Interracial Domination
Hello everyone!!!

* This isn't a story,...its a blog!!! *

My name is Steven, my e-mail address is,...,

I just wanted to take some time and introduce myself to everyone here, tell you a liitle about me, and what I'm doing here.

I also want to invite you all to stop by my page and look at my photo galleries, One is Called "black fucks white" and the other is called "black men on white boys" both photo galleries are 100% black male on young shy white male interracial porn! These photo's provide the visual images that give you a very good idea of what my stories are about. Stop by check them out, read the captions, and leave comments!

Here you can find me as BlkGorilla.IN.Vanillaboys

Like my name suggests,... I REALLY DO Fuck soft young white males, but I do also fuck white females.

However,... most stories I post will be about the white males. Additionally, most stories will be TRUE stories! I will specifically state it when/if I post a fictional fantasy story. Additionally, I will occasionally have OTHERS write stories,...These OTHER Authors are "White boys Who I Fuck." Right now, there are two of them that are interested in writing, Ryan and Nate. They will post stories about previous forced gay interracial experiences that they have had with and before me.

I've often been described as being a Gorilla. It used to be something people that didn't like would call me behind my back. After a while it became a nickname that I came to tolerate. It wasn't long before my own Mother used it to describe me and my behavior. I learned to accept that, even like it.

There are cominalities I do share with the Gorilla,...namely size, strength, muscular build, black skin, and a primal aggressive nature. Lastly, there is the Hollywood portrayal of "KING KONG" a character straight out of the movies that described me exactly!!! My attitude, my personality, shit,... we even look alike! Also, we've got the same desires in life,... White bitches,...and we BOTH prefer blondes!!!

But, I'll say this much,...if I'm going to be a made out to be a Gorilla,...then I'll be just THAT,...I'll be KING mutha fucking KONG!!! I'll make crazy trouble, terrorize a cities, take me white blonde (boy) bitches, climb to the top, and smack fucking airplanes outta the fuckin' sky,...before they bring me down.

I'm almost scary to look at, not only because of my incredible size, but also because of my complexion. A lot of "black" people are really just brown, I am BLACK. My mother is pure BLACK of Jamaican descent, known for her infamously dark DARK black BLACK skin. My father although I never met him, was from Africa. He was from southern Uganda. I saw a picture of him once. In the picture he was standing next to my mother. Other than me, he was the only person I had ever seen that was darker skinned than my mother. I am darker than both!

I'm like the color of night, painted black, wrapped in utter darkness, painted black again, polished, and painted black once more. Even now, I have never, in my life, seen a person darker skinned than me! That together with my size, powerful, and extremly muscular frame makes me seem scary to most people.

I am a big and, intimidating man standing at less than a quarter inch shy of 6 foot 5. My natural weight even when I'm NOT working out is a lean, naturally muscular 240 pounds. I'm just naturally muscular and, a NATURAL athlete. I was born to dominate and subjugate smaller, weaker,... white males.

Now don't get the wrong idea here,...I still fuck White Women! A LOT actually!

Its just that if I meet some gorgeous white women, and her younger sissy white brother is hanging around,...I'll stuff him up with a big black dick too, and he'll probably get stuffed with big hard black dick more frequently than his slut sister.

Now, may disagree with me about this, but I see things VERY CLEARLY,...I am not gay! Frankly, I truly don't think fucking white sissy boys is gay,...because to me a white bitch is a white bitch male or, female. I've fucked white boys and girls, and believe me,...Its exactly the SAME!!! Black fucks White, White sucks Black,’s as simple as that,... NEVER EVER the other way around!... NEVER!!!

You see as far as I'm concerned,... The one sucking dick IS gay and, the one getting fucked is too, NOT the one getting sucked off or, that's doing the fucking! I think it would be a considerable stretch of the imagination to even consider me bisexual. Straight guys fuck bitches, and ALL I fuck is bitches, its just that some just happen to have slightly over-grown clits that they call their penis. And, have incorrectly grown up believing they were males. All I do is expose then for what they REALLY ARE and fuck their sissy brains out!

