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The next series of chapters (5-9)
Previously in “International Espionage, An Insider’s Tale” The principal character is the story Mr G is Deputy Director of the UK Secret Service (SIS). He has been assigned to intercept two Iranian female terrorists enroute to London to help carry out a major terrorist attach. He and his team kidnapped the two women in Amsterdam and when they were given a lie detector test to prove that they were being not just uncooperative but unwilling to be truthful, they were smuggled aboard the private SSI jet and are being flown to an abandoned RAF base in Formby will they will be tortured, given an intravenous truth serum and ultimately “disposed” of. Chapter 5 begins with Mr G and his team just having fled Amsterdam enroute to Formby, the two prisoners shackled and hooded under guard.

Chapter 5

Everyone but Betsy was seated around the Conference table and the stewardess, Becky was beginning to put different types of food out. Plenty of appetizer-type items were being served family style and she was taking drink orders. I wanted something strong so I ordered Bushmill on the rocks, the other two guys ordered liquor as well and Allie wanted a glass of wine. Betsy was in the main cabin keeping watch on the prisoners although there wasn’t much to watch as they were shackled and hooded. After Becky served the drinks she whispered to me that Betsy wanted to see me. I went out to the main cabin to see what was up. Betsy reported that the younger one was constantly repeating some words and getting louder. I could hear her as I walked into the cabin. I yelled for Allie to come out and asked Allie to tell us what she was saying. Allie immediately informed us that she had to pee! I turned around immediately and uncaringly said “fuck her” and then added to Betsy, do what you have to do, I could care less. I went back to my drink which I wanted a refill on immediately not caring if, how or when they decided to let the bitch pee. I told Tom and Jack what was going on and Jack said he would go out and unshackle her for Betsy. Allie came back in and sat down next to me and seemed really demure and calm which was good to see based on what we had been through and what was to lie ahead. I asked Becky to get me a refill and Tom was eating. I heard some scuffling in the cabin and got up to check on it. The younger prisoner was being abusive and uncooperative and I was getting impatient. I went out and asked:”whats the problem guys”? I don’t know said Betsy she’s just not cooperating. Given my level of impatience I went over to her, ripped off her hood and warned her in my best commanding voice to “CALM DOWN”, Even if she didn’t understand me she should now I wasn’t taking any shit. Jack got her shackles off and was starting to take her handcuffs off when I said, stop leave the cuffs on. How is she going to pee, asked Jack. With a wry smile I said Betsy will take care of that. Jack shook his head and went back to eat and Betsy, the bisexual slut turned to me with her little smirk and said; Thanks ! We both got her up and walked her up to the forward lavatory. Betsy opened the door and pushed her inside and I said, leave the door open. Yank her jumpsuit down. Betsy grabbed the front zipper and pulled it wide open from her neck to her crotch. Now pull it down to her ankles I instructed Betsy. She did so willingly and I just stood and gazed at this 17 year old Iranian girl. Betsy used the opportunity to get “real” familiar with this bitch. Betsy stood her up straight and even though we left he hood on she was naked head to ankle. She had a fair very pert medium size tits, maybe 34C. Betsy was groping her all over, feeling her tits and sort of frisking her for what???? She put her right hand right into her crotch which had a fairly thick black bush. It appeared that Betsy was fingering her. I watch quietly and said to Betsy what are you trying to do make her pee on your hand. Betsy turned to me and said I don’t think I’d mind. She pushed the prisoner down onto the toilet and yelled at her GO! All the while Betsy kept her hand on the girls cunt and was spreading her lips while she peed with a forceful flow. The girl was mumbling all the while no doubt complaining about someone’s hand in her twat. She peed for what seemed like 10 minutes and Betsy played with her twat the whole time. When she was finished, Betsy grabbed some toilet paper and wiped her forcefully, almost erotically, once, twice three times. Before she let her up she gave her tits a forceful massage. I wondered whether the prisoner knew it was a female handling her or did she think one of us pigs were molesting her. It didn’t really matter. I leaned over to Betsy and began stirring her up: is her pussy wet , honey? No she turned to me and said not at all. Don’t forget she;s a virgin and probably never even seen a cock. Want to show her mind, I said. No Betsy shot back that’s mine! Oh come on I said why should you have all the fun. She replied back quickly, because she’d probably clamp down on that gorgeous tool of yours and it will never be the same. Good point I thought to myself. Ok let finish her up and get her back locked up. Should we take the old lady in to pee as well. Why don’t you go back and finish your dinner and send Allie out here to help me and we’ll finish the both of them up. What a great idea I thought. That slut Betsy was going to endoctrinate this new little hottie into some lesbianism action. OK I’ll play along and off I went. When I returned to the conference room the guys were scarfing down all the food and Allie seemed alone and afraid. I asked her if she would give Betsy a hand and she immediately complied and went out taking the opportunity to brush by me with some degree of closeness. I sat down and sipped at my drink and nibbled some food and thought I was getting tired. The girls were at it out there for what seemed like forever but it was about 20 minutes. When Allie came back she sat down next to me and by that Time Jack and Tom were done and back out in their respective seats. Allie and I alone now she said, I really like Betsy. If the conversation we had earlier still holds I would give anything to spend a night together with her and I worshiping you and that gorgeous thing between your legs. Betsy had gotten Allie a bit worked up out there and I wondered how I could take advantage of it. We were alone in the conference room so I got up and closed the door after checking to be sure that the prisoners were back secure in their seats. I called out to Betsy and asked if she was going to have something to eat while there was still plenty of food left out on the table. She shouted back, I’ll be there in a few minutes, I still have things to do out here. I closed the door and motioned to Allie to follow me into the bedroom. I purposely left the door between the bedroom and the conference room ajar so that when Betsy came in she would be party to whatever was going on in the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, I held Allie close and began to inquire of her, how its going so far? I told you before she replied, this is all a dream come true for me. This is exactly what I have been working so hard to attain, to be in this kind of work. To have been able to strike up a relationship with you is a true bonus and a dream come true. As they were in each others arms, she moved in and kissed me. I immediately accepted her lips then her tongue and then her hands all over me. We collapsed onto the bed and were quietly but seriously fondling each other when Betsy walked into the conference room and heard us cavorting. She came to the doorway between the bedroom and conference room just enough to see us crushed together and Betsy just couldn’t help herself. First of all she was all worked up after taking the two prisoners to the bathroom and she had yet to be able to fully express her inner feelings for Allie in front of me. She came into the bedroom and closed the door and came right up to us in the bed and went right for Allie, not me. She knew I had been just counting down the hours to see them together and it was about to happen. She drew Allie away from me and put her lips right onto Allie’s and the race was on. I just propped myself up on an elbow and prepared myself for the show. I knew Betsy would clearly be the dominant or top in this show and she wasn’t going to disappoint me. Know I knew that Betsy was a talker, she loved to talk all throughout the sex act. She could be loving and delightful with her words or she could be as crude and dirty as street whore. Tonite after what she had already been through, she wanted to be a little of both. I heard her whispering to Allie, is that something you really want, beautiful? Oh absolutely yes you gorgeous wild woman, absolutely. That’s all Betsy needed, as she began to undress Allie more roughly than politely. She took her jacket off and found the front clasp of her bra and had it off in no time. She buried her head between Allie’s firm, real, hot tits and licked and sucked her way to one nipple and then the other but not before her dirty mouth kicked in. Look at these hot tits Boss, she said. Watch me make her nipples hard and then I’m going to make her scream as I bite them, they are so big and hard. Boss get over here and quiet her down as I make her scream and cream biting her tits. I crawled over to where I could do nothing more than cover Allie’s mouth with my hand and she sucked in the skin in the palm of my hand. Betsy had her nipples so hard and so large they had to be almost 2 inches long and a maroon red. Allie was beginning to moan loudly and then scream. When Betsy had her nipples as large as she knew they would get, she jumped off of her chest and took my hand and put it on Allie’s left tit. Play with this she said, I’m going for the gusto. Betsy unbuckled the black skirt that Allie was wearing and discovered what I had found a few hours earlier. Allie had really handsome, expensive hosiery on, black with silky sticky tops glued to her upper thighs. Betsy screamed out, look at this sexy bitch! Allie had replaced those boy short black panties that she left with me earlier with a silk black thong that Betsy ripped and I mean ripped off with a simple twist. Before you could say WoW, Betsy had a full mouthful of a very wet cunt. I took leave of the nipple and tried to get my finger between Betsy’s mouth and Allie’s cunt to see just how hot and wet she was and found her drenched. Allie screamed, oh my god, I’m coming and she began to dribble a squirt of juice right into Betsy’s mouth. I could actually feel it go by my finger and into Betsy’s hungry sucking mouth. I leaned closer into Allie close enough to whisper in her ear, do you like that baby? Oh god yes she said. “ I’ve been with a woman or two in the past but never, ever felt anything like that before in my life”. Well if she liked that, she could not even begin to imagine what this hot crazy Betsy would bring her.

