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Melanie was pleased when she found Barbara at the door, and
showed it with a smile. What a friendly girl, thought Barbara.

What a delicious-looking blonde, thought Melanie. Oh, I do
hope she likes to have her pussy licked! Melanie still wasn't
sure how to go about suggesting it, however. Except for
Arabelle, who had done the initial suggesting, Melanie had only
found suckable pussies in lesbian bars, where everyone's
inclinations and intentions were already known and accepted and
there was no chance of making a mistake that would be
embarrassing. The only question that ever arose in those places
was which girl was to do the sucking and which was to get

But this was a totally different situation. Barbara might
be strictly heterosexual. She might be shocked or disgusted by
the thought of letting a girl lap her pussy. It would be an
uncomfortable situation, in that case, having revealed her
pussy-sucking tendencies and been denied, and having to live
right across the hall from the other girl, having blushing
confrontations at the front door, avoiding each other's eyes.

Hungry as she was to go down on the delicious blonde, Melanie
knew she would have to play it slowly and cautiously. She
figured that she would work the conversation around to erotic
things gradually, then to men, specifically and, if Barbara
showed no dismay at such talk, Melanie could mention some man
she knew who gave great head. She could talk about how much she
enjoyed getting her pussy gobbled, then ask Barbara if she loved
it, too.

And if she said that she did, Melanie could make the offer
only half serious, half joking, until she saw how the blonde
reacted. That seemed the best way to go about seducing the girl
without being too overt. As it turned out, there was a better
way. The girls went into the front room. Barbara sat in an
armchair, carefully keeping her thighs together, very much aware
of the fact that she was not wearing anything under her short

Melanie went to the kitchen to make coffee. And the Dalmatian
stood up, snout quivering. Although the Dalmatian had never
fucked a girl before that morning, he was a bright dog and a
fast learner, and Melanie had taught him well. Now the handsome
spotted dog had gotten another scent of hot human pussy. It was
only logical that he should suppose that his services were being
called upon again. He moved towards Barbara. Barbara, who
had never even dreamed of fucking with a dog, had no idea what
instincts were motivating the Dalmatian. She was fond of
animals and reached out to stroke his head.

"What a nice doggy," she said.

The dog placed his head in her lap and she stroked his ears.
Then he pushed his snout under the hem of her short skirt and
his wet tongue lapped at her bare pussy.

"Oh! Bad dog!" she said. She pushed his head away.

The Dalmatian gave her a puzzled look and slid his muzzle back
into her crotch. Barbara was embarrassed, at first. But as
his long, hot tongue rasped up her pussy, she gave a little
shudder. It felt lovely! She was ashamed of herself, but she
had to admit it. In fact, she wished that Melanie were not in
the apartment, because she would have liked to open her legs
wide and let the Dalmatian tongue her pussy until she screamed!

Her legs were still together and the brute was jamming his
snout into the tight vee, his tongue wedging in. Now Barbara
shot a quick glance at the door to the kitchen, saw that Melanie
was not in sight and parted her legs a little, so that the dog
could give her crotch an unhindered tongue-stroke or two.
Glancing down, she saw that the dog's prick was getting hard.

Fascinated by the very idea of pricks, the blonde virgin
stared at the long, hardening dog-cock in awe. The shiny red
cock-knob came squeezing out from the hairy sheath. The fat
prick began to throb. His balls expanded. Barbara was so
intent on watching the dog get a hard-on that she failed to
notice Melanie come in with a tray of coffee. Melanie halted
in surprise, then grinned. The Dalmatian was merrily lapping
away on the blonde's pussy and the blonde was looking very happy
about it. Melanie saw that Barbara was not wearing any panties.
A good sign, thought the girl. Maybe she came over here with
the same idea in mind that I had when I invited her! Melanie
felt a bit envious of the Dalmatian. She wanted to tongue that
juicy pussy, herself.

Barbara was trembling, both at the sight of the hardening
cock and at the lovely sensation of the brute's slurping tongue.
She wondered if she had time to come before Melanie re- turned.
She glanced towards the door again. Finding Melanie standing
there, watching them, Barbara gave a gasp and blushed bright

She grabbed the dog's head and pushed him away from her
pussy, as if she had just realized what he was doing. The
Dalmatian stood back, wagging his tail, tongue lolling out,
willing to be obedient, but confused as to what was required.
Melanie put the tray down and moved towards them. She saw that
Barbara was embarrassed and dismayed at being discovered, but
she also knew that the blonde had been enjoying the dog's tongue
and that she had been fascinated by the sight of his hard-on.
Melanie knew just how to seduce her now, how to make the blonde
so hot that she would be willing to do anything, whether she
thought that it was depraved or not.

Pretending that she had not noticed Barbara's pleasure,
Melanie said: "Oh, I'm so sorry. He's such a naughty doggy."

"He-he sneaked up on me," Barbara said, trying to make a joke
of it. She laughed slightly, nervously.

"Yes. He does that to me sometimes," Melanie said.

Barbara wondered if Melanie stopped him or let the beast
tongue her to a climax. Was that why the Dalmatian had gone
straight for her pussy? Had Melanie trained him to lap pussy?

