Head of the United Kingdom’s Terrorist Task Force. We know that you are the advance agents for your family and others who plan to do harm to our country through terrorist activities. There is no question about it. We know it and we will not allow it to happen. Do I have your attention. The daughter started to ramble on and cry out something and I thought I had perhaps gotten to her. Allie turned to me and said she was saying “your nuts we have nothing to do with that, we are traveling to London to visit my grandmother whose in a hospital…….” I leapt across the table and yanked the daughter up onto the table and ripped what remaining clothes she had on off and pointed my gun right at her head. The mother went absolutely nuts. I screamed to her, I will kill your daughter right her in front of you unless you tell me the truth right this minute. Allie was shaking and barked out the translation. The mother started yelling, stop stop stop. I screamed I’ll stop when you tell me the truth. She was becoming hysterical. I grabbed the daughters legs, pulled them apart and said, lets see if she’s a virgin. They were both screaming now but it didn’t deter me whatsoever. Allie was yelling at them, tell the truth, tell us what we need to know. Still nothing but hysterics. I got the girls legs open and pushed two fingers into her cunt and determined pretty quickly she was a virgin. I screamed at the mother and Allie translated, do you want me to take her right now in front of you. I’ll make her a whore right now. No No No the mother was screaming. Tell us the truth Allie screamed. Still nothing! I went over to the mother and punched her square in the face and she fell off the chair, out cold. All right I said enough. Betsy came over and I told her to dress the daughter with the orange suits the Dutch had brought for us. We’re taking them home. I alerted the authorities we were all leaving pronto. I radioed the gulfstream crew to determine whether they had gassed up and ready. They were. I told the lead guy to move out and get us to our jet and off we went.

Chapter 4

Darkness was beginning to fall over Amsterdam and the dusk would be helpful as we began to “smuggle” these two terrorists back to London. We all loaded them and us and our limited equipment into the 3 cars that were at our disposal and sped off to the airport. It took about 5 minutes and before too long we were at the steps of the jet. I explained to the protective team that I wanted the two “subject” hustled onto the plane and secured in second row on the left. They were to be handcuffed, shackled and buckled in. They took my instructions seriously and the two women were in place before I ascended the steps. The mother terrorist had regained consciousness but was as uncooperative as ever. The daughter was just a sobbing mess. The rest of the group got settled in the gulfstream but before I sat in my standard seat, I went into the cockpit. I instructed the pilots to file a flightplan direct to Formby rather than Heathrow. Formby was a RAF airfield also known as Woodvale. The SIS had a special operations center on the base and this would be a completely secure location for which to bring these “prisoners of war”. I was proclaiming them as such and following my orders to the cockpit I told Betsy to call the Director’s office and brief him on the situation we were in. Additionally, I instructed her to have the Directors office to clear our way into Formby and have everything ready there and 100% Super secure. I made sure Allie was OK in the seat next to mine and she seemed to be fine. I went into the communications center and placed a call to one of my trusted colleagues, Bob Bishins a high ranking officer in the command structure of the RAF.
Bob was very adept at interrogating prisoners and terrorists and was the perfect guy to get us to the next level with these two Iranians. I got Bob on a secure line and began to tell him about the situation we were in. I asked him whether or not he thought he could “break” one of these women. He said he wasn’t sure but would be willing to give it a try. He could be in Formby by midnight and I told him that would be fine. I explained in very clear terms to Bob that if after a fair amount of time we were nto able to break one of these terrorists we would have to accept that they would need to be disposed of, never to be seen or heard from again. He said he understood and would do whatever he could. I had great confidence in Bob. It was the best I could hope for at this point.