I was trying to determine whether I wanted to get more actively involved in the hot session or remain a spectator when after Betsy had brought Allie to a rousing orgasm, Betsy got up, still fully dressed (allie was completely naked and looked really hot that way) and kissed me full on the mouth and then promptly added, “doesn’t she just taste delectable?”. I agreed and asked Betsy what she had intended to do next. Betsy in her wry sense of humor said, “ I got what I wanted, what about you?” I’m good right now I said. I actually had much more on my mind than hot sex at the moment, mostly how or if we were going to get what we needed out of these two prisoners. I got the two gorgeous woman together in my arms and said: lets make a promise that as soon as this mission is complete and not a moment more that the three of us will spend a complete night doing nothing but pleasing each other to new and greater heights”. Deal the girls shouted with enthusiasm and we all kissed at the same time which was in and of itself kind of hot, three tongues wagging and sparing with each other. Betsy broke the group hug first and said, “Boss why don’t you go back out and I’ll help Allie get cleaned up and re-dressed.” Thanks I said, I want to talk with Foster and the guy they’re sending in from London on what we should be planning. As I left the bedroom the girls were back down on the bed locked in a deep embrace and I wasn’t quite sure and didn’t care frankly what they might do.

I went out to the communications center and called to Tom Foster to come in. Tom I said, “HQ is sending a guy named Bob Bishins in to help us with the interrogation. I’d like to get him on a secure line and talk strategy, what do you think?” Tom said he knew Bishins quite well and had worked with him in the past. He said he was a stand-up guy but really ruthless. If there was anyone that could crack these two, Bishins would have the best chance. Tom added: “ one thing I would add for right now, I would want to be sure those two don’t have the chance to sleep. Sleep depravation is really key to breaking someone”. Your absolutely right Tom, I should have thought about that. Let me get Jack in here. I called out to Jack to join us. Jack I said as he walked into the center, “ Tom wants to be sure those two don’t have the opportunity to sleep. How can we assure that?” Jack replied: “well the first thing is to take those hoods off them, that’s helping them to doze. Next, since we have a better than 3 hour ride to Formby we’ll have to keep them stimulated somehow. That’s Tom’s area of expertise” Jack looked for Tom to tell us what to do. Well I can give them an injection of a simple drug that acts like a powerful caffeine or we’d have to stimulate them ourselves. If we were in a controlled environment, I would first strip them naked because these religious zealots hate that and then require them to stand for long periods of time in a below normal temperature. That’s probably what will be on tap for them when we get to Formby and are awaiting Bishins to fly in. For right now, I guess my best suggestion would be is to put a set of headphones on each of them and play on of my famous loud noise/gong cds. I personally would strip them down to the waist where they sit and I could put strong clips on their nipples which would keep the whole pain thing fresh in their minds. What do you say Mr. Director. I turned to Jack and asked for his input. I think that makes a lot of sense Jack added. I immediately replied; Do it ! Ok Tom let me get some stuff out of my “bag of tricks”.

Jack and I went out to see just what was going on with the two women. They seemed to be praying or mumbling something. I yanked the hoods off of them and startled them. I instructed Jack to get them up without uncuffing them or unshackling them. He reached in and unbuckled the seat belt and forced them to stand. I looked directly into the young one’s eyes as she was on the aisle. I tell you that there was like nothing going on in that head. I purposely did not bring the girls out of the bedroom as I wanted them to not be told what we were doing and to let them know that we, the men, were in charge. Tom arrived with the headphones and other paraphernalia. I placed the headphones on the young one first and then the mother. I stripped open the shirts they had on and then the thermal like underwear shirts they were wearing. These women don’t wear bras and I’m sure they don’t even own one. I pulled the clothing off of them and pushed them back down in their seats. Tom had the CD playing by now and its was so loud that I could hear it loudly from where I stood. It was like gongs going off over and over again. I re-attached the seat belts and took a moment to look at these two pair of tits. The younger ones tits were fine. They were small, perhaps B cup size, maybe small C. They were very pert, no sagging at all. Even if she owned a bra she didn’t need it. Her nipples were flat, her aureolas were small, no larger than a silver dollar. If Foster was going to apply clips to this one, he was going to have to find a way to get those nipples erect. The mother on the other hand had very large breasts which were not as saggy as I would have thought never having worn a bra but large DD maybe. After a few moments of examination, I asked Tom if he was ready to do his thing and he signaled that he was. Jack and I watched closely. I switched places with Tom and he started with the mother, which I suspect was going to be easier than the younger one. He was rough but not as rough as I expected. He lifted each breast and tweaked the nipple, turning it roughly one way and then the other, twisting and jerking it. It didn’t take but a few seconds for it to become engorged. He then reached into a black leather pouch he had and extracted what look like a large alligator clip with many jagged teeth. He attached it to her nipple and the screams it emitted had Betsy bounding out of the bedroom and into the cabin. I sort of body blocked her at the entrance. Whats going on she inquired. I whispered to her that Tom thought it was critical that we not allow these to sleep and that rather than give them an injection he was putting headphones with loud noises on and torturing them by giving them constant pain. We’ve stripped them to the waist and he’s now applying some horrible looking clip to their nipples. Really, Betsy exclaimed, let me watch will ya. I smirked and let her through. The older prisoner was now sobbing loudly as she had botrh clamps on and the headphones in place. Tom was working on the kid and was having some difficulty getting her nipples hard enough or large enough to firmly place a clip on them. They were just small, inverted type nipples, very pink and almost white in color. He was working feverishly twisting and turning them and doing what he could to make them swell. Betsy and Jack were watching intently. It seemed he got the right one large enough to get a much smaller clip on and the scream that the kid emitted was blood curdling. Those things must really hurt I thought. He was working hard on the left but the kid was really rebelling now between the pain on the one clipped nipple and the headphones my guess so Tom took a break from the twisting and turning and slapped her had across the face. Tom knew what he was doing and has done it thousands of times before. It got her attention and she stop fidgeting somewhat. By now Allie had come out and was equally inquisitive but never spoke a word. Tom went back to twisting and turning and pinching the nipple. After a few seconds he seemed satisfied that he could get a clip on and found one in the black pouch, It was different than the other three and this looked more like one of those spring clips you use on a stack of papers. He got it on easily and the young girl screamed. Tom having finished his work gathered up his stuff and moved back into the aisle towards his seat. I had a couple of questions for him; “how long can those things stay on?” Tom said well let me put it like this: after about six hours the tissue will begin necrosing. If we take them off every hour, let the blood flow back in and then re-attach we’ll prevent necrosis. I think I’ll want to do that because I don’t want to kill that sensitive tissue just yet, but lets be honest there wont be anyone sucking on them in this lifetime but I’m sure Bishins may want to use them again for something else over time. Tom then inquired of me, you don’t really think these two will see another birthday do you? No I agreed there value to us dwindling fast.