"Oh, dear - he has an erection now," Melanie said, as if she
had just noticed the fact. "How embarrassing," Barbara said.
"Yes, especially since I'd have to take care of it." "I beg
your pardon?" Barbara asked. "It's not good for a dog to get a
hard-on and not use it, you know," said Melanie. "A vet told me
that. He advised me to- well, to masturbate the dog, if that
happened." "Really? How---how awful for you, Melanie. "
"Oh, I don't really mind doing it," Melanie said. "I only hope
it doesn't bother you, Barbara. "I-I don't mind. I mean, if a
vet advised you to do it, it must be the best thing."

"I can take him in the kitchen and do it there," Melanie

But Barbara was dying to watch the girl jerk off the
Dalmatian. The idea was fascinating. "Oh, don't worry about
me, Melanie. I don't mind. "

Melanie had already guessed as much, and she smiled. The
Dalmatian was looking back and forth between the two horny
girls, scenting hot pussy on both sides, wondering which one he
was supposed to service. His cock was like a heated crowbar
now. Melanie moved up and knelt down beside the dog. She
reached under him and took his balls in one hand and his prick
in the other. It seemed a shame to waste that lovely hard-on
on a handjob, she was thinking. Melanie had not jerked a dog
off in months, and she hated to waste a load of cum that could
have just as well been spilled in her mouth or up her pussy.
But she didn't think it would be a good idea to blow the dog,
or to let him fuck her, at the moment. Barbara might not think
that quite proper, nor believe that a vet had advised it, as
he might have a handjob.

She began running her closed fist up and down on the dog's
prick. She tried, at first, to act disinterested, as if she
were simply performing a necessary task, without taking any
pleasure in it. But it was hard to conceal her excitement when
she felt that huge slab of cockmeat pulsate in her mind.

Nor could Barbara hide her own fascination, as she watched
Melanie's fist skim up and down and saw the Dalmatian's cockhead
began to flare out and the cleft begin to bubble with cum.
Barbara wished that she were jacking off the dog.

If she had not been such a shy girl, she would have offered
as a thoughtful neighbor to help Melanie do it. The Dalmatian
was still puzzled, wondering why Melanie was using her hands
when she had a perfectly good pussy. But it felt nice and he
didn't mind. Humans were lucky to have hands with opposing
thumbs. If he'd had a thumb, he would have jacked himself off
daily. But it seemed a bit perverse to the dog, to get a
hand-job from a member of another species very pleasantly

"This won't take long," Melanie whispered. She was no
longer attempting to conceal her pleasure. Barbara had leaned
forward in her chair, gazing at the dog's cock in open
wonderment. Her thighs had parted again and her pussy was

Melanie glanced sideways, smiling dreamily. Barbara realized
that Melanie was looking at her exposed pussy. But she couldn't
close her legs. She was far too hot. It felt nice to have
another girl staring at her pussy that way and, anyhow, she
didn't think she had to be embarrassed - not with a girl who
jerked off dogs. What other naughty things did Melanie do?

Then the Dalmatian began to tremble violently.

"He's going to shoot!" Melanie rasped.

"Oooooh," purred Barbara eagerly.

Suddenly the dog's haunches bucked and a ,huge jet of
quicksilvery jism hosed from the head of his prick. Cum flew
out between his front legs and skimmed up the inside of
Barbara's thigh and splashed right into her sodden crotch.
Barbara wailed with the thrill. It was the first time she had
ever had cum on her pussy. Melanie kept pumping away and the
Dalmatian kept shooting out jets of jism, and the dog-cum kept
splashing onto Barbara's pussy. The blonde had thrown her legs
wide apart now, welcoming that hosing.

A last trickle of cum dripped out. The dog's balls were
emptied. Melanie took a handkerchief out and carefully mopped
the head of the dog's cock. She looked at Barbara.

"Oh, I'm so sorry- I aimed it at you, I'm afraid. "

"It-it's all right," Barbara whispered.

"Let me clean you up," said Melanie.

She moved over to Barbara, on her knees. Barbara leaned
back, her legs wide apart, the dog-jizz foaming in her crotch.
Melanie began to wipe the sticky, slippery stuff up with the
handkerchief. Her hands moved on Barbara's pussy. Barbara
sighed. Melanie seemed to be polishing her clit more than
necessary. Barbara looked down and saw that all the dog-cum had
already been mopped up, but that Melanie's hands were still
moving on her pussy. The handkerchief dropped out of Melanie's
grip. She didn't seem to notice. Her hands massaged and
kneaded the blonde's pussy. Melanie looked up through lowered

"When the dog was licking your pussy you liked it, didn't
you?" she asked, her voice husky.

"I-Yes, I liked it," Barbara admitted. "Do you always like
to get tongued?"

"I-I've never been tongued,." stammered the virgin. Melanie
looked surprised.

"I'm a virgin and I've never been sucked off," Barbara blurted
out, trembling all over. The very idea of a cherry pussy made
Melanie drool. Her tongue slid across her lips.

"Would you like me to suck you off, Barbara?' she asked.
"Oooooh-yes! Oh, please, yes!" wailed the blonde.

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