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This is a true story and the characters are real. Me and this guy we continue to meet all the time, and we love each other deeply. Me, I was 5 foot 5 at the time with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I was slender but not muscly. My mate, James, he was same height dark blonde hair and the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen, he was also of the same build.
We were both I the army cadets, we joined at the same time and became best mates. I was 14, and James was 13 turning 14. Every single camp we went on, we slept in the same tent, we did everything together and we were a good two man team. James had no idea that I found him hot, and I had no idea that he fancied me. I mean we mucked around every now and then and jokingly grabbed each other’s dick through our pants, but there was no meaning to it.
Time had come for the big final year camp, it was a weeklong adventure where we spent every hour being like the army shooting, living and eating, whilst on a massive army barracks in Australia. James and I, now senior cadets were never separated, we stuck together and all the others new it, so no one stepped in our way. We were allocated the same tents, just two per each tent, and I loved that system because otherwise we would never sleep. Night after night, we talked joked around about which of the females we would like to fuck, and just were guys. But on the third night, my life changed forever and this is how it began.
It was about 11:00 at night and we were in our tent, with no one else nearby. We started talking about what we had done sexually in life. I rolled over into a spooning position with him, and he didn’t notice. I then slowly started to hump him as a joke just to see what reaction I would get, he jumped at first, but then rolled over and said, “That’s not the worst I have done.” I asked him what he meant by that. He said one time on another camp I made a guy suck my dick, I asked him was he gay, and he instantly said no almost too loud. I giggled to myself and we just laid there facing each other, when I told him that I was going to jack off coz I needed to. He said it was all cool with him and that he would probably would too. I started off, just pulling my shirt off, and pulling my pants down and just started to slowly stroke my hard 6” cock. I did and kept going for a while, when I realised that James hadn’t started yet. I turned and faced him, and asked him what was the matter.
He faced me and said, “I lied!” and kissed me straight on the lips. I pulled away, and he asked what’s wrong. I said, “So your gay then?” and I got a reply that nearly blew my breath away. He said, “I have admired you for years now, but was never sure. You’re not going to tell anyone are you?” How could I, my dreams had come true. In return I kissed him back, it was the most fantastic kiss I had ever had, and our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouth. Whilst kissing I reached into his pants and pulled them down, I then sat on him and undressed him completely, I wanted him bad.
I slowly wriggled down into his sleeping bag, until I could touch the base of his dick with my mouth, I grabbed his now hard 6” cock and crammed in into my mouth, he moaned, and I moaned at what I was doing. He did not force me, but he lay his hands gently on the head and rubbed my hair. I continued to bob up and down on his cock trying to fit all of it in which I did, almost killing myself but i didn’t care, I had the boy of my dreams. I pulled his dick out and slowly massaged his head with my tongue, his breathing sped up and I knew he was cumming, so I stuck it all back in my mouth and sucked hard. He blew his load in my mouth and I swallowed every last drop of nectar. I continued down to his balls and gave them a quick massage with my tongue, they tasted so good.
I came up out of his sleeping bag and surprised him with the most passionate cum tasting kiss ever, I broke away though and whispered into his ear, “My turn,” then gave him a kiss on the neck. James threw me off him with his beautiful body and jumped up on top of me. Again we made out once more, before he slithered down into my sleeping bag. The feeling of his lips on my head nearly made me cum right there, but I resisted. He went further down on my shaft and I awed with the pleasure, so he continued to bob, and massage my head. But then all of a sudden he stopped, I said what are you doing. He told me to roll over so I complied. He unzipped on side of my sleeping bag, and lifted my leg high in the air. Then all of a sudden I felt this warm feeling on my asshole, he was licking me out, and it was one of the best feelings I had ever felt. His tongue probed in and out of my asshole, and I loved it. He then rolled me back over and started on my cock again, but this time had his fingers up my ass. The feeling was unbearable, and I could not hold off my orgasm any longer I came hard in his mouth, and he swallowed, but not all of it. He came back up and kissed me, and he let my cum just slide right onto my tongue, we played with it in my mouth for a bit until we fought with our tongues who could have it first.
We both just lay there as he held me close, and cuddled for a while, until I got up. I went to my pack, and pulled out some condoms that we used to collect water, although instead I bought them pre lubed. I said, “Wanna Play?” and he nodded happily. I went first and chucked one of them on, and lay back until he decided what position to try. He chose doggy, my favourite. I got him to kneel over right in front of me, and to help me get in I licked his ass hole for a bit. I tasted like dirty sex, but I was horny as fuck and didn’t care at all. I slowly slide my cock into his hole, he moaned in please and told me to push it in further. I complied and pushed it in and he moaned even more until he gave me the go ahead to fuck him hard. I started slow and then pulled up my pace just pounding his ass. I went on forever and god when I came I came so damn hard I swear the condom nearly exploded. When I fell down after the exhaustion, I rolled over, and James pulled the rubber of my flaccid dick. To my surprise he turned it inside out and drank my cum out of it, like water. I smiled and kissed him passionately, and then bent down for him to have his turn.
He stuck it in slowly, and until I was ready he kept nice and slow, but when I gave him the word he went like a rabbit. Some say anal hurts, well I disagree, it was the most pleasurable time of my life. But sadly it didn’t last too long, he came hard remembering that I fucked him hard not two minutes ago, either way it was still fun.
We cleaned up our little mess and buried our condoms like nothing ever happened, but for the rest of that camp he got a little kiss goodnight, sometimes a little fuck goodnight every single night!!


2012-12-05 19:40:05
I luv gay boys! This story didn't take long for my pussy to get wet! :)

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2012-07-31 17:36:41
sometimes I would day dream of my hunting buddy and me out in the bush all nite

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2011-03-16 03:51:37
Cool, wish I'd been able to do that with a friend at that age!

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2010-05-25 00:09:58
Please continue to write of these guy's adventures together, but break it into paragraphs to make it easier to read on the screen.

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2010-03-12 03:57:07

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