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This is a halfway true. Meaning, everything but the whole sexual experience. Lemme kno what you thik. Feed back, positive, or negative is accepted. It's my first story, and you can expect more.
So, here I am, 8:49 am, sitting in my school’s library, switching between my MySpace and Facebook, hungry, and horny as hell.
Hornyness. It’s like a curse. A curse that’s only on me. I know that I am not the only one who feels this way, but the way that I feel it is unexplainable. It’s Extreme.
As I look at all the females walking in, out, and around me, I think about how much fun I’d have fucking each and every one of em’. I have a habit of naming women. I see a very pretty Indian woman with huge breasts and fluffy black hair that I name ‘Currie’. Then I see a tall white woman with long curly blonde hair. I call her ‘Stilts’. I spend a lot of time staring at her long, slim body thinking about how tight her pussy must be. I think about how she would respond if I asked her to come with me to my apartment. Would she laugh and walk away, would she say “what the hell?!,” and keep walking away shaking her head, or would she lick her lips and follow me to my car. I decide to move onto a new ‘sight’ when I see a very pretty Hispanic woman of about 23 years old, with a small child by her side. She has long, shoulder length, straight dark-brown hair, curious green eyes, and a nose piercing. ‘Bonita.’ She sits at the computer about two seats to the right of me. As I type, I glance back and forth between her and the computer. She notices me and gives a little smile. I smiled back at her and turned back to my computer. I stare at the screen for about a minute or two thinking about what it would be like to stick my dick in between her pussy lips when I snap back to reality from hearing her child whining. I look to see why the baby is whining and I find my answer. I see her staring at my face not noticing her child reaching for his ‘sippee’ cup. I look between her and the child and she realizes that she was day-dreaming, and blushes really hard and hands her child his drink.
I look at my watch and notice that I am 15 minutes late to my first class. I silently curse and gather my things, give one last meaningful glance her way, and head to my class. As I walk through the hallways, I look at all the women judging them based on what they’re wearing. About 6 of em’ would come home with me if I asked, and about 10 of em’ would fuck me right in the back seat of my Ford, and come home with me. Of course I’d be kicking them out at about noon the next day. I get to my classroom to find that the door is locked. I knock, and the professor opens it and says to me that I am too late to enter. I say that it’s only the first day, and the bitch tells me to try and come a lil’ earlier next class and shuts the door. I slap her across the face with my dick, mentally, and head back to the library to wait for my next class.
As I turn the corner, I run into her. Bonita. We stop and look at each other for about 3 seconds or so when I ask “where’s the baby?” She smiles and says “with his mother. I was just watching him while she was in class. She’s my friend. Now it’s my turn to go and try and learn, but right now it’s kinda’ impossible.” I ask why, and she takes hold of my hand and starts to walk towards the exit. I decide not to ask where hoping that this wasn’t gonna’ lead to what I thought it would lead to, when we arrive at a black Chevrolet. She puts the security code in and asks me “are you okay? Nervous?” And I reply “not at all.” She opens the back door and crawls in, and in I crawl right behind her. She turns to sit with her back against the opposite door and grabs hold of my collar, and starts to kiss me, slowly, then fast and sloppy. She tells me that the way that I was looking at her in the library really made her wet. With that being said, I reached my hand under her skirt, and sure enough, I felt a warm wet spot on her panties. I started to massage her clit through her panties. She leaned her head back and started to exhale slowly and heavily. I continued to massage her clit with one hand, and with the other I reached up her shirt and started to massage breast through her bra. She said “ooo that feels so good,” and grabbed both my wrists and pulled them away to stop me touching her. I looked at her in a confused way and asked “why’d you make me stop?” She replied with “sit back!” I obeyed and watched her sit up and start to unbuckle my belt. After she unbuckled it, she pulled my already erect penis out of my boxers and started to slowly stroke me. It felt really good the way that she did it. She added a lil’ twist to it. After about 2 or 3 minutes, she asked “do you wanna’ feel how the inside of my mouth feels?”. And before I could say yes, she took all of me into her mouth. Oh my goodness, it felt like heaven. She kept her mouth on my dick for a couple seconds, and then started to suck. I already thought she was a beautiful person, but the way that her head bobbed up and down on my dick made me feel really guilty. Guilty that I thought so little of her. She was beyond beautiful. Her head was amazing. As she sucked she took her my balls in her hand and began to fondle em’. I knew that if her sucking kept up that I wouldn’t be able to hold my building cum back any longer so I scooted up and felt my dick fall outta’ her mouth. With a raised eyebrow, she asked “why’d you make ‘me’ stop?” And I told her that I wanted to make her feel the way that she was making me feel. She said that that sounded wonderful, but only after I came in her mouth. I smiled and told her that she can get back to work. She winked, and lowered her head back onto my hard dick, and began her wonderful sucking again. I placed my hand on top of her head and started to push with the motion of her head. I started to lowly moan and she started to suck a little more stronger. Then, she pulled my dick out of her mouth and started to lick up and down the shaft. She then flicked her tongue back and for the tip and sucked only on that. I started to bounce my knees with the pleasure that I felt and then she licked all the way down to my balls. She told me to scoot down a little bit, and happily I obliged. She then started to suck on my balls, one at a time. After a few minutes of ball sucking, she moved back up to my dick, and after she sucked the tip a few times, she again took the whole of me into her mouth. I moved my hands back on top of her head and started to take hold of her pretty brown hair. She let out a “uh-huh” to let me know that that’s what she wanted. I started to push her head down, and pull it up, and push it back down, and pull it back up when I felt my balls start to tighten. I knew that I wouldn’t last much longer, so I told her that I was gonna’ come soon, and to my amazement, she started to vigorously blow my dick. It felt so fuckin' wonderful that I had to let go of her hand and raise my hands to the roof of the car. As I came, I heard her gulping down warm sticky spurt after warm sticky spurt. I was amazed that she could keep up with the rate at which I was cumming. After I finished, she sucked out any leftover cum that might’ve got left behind in my dick, and as my dick started to soften, she sucked and licked it some more. When my dick was fully soft, she picked her head and looked at me and asked “how was it?” I didn’t even answer, but I knew that she knew that I enjoyed it because of the look in my face and the pleasure in my eyes. “Tour turn,” I said, and she smiled, leaned in to give me a warm, tender kiss, and said to follow her to her apartment.
With a smile resting on my lips, I fixed my dick in my pants, buckled my belt, and asked “what about your learning?” And she replied, “I’ll be there next class” I gave her a kiss and headed to my car. All the walk I was thinking about how good she made me felt, and all that will happen once we get to her place. I got in my car, pulled out, and as she pulled out of her parking space, I flicked my tongue at her, admired her smile, and followed her to wherever it was that she was taking me.
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