PART 2/13. Midnight Snack
Harvey had heard the old man but he couldn't resist holding Wesley,
undulating his hips against his. In no time, his emaciated fingers were
caressing the blond boy's chest and nipples, dipping into his bellybutton.

Wesley's heart beat with the same rhythm of his new partner. With every
breath he took, strange desires lifted his soul to blissful planes he
had never ventured to before. He wanted the black-haired kid to rip his
clothes and jack him off like Chris had done.

A luscious hand invaded his pajama bottom and began fondling his
hairless package. He giggled. The big boy pressed his groin to his backside,
pushing his hard-on against his butt.

Their clothes seemed awkwardly in the way of things. He slid his pajama
bottom along his short legs, giving freedom to his pulsating cock and
showing his horny bedmate he wanted it to happen.

Behing him, he felt Harvey move under the sheets, lowering his briefs
frantically. They were ready to play with their penises now like he hoped
they would.

Nothing was said the whole time, only moans, the language of intimacy.
The young teenager was an expert at this. He caressed and kissed the
little boy's white flesh. His wet tongue was in Wesley's ear, his hand was
masturbating him slowly and his stiff moist sex was in the crack of his butt.

Wes wanted to participate and he sought his playmate's penis between
his asscheeks. From what he could figure, it was at least five inches and
eager to explode. He tightened his little buttocks around the big knob,
feeling the heat it gave off and ultimately squeezing pre-cum juice out
of its tip. The transparent ooze slicked up his smooth pink valley,
allowing him to rub easily the swollen head in there.

Harvey appreciated the boy's initiative and wrapped his fingers around
his hard little boydick with more passion. Wes could feel his temperature
rising. He purred like a kitten under Harvey's ministrations. The big
dick in his crack, brushed his sensitive anus, and for a second
he feared it would burst inside him.

But instead, Harvey gripped his big boner and guided it between his
silky thighs. He started to hump him and at the same time pumped his
little dick. The rhythm of the humping was identical to the hand job. Slow,
loving strokes that were making him crazy.

They didn't notice the boy leaning next to them and jumped when he
muttered in a hushed voice.

"Come on! Billy will suck us off!"

Billy was one of the younger children. Only ten, but he already knew
pretty much everything about boy-sex compared to the neophyte Wesley was. He
was a redhead child and the kids in the gang had nicknamed him Carrot
Head since his head was shaved weekly, leaving him with tiny orange hair
sticking up on his scalp like pins.

By the time Wes and Harvey were on their feet. The young plaything was
already nude on his knees, in a corner of the attic. Rocko was in front
of him with his undies around his ankles. Wesley had never seen a big
cock, he gasped as Rocko's hardened. The large organ lenghten slowly as
if someone was blowing air in it. He thought it would never stop
growing but eventually the foreskin cleared the big red bulb and it

He was staring at the main reason why Rocko was the leader. Eight
inches of meat sticking out between his muscular thighs. The tall blond
leader rubbed his dickhead on Carrot Head's face and Billy cupped his heavy
balls in return. His small lips parted, swallowing Rocko's erection.
Only half of it could fit in and he sucked on it as best as he could.

"Oh yeah, that's it... suck it real nice..." cooed Rocko

Wesley became nervous, wondering if they would wake Leroy, but Harvey
assured him nothing could disturb the old man when he was snoring like that.
After his first apprehension had faded away, he looked at the two boys
next to him. They discarded the little clothes they had on to stand
stark naked with steely hard-ons.

Harvey began masturbating and Weirdo, the boy who had informed them of the
little orgy, imitated him. But he had always been a timid boy. Something
felt terribly wrong about watching two boys play with their thingy and
another one sucking on a boy's tube where the piss came out.

He looked away from the scene, trying to find an excuse to go back to
bed. The slurping sound tickled his curiosity too much and he quickly
reasoned it was only a silly game boys played in the outside world.

Carrot Head was giving a great blow job to the oldest boy. Rocko held
his head, looking down at his little mouth eating his hard prick. He
moaned sensuously, tossing his head back as the slippery lips pleasured
his engorged pole.