The women sat there and sobbed loudly and then they seemed to recite some prayer or something. The noise from the headphone torture was so loud that it was bothering me. I suggested that Jack and Betsy take turns watching them and that Tom , Allie and I adjourn to a quieter conference room where Tom and I were going to initiate a call to Bishins. Betsy took the first watch and Tom instructed her to release the clamps in 50 minutes for 10 minutes and to be sure the nipples got blood flow while they were off. Then she could put them back on after 10 minutes of good blood flow and if she had a problem Tom would come out to do it. She replied in her normal cocky way, no I think I can handle it! I giggled to myself.

I called HQ communications officer from the conference room and asked that she patch through Bishins on a fully secure line. She said “right away, Sir”! Bishin was on the speaker phone in less than a minute. Good evening gents he began. Where in the universe are you. Over the North Sea I told him. We should be on the ground in 90 minutes or so. Bishins replied that he was still 4 hours away from Formby but that he had been assured that there were SIS personnel on the ground at Formby readying a location that would be suitable for our needs. I inquired what would he (Bishins) suggest we do with the subjects awaiting his arrival. He first asked if we were depriving them of sleep? Yes Agent Foster was quick to assure that and I explained what other things we had done with the prisoners. Excellent he exclaimed. Exactly what I would have recommended. Once you arrive at the designated location strip them fully and keep them standing. I would take the headphones off then, they won’t be necessary and the clamps as well. That way the nipples will heal enough for us to use them again if its necessary. He went on, so I would be sure they were naked, have them stand in swallow barrels of cold water, keep the ambient temperature below 60 degrees and if you have the resources keep as many people as possible around to look at them. This humiliation is a critical concept with these Muslim women. What type of interpreter to you have available to you, Bishins inquired. We have a young lady from central who, while it is her first mission, has been phenomenal so far. She speaks 6 languages and knows the dialect. Sir, Bishins said, could I respectfully ask that you contact central and ask if there is a qualified male interpreter available. That’s critical with these Muslim women. OK I said, will do. Foster asked Bishins, Bob do you have everything you need at your disposal, scopolamine syringes etc? Bishins replied that he had his entire toolbox in his car trunk but he wanted to be sure that Foster was going to remain available for the interrogation. Foster replied, I have been given no other assignments Bob and I interjected that I would see to it that no new assignments would be forthcoming. I think were good to go exclaimed Bishins. I’ll see you guys at approx 2AM. Given it was 9pm, I suggested that some of us try to get some rest. Tom and Jack thought that was a good idea and there were several cots stored in the conference room. I suggested that Allie go into the bedroom and get comfortable and try to get some rest and that I would be checking on Betsy and then getting some rest myself. I went into the cabin and the prisoners were extremely agitated but Betsy was as cool as a cucumber. She seemed content to just sit and watch these two terrorists being tortured. I got close to Betsy who had put a set of headphones on herself to block out the torturous noise going into the prisoners and got her attention and removed one side of the headphones. Having fun, I inquired? Yea its kind of weirdly, sadistically satisfying she replied. Well before you get too wet here’s an update. We just had a conference call with Bishins the interrogator assigned to handle this in Formby and were all on the same page. The rest of us are going to try to get some rest during the rest of the flight. Jack’s going to catch a quick nap in the Conference Room and when he finishes I suggest you do the same only use the bedroom when your ready. Allie and I will be there. Try not to play with these titties out here too much. I would offer you the same advise if the two of you are going into the bedroom. She smiled at me and I at her. Before I went into the bedroom, I called Central and directed them to get the most experienced translator possible to Formby by 1:00am. They said that they would get on it right away.

I went into the bedroom and Allie was already under the covers awaiting me. I saw from the corner of my eye, her clothes laid out neatly to the side so I assumed she was naked in bed. I was correct and please when I slid into the other side of the bed in nothing but my shorts and found her completely naked and sucking me into her arms without hesitation. The feel of her in my arms was comforting, inviting and arousing. The first words out of her mouth was something to the effect: Mr. Director you are so much in control, profoundly professional and brilliant and you just exude power, all of which to me is highly attractive and like cocaine to a bad addict. Please, please, please put your powerful cock into me and make love to me with all the power you can. I was exhausted but who could deny that invitation. Allie pushed my shorts down my legs, grabbed my cock, stroking it as I rose above her and with an adept motion that surprised me, guided me right into her sopping wet pussy. This kid really did get off on watching us work. Well now she was going to get off on my cock and I had every intention to show her my real power…..the power of my cock shooting off in her mouth. I eased into her to be sure she could accommodate my cock which at that moment was 80% erect. She took me all in and was bucking underneath me immediately. She began to get verbal with me. Please, please fuck me hard! I got into a rhythm with her and she came right along. She had an incredible energy and really wanted to fuck hard. I was fully hard in no time and could feel myself bumping up against her cervix. This didn’t slow her down at all. She was literally wild underneath me and talking up a storm. Please fuck me harder. I want to be yours, I want to be your whore. I want to be your and Betsy’s whore. I will do anything you ask, anything you want, whenever you want. I’ll be your slave for life. I could hardly believe my ears but I was plowing her like there was no tomorrow and she wanted more than I could give her. I was biting her neck whenever I bowed down to meet her thrust. Otherwise I was kneeling up grabbing her ass and pulling it into me as I fucked her. She was holding on to both of her tits when she wasn’t flailing about and pinching her nipples to keep them hard, large and blood red. When I slowed for just a second she sat upright and asked if we could switch. I was eager to let her take over. If I came out of her in what turned out to be a really quick roll, I couldn’t tell. Once she was on top, it didn’t take a genius to tell she wanted to be in charge. I gathered afterward that was probably one of her fantasies to dominate who she considered to be the most powerful male in her world and I was more than willing to let her. She rode me hard consistently telling me how much she loved my cock inside her. I want to make love to your cock like no ever has, she said over and over again. I want you to do the naughtiest, dirtiest things possible to me. She hung onto me with a real strength at at one time grabbed me around the neck bit my ear and screamed I’m coming again and I could literally feel her squirting all over my cock. I let her enjoy the moment for a while and then decided to test her. I was continuing to push my cock into her with a strong rhythm and when I felt she was coming around I picked her up by her head and told her to get down and clean my cock before I choke her with my cum. She did so almost immediately scrambling down to my crotch which was incredibly wet and she began cleaning me with her tongue. Over and over again she suck me clean, cleaning off all of her own cum from every part of me. She even rolled me over and gave my asshole and cleaning and a fucking like I have never ever enjoyed. This little tart was the real thing, that was for sure. It had been about 30 minutes since this little tryst had begun and I had built up a real aching to come. I dragged he by the head to the top of the bed, laid her down, face up and straddled her hips as I stroked my swollen cock right into her face. Now it was my time to get verbal. Open your mouth you slut and get ready to taste my load. She seemed to obey before I even had the words out of my mouth. Then I thought better of it. I yelled at her, push your tits together and fuck my cock with them. I want to own your cock she said. I want to treasure your cock, I want to have your cock in my and on me every hour of every day. I began to roughly fuck her tits which were both real and luxurious and before too long I began to first leak some pre-come and was ready to fire. I didn’t need to stroke my cock, which I usually like to do because I can force the come to shoot harder and stronger but today her tits were doing that for me. I began to shoot and she did everything she could to catch it by putting my head right between her lips. And shoot I did. The first one landed on her nose and cheek but she wasn’t going to let that happen again. She snapped onto my cockhead like a turtle and I shot at least 7 or 8 more huge streams into her mouth, down her chin , over her chest and all over her tits. What a picture that would have made because this chick worked me up pretty good and I let her have a load of unique proportions and believe it our not she seemed to relish every second of the whole time.