See I discovered a few years ago that, the SHY WHITE MALE is the ideal whore for the black man!!!

And, since then I've decided to do some writting about it, and I'm writting this blog to hopefully attract some readers. So if your interested in what I do, or in reading my future stories then please leave me a comment and/or send me a friend request.

*AGAIN,... to be very clear, stories are generally about a big black guy (me) forcing a submissive, young, white boys into sex, LOTS of sex, oral, anal, and eventually even running "trains" on him. They are true, and extremely descriptive. If you don't want to hear a real stories about big black guys fucking a shy little white kids,...then my freind THIS IS NOT the story for you!!! *

So don't leave comments saying stupid shit like,..."OH how could you do that?" Or,..."Fuck you niggers" "Your fucked up" "Your racist" etc,... Do you really think that's going to change my point of view, or what I do? What is the point of that??? OF COURSE I'm RACIST,...I don't deny it. Except I don't hate white people, I want to fuck them. Anyways,... If you don't like the stories premise then,...DON'T READ IT!!! How easy is that???

Who are my stories geared for???

1. Shy (straight) White Males

2. Gay White Males

3. Straight Black Men

Let me explain,...

If you are white and you've ever secretly fantized about being sexually dominated, ...even if you'd NEVER admit it, to ANYONE,...ever! THIS IS FOR YOU!!!

I specifically target shy white males who've never actually had,...or even thought about a gay experiance. And, I target them for sex. Many have never even had "a single sexual experiance" of ANY kind, but before they even know what's really going on they're naked and exposed on all-fours, with a powerful black man all over their naked subjugated lilly white bodies, with a black man's hard negro cock so deep inside them they can feel huge black dick slamming around in their Caucasian tummys, with the taste of black dick and African pre-cum freash in their mouths! You not only will like reading my stories, NEED to read them!!!

You NEED to read it because,...if your a white, shy, submissive, sensitive type of guy,...who is sexually frustrated, and un-lucky with sex, like SO MANY tragic shy white males,...its because your trying to be on the wrong end of the dick, in the wrong position!!! You belong on the recieving end of the cock getting fucked,...not fucking, but getting fucked!

You are a bitch, and you need to be fucked like one! That's why your sexually unsatisfied, that is why you secretly fantisize about being sexually dominated! And, an average black man can put you in your appopriate sexual female role, and fuck you like a woman, and make you feel like one, like the woman you really are! And, once you've experianced it, WILL know that,...THAT is the sexual role you were meant for, and you'll LOVE the feeling of a real dick, a black dick and black balls, instead of that slightly oversized white clit you call a penis, and your litle outside ovaries you think are balls.

Black men can provide this common type of shy white male with the one thing,...the ONE THING they have wanted their whole lives,...the one thing that this type of white male has dreamed about, and wished for,...for their entire time on Earth,...the one thing they have always wanted more than ANYTHING in the world,...... A BIG DICK!!!

Whites who already know their gay, but like the idea of big black men dominating, and conquering their white bodies will LOVE my stories too! If this is you,...Congradulations cream puff!!! I'm trying to make the white world just like you!!! One white ass at a time! Because that's how it SHOULD BE!!!

Black guys, who DO, or are Interested in dominating the local white whores, YOU need to read these stories MOST OF ALL, because in this story I show you how its done!!! You need to be pro-active in finding these little shy white boys, and banging thier lilly white bottoms out! It exactly the same as fucking a woman, only without the hassel! Once you get them alone, they'll submit to you, and they'll do ANYTHING you command them to! The shy white male is the ideal whore for the black man!

See,...No matter how much you fuck them they never get pregnant! They don't make you buy them expensive gifts, you don't have to talk to them for hours on the phone, no annivereries, they don't get lawyers and ask for child support,...NONE of that shit, they do what you want, when you want, how you want, and they LOVE black dick as soon as they get it. They are the ideal whore for the black man! Its just that 99.9% of them just don't know it yet!

Well there you go people that's my blog,... those of you interested stop by and let me know!!!

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