they are all different
RAPE!!!!!he’s rubbing his hands down my pants and up my shirt grab bin my boobs he unclipped my bra stripped off my shirt pulled down my pants and pulled off my underwear kissed me all up my legs and licked my pussy then he grabbed my boobs then he stuck his dick in my pussy and we started humping each other and he fucked me so hard it hurt he was kissing me all over and told me to tie him to a chair and lap dance him naked so I tied him up except his hands so he could grab me and squeeze me I lap dance him for a hour then I untied him and I closed my legs and tried to sleep but he open up my legs and stuck his dick all up in my pussy again my bf just stuck his toung in my pussy. It feels so good he goes around and round with his toung! Oh yea! It feels so good up and down all though it! Lick it good oh yea let me feel it! Oooh that feels so good my bf just stuck his dick up my pussy hole and grabbed my boobs bf just had sex with me for the first time today he licked my boobs and grabbed my ass he started humping my side then put his dick in my pussy and started humping me.

today is nick birthday and all he can think about is the only thing he wants. sex with his gf a super hot striper named Brittany. when he turns the corner to his apartment nick sees Brittany's car in the drive way they live together but she is usually out. when he goes up the stairs to their bedroom and walks in he sees Brittany looking like this sitting on the bed with a bag of sex toys on the floor and candles on the dresser.i know the one thing you want for your birthday and now your going to get it better then you will ever get it from anyone" she said slowly getting up to close the door and draw the shades. she comes back over to my and whispers in a voice so sexy no one can resist 'take all your cloths off and lie down on the bed" i do ****he says and lie down while watching her dim down the lights. then she comes back to me and takes off all her clothes and sits on my dick then starts to bounce up and down. then i tell her i want a hump bath so she got up and sucked my dick and put her pussy in my mouth and i stuck my tung in it . then i sucked on her boobs and we made out for an hour then i started to hump her and finger her. after that she bend over the bed and i stuck my dick in her pussy and that lasted and hour. then we licked all over each other . after that i found some whip cream and we sprayed it on each other then licked it all off then she got up went to the kitchen and grabbed the cool whip and stuck it up her pussy and nick licked it out and they kept making out and humping each other all night they stopped at 5:30A.M. and when they got up for breakfast they were both still naked so they did it more and they did it for another 8 hours she told him she want more dick in her and he did as she said and he said fast or slow she said slow he said hard or soft she said soft.

Oh im fucking my girl so hard her pussy tasted so good im going to be a baby daddy oh oh oh she licking my dick yea girl want me to lick her pussy yum it tasted so good im going to be a father she just lost her virginity to me oooooooooooooooooooooh yea she biting in the balls she is so hot it so awesome I just finish sex...the feeling was damn good...doing it with my bf...he was licking my pussy and kissing it i keep moving until i came to his mouth and give him a hot kiss w

have you ever heard of the story that a teenager girl who was being raped by her own teacher? Well let me tell you. She was walking in the hall with her ***y with her short skirt (it w****ummer), she's the hottest girl in school, everybody wants her. She was a bad girl, skip school all the time. One day, she was wearing a so thin shirt that everybody could see her bra (not so clear), and her short skirt that people can see her pantie. She was hanging out in the school's hallway then suddenly somebody grabbed her arm then pulled her into the janitor's closet. She screamed but no one can hear her cause her mouth was being cover. The light went on and she could clearly see that was her teacher. The teacher started to unbutton her shirt slowly (she was being tied up). When it was off, he started to licked her stomach slowly that made her felt so tickle. He pulled the shirt off then the unhooked the bra, took it off so he could see her big b.o.o.b.s. He started to ****ing it. Then he untied her, pushed her to the ground her hold her there tight. He started to unzipped her skirt and took it off, then her super small pantie. He started with 3 fingers in her slowly that made her moaned so hard but still nobody can hear it. Then faster and faster, she started to scream, he slapped her so she could just stop. He took all of his clothes off then started to put his p.e.n.i.s into her p.u.s.s.y, started slowly then faster and faster, but still not all in. She screamed so hard, her b.o.o.b.s were flying everywhere so he stopped and started to ****ing it. Then suddenly she screamed out so loud cause he was fully into her. Her tears started to came out. He let her went on top of him and said if she don't do it then he will tell the principal. She cried for a minutes then started to ride him. First slowly, then he pulled her and said to moved faster and faster. After a while, he stood up, put his clothes back on then left her there crying

