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About a sister taking in her brother when he gets back from Iraq, That leeds to hot sex.
Sisters Love !

This is about a young man that has came back from Iraq, after pulling two duties there. He is mentally distraught , nerves are shot. His wife has run off with another man. Sent him his dear John, two months before he got home. No place to go, so his twin sister told him he could live with her while he was getting his self back together again.

She tried to tell him not to marry this woman, but when you’re
hot for some pussy before you go over seas, you don’t think about any ting else.

She told him she would pick him at the airport, that is where she is headed now. They are about twenty five, his sister is very well built, any man in his right mind would not turn her down. She’s by herself now, her and her boyfriend had a fight about three months ago.
Her brother is about six feet, one hundred and sixty five pounds, you know he’s built good , just getting out of the army.

She sees him standing at the curb with his duffel bag when she pulls up and stops.
He opens the door and slides in on the passenger side, leans over and kisses his sister on the lips.
“Sorry , I didn’t mean to kiss you on your lips, I just slipped.”
“That’s okay handsome, it felt good for a change.”
“I’m so glad you’re letting me stay with you for the time being. I don’t know where else I could go. My wife taking the house and all, and living with that bastard.”
“I know it’s going to be hard for you Bob, but you will be better off in the long run.”
“I know it Beth, you’ll just have to bear with me. The army doesn’t seem to want to help me with my nervous problems.”

“Well, I’ll help you as much as I can , but I’m no Dr. You know.”
“Yes Beth I know.”

No more was said till they got home. They go inside with his luggage. Beth shows her brother where his room is, just right down the hall from hers.
“I think I’ll go fix us something to eat, you are hungry aren’t you?”
“Yeah Sis I’m starved, while you’re doing that, I think I’ll take a shower.”

“Go ahead honey, its right there in your bedroom.”
“Okay Sis, be down as soon as I finish.”

Beth goes to the kitchen and starts dinner. When her brother comes in, he looked all neat and clean, wearing a tight fitting pair of shorts that showed his crotch very well.
Beth looked him up and down, “very sexy, to bad I’m not some other woman besides your sister, showing that big bulge and all. You’re liable to get me all heated up, and no place to go.” she said laughing.

‘Oh I’m sorry sis, I didn’t mean to get you all heated up.“ He said walking over to he stove where she was working. Then he puts both hands on her hips, and nuzzles her neck.

“Oh, don’t do that, it tickles,” but In the same movement, she pushing back against his large bulge. She can feel it, it felt huge, her face turns red, and her brother blushes. She has no idea how large it is, because she hasn’t seen it since they were children, but from the feel of it, it felt large.

They sit down and eat supper, then retire to the living room to catch a movie or something. Ever time his sister moves from one chair to another, or bends over to pick up the paper or a magazine, his gaze goes to his sister’s ass. He feels ashamed of his self looking at her wantonly , his own sister. He try’s not to look, but it doesn’t help.

She flips to the movie channel, stops at some move where this guy is really making out with this hot chick, doing everything to her except putting his finger in her pussy. My cock starts to get a little hard, I haven’t had any pussy for several months now, an it’s starting to get to me.
But I see sis starting to wiggle around in her chair, crossing and uncrossing her legs, her face getting a little red, her breathing getting a little quick.
“Think I’ll go to bed sis, don’t care about the movie.” The hell I didn’t, he thought, I wanted to see him screw her so bad. I’ll probably go to bed and bang myself to sleep.
I undress down to my boxer shorts, and lay across the sheet before covering up. Took my hand and started rubbing my cock, It soon jumped to attention. I stroked it softly, thinking about my long departed wife, damn her any way. I roll over without finishing, there will be another night.

I rollover, and try to sleep, but I take one of my crying stages, can’t help it. I just break down and start crying. I asked the Army Doctors about it, but they just give me some cock and bull story about it, and that would be it.

Beth had started to bed, but she heard something. She stopped at her brothers door to listen. She hear him sobbing, she listens for a few minutes and walks on.

The next morning at breakfast she brings it about hearing him crying in his room. “I know Sis, you caught me. I was having one of my crying spells, couldn’t stop, don’t worry I’ll be alright.”

“Well I am worried about you. It’s not right for a grown man to cry like that, something’s wrong.”
They finish their coffee and Beth goes off to work. When she gets home that evening, Bob has supper all ready for them.
“Why, that’s so nice of you to have supper ready like this. I don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say any thing Sis, just sit down and eat, this is all I can do for you.”
After supper they go to the living room again, then about nine, Bob says he’s going to bed.
“Okay love, you want me to tuck you in when I come to bed?” She said grinning.
“No, you know you don’t have to do that.” He said smiling, as he went up the hall way.
Beth hears the shower running, and decides to take a peek. She is still curious about the size his cock.
She peeks in, the shower is going, some steam has part of the upper glass covered. She looks while Bob is soaping his head and face, she can’t see much. Beth is shocked by the size of her brothers cock. She has not seen many, but what she has seen, they don’t compare to his cock. It’s a bout ten inches long and the girth of a Pepsi bottle, and it‘s soft now. She can’t imagine what it would look like when it got hard.
Her pussy started twitching just thinking about it, she darts back to her room shaking from the sight of it

She hears the water stop running, and then it got quiet in his room. She listens. Then she hears him starting to cry again. She can’t stand it, she has to go to him. She gets out of bed In her shear night gown, one that you can see all the way through. You can see her pink nipples showing through the cloth, it doesn’t hide anything.