She wanted to lie around and relish it all as a lot of women do, I on the other hand wanted to get cleaned up and go to sleep like most men do. I got up, went to the lav, washed up and brought a very hot towel to her along with a large dry one. She said, oh god, not only a great lover but a considerate one too, what a bonus! I bent over and helped her clean up and whispered in her ear, I hope I can make every encounter we have together as good or better than that one and if I can we might be connected for a long, long time. She seemed to nearly begin to cry, grabbed me hard around the neck and said thank you with all my heart and soul…. a nice thing to say, I thought. Once complete we got back into bed, I held her close with her ass right up against my now only half hard cock. She felt it immediately and reached around and gave it a squeeze and remarked about its continuing hardness with something like “this baby wants more attention”. I urged her to forego and try to get an hours sleep, saying she would thank me for it later. She let go but moved closer to me if that was possible and took my hand to her breasts. I feel asleep immediately and the next thing I remember was Betsy climbing into be on the other side of Allie and the noise of two women slurping each other.

Chapter 6

I heard the intercom signal blaring as I exited the shower and ran to answer the phone. The Captain advised that we had been cleared to land at the now vacated Formby Air Base. It was still used for military aircraft but not for commercial flights. I thanked him and asked if he jad clearance direct to the jet repair facility and he answered in the affirmative. I finished dressing and tried to awaken both Betsy and Allie who were still asleep in each others arms in the bed. It was an erotic site to see the two of them lying together naked and I thought I’d like to watch that kind of action again soon. I got more firmer with my attempt to call them out and Allie jumped up immediately those gorgeous firm tits bouncing on the way to the lav. I made my way to the front of the jet to find the others who were preparing everyone for landing soon. The prisoners were redressed with the minimum of clothing just to get them off the jet and into the vehicle which would take us to a distant part of the base that was being set up for our purposes.

Before we touched down, everyone was belted in, fully dressed and ready for the enxt part of this adventure. The jet taxied for what seemed like hours and when it finally came to a stop the stewardess set down the steps and I sent Jack off to confirm who was waiting and that the area was secure. Jack came back up and said everything was ready. We unshackled the prisoners ankles, left them handcuffed and escorted them down the stairs into w waiting bus. It was large, seated a dozen or more. There were armed guards every few feet and at least 6 SSI agents with corded ID tags hanging around their necks. I recognized each of them which left me satisfied that we were at a secure location. My experience tells me you can never be too cautious about things like that. The bus drove quickly making a series of turns and after about 15 minutes we drove into what appeared to be a hangar type facility. The door was opened and closed within seconds and the entourage all drove directly into the building. I recall looking at my watch and seeing that it was 11:15pm. We still had a good three hours to wait for Bishins and his crew to arrive but we knew what we had to do. When I exited the bus I was greeted by a woman I did not recognize. She introduced herself to me as Asst Secretary Gloria Havens, UK State Dept. She told me that she had been given a briefing by the PM himself and sent here to be sure we got absolutely everything we needed. I expressed my appreciation and told her that we had to await the arrival of Agent Bishins and his specialized team but that I was absolutely sure that the final outcome of this mission would not be good and that we should refrain from involving any additional personnel than was absolutely necessary. She said she understood completely and would remain available to me via cellphone in case anything was needed. I pulled her aside and asked if I could ask a very sensitive question. We walked away from earshot of others and I asked, Madame Secretary there is a very good likelihood that we will ultimately have to permanently get rid of two dead bodies. She looked me straight in the eye. I understand Sir. I will assign to of my own staff to assist you with this. I understand the nature of your request. Thank You I replied and told her I would not hesitate to contact her via secure cellphone. I returned to the group exiting the bus and we were all escorted into a series of connected rooms. In the first room there was a large conference table with communications equipment set up on it. That room connected to a larger room that was vacant and from there we were led to a barren room that was somehow converted into a cooler of sorts because it was drastically colder in there than the other rooms. In the room were two oblong tubs 6 ft wide and 3 ft in depth filled with water half way. I immediately knew what these were for. I instructed Jack to bring the prisoners into the room and bring Tom in but no one else. He came in with Tom and the Iranians. Tom took over from there. He told Jack to strip the mother completely and he began to do the same to the daughter. There was a steel pillar where each tub had been placed in front of. Tom instructed Jack to handcuff the woman to the pillar. He id the same with the daughter. Tom took a large roll of grey duct tape from his bag and pulled of a long strip and handed it to Jack, then took another for himself and they each placed the tape over the women’s mouths. They were shackled tightly to the pillar and couldn’t budge up or down or side by side. They were set approximately 12 feet apart. Having stood in the room for about 6 minutes I began to realize just how cold it was in there. There must be some logic to these guys methods. It was my recollection that Bishins wanted the two women left alone after securing them and Tom concurred. Before we leave Tom wanted to leave a message with each of the women. He asked if the male interpreter was available. I went out to check with the OIC (Officer in charge) and inquired about the interpreter. He told me that the interpreter had not arrived as of yet. I advised Tom that the male interpreter had not yet arrived. Tom asked to have Allie come in. I went out to the outer room and got Allie and Betsy. Come with me I told them. On the way to the cinder block room I told Allie that the male interpreter had not arrive but that Tom felt it necessary to impart a message to the two prisoners before we leave them awaiting Bishins. Do whatever he tells you to do I told Allie and not be alarmed their both “on ice” and naked in the room. I understand Allie responded. I brought her to the door of the room and she and I walked in to where Tom was standing. Tom came over to meet us and told Allie the following: I’m going to act really adverse to the point of perverse with these two and I want you to translate what I say exactly how I say it, ok? Yes sir, Allie said and off they went. He approached the mother first: He reached out grabbed her chin and was nose to nose with her. The show went something like this with Allie trying to shout louder than Tom was barking at the woman. Listen to me closely you fucking terrorist. This is the room where you will die. It is also the room where you will watch your daughter fucked by a group of soldiers before she is torn apart limb by limb and then the pieces of her body will be brought right up to your nose you can smell her death. Are you listening to me? He savagely forced his knee up into her crotch which caused her to double over in pain. This time he grasped her hair and forced her to look right into his eyes. This room will be covered with her blood and then yours will be added to it. I know that your prepared to die a martyr to your cause but you can save yourself and perhaps thousands of others if you cooperate with us. Its all up to you now but let me be clear, we will get the information we need from you one way or the other. We have various ways to do that.You must know that. If we have to coax it out of you with drugs and torture than you will spill your guts to us of what you know and then we will spill your guts all over this floor. We’ll make you watch us fuck your daughter to death and add your broken body parts to hers. If you cooperate and tell us what we want to know the two of you will be spared. Do you understand. She couldn’t speak, only nod and I thought Allie was doing a good job under the circumstances. The woman seemed to be nodding but who could really tell. Tom finally said; you better think about it and consider whats going to happen to you and your daughter in this room. He turned to leave and thought re-thought it and turned abruptly and hit the woman hard in the face. That was going to leave a mark, no doubt about it. He then went over to the younger girl and dragged Allie forcefully along with him in, no doubt to make a theatrical point. When he got nose to nose with her, he grasped her chin and asked, did you hear everything and then repeated himself EVERYTHING I told your mother? She nodded yes, her eyes wide open now. It made me wonder whether they may have been drugged for their trip. It is a customary trick of terrorists. Tom went on: you will be the sacrificial pig here and it will be a painful horrible death and your mother will get to watch every second of it. There are 40 soldiers out there and I will let each and everyone of them fuck you in the mouth in your virgin cunt and ass three at a time and mommie will watch every moment. You still have the power to stop it all and save the both of you. All you have to do is cooperate. Do you understand. She seemed to want to say something and Tom caught it as well. He ripped the tape off and the mother started screaming loudly behind the taped mouth. The young girl was jabbering immediately and you could tell from Allie’s reaction something was happening. Allie was translating just as quickly as she was talking. She was saying that she was never told what was happening, she was just sent along to protect her mother. I don’t know anything, I swear to Allah I would tell you to prevent this tragedy to happen but I don’t know anything. I’m telling you the truth. I don’t know anything. Tom quickly taped up her mouth again and swiftly went over to the mother. Is that true he asked. Allie translated. She wanted to say something so Tom ripped off the tape. When he did what she said according to Allie anyway forced Tom to hit her so hard she went unconscious and at least two of her teeth were knocked out. There was blood everywhere and the young girl was screaming behind the tape. Evidently what she said was: “damn you you whore of a daughter, you pledged to Allah to never talk to or answer the devil. You know these men are the devil. OOPS Wrong answer I guess. Well if nothing else Tom was convinced that the mother knew something and maybe or maybe not the daughter was innocent. They were both going to be victims of the war sooner or later anyway. Tom ushered all of us out of the room and took me to the side.