A princcess went to the city and met a bartender who told her to take him to her castle. They went there, went to her room, locked the door, and the princess took her clothes off and let the bartender kiss and lick her body. They had sex all day and night. The next day, the bartender went to work and hid girlfriend- a playboy cover girl- came over and asked where he was last night. Then the princess asked, " Aren't you that girl from playboy?" and the girl said, "Yes and I can prove it too." When the princess asked how, the other girl took her clothes uff and locked the door so no one else could see her. Then the princess took her clothes off. The the girl said, "Nice body." And the princess said, "Thanks, yours is nice too- no wonder you are on the cover of playboy". The girl smiled, took the princess to a nearby closet, clodes the door and had *** with her. The princess ****ed the girl's t.i.t.s. Then they kissed, and they pinched each other's nipples, and kissed some more. They also licked each other's naked body everywhere. The next day, both girls were pregnant and got married to each other

last night i came home from work and my gf was sitting in the shower with her legs spread apart. she told me to get naked and start having sex with her. then i took off all my clothes and closed the bathroom door and sat on her pussy and bounced up and down. then i turned the shower on and i was licking her boobs and i was rubbing them and then making out with them. then she was saying to hump harder. so i squeezed her boobs and took my dick out of her pussy and stuck it back in realy hard she was screaming and laughing. then while we inter-coursed she got up (my dick and her pussy werent conected any more) and put both her hands on the bath toilet seat and spread her legs (she was standing up) and i licked her ass hole and her pussy. then i grabbed her by her waist and shoved my dick up her pussy and took it in and out. we did that all night and she said it relly hurt but she liked it

there was a poor boy who always wanted to be with and someone day a beautiful girl drove by and talk to him said felt bad for him and took him to her house so he could sleep then that night the boy snuck into the girl's room and handcuff each one of her arm to each end of the bed did the same to her legs slowly took off her nightgown when she was about o scream but he taped her mouth shut he layed at the bottom of the bed by her pussy and started licking everywhere in her pussy and kissed it good squeesed her breasts and licked her pussy licke boobs and when she started to scream he slapped her and he took off his clothes slid under the cover and stuck his dick up her pussy took off the tape and kiss her he put his dick in her pussy hole uncuffed her then chain her to wall spread her legs kissed and put his tongue in her pussy hole made her lick all over his dick and would drink milk from her breasts and put his finger up her pussy repeatly like there was nothing wrong with it put whip cream on her and all over her then lick it off put whip cream in her pussy then lick it all out and would hump and hump her over and over. he raped her every night

A guy named sam came home and saw his gf licking another girls pussy he ripped off his clothing and started to fuck the other girls boobs and stuck his dick in his gf pussy they did that for a hour changing positions then the 2 girls laid down on the bed and he stuck both hands up there pussy then they stuck pop sickles in there then they stuck bacon too it broke of in the girls pussy so he eated it out stuck his toung in his gf pussy but that got stuck too so the other girl started fucking hie dick then the gf fuck on the other girl pussy and got stuck like that

. i had s.e.x last nigth it w****oooo fun we did it with chains and toys and first we did it in the bed then we went to the shower then he carry me to the pool it w****o fun it felt soooooo good now if u want to do it with me like that write me a message to this same game we will do it hard in the shower and in the pool we will doit with chains and alot of toyohh and i am a girl
i had s.e.x with my boyfriend last night and it felt great he kept rubing my **** and it felt good now hes a father and im a mother just because of that one night so now boys were condoms and girls take your birth pills please

u can lick my p.u.s.s.y! any time u want l.e.s.*****. my old boy friend came 2 my house and i was alone, and he starts 2 H.U.M.P. me!!! it felt soooooooo good i was making s.e.x.y noises and raunchy moans! he was rubbin my brea sts, and i ****ed his p.e.n.i.s!!! IT FELT SO GOOOOD!!!!!

