my first story hope you like it
I know I know same old story married to young, thought lust was love. Married at 18 back at home and divorced by 20 couldn't believe it happened to me. Mom was great though letting me move back in we had fun like we never did before. We would go shopping together, go out for dinner, kick back watch movies it was really great. Mom would laugh and giggle like a school girl when we were together, she would say I was the best date she’s had in years. I hadn’t really give it much thought but because of having so much fun with my Mother I really never missed the ex, except in the bedroom.

Then my 21st birthday hit and Mom wanted to take me out and hit the town, I really didn’t care but Mom wanted to get out and cut loose for awhile. Now mind you I never gave it much thought but my Mother is a very impressive looking woman. She is 38 years old about 5’ 2” 125lbs with a nice round bubble butt and 36c’s which I never probably wouldn’t have noticed since she normally would wear loose cloths plus she is my Mother I never really gave her looks much thought. But when she came down the stairs wearing this form fitting dress skirt thing I all the sudden seen her like a woman.

When we went out we had the time of out lives, drinking, dancing, she would flirt with guys then walk over to me and hang all over me it was awesome. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or what but these feeling started over me like I couldn’t believe, while we slow danced to a song my dick really started to grow and as we danced I started to grind it into Mom’s leg, the amazing thing was she was pushing back. I was drunk and Horny and couldn’t believe that I was thinking about my how to fuck my Mother.

Once we got into the car and on our way home I talked myself out of thinking about Mom, I was like you can’t do that it wrong she would freak. So after we got home I hugged my Mommy and went to bed. And the next day would change my life for ever.
When I woke up I noticed a pair of panties on floor by the chair Mom was sitting at when I crawled off to bed, I looked at them knew they had to be the one’s she had worn the night before. They were so sexy black silk cut real high, I started to think about her last night and how I had felt, I quickly put them up to my face and took a long deep breath. As soon as I did my dick shot straight out and I knew I had to go squirt in those panties. I went to my bedroom and wrapped those panties around my dick and blew the biggest load of my life into the crotch were Mommy’s pussy had been. As I laid there I heard Mom rustling around getting up, so I finished up and went to see her.

Like I said things were never the same after that night, Mom started to wear more revealing clothes around the house, sexier cloths out and incredibly sexy outfits for her pj’s. Every one in awhile I would see another pair of her panties lying around and I would have to squirt in them oh it would feel so good, thinking about how good Mom looked and blowing my load into her pussy holder. As time went on I got more adventurous I was starting to sneak peeks at her when she was in her room changing or using the bathroom. By now I was stealing her panties all the time squirting in them and putting them into the dirty cloths basket, one time while she was in the shower I went into her room to find her used panties and while I was in there I seen she had her bathroom door open and I could see her through the shower door. I whipped my dick out right there and jacked off watching her shower, it was my most intense orgasm yet. As I sat there dripping cum from my dick daydreaming I heard the shower shut off and the door open. I woke up from my day dream and got out of the room as fast as I could, not knowing I dropped the panties in the process.

As time went on Mom got more adventurous leaving her door open while she dressed, bathroom door open, she even walked into the kitchen and around the house naked a few times. I started noticing she was leaving more and more of her panties around for me to find and find them I did leaving my trail of manhood into them. There was even a few nights where Mom would leave her door open and I could watch her in her bedroom using her toy. Watching my Mother orgasm was unbelievable it started to send me over the edge I didn’t know what I was thinking anymore, at first it seemed like it was so bad to desire your Mother the way that I was but after all this time watching her I just craved her. I started to leave my door open when I would jack off into her panties and quietly call her name at first, Mom oh Mom yeah feels so good, then as time went on I know I got louder. I would leave her panties where she could find them with my cum stains in them, sometimes on my bedroom floor or sometimes in her room. I got bolder and bolder.

Then it happened one Saturday morning I go out into the living room and there’s Mom in the chair with her legs over the arms spread eagle cramming a vibrator up her pussy. I stood there in aw staring. She looked straight into my eyes and said come her and eat your Mommy’s pussy. I ran over to her dropped to my knees and buried my face into her like I was trying to get back where I came from. Oh the joy I licked her and sucked her clit bit on her lips tasted every drop of her jizz that made its way onto my tongue. I couldn’t believe what was happening I had wanted this for so long and to think here I was eating Mom’s pussy listening to her moan, making her orgasm and drinking her cum. After another orgasm she picked my head up and said to me, do you want to fuck Mommy’s pussy? I ripped my shorts off and buried my rock hard cock into her tight pussy hole. It was so hot and wet I just couldn’t last long and I pumped her pussy full of my cum the whole time listening to her scream fuck Mommy’s pussy fuck Mommy’s pussy. Looking at my Mother newly fucked pussy I seen that cum was oozing from her hole running down her butt crack I just had to lick it all up not wanting to waste a drop.

After we caught our breaths Mom still in the chair and me with my head on her steamy pussy she told me how she has been planning this day ever since my birthday which was now over six months ago. She told me how she had been leaving her dirty panties around for me to find and teasing me with all the sexy nitties she was wearing, but she knew she had me when she found those cum filled panties on the floor in her bedroom after her shower and from then on it was just a matter of time. I shocked that Mom had planned this whole thing I had been so horny trying to get into her that she was setting me up all along to get me.

Ever since that day I have been fucking my Mother like a beautiful woman like her deserves, I take her out and we make out in public and if we can we sneak one in for all to see it is really been the best years of my life.
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