Just as I surmised he said its only the old lady that knows whats going down. The kid is just a decoy travel partner. Oh well will try to get her to spill using some torture and a combination of intravenous drugs and then we’ll have to dispose of their bodies. Have you made arrangements for that boss. Yes I have I replied, The Asst Secretary of State is on the ground here and at our disposal. I have her cell phone number. Ok Tom said lets get something to drink. I checked on Allie to see how she came through that and she seemed none the less for wear. She was a trooper and a good translator on top of it. She would work out just fine.

Chapter 7

There was nothing left for us to do but wait for Bishin and his crew to arrive and take over this mission. The prisoners were secure and “put on ice” and it appeared that we would have a couple of hours or more to wait, all in the middle of the night. I inquired from the OIC if there was a place where we could hang out or even crash for a couple of hours. He replied that there was nothing in the general area of this facility but if we wanted to go off base there was a pub or two not far away and would stay open till 3am. The issue was who of us were going to leave. I by protocol could not be without at least one of my protective detail and I wasn’t comfortable not leaving at least two people to assure these two prisoners were still our responsibility. Well the decision was mine, that’s why I get paid the big bucks. I called Foster aside and asked him if he felt that he needed to stay and he said no he was just sent along for his expertise. That having been settled I instructed Betsy to stay back to be my eyes and ears and keep us apprised via two communications what went on there. I instructed Jack to go outside and secure us a vehicle that we were going off base. He did so promptly. I told Allie and Tom to prepare to head out. I called Central to inquire what Bishins eta was and they told me he was 2 ½ hours out. Being 10 mins before midnight, I figured we had at least 2 hours to kill. I told Allie and Tom, lets go. Jack had an armored suburban at our ready, it was one of our own agency vehicles much like my own without all the bells and whistles. He had also commandeered one of the CAT teams assigned to the mission to shadow us, The CAT team appeared to be four agents, all in camoflouge gear and well armed. Allie and I got in the back seat, Tom jumped into the passenger seat and Jack drove. I two-wayed Betsy and asked her if she’d be OK. She chirped back that she was and had two very smart and attractive guards at her disposal and that I should be very jealous. I radioed back, “nice going”. I asked Jack if he knew how to get to the closest pub. He said he was very familiar with the area having spent a two year long stint on the base so I told him to take us to the best place. Allie wasted no time inching closer to me and actually lying across the back seat with her head in my lap. She was tired, no doubt as I felt we all were, except Jack who could go for days on end without rest. Allie wasn’t in my lap long before she began to stir around with my cock and I just let her play although I couldn’t control myself as my cock had a mind completely of its own. We traveled about 15 or 20 minutes before Jack pulled into a very upscale pub place that seemed to be pretty slow for a midnight, Jack said: “let me go in and case the joint first boss and I’ll give the Cat team a heads up, OK?”. Sure thing I replied. I was playing with Allie’s hair and stroking her face and upper body and she had continued her ministrations throughout the ride. My cock was semi hard at this point and she seemed to be enjoying herself. Jack was gone about 5 minutes when he radioed, place is all clear, boss and the three of us left in the car exited but not before Allie asked for a couple of minutes to straighten herself up. As we walked into the place there were about 15 folks inside what appeared to be a well appointed quiet bar setting. Jack had obviously talked to the guy in charge and he had cornered off a large table in the corner of the place. As I walked in, he introduced himself to me, nice to have you aboard, Sir with a perfect salute, Pleasure to meet you, I’m John Keating, RAF Major, retired, I saluted back and thanked him for his hospitality. The privilege is all mine he replied, please make yourselves at home. He had a waitress waiting and he told us to order anything at all that we wanted and he would be sure to get it for us. I thanked him respectfully and we all placed a drink order with the attractive young (college age) waitress. She asked if anyone would like anything to eat and I told her to just bring along some snack type stuff. I suggested to Tom that he go out to the CAT guys and see if they needed anything. Right away, Sir. Jack said, I have to use the facilities sir but your not supposed to be let alone. Its quite all right I told Jack, I think our interpreter is armed. She is he cracked back with some astonishment. She is I said with a smile but her gun has no bullets. Don’t worry about us, just go do your business. We all snickered. I took the opportunity to lean over, just as soon as I could to kiss Allie passionately on the lips. With open mouth she sucked me in and it began hot pretty quick.
The waitress came back with the drinks and put some finger foods on the large table. I thought we ought to behave and whispered so to Allie who offered no resistence. I wanted to take the opportunity to strike up a deep conversation with her as we hadn’t been alone in public for more than a few minutes. Jack returned almost simultaneously with Tom and Tom reported back that the CAT guys were all set and taking both their drinks and a handful of snacks they also took their cue and went off to the pool table about 20 feet away. Before doing so Jack said: we’ll be right over there, OK Boss?” Sure thing I replied and I thanked Tom for checking on CAT. I turned to Allie and said OK now kitten, lets relax for an hour or so and I want you to tell me all about yourself. Its like I flipped a huge switch. Ask me anything you want Boss. Well tell me all about yourself starting backwards. You been in the service for 5 years, so I know that since your as adept and mature as you are, you’ve been working 24/7/365 for all 5 years. Let start by you telling me how many lovers you’ve had over the last five years and don’t leave out all the intimate details. Allie laughed out loud. So that’s the kind of conversation you want eh! OK I’ll share with you every gory detail. I lost my virginity in my senior year of high school to a guy I had been dating for six months. Once we made love we did so every chance we got and he was, up until I left for college, my one and only and until I slept with you today the best lover I ever had. I went to Kings College in London. I was shocked, Kings College wow! Oh come on Allie shot back like you didn’t know that. No honestly I added, I haven’t had the time to check you out. That’s why were having this conversation, honestly. Allie was surprised but I added that I had you assigned to me without much prep time at all and hadn’t dome anything but read Central’s zip bio on you and I haven’t had the time to read it thoroughly, so please continue. I’d rather her it coming out of that gorgeous mouth of yours rather than read it. Allie smirked and continued. Well if you know anything about Kings I had to study real hard to do well and I did. In fact I was recruited by the Agency in January of my senior year. I was the top in my class in the language program and had minored in Philosophy so I guess I was on their radar screen pretty quickly. The guy that recruited me was a guy named McDowell, maybe you knew him. Oh I know all right, I said, he was a master at finding good people. Allie continued. Even though I worked hard at school it didn’t mean I didn’t have a lot of time to fool around and that’s where my sex life really took off. I slept with a lot of guys as I was not only attractive and took good care of myself, working out all the time but I was a very social person and had lots of friends that remain my friends today. I guess you could say that there were always 5 or 10 kids around me and that just add to the multiples of people interested in you. I interrupted her so that she could take a sip of her red wine and said: “well tell me about the most memorable guys and what your relationships were like”? Well she replied I didn’t have a steady guy all through out college. I did see a couple of guys for longer than a year but I was never monogamous. And it wasn’t just guys. I had two very best girlfriends that I still see frequently today in fact one of them has been my best friend since grammar school. Her name is Leslie by the way but my other best friend that I met in college is Megan and she and I are still lovers. She lives in Wales so I don’t see her as often as I would like but I talk to her nearly everyday. Would you like to see her picture? You bet I would. She took her phone out of a holster she wore on her belt, hit a few buttons and handed it to me. What appeared on the screen was nothing short of a woman who could have appeared on the pages of any mens magazine anywhere in the world and in the picture she was completely naked lying on a beach. She had long red hair, a bald pussy with very pouty lips and a set of tits that were perfect, maybe 34 C. Wow, I exclaimed, what a knock-out. Allie got a bit melancholy. Yea I miss her a lot. We try to see each other no less than 6 times a year. We vacation together twice a year for at least a week, longer if we can arrange but she is a very successful lawyer in Wales and we know what my schedule is like. But she is so beautiful I said. In more ways than meets the eye Allie said. I would love to tell you all about her and I together and overtime I will. She smiled at me and reached out to touch me. Let me tell you about the men in my life now that you know about my true love. Not so fast, I interrupted. Tell me more about you and Megan. Is she as faithful to you as you are to her and what are your rules in your lives about others. Well, she has a guy she sees in Wales, sees no one other than him and I believe keeps him more for looks than use, if you know what I mean. Does she sleep with him I asked. Yes Allie replied. Does he live with her? Absolutely not Megan won’t allow any body to live with her, she’s way too independent. So she had this one guy for sex and dates and attending parties and she is in love with you. Is that about right? Yea that’s a fairly accurate deion I would say Allie said. Ok now before we get into your more current situation and we have Megan in the right “box” (no pun intended) Allie laughed out loud. Lets talk about your experiences in college. Ok back to college she said. Besides my budding relationship with Megan which began innocently enough just as friends and had grown to real hot lovers by Junior year, I had slept with a lot of guys from my freshman year when I really missed my first lover until I graduated. Even while I was in love with and making love ti Megan I slept with a few guys. I love the physical intimacy of sex and I was somewhat of a nymph during college. Once I went to work for the agency, I had much less time for a guy and all that goes into keeping a relationship fresh and alive so I have slept with maybe 5 guys over the last 5 years and I don’t sleep with any of them now. I just cant sleep with someone I don’t know intimately and completely, present company excluded but I have to confess I think I knew everything and anything one could learn about you long before todays assignment. Really, I said, that’s interesting.