oooh ya baby **** my v it feels good ya dont stop i like your pussy i will f you all day if i have to you can **** my pussy to i dont care i want to Get pregnet i want to have a baby
oh fuck my vaina hurts now I just had sex ohhhh when boys lick yur pussy it feels soo good ohhh hes undressing agin I am 2 no baby well ok u can put your tung in that hole were having sex rite now again ok now im licking his dick its kinda hairy but I love it no baby don’t get up u can pee on me all over me plz ohhh piss is warm cuddle me closer baby yea that’s it bite my nippls it feels nice that’s it rub your dick in my pussy good now ohhhh yea lick my butt crack ohhh
yea baby please I feel I will look every where ohhhh yaaa let me see it baby came on oooooooo yaaaaaaaaa oooooooo that’s good stick it in their harder ooooooo baby it hurts but it feels so good now kiss it harder harder

omg I just had sex it felt sooo good he humped me hard he just loves to lick my pussy so it felt good he was nibbling on my boobs when he put his penis in my mouth and I think he pissed in it now im naked lying on my bed and he is licking my butt crack oh now hes humping me yay ohhhhh his tung feels so good on my vigina oooooo now he stung kissing my pussy ohh I bet I get pregnet now he put his penis in my pussy ohhhh it hurts but feels sooooo good sex is amazing

who want a sexy girlfriend i m very sexy i have big boobs i got sweet lips i get very comfortable on bed u could lick my boobs u could have sex with me on my bed i think u wanna do it now even u could take my clothes off slowly my top bottom my bra and kiss it all slowly all night i always wear short clothes just put comment saying i m princess boyfriend if u wnt to be my boy friend i want a hot 16-18 years old boyfriend and i could chat to him
we could go te hotel for some nights and we will have fun u be on bed with no clothes and then u could take my off slowly kiss it and then take my bra of to see my sexy boobs and do what ever u want to u be on top of me that be soooooooooooo fun leave your email
leave me u r email and rite this is for princess and u could do more fun with me we could go to 5 star hotel for some nights u could kiss my juicey lips

Si want to tell you about my first s.e.x experience it was the best my bf came over whhile my parents were at work for 20 hours god it was awesome he took me up to my room and i ran when he came in the shades were shut and the lights were dim we lied on my bed and were kissing then i said "why don't we take it a little well a lot more advanced so he took me shirt bra and skirt and thongs off then we kissed some more then finally said this isn't working for me so i took his shirt and pants then finally his calvin k briefs we had s.e.x for so long i stuck his f.u.c.k.i.n yoummy delicious d!ick in my wet pussy then we got hungry so we went downstairs (still naked) when i was looking in the fridge i found cool whip and spread it all ovver my pussy and holy s.h.i.t he put his tounge to my pussy and licked that was the best s.e.x i ever had

my brother is so wierd wen i was wearing my cliothes and stuff i got on here played he taped my shoulder it was 1 am so i went to bed then he called his bff he came over my brother and his friend came in my room his friend held a camera then my brother locked the door my parnts wont ohme of course lol then he cuffs my arms to the bed and then put tape around my mouth his friend tpaped it all then my borthr took my clothes off took my shirt of first he said wow u need to take that bra off sis i treied to scream but he took it off and started licking my b00bs then he took my pants off took my paties of then got on me and starting to rhape me he fushed me hard and i list my virginity that night my little sis was next to me on her bed criend my brother smacked her she fell and hit her head she was p***ed out he got up came back to me uncuffed me and fliped me of ben me over my bed and fushed my but then he took the camera :( then let his friend go after my bab sister she died oof rhape but my bros freind took my sis ties her up took off her little jeans and rhpaed her to her death then she died :( and i cried and his friend came to me and rhpaed me till i bleed but then he rhped me harder and faster :( i hurt my but and viginy i cried and cried for my mummy and daddy but then his friend got up and let me go i ran in bathroom locked door and my brother was in shower he gets out and pulls me in ad touxches me again and rhapes me harder and the fosit was clogin tub wen he was done h got out i was in the water of blood he said why so serios and walked out of room then a stranger i never seen came in and helped me out he shown me his badge and wraped a towel around me and gave me a hug and sai its gonna be ok his buddy was a cop and this man was a cop so then he takes my baby sister and me out side and gives her cpr she wakes p and i look up smiling then frown and see my brother geting in cop car with mad face at me then i said wats goin on i i studer saing im pregnet i have my first child at the age of 7 after that the oficer says o no i say will my brother die :( and they already posted pic on youtube

my brother is so weird when I was wearing my top that showed my stomach (because I'm ten and doing dress up )he trapped me and took off my my pants and left my under wear on and I was screaming and blushing so he put a cloth around my mouth so the noise wouldn't be heard so much and tied me aroud a chair then he took off my shirt and left my bra on and then called his friend and he looked at me and said to my brother that girls look pretty with bras on and then my brother took off my underwear and let me outta the chair andthen he took me and rubbed my but a million times then he tied me to the bed and told his friend to take off the bra and my privite w****howing and then my brother kept on rubbing my butt and his friend rubbed my p e e p e e and my ******* s which isn't right if my brothers friend is rubbing my ******* s and then they put the whole thing on tape any called a person who is in love with me and always chases me to kiss me. so they call him to kiss me while I was n a k e d and he kissed me and did ***** when and the bad part was I didn't like himm because he's weird andkissed my ******* s and they got that on tape and locked me in the closet so I couldn't get out only when I fainted and I did and I never told my parents or else he'll do it again but worse