She makes her way to Bobs darkened room, but she can see the out line of his body form the moon shining through the window. “Bob honey, are you alright?” He stirs, “what, oh it’s you sis?” “Yes honey it’s me, can I help you in any way. ’I don’t know, I just miss my wife being here beside me so much.
“What can I do Bob?”
“ I know you’re my sister and all, but could you lay with me until I go to sleep, maybe that would help?”
“I don’t know Bob, are you sure?”
“Well we can try it one night, and see if it helps.”

She look at her brother and thinks for a minute. ’Okay, I’ll try it one night, that’s all.”
“Okay Sis thanks.” he throws the sheet back, and Beth crawl’s in beside him. She thinks she’ll just lay there till he goes to sleep , and then seek out of bed. He rolls over and soon goes to sleep. Just when she thinks she’ll get up. Bob turns over, and throws his arm over her, and cups her breast, She didn’t move it was shock. Then he started to rub and pinch her nipples. The sensation was tearing her up. Her breast started to swell, and her nipples were getting hard. She started getting an itchy feeling in her pussy.
Bob was starting to nuzzle her neck, she could feel her pussy starting work it’s juices to lips of her vagina. Then she felt Bobs big cock swelling, and rubbing against her hip. She could feel the precum oozing from the tip of his huge cock smearing against her leg .

Her breathing was getting short. Then he reached down to finger her pussy, and raised her leg to get his cock in. That’s when he woke up.
He said, “what is going on,” then he jumped out of bed, his big cock swinging in the air, precum stringing from the end of it. The moonlight shining on his naked body.
He reaches over and flips on the light. He sees his Sister naked body laying before him with her legs open , moaning rubbing her breasts.

“What have we done?” He asked, “you’re my sister. I’m sorry Beth.”
“Don’t be sorry, you’ve got me all hot now, come and finish what you started.”
“Are you sure Beth?” “Yes I’m sure, come on honey, come back to bed.” she says as she spreads her legs for her brothers big cock. He gets on top between her legs. She gets it and then guides it to her hot box. He try’s to put it in, but it won’t go. He rub’s the head of it up and down between the lips of her pussy, trying to get it wet enough to go in. I don’t think it’s going to go Sis. Try it again, she takes it her hand to guide it in herself. She looks down at it again, the head of it looks about the size of a tennis ball.
“Oh my God, will it ever go?” She smears some more precum on the head, and they try it again, she raise her hips to help.
They do manage to get the head of his big cock in her pussy, then they work it in, about half an inch at a time.
Beth has about four or five orgasms while trying to get it in. Finally they get about six or seven inches .
“Oh Bob, you’re so big. It fells like a telephone pole.” “Am I hurting you Sis?”
“Yes a little , but a good hurt. I’ve never been filled like this before. I don’t know how to describe the feeling, it’s one I’ll never forget,” she says, moaning with joy when Bob finally hits bottom.

He works his cock up and down in her hot pussy, now it’s starting to loosen up. He pulls it almost all the way out, then pushes it back in again. It’s large head spreading the walls of her pussy as it goes. She can feel the juices flowing from her and Bobs precum, as it slides back and forth inside her love tunnel.
Then she feels Bob tense, his cock start jumping and jerking, the head feels like it Is swelling to about twice its size inside her.
’I think I’m about ready to come Sis” she raise her hips for the charge that she knows is coming. Bob drives it deep, she can feel it hit bottom. Then she feels his hot juices spurting from the end of his cock, Bob moaning with delight, then he lays still on top of her. She can still feel his cock still throbbing inside her. Then he raises, and pulls it from her with a sucking sound, as it drops out with cum still dripping from the end of it.
“Oh Bob, that felt so good.”
“I know Sis, but look what we’ve done, brother and sister.”
“I know Bob, it was just one of those things that happen, I’m not sorry.”
“I know, but I feel kind of guilty.”
“That’s okay honey, you’ll get over it.”
“Are you sure, do you want me to find some place else to live?”
“No, absolutely not, so stop blaming your self about it, it just happened , so drop it. It’s something you started in your sleep. I just didn’t stop it soon enough that’s all. You thought I was your wife laying there, and it just got out of hand.”
“I just hope you don’t get pregnant after all of this.”
“Don’t worry, I’m on the pill. Been on them for a long time.”
“Good Sis, that’s a worry off my mind.”
“Now, are we ready to go back to bed? This time to sleep. Are you still going to sleep with me Sis?”
‘Sure, why not, what more damage could you do?” I should have never asked that question.”
They crawl back in bed. Bob cuddles up to her back, with his hand over her shoulder. His hand cupping her breast. His big cock resting against her butt. She doesn’t know how much sleep she will get this night ?

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2010-08-19 14:54:12
If we leave the grammetic mistakes, It was a nice attempt. Keep writing...!

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If we leave the grammetic mistakes, I was a nice attempt. Keep writing...!

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