I summoned Betsy into the Communications Center and had her brief me on her conversation with the Director. The Director as usual was frustrated with our lack of success but gave full support of our plan going forward. I asked her what his demeanor was and she replied, “pretty much as usual”. The Director was a decorated UK Marine and was very good at what he did. He wasn’t much into the political side of the job, that was my responsibility. I asked Betsy how she was feeling and she replied better now that we were aboard our own plane. I asked her what she thought about our prisoners. She added:”my gut tells me they’re a dirty as they come but my brain tells me that they are well ingrained into the “religion” and would never be broken. I added: “ that’s an honest assessment and one I fully agree with. I’m afraid they will never leave the UK breathing”. She seemed to understand but inquired:” do you mean if you cant break them your going to dispose of them?”. Exactly I said, we have no choice. We kidnapped them from a foreign country and they are afterall women. Their worth to their own people was set when they were born without a cock so their value now that they are in our hands is less than zero. I agree Betsy added. It is what it is.

I reached out to her and said I could use some closeness right now. She added, me too. We embraced firmly, kissed erotically and kept it up for a full five minutes as I massaged her breasts and her my crotch. I whispered into her ear, I’d like nothing more than to rip your clothes off and make love to you right on this table. She said, whats stopping you? My better half that knows I wouldn’t stop with just intercourse. I am jacked up enough to fuck you and play with you and tease you for hours. You just made me cum she replied. Save the rest of your cum for later I said and pushed her away and warned her to straighten up and lets have the stewardess get us all something to eat. Before she left I inquired of her, “what do you think about the way I stripped that bitch down in front of her mother and shoved my fist in her twat?” Betsy said well I’m used to you behaving that way I was much more intent on watching how our new found pet Allie reacted. And ….I said? Well she was near a state of shock and the look on that pretty face turned to astonished fear. Don’t worry I replied, she’ll get used to it. Remember she has never been out on field assignments yet. Wait until we get down to business in Formby. Do you think I should get another translator? Betsy said almost immediately, No I think she needs to become oriented to what we really do for a living. She’ll get over it. We hugged again and I breathed in her sweet aroma and I ushered her back to the cabin area.

