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Fnd out how a teen deals with her sexual needs.
My brother is my inspiration, he’s a cross-country runner. I became a cross-country runner because of him, he’s graduated, and I’m going to graduate. He’s always sort of looked down on me, but I’m going to make him look me in the eyes and moan with pleasure. Oh, I’m 13 and he’s 19.

“Yo, Sam.” I called to my brother, he was staying for the summer and I had some surprises in store for him.
“What up, Sarah?” Sam shouted, I had just gotten back from my last day of school and felt free. I dropped my backpack on the couch and jumped beside him. He scooted a bit to accompany me.
“Nothing, just feeln’ a bit proud. Looking forward to a hot Florida summer filled with sweat and pools.” I joked, he laughed and agreed. After that we just watched TV, eventually I grew wet between my thighs from the nearness of a man, my brother for that case. I had good B-cup breasts enough to accent my toned body. I had an olive skin tone and long muscled legs, not too muscled just not sticks or beefy. I had the face of a Spaniard and chestnut hair; I’m told that when the sun catches it just right, it glints copper. My eyes were dark brown, almost black and I was blemish-free.
“Nothings on. Where’s the family?”(In case you didn’t know, ‘the family’ is the term my brother and I use for our parents.) I asked and turned over so that my breast filled his remote-holding hand. At the same time he moved his thumb to press a button, effectively pressing my already erect nipple against the remote. It felt so exquisitely sensual that a small shiver tingled through my body and a small moan escaped my lips. Sam’s half-closed eyes flew open and he looked at me in surprise and stammered an apology, “Sarah! I-I’m so s-s-so-“I smiled reassuringly even though my panties were soaked with desire, not moving I caught a twitch of movement coming from the front of Sam’s jeans. “So, the family…?” I implored with a smirk of satisfaction, Sam was finally noticing me!
“O-Oh, the family called a while earlier, before you came home, and said they had planned a trip for themselves and had left. They won’t be back for a few weeks.” Sam had averted his eyes to watch television again. Sighing I stood up, making sure to put my bottom in his remote-hand as I got up. I swore I felt his thumb make a small circle on my ass but I wasn’t sure.

After showering I noticed I had run out of towels and wash-cloths and hadn’t bothered to get more before taking a shower. “Shit!” I exclaimed then saw the opportunity to show off my goods. My room was on one side of the house and the bathroom was on the other, I had to go through the living room to reach my bedroom. I smiled and started walking to the living room, when I reached it I pretended to ignore the sharp intake from the couch. “Oh, hey, Sam do you know where the clean towels are?” His eyes were on my nipples which stood at attention due to the cold air. He didn’t answer so I put on sad face and crawled into his lap. “Sam?” I asked in a small voice. With as much subtlety as I could muster I ground on his growing member. Seeing not resistance only a small answering thrust, I ground harder and harder until Sam was moaning and I was making small sounds in the back of my throat. My juices wetted his crotch and his cock was making a tent. I was pumping him through his jeans and his hand crept out to squeeze my nipple. Feeling he was getting close to cumming I crawled from his lap.
He was breathing heavily and obviously disliked me leaving him so close, his face grew red with frustration. “Towels?” I asked as if nothing was wrong or different. “On your chair in your room.” He growled. I nodded and skipped to the hallway leading to my room and called over my shoulder, “I don’t think I’ll need it, Do you?” As I kept going I heard him mutter, “Are you kidding me?”

As soon as I heard the TV turn off I walked into the living room with a bra that was see-through and lacy underwear on. I heard the shower running and crept into the bathroom. The shower doors were fuzzy but I could till see pink. He was making a thumping noise that could only be him jacking off. I slowly opened the door and saw he had his eyes closed as he went at it. I climbed in silently and closed the door; I crouched in front of his cock and murmured huskily, “I can do it better.” Sam’s eyes flew open but I had already moved my mouth to it and sucked hungrily. Sam groaned, thrusted his hips forward, and I deep-throated him. It wasn’t long before he came, I loved his cock but his cum taste too salty and weird, so I let the shower drain have it. I straightened up and pressed my breasts onto his lower chest, I was about 5’ 8” and Sam was 6’ 3” so he was taller. He had black hair and matching black eyes with Spanish features. He looked at me an said, “Sarah, we can’t-“ I cut him off with a kiss, my tongue slipped past his lips and tentatively pressed his, he stood still for a second them his arms grasped my waist and he pushed me up against the side of the shower. Him pressing me against the wall made it possible for him to push his penis into me and still hold me up. He thrusted in once, pushing past my hymen I broke away from the kiss to take in a gasp, I didn’t know it would hurt so much. “Do you want me to st-“ Sam stopped to ask, it hurt more when he stopped so I gasped, “N-no! Keep going, Sam!” He didn’t need very much encouragement and started pounding again. Suddenly I clenched up, my pussy pulsed and clenched tightly around Sam’s cock. At the same time Sam’s member began to swell up inside me and he released his load. He tried to pull away, but I held him tighter and pushed his cock in up to my womb and looked into Sam’s eyes, “I-I want your child, Sam.” His eyes grew wide and he tried to pull away that much more but I milked his semen as soon as he finished I used my mouth to clean him off. Even though he was a bit stiller he grew hard again…


2010-07-26 10:36:09
Disjointed, and the details are not well incorporated. Very abrupt in getting into the actual sex part.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-16 09:10:34
think before writing i can see him just graduating at 19 but not here about to graduate at 13 18 yes 13 no things like this kill your story and make you look like an asshole proofread and use an editor this needs a rewrite it was only a first draft and should not have been posted

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-30 03:27:57
why you need the child from your own brother?

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-28 11:18:17
Not as hot as it could have been.....sorry.... about 2 out of 10 from me....

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