Tell me about your most memorable heterosexual experience in college and then since college since I thing I pretty much figured out your homosexual thing. Well let me thing about that for a minute, since I don’t ever recall anyone asking me that before, not to say one of the guys I slept with since college used to completely get off by me talking about others I’ve slept with. Your kidding I said, that’s me to a tee. Really, Allie almost yelled that out. Yes, really I said I do get off listening to beautiful, intellectually bright females telling me about their sexual experiences. Allie said, “then I’m glad I have some experience in that regard” and snickered. Well lets see Allie began, one night in the first year of college I was in the study hall deep into my books when this guy came and sat down next to me. He was a handsome young guy, clean cut, well groomed, almost geeky looking. He asked if he could sit down and I said sure. He then struck up a conversation about how he had seen me in Lit class giving a presentation on an assignment we were given and he was kind of smitten. I was politely appreciative and we chatted for 20 minutes or so and then he asked me to go with him and get a coffee. I hesitated and told him I had too much studying to do but after a few minutes and a fairly comfortable assessment that I had made that he wasn’t a pervert I agreed to go. We walked over to the local shoppe and enjoyed a nice tea and an equally nice conversation. He was flirting openly and was frank about wanting to get closer to me. During the tea he was a bit touchy, feely and I was playing along. He asked me to go back with him to his room. I hesitated but frankly I was enjoying his company and hadn’t been with anyone intimately in a long time and it must have been my horny time of the month because it was becoming evident to me that I wouldn’t mind having an interlude with this guy. So getting down to the good part I went to his room with him and one of my very important criteria was met. I have a peeve about neatness. For an example if we went into his room and it was a pig sty, I would have opted out immediately but his room was extremely neat and clean and he really was what seemed to me to be a real and truly nice guy. So we go in and he sits me on the couch and offers to get me something to drink and I ask if he has any wine. He pours me a glass of wine and we sit, him right up close to me and we continue to talk and he’s getting more and more frisky. Before too long, we locked in an embrace and are kissing passionately and he was a very good kisser. Allie continued, now lets be clear, although I’m a freshman, he’s a sophomore and I’ve been with one guy all throughout high school and have slept with maybe 4 guys to this point so I’m not na? but I’m not a slut either and oh yea, I don’t have any idea that I am a latent bi-sexual at this point in my life either. I laugh out loud. Continue the story I say. Allie says ok but let me check something first and she reached over and grabs my cock to find that while its not fully erect but it certainly isn’t “hanging” either. Its at half-mast and I am enjoying the story but how she’s telling it.

Allie continues. Ok so were on the couch sort of necking and petting, he more than me and I’m sort of convinced that this is going somewhere, so I begin to get into it with him but when I reach down to touch his cock I realize he has a real monster in his pants and I sort of panic a little, after all I’m just 19 years old been with 4 or 5 guys since my first love and none of them had a more than 6 inch cock but this guy has a monster. I interrupt her and say well what do you mean monster? I’m getting to that she kind of slapped my hand and went back to stroking my cock though my pants and it was growing steadily but I was really enjoying this and I think she was too, both of us sipping our drinks and the waitress keeping them filled. So anyway, Allie continues, I feel this cock in his pants and it is huge, its actually growing down the leg of his pants and I sort of panic. At this point he has my sweater up around my neck and my bra lifted over my tits and is sucking madly on me. I try to interrupt him and ask, my God Jim your cock feels huge. He stops what he’s doing and says it is Allison, in fact I’ve been with a couple of girls that couldn’t accommodate me. I hope that’s not the case with you. Now I’m really nervous as he stands up and strips down completely and out of his boxer shorts which I learned later was the only kind of underwear he could wear, when he wore underwear which wasn’t often, springs the thickest longest cock I had ever seen. This thing is like you read about, 12 inches long, hard as a rock and as thick as big flashlight. I’m not kidding you boss this thing is superhuman. I immediately take it in my hand and cant get my hand around it. Jim I said you have the biggest cock I have ever seen not just in person but even in pictures. I know that I cant get that in me I said. Please Jim said immediately, lets not focus on that now lets just get in bed. I told him I don’t mind jerking him off but I’m not sure I even want to try and suck this thing. He admonishes me again and wants me to calm down. I said OK, I’ll go to bed with you but if you think your going to force me to do anything, you will regret it for a very long time. Please I’m not like that he pleads with me I promise you wont do anything you don’t want to do. I actually believe him and I finish undressing but purposely leave my underwear on and get into bed with him. As this cock is pressing up against me it is actually hurting me its so hard and so big. It’s a weapon, no kidding. We’re both kind of giggling at this point. Allie continues. So lying in bed and hes sucking on my tits and I’m sort of just lying there worried about what we’re going to do. He moves on down licking me all the way and wants to take my panties off and naturally I’m hesitant but I figure if I let him go down on me maybe we wont have to fuck so I let him take my underwear off and he dives right into my pussy and he is actually pretty talented there. He’s sucking on my clit and he puts a finger on me and honestly, he had huge hands and that should have been a dead give away but he puts a finger in me that’s stronger and larger than some of the cocks that have been in me. We both laugh and she continues. So he’s finger fucking me and is really turned on and actually I’ve had a couple of small orgasms to this point. He looks up at me and says your pussy is so tight and hot I know I’m not going to be able to put my cock inside you would you please suck me cock. Well a wave of freedom comes over me and I said something like sure I will lover bring it to me. So he scoots around and this monster cock appears in my face and I begin to lick the head which itself is like the size of a lightbulb. I’m licking and lightly nipping on the head, I don’t even try to get the head in my mouth but I’m stroking it with both hands and he’s eating me furiously when I think I begin to feel him starting to come. So I stroke a bit firmer and sure enough this monster cock begins to slowly leak some fluid and then squirts like you couldn’t believe. I took the first stream in my mouth and it filled my mouth. It was followed by at least 5 more streams that just covered my face, neck and chest with come. I had never seen so much come in one place. He screamed through the whole orgasm but was kind enough to get up and get me a towel which I soaked wiping the come off of me. He pushed me over towards the wall in the bed and he got in quickly beside me. His cock deflated quickly but flaccid it was larger and thicker than most cocks I had seen erect. We cuddled and I sort of humped his leg and he was whispering in my ear, nothing specific, just minor dirty talk, you know.

