This goes into how the owner and one of the mechanics of the auto shop where I am a receptionist, fuck me all the time.
After my husband went in to prison, I needed to learn to take care of myself, so I was looking for work, but I knew I hadn't had much experience other than waitressing before. Then, a friend of my husband named Brent came over to drop off a few things that his wife said I might be able to use and I made him some coffee and we talked for a while.

Brent was 46 years old then a year and a half ago and he was a very sexy man. Not too tall with a nice body and a devilish smile. Anyway, we sat in the living room, he sat at one end of the sofa and I on the other. After a while, I happened to glance down and saw what appeared to be a nice bulge in his trousers and it caught me off guard and when I looked back up to continue listening to him talk, I saw that he noticed me looking. I smiled and responded to him politely about what he was talking about (but to be quite honest I had no idea at that point what he was saying). So then I glanced down a couple more times and well, he noticed it again and stopped his end of the conversation and asked me "Is there something I can help you with?"

I must have turned beet red and was so embarrassed , but I just smiled and the only thing I could let out was a "Well...."

So Brent looked at me pointedly and grinned slightly. "You were looking at something. What's up?"

So I did what came naturally to me and I slid to his end of the couch and said, "I was looking at this" and I began to massage his bulge while I leaned into him and he didn't stop me from kissing him. In fact, he leaned even firmer into me and began kissing me back and was groping my right breast. He then pulled back and looked at me. "Damn, you're pretty horny there."

I was now kissing on his neck, massaging his hardening cock through his trousers and muttered "mmmmm-hmmmm" and then I looked at him and said straight out "I'm a nasty little slut."

Brent kind of laughed and then he reached down and zipped open the fly of his trousers and pulled out his hard dick and jerked it a couple times. "Well then, nasty little slut....why don't you start sucking my cock? How's that sound?"

"MMmmmm-good" I said and then got onto the floor in front of him and took his cock into my mouth. I worked up and down on it and he sat back a bit more and pumped into my mouth with his hand on my head. He then grabbed my hair and started maneuvering my head up and down on his cock.

"You're a dirty fuckin' bitch, you know that? What if your husband knew what a dirty little bitch you are?" And then he pulled my head back by my hair and spit in my face.

I just smiled at him with a seductive look and said "Yeah" . Then he forced my head down to continue fucking my face, while his other hand reached down and started groping my breasts back and forth. I didn't have a bra on under my t-shirt and so he started pinching my nipples hard, causing my body to shudder and I started to moan with his dick pumping my mouth.

"Fuck bitch, you're one hot cunt. Fuckin' sucking your husband's buddy's cock while he's doin' time. I'll bet you like to fuck all sorts of guys now."

"mmmmm-hmmmm" I mumbled and he face fucked me.

Brent then pulled me up by my hair still in his hand and he stood up and turned me around physically himself and pushed me over into a bent position so my hands grabbed the back of the sofa and he pulled up my skirt and yanked down my cotton panties and then after he spit on his cock and lubricated it, he pushed the head of his dick against my asshole.

"Ooooh yeah, Daddy, fuck me in the ass. Do it Daddy." I said with total encouragement, felling like such a dirty whore doing this so openly.

"Yeah? You want Daddy's dick up your ass baby?"

"Fuck yes Daddy! Do it! Fuck my ass! Make me your whore!"

And with that, Brent weighed himself against me and I felt his cock push its way into my tight hole, opening me up wide. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain and it felt so nasty and made me feel like a sleazy bitch, but I was loving it. "Ohhhh yeah, your cock is so big up my ass! Stick your fingers in my cunt and see how wet this is making me!"

"Yeah Bitch? You nasty anal whore! You fucking nasty bitch!" And as he jammed his cock into my ass over and over, I felt two of his fingers penetrate my wet pussy and he started working his fingers around the walls of my pussy while using his thumb to flick back and forth on my clit. He really knew what he was doing and I was getting more and more wet.

"Oh my god! You nasty fucking man!"

"Fuck whore! Your cunt is gushing right now, fuck!"

He started to pump his cock harder into my ass and he pulled his fingers out of my pussy which I replaced with my own as he held onto my hips and started driving himself at full length into my anal cavity, making my ass feel violated. I was finger fucking my cunt like mad and rubbing my clit and I could feel the sensations build up into me. "OH MY GOD! OOOOO FUCK DADDY! OH FUCK FUCK FUCK OH MY GOD!" I was screaming at the top of my lungs at this point as my body convulsed and I was cumming like a madwoman. This caused Brent to lose control.

"Oh GODDAMN! FUCKING WHORE CUNT BITCH!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAGHGHGH!" And he pulled his cock out of my ass which was now gaping wide open and I felt him squirt his cum into my open hole. It felt like buckets of it and it coated the inner walls of my ass. He then pushed his cock back into my ass and I felt the slimy warmth of his cum spreading inside my hole with his cock.

After we regained our composure, it was then that he offered me a job at his auto shop as a receptionist, which I happily accepted because I was getting burnt out looking. He asked me then how I felt about providing him with special services in his office and I smiled and said "You can sexually harass me anytime baby."

And then he winked at me. ."Good girl" and patted me on my ass as he headed out the door to go home to his wife.

Well, that's it for today but I will continue soon!

By the way, thank you so much to all of you beautiful men who send me messages and say such dirty things, you are all very much a turn on for this dirty lady. I'm sorry if I'm on my Yahoo messenger and can't talk, but the minute I open it up I get like four to six incoming requests immediately. So I'm not brushing any of you off, I'm just busy :)


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