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Dark fantasy domination: teacher humiliates young female tease
She was one of my best students. A fresh 16 year old in a freshman college writing course. Long blond hair running straight down her back, traces of acne still on her face, and fiery engaged eyes. She was always ready for class. And as the term went on, she moved from wearing bulky sweatshirts and sweatpants to loose t-shirts to tight Abercrombie t-shirts. And then, on the last couple days of class, her ass-crack showing jeans and tissue-thin white tank tops commanded my attention. The other students noticed too.
Last day of class. Papers returned, grades handed out, have a good summer. I looked up as the students left, and she lingered. Slowly putting her notebook in her bag, she was bent over facing me. Nice, large breasts. If only she was 18. If only, she’d be a perfect tit-fuck. She looked up quickly, caught me yearning for her flesh, and smiled. Then she walked awkwardly towards me, smiling. Fortunately, the last student left the classroom, door shut behind them.
“So,” she asked, “our grades are final?”
“Yes,” I said. “But you earned a solid A, Kristina. You’ve done very well.”
She smiled and set her bag down on the floor.
“No, I wasn’t worried.” She glanced at the door, and my heart sped up. Her thumbs went to the bright pink spaghetti straps of her tight top. “I just wanted you to know what a great teacher you were.” Then she smiled and slowly pulled the straps off of her shoulders. I was stunned. No bra, just fresh, firm, hard breasts.
“Kristina…” I started.
“I saw you looking at them,” she said.
Silence. Her bright red nipples were hard.
“I wanted you to see them,” she said. “I’m a 36, you know.” Giggling, “All the boys try and guess.”
“Wow. Um, I could get in serious trouble here…”
“Oh come on, teach, I saw you looking. Staring.” Then she cupped her right breast while pointing at the bulge in my jeans. “I know you like me. And I can tell you like them. Don’t you want to touch them?”
“Kristina, this is really not appropriate,” I said, but I wanted to shoot cum all over those perfect breasts.
“The term’s over, right?” She then cocked her head. “Can’t you just lock the door?”
I could, and I did. Quickly.
“Oh teach, I know you wanted to,” she said as I walked over to her. I grabbed her behind the head, forced my tongue into her mouth, and grabbed her right breast. So firm, so hard, it was good. She pulled back.
“Oh my! I just wanted to give you a quick feel,” she said.
“I want more than that,” I said, unbuttoning her jeans.
“But,” she started getting nervous, “I just wanted to tease you a bit.”
“Kristina,” I said as one hand went to her throat and one to her right breast, “it’s not good to tease.” I squeezed both, felt my dick ready to explode, and felt her squirming and gasping. Then I slapped her. Hard. She started to cry, but all I saw were those shaking tits.
“You’re a tease. And now you’ll get what a tease deserves.” I slapped her again, and her crying got louder. Made me even harder. I caught her looking at the door, grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her onto her knees. “You know what to do, Kristina. Tease teacher and this is what you get.”
She fumbled with my fly, unleashed my dick, and started to suck it like an amateur.
“Wrong,” I said. “That’s not good enough.” I slapped her face again. Her body shook, tears ran from her eyes. From empowered cock-tease to cum eater—she didn’t like the shift. I grabbed her head with both hands, wrapped my fingers in her long straight hair, and looked at her na? eyes and still-clearing skin. “This is what I want.” Then I face fucked her hard and slow. I heard her gag on each deep thrust, her sloppy slurping echoed through the room; I felt her teeth grate on my cock, and each time I pushed in deeper. Below her head and hair I saw those perfect tits. Perfect tits waiting. I slammed my dick in her mouth.
“Pretty little A student, but you get an F for oral.”
Her body shook from fear.
“Little girl, you should’ve stuck with writing essays.” Then I got vicious.
I pushed her to the ground, left hand around her thin throat—barely let her breathe. Teasing me, she didn’t deserve to breathe. I straddled on top of her, my knees pinned her arms against her body. Then I got what I wanted: my titty fuck.
I grabbed a tit in each hand, pinched each nipple hard, and pumped my dick between them.
So firm, so hard. What a hot young bitch. Watching her cry while pumping between perfect tit-meat made me cum. Fast. My seed spilled all over her tits, her chest, and some gobs shot on her face.
I stood up, pulled her up by her long hair. She didn’t even try to wipe the cum off of her. She looked at the ground as she pulled her tank top back up.
“So, did you like it?”
I punched her in the stomach and she doubled over.
“I asked you a question. Did you like it, Kristina?”
She shuddered. “No. You’re mean, not at all like you seem in class…”
I grabbed her by throat and pulled her face to mine. “Wrong answer.” Then I slammed my knee into her cunt. She fell to the floor. Fuck, it felt good.
“Kristina, did you like it?”
“Uhhh, yes,” she said quietly.
I kicked her in the back. “Wrong answer.” She lay there, sobbing, in pain, and totally scared. My dick was hard again. I leaned over her and whispered,“You’re a liar, and I know you’re a liar.”
I pushed her onto her stomach with my foot. She rolled over—no resistance. I knelt down behind her, and pulled her pants down to her ankles. No panties. Her broad hips filled my hands perfectly, and she was almost convulsing. Then she pissed herself; I saw the puddle form quickly on the rough brown careting.
“Fucking little bitch. Look what you did. Can’t even fuck me some pussy. That only leaves one thing.” I spread her ass cheeks, spit on her pink anus, and pushed in. Hard. Fast. And she whined and complained and moaned. And each second I felt her asshole fighting my dick, and I forced myself in deeper. She screamed. Loud. I slammed in deep. She screamed again.
Then it happened. I choked her with both hands as I pushed into her tight hole. I could smell her shit and fear, and it made me harder. Deeper. I squeezed tighter as I pushed deeper and she fought back. As I neared climax, I heard pounding and screaming. This drove me into a frenzy. I dropped her head and moved back to those perfect tits. One hand per breast, I ripped and pulled them; they were my reins into the abyss of her tight fuckhole. Little virgin fuckhole wearing pornstar tits.
I exploded, load after load buried into her limp body—my fingers gouged, scarred her breasts. That’s when I noticed the blows. My students had come back looking for Kristin. And now, now they were beating me as I was still cumming into her limp body beneath me.

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2016-08-22 14:19:39
The number is the size of the ribs, the letter is how big the bra cup is u should change it to like a tripple D

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2016-02-14 17:03:50
It was well written. Very imaginative.

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2014-06-13 08:23:39
This isnt that bad

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2014-01-23 01:35:12
I'd love it if my biology teacher did that to me.

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i have big bulla.................................................................................................................................................................

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