My brother took off my shirt and pants and I chased him to go and get him. He ran all the way outside. i went out too during light time. the people agrose the steert had a huge party with almost every body from my school there. every body saw me in my underwere and ******* then he took off all my other stuff when I fell over of aberabes. and I was naked in front of almos the whole school

One day a boy named Tristan comes home to find his wife Jamie laying on their couch totally naked when she gets up from the couch she walks over to him in a sexy way no man can resit he rips of his clothes and she jumps on him and forces his dick slowly into her pussy they run into the bedroom and she slowly slides out his dick and yells uh she pushes him onto the bed and starts sucking his dick she then jumps on him and starts rubbing her pussy juice all over him he sucks her boobs and she screams with pleasure when she seems to look a little bit tired Tristan asks if he should stop she screams no in a sexy voice harder fuck me harder I love being humped come Tristan lick my pussy he stars to finger her when she jumps and starts to starts to stick his dick in her pussy he falls back on the bed and she boucing up and down she moves her body in a circular motion and then starts bouncing up and down again her boobs start bouncing up and down and Tristan cant resist biting them so he does and she yells I love sex harder Tristan hump me harder he then starts to eat her out they jump out of bed and start making out they bite each others tounges and then she starts humping his chest and getting her pussy juice on his chest they lay down in the bed exhausted and she falls asleep sucking his dick and falls sucking her boob.
Nick come home and he sees his girlfriend, a super s.e.x.y stripper named Jamie. He sees her laying naked on their bed. he rips of his clothes and starts h.u.m.p.i.n.g her and s.u.c.k.i.n.g her b.o.o.b.s and sticking his d.i.c.k in her p.u.s.s.y and he h.u.m.p.e.d so hard she screamed! She s.u.c.k.e.d his d.i.c.k and she s.u.c.k.e.d it so hard he yelled. he stuck his tongue in her p.u.s.s.y he s.o. was happy that they h.u.m.p.e.d her some more. they got up and started making out she pushed him down on the bed and she rubbed her p.u.s.s.y on his chest and started bouncing up and down. She screamed with pleasure. she stuck her b.o.o.b in his mouth and he started s.u.c.k.i.n.g it. She sat on his chest and started h.u.m.p.i.n.g it she h.u.m.p.e.d it so hard p.u.s.s.y juice came out. I love s.e.x they both screamed as he was eating her out and she s.u.c.k.e.d his d.i.c.k

JACOB SMELZER comes home to see his wife JOCELYN SCHOONOVER laying in bed and she says baby I was reading and i have a new way for us too have a *** dream
like this, let's do it in the pool across the street then, i will wrap my legs around your waist and push my swim suit bottom to the side (the part covering my p.u.s.s.y)
then i will throw my arms around your neck while you grab my a.s.s to control the s.e.x.y pace. then later we can do it on the beach like this, i will stradle you and dig
my knees into the sand and rather than us move up

ok today w****uch a great day! first it started when me and my boyfriend went driving around then we parked on the top of this very high hill. then you could guess what comes next! we started to have some hot s.e.x right there! o my gosh he f.u.c.**** me so hard i couldnt even catch myself! his c.**** tasted so delicious i couldnt stop f.******g on it! it felt so good pushing up into my pussy! it w****o big i just couldnt stop f.u.****** on it. we kept f.u.****** all night untl he just couldn't take it no more. he just opened my legs and started to f.**** on my pussy hard!!! I t w****o great

LIke, today i had hot *** with my BF. I would not sop ****ing his ****ing *****!!!Then he started to touch my ****s, he licked and licked them, then went down... well you know!!

who want a ***y girlfriend i m very ***y i have big b**bs i got sweet lips i get very comfortable on bed u could lick my b**bs u could have *** with me on my bed i think u wanna do it now even u could take my clothes off slowly my top bottom my bra and kiss it all slowly all night i always wear short clothes u could kiss me anywhere and i could go out wearig bra