I nodded and thought the story was over. Just another story about a big cock! Allie continues, heres where the story gets interesting. She had my attention. So were lying there talking giggling, he’s stroking my pussy and sucking my tits intermittently and I’m just taking it all in when theres a noise in the room and this guy appears in the middle of the room. Oh Ken there’s someone here I want you to meet. I’m mortified. I grabbed at Jim and said what you want me to meet someone. He turns to me and says its only my roommate Ken. I say I don’t care who it is I’m naked in your bed and Jim laughs out loud oh yea you are and rips the covers off me. Ken this is the girl I’ve been fantasizing with you over. Ken meet Allison. This jerk comes right over to the bed and extends his hand out to me as I cant even reach the covers that were there and I’m using my hands and arms to cover my tits. I yell excuse me Ken for not shaking but as you can see I have no clothes on. Ken says yes I can plainly see that and I would love to see more. I look at Jim and then at Ken and say would one of you gentlemen kindly give me a blanket or my clothes. Absolutely not they say in unison. Ken aren’t you going to get naked and join us. Ken replies, I thought you’d never ask. I scream out; something like oh no we’re not doing this. Jim says oh Allison you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. I guess you don’t get it, Ken and I are lovers. Now I’m shocked beyond belief since the way Jim went down on me and was savoring my body how in the world could he be a queer. Anyway Ken strips down and is getting into the bed with us and he and Jim lock themselves in a deep embrace and are at it before you can say go! With me as close as I am to you right now and wishing I were on another planet these guys are fully engaged and engorged. Ken has a normal cock and Jim’s monster is at full strength again. SO I’m watching these two fags go at it and I want to get out of there even if I have to leave naked but I cant extricate from the bed. Before I can squeeze out this guy Ken starts necking with me, trying to kiss me, fondle me, has me in a full embrace and he is very strong. The reason is my boy, Jim has moved down to suck Ken’s cock and that left Ken with nothing to do, so he turned his attention to me and I just cant get out from under all this. So far all he’s done is kiss my neck and chest and suck on my tits and was trying to get his hand into my crotch which so far I have been able to prevent. So this threesome is headed to full speed when I see Jim flip Ken over on his stomach and pull his lower half up to him and I can’t believe my eyes but is about to stick that monster cock in Ken’s ass. Jim has a tube of lube in his hand and is rubbing it all over the monster and is aiming it right at Kens ass and before you know it Ken lets out a loud scream and the monster is in. The scream is followed by language that could only come out of a homo porno movie so its obvious to me that this has happened before. Oh yea as it turns out Jim has been porking Ken at least all the time they’ve been roommates I guess. Ken is getting it BIG time in the ass and wants to continue with me but I see my opportunity to get out and I did so without hesitation. They were locked together so there was no time for them to stop me. I grabbed my clothes and shoes and ran as fast as I can. As I exit the door, naked with my belongings in my arms I bump into a hunk of a guy in the hallway. He just looks at me and smiles and says something like can I help? I quickly respond is there a place I can get dressed really quickly. He says sure, right here is my room. He unlocks the door and lets me in. He inquires, what happened to you, the homo twins surprise you or something. Oh you know them, eh I reply. Oh yea their famous here but how does a beauty like you get in between them? I dressing now and he’s getting a good look at my assets. Well we all make mistakes, I quipped. Well its no mistake for me you are quite beautiful and this will ultimately become the highlight of my week. I said what just watching me get dressed. Yes he said your that gorgeous. Well you’ve been a lifesaver so I owe you. Have any last minute requests? He embraces me and slips his tongue right into my mouth and I realize he knows what he’s doing. He attempts to fondle my breasts and while I let him through my clothes I’ve had about all I want for one night and pull away and thank him and move towards the door. Humorously, he adds, anytime you need a hero, day or night, I’m your guy, doll. You know where I live. I thanked him again and got out as fast as I could and ran all the way back to my dorm. That night invigorated my homosexual relationship with Megan and I was happy to have it.

Allie had drained two glasses of wine and I had had three Jacks and I checked my watch and thought its time to head back. I reached over and gave Allie a quick kiss. She had been teasing my cock throughout the whole story and I was loving it. I whispered in her ear, I really love watching and listening to you almost as much as I love making love to you. I think we have a lot of great days and weeks ahead of us. She smiled and mouthed back, thanks. Its time to go, I said lets get the guys. I radioed to Betsy and inquired how things were back at the base. She said everythings A-OK here boss. Our subjects are really beginning to wear down, there hanging listlessly from their restraints. OK were on the way back, is there anything I can bring for you? No thanks Boss these guys have given me a soda and a sandwich. I’m fine. OK thanks I shot back, we’ll be there in 20 minutes. Any word from Bishins? Yes sir she replied, he just radioed that he’s 30 minutes out. OK thanks I radioed back.

I got the guys ready to go and we extended my personal appreciation to the proprietor and gave him my card and told him if that he every needed anything from the UK government he should call me and he seemed truly appreciative. We piled into the suburban and made our way back to the base. The bit of liquor we had all ingested made the right back a bit more jovial with lots of bantering as compared to the dead silence on the way in. It was more pleasurable than what we were headed to commence. I was confident out two prisoners would never see a sunrise again.

