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This is the continuation to Chloe's story about her and her bestfriends boyfriend
I knew I was running late as my phone went off again for the 4th time in less than an hour. I knew who it was but I didn’t care. I moaned as John came from under the covers. Kissing his way up my stomach, pass my breast and neck till he found his final destination my lips. He pressed his lips hard into mines. His tongue licking around as I let a moan escape. I knew our time was almost up and that would mean back to reality.
I grabbed my phone off the nightstand as I started getting dressed. I knew it was Tara. She had been calling me non-stop for almost an hour. I shot her a quick text to let her know that I was okay. Just as I did John’s phone went off. I went into the bathroom to finish getting dressed. I knew who it was. Of course it was Tara. I tried to busy myself with washing my face to drown out the conversation that they were having. As I walked towards the door John turned around but I just shook my head and blew him a kiss. He smiled and licked his lips. I giggled to myself as I closed the door softly behind me. I pulled out the hotel parking lot hoping that no one had seen me.
As I drove down my block of course guilt started to cloud my mind. I can’t believe I was with my best friend’s boyfriend. I know what I’m doing is wrong but I just can’t stop. I’m addicted to him. He’s like a drug to me. I need him in my body, I have to have him. After that first day I couldn’t say no. I really did try but it was just too hard I wasn’t that strong to say no. It took me about 3 months before I gave in again. I just couldn’t stop thinking about him and how he had made my body feel. I pulled in front the house and Tara wasn’t home. I ran for the shower. I had to wash John off me.
Just as I was finishing dressing Tara bust into my room. ‘Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?” She asked. I took a deep breath as I studied her face.” Sure was sup?” I asked following her down the hall. I sat on her bed. “So what do you think?”She turned around and held up a red lace baby doll with matching lace underwear. “Its cute I guess. Why?” She started to change as she spoke. “Lately I feel like John may be losing interest so to make sure that doesn’t happen. I decided to try something new. Even though that is so impossible cause who could ever deny me right.” Laughing she tossed her hair over her shoulder. Studying her ass in the mirror barely covering her breast with the top. “So do you think John will like it?” She asked rubbing the fabric across her ass. I knew he would and I was jealous there was no other way to be. ‘Yeah, I’m pretty sure he won’t be able to keep his hands off you. “I smiled as I walked out the room. Anger bowling from the inside.
Later that night I tried to get some sleep but I was angry yet turned on by the sounds coming from Tara’s room. She and John had been going at it for about an hour now. Evidently he loved the new lingerie because from the minute he walked in after dinner they had been fucking. I lay in my bed fingering my pussy listening to her moan as the sounds of his dick slapped across her ass. I wished it was me with him right now and it bothered me more that it wasn’t. I was naked under the covers. My comforter stung my nipples as I adjusted. They were so hard and sensitive. I had been holding in this orgasm for like 30 minutes now. I wasn’t ready to let go of this feeling. I was torturing myself as I kept moving my fingers in and out of my pussy. I wanted to come so bad. Every time I would brush against my clit I would shudder. I had to cum and fast but my fingers just weren’t enough for me. I needed penetration now. I quickly scanned my room for something anything that I could get myself off with. I knew it wouldn’t take long to cum the way I was feeling. My eyes focused on my hairbrush on the dresser. I got up and grabbed it. Lying back in the bed I spread my legs wide as I began to lick the handle of the brush imagining it was John about to fuck me. I slowly lowered the brush until it was touching my lips. I pushed as I entered my pussy. I shuddered as I adjusted to this new object inside of me. It felt ice cold against my burning hot pussy. I slowly moved the handle in and out as I felt the momentum building inside of me. I knew it wouldn’t be long now. I bit my lip as I felt my body shake. Moaning as I squeezed my nipples together as I ground further onto the brush handles. I pumped faster and faster until my hips were bucking into the air. I collapsed onto the bed my body still trembling from the orgasm that washed over me. I pulled the brush out of my soaking wet pussy and licked the juices off. I know had a new toy to help get me off. I went to sleep that night with a big smile across my face.
Everything went on for the next couple months just as it always had with John splitting his time between me and Tara. We started getting together more and more than usual. It was like we couldn’t get enough of each other. It was like his dick was designed for my pussy. It fit like a charm. Even though things were going smoothly in the back of my mind I always had that feeling like when will the bottom fall out. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary today though as I left work early just so I could be with him. I knew Tara wouldn’t be home till much later so there was no way we would get caught.
“Hey baby can we try something new?” John asked as I lay across his stomach kissing his chest. I rolled over to look at him my eyes wondering. What else could there be we had tried damn near everything else. I sat up with wide eyes. “Sure, like what?” I asked pushing my hair out my face. He pulled me up onto all fours. I was confused considering we had done doggy many times before. He kissed me from my back all the way down till he got to my ass cheeks. He licked in between sending shivers up my spine. I arched my back as he worked his tongue between them. I had never had anybody lick my ass before and the sensation was amazing. Suddenly I felt a finger ease into my asshole. I jumped a little turning around John had a big smile on his face. “So this is what you wanted?” I asked. All he did was nod as he continued to move his finger up into my ass. I moaned as I felt the sensation of my virgin ass being opened. First one finger than two then three. I could feel my ass tingling. The sensation was wonderful. I began rubbing my pussy as I began to get wet. John stopped and told me to lie on my back I obliged and he straddled my face lowering his cock into my mouth. I gagged as he pushed it down my throat. I loved the sensation of his balls on my chin. Saliva running out the sides of my mouth. He loved when I gave him a sloppy blow job and I loved to please him. He fucked my face with such power that I felt my pussy about to cum. It turned me on knowing that I was giving him such pleasure and from the look on his face I knew he was in pleasure. At that moment I felt him start to jerk as he shot his load down my throat. It was too much for my throat to handle and it dripped down the sides of my mouth mixing with my saliva. I began to play in it rubbing it all over my breasts He got between my legs and started to lick the cum out of my pussy. Playing with it with his tongue. Sucking on my fragile clit. He started fingering my pussy with such force that I was sure his whole hand was going to slip inside. My body shook as I began to cum again. I couldn’t take it anymore. I tried to close my legs together but John was far from finish with me He raised my legs in the air and spit in my ass hole. Rubbing his spit and my juices around my hole. That made me nice and slick. “You ready” He asked in a deep husky voice pressing himself against my hole. I took a deep breath as I waited for him to enter. It hurt like hell as he pushed passed the ring. Slowly moving in and out. I buried my head in a pillow to keep from screaming at the top of my lungs. He picked up rhythm as I began to loosen and after awhile it wasn’t pain I was feeling but pure ecstasy. I had never felt pleasure like this before but I hoped it lasts forever. He held on to my hips as he lowered himself onto me pressing farther inside. Feeling him stretching me further apart. I was in heaven I screamed at the top of my lungs that I was cumming at the same time I felt him fill my asshole with cum. The sensation was unbelievable. I don’t think I ever came so hard in my life. He collapsed on top of me still throbbing. Finally he pulled out and rolled over beside me we stayed the way for a while. We must have fell asleep because the next thing I know there was a knock at his door. I shook him to wake him up. He got up went to the window. He turned around to tell me something but the look on his face said everything. It was Tara. We were both about to be fucked and not in a good way.

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