Mok today w****uch a great day! first it started when me and my boyfriend went driving around then we parked on the top of this very high hill. then you could guess what comes next! we started to have some hot s.e.x right there! o my gosh he f.u.c.**** me so hard i couldnt even catch myself! his c.**** tasted so delicious i couldnt stop f.******g on it! it felt so good pushing up into my pussy! it w****o big i just couldnt stop f.u.****** on it. we kept f.u.****** all night untl he just couldn't take it no more. he just opened my legs and started to f.**** on my pussy hard!!! I t w****o great. i loved it i took off my clothes nd showed him my good lookin p.u.s.s.y and he showed me his fine lookin d.i.c.k nd i showed him my huge i mean huge b.o.o.b.s nd he s.u.c.k.e.d my p.u.s.s.e.y like there was no tomorrow nd i took the pernacy test nd guess wat im not pregant so next time he has 2 do it hader
do u guys know that i had a dress on that didn't fit me and like my whole dress came off and i wasn't wearing any underwear nd i didn't have my bra on nd i was @ the freaking mall nd there is where i meant my hubby nd when he saw that he said u feel like getting f.u.c.k.e.d tonight im like hell to the yeah nd i guess he noticed me by my monster b.o.o.b.s nd my good lookin p.u.s.s.y we had s.e.x all day long it lasted ultil 2 days we were f.u.c.k.i.n.g each other nd that day i still wasn't pregnat so my hubby nd i have 2 have s.e.x until i bleed to death nd for 3 days long i really want kids as u can see ooooo see ya bout 2 try it again until i bleed to death wish me luck!

today my girlfriend lick my tits long and *********r we humped then we tougned for a while then we liked eachothers ********** made me moan long and ********* i made her moan

one time my crush followed me into the locker room and i got naked to take a shower and i heard pants unzipping and there was nobody in the locker room and then he pushed me down and started humpping me and boy did i jump right in and then we saw a teacher coming and went into the shower the teacher asked if I was ok and I said yes I was then we started making out in there



There was this girl and she was with her friend. They were looking through peoples MySpace sites. The girl slowly came upon this one myspace. It had creatures in the background and the man looked like a psycho. She started laughing with her friend commenting on how ugly he was. Right then, an instant message came up. It said:
SatanStalker: So how do you like my MySpace?
XxLoVemExX: What?
XxLoVemExX: Who is this anyway?
SatanStalker: Well, you should know; you're looking at my MySpace right now.
XxLoVemExX: How do you know?
SatanStalker: I know. I know when people look at my MySpace.
XxLoVemExX: What? That doesn't make any sense, how?
SatanStalker: I just do.
SatanStalker: Especially when pretty girls like you visit.
SatanStalker: With very nice legs I might add.
At the time the girl was wearing high shorts. She started to pull them down a little bit to cover whatever she could. She and her friend started to get worried now.
XxLoVemExX: Ok whatever man you're starting to scare the living sh*t out of me.
SatanStalker: You should be afraid.
SatanStalker: You wouldn't want an ugly guy like me touching your legs, right? I mean that's what you just said about me with your friend a minute ago.
They were in shock. Her friend: Holy crap man just block him he's a f***ing psycho! The girl: Ok holy crap, you think he's watching us? SatanStalker: I am.
SatanStalker: Well it wouldn't really matter if you blocked me anyway; it wouldn't stop me from coming to your house.
XxLoVemExX: What? My house?
SatanStalker: Yeah, you're both alone so it's not a problem.
XxLoVemExX: Ok I think Im going to leave now because you're freaking me out.
SatanStalker: Your screen name says love me, and trust me that won't be a problem.
SatanStalker has just signed off.
The girl and her friend were really
Girls friend: Whatever lets just go upstairs, trust me.
I doubt he's really coming. It's just a joke
from someone. They went upstairs and were having a pillow fight. All of a sudden the girls friend said she had to go to the bathroom. The girl said ok.
Ten minutes later the girl noticed that her friend was still in the bathroom and was wondering what was up. She goes and knocks but no one says anything. Before she could get up the man from the computer he put her on the bed and took off her shit she asked were her friend was he said she was dead and then got off her showed her the dead body then he laid back on her she was to shock to even scream but when he told her he would kill her too if she did not do it with him then she told him okay but she was a virgin

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