Upon entering the cabin I noticed that all of my instructions regarding our “guests” had not been followed. I shouted: “Jack I told you I want these women hooded!” Jack jumped up from his seat and was searching through a large case he had brought on the jet. He quickly found the two pillowcase-like black hoods and roughly put them over each woman. Fortunately I believed that neither woman could understand our language but I’d been fooled before. Once they were hooded, I personally checked their restraints and called Allie over to translate. Tell them, quietly in their ears , get right between them I instructed her, they have made a very grave error in not cooperating with us. She translated and I went on. Tell them we know that they are involved in the terrorist conspiracy and that we know much more than they might think. She translated fluently. We are taking you to a secure location in the UK and if you choose to continue to deny your role and don’t share with us exactly what is planned, you will not ever see a sunrise or sunset again. Allie looked at me with confusion. I went on: “and it will not be painless at all in fact you’ll be pleading with us like you cant imagine to end your life rather than continue the pain and suffering you will endure right up until you take your last dying breath. Betsy was right the expression on Allie’s face was contorted but priceless, but she was without doubt translating perfectly. I could here the younger woman whimpering. I continued the speech. Tell them that it will be far easier to tell us what little we need to know to fill-in what we need to disrupt this plan. This plan will be disrupted with you without your help. If you choose to help us you will be spared and we will quietly and covertly get you right back to where your supposed to be. If you don’t, you’ll never be seen again, ever! Once Allie was finished with the last translation, I removed the younger girls hood and looked directly into her eyes. Allie asked her if she wanted to tell us anything, I whispered as if her mother couldn’t hear. Allie did so in a similar volume right in her left ear. She said nothing and the look into her eyes was like staring at cadaver. I thought to myself these woman have either been brainwashed or intend to be martyrs to the cause. I waited a few seconds looking right into her eyes….nothing. I replaced the hood and conducted the same exercise on the mother, who now that I had he hood off and was face to face, nearly nose to nose, was probably younger and more robust than I originally thought. I asked her the same question through Allie who had slipped behind me rubbing herself all over my back and ass to the left side of the older woman. I looked directly into her brown eyes, one nearly swollen shut with her left cheek reddened and beginning to bruise from the punch I landed an hour ago and nudged Allie to ask her the same question. She seemed as though she was going to say something and then without warning she spat right into my face hitting me on my right cheek and eye. She really shouldn’t have done that. I slapped her very hard, once twice and now there was a commotion. The daughter started to react and get really jumping. Foster who was in the seat right behind us jumped up as did Jack who was in row 1 and both of them were deciding I think, what to do; pull me off of her or pile on. Allie jumped back when the spit flew, reacting almost quicker than I but in what I determined was a show of support to me, Allie starts to kick this woman, like a machine. I grabbed her by the neck and intended to scare the shit out of her, literally if I had to She quickly began to gag and become breathless. The daughter sensing something bad was going down, as she was hooded, was given a shove by Jack and told keep quiet. Foster hovering over the seat from the row behind was saying something like, Boss let her go, this wont help, they’re both brainwashed. Jack had gotten to us by then and pried my hands of the next of this bitch and pulled both Allie and me out of the row and pushed us back to our row. I’ve seen Jack in action more than 100 times. As my primary and senior agent he has gotten us out of many, many dangerous situations. He was the very best at what he did. Once he had us in our seats he went back to the mother who was no breathing quite labored and roughly put the hood over her head and gave her a punch that put her out like a light. Foster than told Allie to change seats with him and sat down next to me. Take it easy Boss, once we get back will give it out best shot to see if there is anything they want to give up but believe me, Ive seen these kind of cases 100 times before. These zealots are brainwashed not figuratively but literally brainwashed, hypnotized not to give up anything. In fact its probably so far into their brain they cant recall it anyway. We’ll administer some truth serum to them and then see whats what but I agree with you we may have to dispose of them, even if we get something. I responded, I know that Tom. I knew that as soon as I decided to take them out of Amsterdam but I trust you agreed with that decision. Absolutely Boss, no question about it, but we have to try to get from them what we can to help us infiltrate this deadly cause. So far we’ve done what we have to do but it only gets worse from here. Its going to get ugly. I know Tom, it’s the nature of the beast. Lets have them bring us something to eat, I’m starved. Me too Tom said. With that Betsy emerged from the conference room where she had wanted to use the bathroom. Whats all the commotion out here, what happened. Tom moved across the aisle and sat next to Allie. Betsy sat down next to me and I told her what happened. She hasn’t gotten to you has she? No, no I said its just she startled me a bit with the shower of spit and I wanted to see if they had gotten any more scared by us whisking them out of there. Tom is right, they been hypnotized and probably couldn’t give us anything even if they wanted to. But there are some key words that we can use to crack that open and that’s what will have to do. We’ll start with torture at the Formby prison and then administer truth serum and see what happens. Truth serum as its commonly referred to is a “cocktail” of drugs usually scopolamine, 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate, temazepam, and various other barbiturates administered intravenously as hypnotic medications called "narcosynthesis" or "narcoanalysis.
Go get the stewardess will ya, I told Betsy and tell her to serve us dinner in the conference room and you and Jack take turns watching the Iranians. I don’t want them trying to try to become suicide martyrs. I asked Tom if he needed to use the communications center privately before we went in to eat and he said that he did. So he went into the conference room and Allie moved over next to me. She was inquisitive immediately. Sir, she inquired, will we really have to end their life? I tried to explain to her all of the ramifications and concluded with her what we would have to do including making them “disappear”. Then I inquired of her; are you up to going through with this, is it too much for you? She had listened intently to what the probable plan of action was and replied back quickly. She leaned over so that no one else would hear; “ I am having the time of my life she said and went on; this is want I dreamed of doing in this career and to have been chosen to do it today, with you is my dream come true. You know how I feel about you and what this whole experience has done to me. In fact right now if I dared touch myself I would bring on an orgasm the type of which you cant even imagine”.

With that I grabbed her thigh with one hand and her own hand with the other and said, I am a very lucky guy to help make your dreams come true and based on our interaction so far we’re both going to wonderland together. We both smiled and held each others gaze and body parts for a minute or two and then got up, took our jackets off and got comfortable and followed the stewardess back into the conference room for dinner.

Much more to follow.

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