Chapter 8

By the time we got back to the base and through the security we arrived right behind Bishins and his crew of four. He and I embraced and both commented how good it was to see each other again. Foster got a much bigger bear hug from Bishins as they were obviously old buddies. Once all the introductions and greetings were complete, Bishins if he could have a private word with me. He and I moved way over to the end of the room we were in. Bishins inquired, any change in the situation here, Sir? No things remain exactly the same although it seems the subjects are near unconsciousness from sleep depravation. Excellent Bishins said that’s just what I need. Can we get rid of everyone we don’t need here, the fewer the eyes and ears the better. I replied certainly, let go through whose here and who should stay. Well I’m here with my two protective agents, I have Foster and the interpreter. You have your own right? Yes I have everyone I need. I would suggest they all leave but I would think your agents won’t want to leave you right? Yea I’m going to have to stay and I can keep one with me separated as far as we need them to be but one will have to stay. I trust you want me here, right? Absolutely, this is your assignment and I wouldn’t want to have to do what I’m going to do without your oversight and permission. OK let me get the others out of here. We separated and I got all my guys together. OK guys here’s the deal, Jack I want you to take Agent Foster and Allie back to Heathrow in the gulfstream. Get them back and then swap the flight crew on the jet, swap yourself out for Team A and send Team A back here on the gulfstream with the new flight crew. Yes, sir we replied crisply. Foster extended his hand and thanked me for the privilege of working with him. He left me and bid his farewell to Bishins. I gave Allie a professional kiss goodbye and she appropriately and politely me extended her thanks for the assignment. Jack gave me a salute and they all left promptly. Betsy asked me what her assignment was. I don’t want you privy to this I told her. Find yourself a secure comfortable place to wait it out and we’ll stay in touch via radio. Yes Sir she replied. Bishins got his gang together and we all went into the area where the prisoners were held. He led the way and made a quick assessment of the situation. Both women were literally hanging by their restraints slumped nearly to the ground. He motioned to his translator who seemed to know exactly what he was to say. One of his guys unrestrained the women and they were both laid on the cement floor. Bishins cracked some order in their own language and one guy brought two blankets over and laid one down for each to lie on. The interpreter began speaking to them in their own language in a tone that surprised me. It was calm, affectionate, apologetic. Bishins whispered in my ear watch this. Evidently the guy was apologizing for the terrible treatment that the UK government officials had given them. He identified himself as a diplomat from the Syrian embassy and was there to help the women. Their level of consciousness was clearly awakened. He explained that he had been given permission to tell the women that their mission was aborted. It would not be going forward as planned and that they were no free to cooperate with him and his delegation that he brought. He had warm tea brought to them covered them with blankets and fed the tea. It seemed all of Bishins guys were dressed in a way that was convincing to the story this guy was giving these women. The younger girl was weeping, sobbing really and the guy giving them the tea was also speaking their language. The mother was talking a lot now, what I did not know. Bishins was trying to keep me apprised while watching very carefully what was going on. He told me, nothing substantive yet she’s just recounting what horrible bastards you and your guys are. He smiled at me. The conversation continued. After about five minutes he turned to me and said this isn’t going to work. She’s not going to give us anything this way. Whoa I thought, this was a good attempt and I would have thought it might work. Bishins went over to a guy that hadn’t participated in anything yer. He was sort of just waiting in the wings observing. He let it go another 15 minutes or so and then called his guys all together with me. Any doubt amongst any of you that this isn’t going to work? They all concurred that she was well entrenched. OK we go to plan B. Jake you explain to her that were going forward and get the cutter. Ben you get ready to fuck the daughter. Here we go Bishins said. Jake went to a trunk that they carried in and got out what looked like a medium size bolt cutter. Ben went over ripped the blanket off the daughter and was beginning to take his clothes off. The guy who was talking to the mother screamed at her that she now had to give the devil here the details as he now was going to be punished for not getting her to cooperate. She seemed stunned. Jake pushed him out of the way grabbed the woman, stood her up and her restrained her to the pillar by tying a rope around her waist and the pillar. The guy that was talking to her told her that these devils were going to kill her and the daughter but have their fun first because she was unwilling to cooperate. She began calling out to Allah and sobbing loudly. The guy Ben was stroking a huge cock and had rolled the girl onto her back and she was flailing around. A guy dressed in soldier fatigues and held her down as Ben quickly and forcefully jabbed his big cock into the girl , rupturing her hymen as she screamed bloody murder. Almost simultaneously, the guy named Jake, took the bolt cutters and swiftly and adeptly cut a finger off the mother. The two of them were screaming at the top of their lungs. This was getting ugly fast.

The interpreter was screaming at the mother: “listen to me because I’m only going to say this once. We are going to continue to torture and abuse your daughter until she dies. We are also going to do the same to you but before you take your last breath, we are going to administer and intravenous drug to you that will allow us to get anything we want from your sub-conscious. So you can tell us now or wait until your both nearly dead but we’re going to get the information one way or the other. He guy in soldier fatigues with that huge cock was now forcing it down the daughters throat. There was blood everywhere smeared on her thighs, on her face from his cock. He was slapping her, squeezing her tits and fucking her mouth. At Bishins instruction one of his guys came in with some sort of battery operated saw and they were about to cut her hand off at the wrist, making sure the mother had a real sharp view of what was happening. Suddenly she started to shout out something and while I couldn’t tell what it was, it got almost everyone’s else attention. She had agreed to talk, please stop it al, please she was yelling. Bishins called a halt to it just as the guy in fatigues was about to fuck her in the ass. Bishins turned to me and said I think we got her attention. They dragged the daughter away and the mother was screaming something which I quickly learned was she wanted to watch what happened to her. I think she thought they were just going to off her. So they brought her back in and sat her in the corner where she was weeping and covered her with a blanket. I assumed that all of this was being videographed anyway so Bishins and the interpreter moved in and started asking question after question to which the woman was blurting out answer after answer. Some guy was in the recesses of the room and jotting notes as they asked question after question. Bishins called a halt briefly and handed me a note with a time and date on it and said this is when its supposed to happen, nuclear attack, subway, a week from Tuesday. Bad guys coming in via land through France and the chunnel either Friday or Saturday. Lets try to get them in France if we can it will take the spotlight off of us. I got it I said. Will you be doing the IV anyway to confirm? Sir, I’ve been involved too long in this to trust anyone. What shall we do with them now? I told him to ice them until this whole thing works itself somehow. If we have to go back to them or use them as a pawn. I’m going to report in to the real boss and leave you to your work. Please have someone follow-up with me on all the details. You’ll have a full report before morning via secure line. OK just so I know, your not planning any further “damage” and will confirm all details via IV shortly. You got it boss. Thanks Bishins and please thank your crew you did an awesome job. I found Betsy outside and relayed to her what had happened. Betsy replied, by the noise that was coming out of there, I thought they’d be dead by now. Nearly, I replied. Its going to be hours before that gulfstream gets back here. Please call central and find out how they can get us out of here ASAP. Right away sir. I’m going to make some calls.

Chapter 9

I called the Director first, even though it was 3am I found him awake and nerved no doubt about how things were progressing. Sir I have some credible information. He sounded relieved and told me to give it to him. I recapitulated the entire evening in about 5 minutes and said I was working now on a way to get out of Formby and back to London. Formby was on the coast at the complete other end of the UK near Liverpool. The Director suggested I get someone to drive us to Liverpool, about an hour by car, because the agency kept three jets at the Liverpool airport and he thought all if not 2 were there. I said I’ll mentioned that to Agent Carroll whose on the horn now figuring out what to do. I ram over to Betsy on the phone and relayed to her what the Director said. The Director concluded our call by telling me how glad he was that we broke this plot and thanked me and suggested I catch a few hours sleep before morning since he was calling a full cabinet meeting at 10am the next day. I checked in on Bishins before packing up and he gave me the high sign that everything was OK. I noticed that the IV was running into the womans arm so it was proceeding at a rapid basis and if anything changed I’d know it pretty quick. Betsy rushed over and said that central was arranging rapid transit for us to Liverpool and that it would be here within 15 minutes. A flight crew would be ready for us when we got to Liverpool and they estimated we’d be on the ground in London by 7am. OK I said lets get ready to go. I wanted to call Allie and Tom before I got into the car with Betsy so I went off into a corner and called Tom Foster to thank him for all his work and to tell him the results we achieved. Then I called Allie, thanked her, told her how proud I was of her and what she accomplished and how appreciative I was and flattered actually about what had transpired between us and really could not wait to be with her again. She seemed truly touched and sincere and said she felt the exact same way and then asked when did I think that was. I told her there was a huge meeting about what was going down tomorrow morning and that as soon as I could get some time to myself I would reach out to her. Within 20 minutes we were being whisked off to Liverpool in a traditional limousine with motorcycles in front and two cars in front of us and two cars in the rear. I was finally alone with Betsy in the car and wanted to de-stress somehow since the last 24 hours had been brutal. We just short of fell into each others arms and fell asleep pretty quickly. The next thing I knew we were being called by the driver and were on the tarmac at Liverpool. We got on the jet and my cell phone was ringing with a call from Central announcing a secure call from Bishins. I took the call and first thanked him for all of his hard and valuable work. He accepted it rapidly and said all of the information that I had left with is accurate 100%. He had much more specific intelligence and would be sending it to me via secure email within the hour. Further he explained that he had been told by Central that he was expected at the 10am meeting in London and that he planned to be there. He congratulated me and said he’d see me soon. We concluded the secure call and I was asleep in minutes on the jet.

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Extremely hard to get through to the end. Too bulky and heavy. The paragraphs should be smaller. The story according to me should either focus on Allie or the two prisoners. So much in between story about eating, and contacting command and all that just cools you off.

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