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My girlfriend Nivagi gives me a very nice wake-up
Nivagi is my girlfriend – we’ve been dating since 2008. We both date other people openly, including our girlfriend Ke. “Ke” and “Nivagi” are not their real names, of course, but since I’m writing explicitly about my real life, I had to come up with something to call them. Sorry if the weird names I came up with are confusing.

Thursday morning I had a very nice wake-up with Nivagi. As we snuggled in bed, me in boxers and she in cute panties, we cuddled and enjoyed each other's presence and the opportunity to sleep in since neither of us had to be at work especially early. We embraced warmly and I rubbed and scratched her back, loving the feeling of her body against mine. She massaged my scalp, making me purr in delight.

I told Nivagi since she rubbed my scalp I would grant her wishes. She told me that only worked with bald heads, so she reached into my boxers and started to stroke the head of my cock. Her hand moved down my shaft, pleasing me more and turning me on, and I asked her what kind of wishes she'd like granted. "Many orgasms!" she squealed playfully.

I turned so I could rub Nivagi’s pussy in return, and asked her why she was still wearing cute panties. Nivagi said she didn't know why she was still wearing panties, and obligingly hasted to take them off. We pulled my boxers off as well, and cuddled together to kiss under her blankets. My hand returned to Nivagi’s pretty pussy, stroking her recently-trimmed fur and dipping my fingertips down between her moist labia.

Nivagi was rather wet, as usual, and got wetter as I massaged her clitoris. I moved closer to her, kissing her as I guided my fingertips over her clit and just inside her. Desiring to taste her, I pulled the sheet aside and moved down her body, kissing her pretty belly and quickly positioning myself between her legs. I kissed and licked her clit, sucking it lightly as I slid two fingers just inside her.

I ate Nivagi and fingered her, starting palm down but then turning my hand over to rub her G-spot as I licked her. Nivagi moaned quietly and squirmed, and I smiled as I kept up my oral efforts. My fingers and mouth moved in unison, and I did my best to grant her wishes for orgasms. Nivagi cums pretty easily, but I didn’t want to be too complacent, even if we didn’t really have all morning to play.

When Nivagi hit her final peak, she put her hand on my head, and I backed off a little, winding down the stimulation before withdrawing my fingers and moving up to rejoin her on the bed. Nivagi and I snuggled and kissed again, her hand returning to my hard cock and stroking me fondly. I thought that she was ready to have me inside her, and so it was a pleasant surprise when instead she moved down and took my stiff dick into her mouth.

Nivagi has a very nice mouth, and it’s been far too long since I’ve gotten to enjoy her going down on me. I alternated between watching her cute face bob up and down along my shaft and just laying back and closing my eyes to enjoy the sensations. Her hand stroked up and down half my length while Nivagi licked and sucked the head of my erection like a lollipop. Her efforts felt magnificent and turned me on all the more.

Once Nivagi had me thoroughly aroused and engorged, she moved back up next to me to kiss me and press her warm soft body against mine. We lay on our sides facing each other, grinding and pulling our bodies together hungrily as we kissed and caressed. Nivagi wriggled excitedly, and I suggested she put some of that wiggly energy to use on top of me.

Nivagi’s beautiful eyes widened, and she broke our embrace long enough to retrieve a condom from her bedside. She handed me the condom and straddled me, stroking my cock while I tore open the wrapping. I slid the rubber down over my hard penis and almost instantly Nivagi was on me, gliding her hot body down around my prick to embed it deeply inside her.

Nivagi then put her surplus of energy to excellent use, leaning forward to kiss me as she wriggled her hips enticingly and crushed her wonderful breasts to my chest. I scratched down her back as I gasped in pleasure, my cock swelling with each up and down movement of Nivagi’s body. She pressed her pelvis down, making sure I was filling her completely as she ground her mound of Venus against me.

Rising up, Nivagi gave me an excellent view of her sexy belly-dancer’s body as she thrust her hips forward and back over me. She reached down and rubbed her clit, smiling in response to my arousal at the physical and visual stimulation. She pulled my hands up to her breasts, and I pinched her nipples lightly as she rode me. Nivagi looked and felt fantastic dancing over me while impaled solidly on my penis.

I held out as long as I could, but eventually Nivagi’s moaning and squeezing was more than I could resist. I warned her I was going to cum, and she re-doubled her efforts, grinding and slamming her hot pussy down around my straining prick. With a gasp and a surge, I drove myself up into her one last time, cumming hard inside her as she groaned with me in sympathetic delight.

As potent as my initial orgasm was, Nivagi had more pleasure in store for me. As Nivagi continued to move and grip me internally, I was hit by a powerful series of climactic aftershocks, one after the other. Nivagi laughed as I gasped a politically-incorrect remark about her showing Haiti a thing or two about aftershocks (too soon, I know), and leaned down to kiss me as I shuddered below her on the bed.

Both of us wanted to spend all day in bed, kissing and making love. Unfortunately, work beckoned. We got up into the shower, and I thanked Nivagi for a very nice morning. I don’t know if I granted her all the orgasmic wishes she deserved, but with luck next time we’ll have the chance for me to cater to her needs properly. In the meantime, I had an extremely excellent start to my day.
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