Wesley glanced between Billy's skinny thighs at his tiny erection. It
didn't have any attention and wobbled in the air, aiming its sole eye at
the audience. What he thought would have been a deed seemed in fact
enjoyable to the kid. Even though the large cock was lodged in his
mouth, he could tell he was smiling.

"My turn!" Weirdo whispered. Wes surveyed the brown-haired twelve-
year-old, trying to find out how he had acquire the odd name. The curly-
-haired boy rubbed his woody on Carrot Head's nose, teasing him, urging the
pasty white child to take him in his mouth.

Finally, the ten-year-old let the biggest cock out of his mouth and
moved to the next boy's penis. It was only four inches and he adopted a new
technique. This time, he started by nibbling on the hairless testicles,
taking each one in his mouth. He stuck out his tongue and licked the
underside of the shaft all the way to the tip. There, he flickered his
tongue at the knob making Weirdo moan in ecstasy. He opened wide and the
boy pushed his boycock inside his warm cavity.

Weirdo's mug was very expressive. He grimaced from pleasure and
delight as if his penis was the only source of happiness. Carrot Head
alternated from one oral trick to the other. He sucked as though he wanted
to get the boy's nuts through his canal. His moist lips were sliding on
the shaft and with his fingers, he stroked the base of the organ.

"Suck Wes now." Harvey suggested.

"No. that's okay." Wesley stammered, taking a step away bashfully.

Harvey moved behind his stiff boyish body and massaged his shoulders.
"Go on boy, he won't bite." he murmured in his ear. Carrot Head
grinned from ear to ear, crawling on the floor to get in front of him.
Harvey pulled down his pajama bottom gently and his peter emerged bouncing
like a spring board. "Oh, I think you wanna be sucked! There's no point
in denying now!"

Wesley shivered. His whole body was exposed, vulnerable, at the mercy of
the kids' horny minds.

Billy fondled his erection and he almost came right away. The boy's little
fingers were like the caress of an angel on his hot piece of flesh. He
watched him opened his mouth and take all of his penis in his warm cavern.
He could feel his little tongue working all around his hard head, sending
him in a deep transe where pleasure was king.

Harvey rubbed his rod between his buns again. Chills shot up and
down his spine, while in front, his dick flexed and throbbed in the boy's
vaccum mouth. Carrot Head's lips went far down on his boycock, touching the
hairless mound. Then sucked back off. Faster and faster. Better and

"Uhhh Uhhh uhhhhh ohhhhhhhh." he moaned.

"He's commmmming." said Harvey feeling the asscheeks tense up on his
dick. Wesley yelped then cried, his body convulsed, taken over by orgasm.
All the boys smiled looking at him climaxing.

Harvey kissed the back of his neck then pushed him aside unexpectedly.
He forced his five inch meat inside Billy's mouth.

"Real action now Carrot head. I'll show Wes how to fuck your little mouth
real good!"

He grabbed the boy's ears and pulled his head on his straining cock.
The small lips streched around his hard-on as he shoved it further and
further in the boy's throat. Carrot Head choked on the penis but the horny
teenager ignored the fact and began slamming his dick inside the narrow
tunnel. He knew the kid could deep throat him.

There was little sensuality in Harvey's assault. Wesley shuddered,
his eyes glued to the scene. Harvey's balls were bouncing off the kid's
chin and the little pubic fuzz he had tickled his nose. Watching the
grotesque show immediatly gave him another boner though and he played with
it. After a while, he liked staring at Harvey's cock come out of the mouth
and with a quick thrust disappear again back home. Carrot Head was turning
blue but he didn't complain and kept taking the hard sausage down his throat.

For the next thirty minutes, Billy gave head to the three teenagers.
They encircled him and he leaped from one boy to the other until their
cocks were all glistening from his saliva. Always smiling, always doing
a terrific job of sucking and licking, never losing his little erection
between his white skinny thighs, he let the boys fuck his mouth.

He gave special attention to Rocko's huge penis since he was
the leader. The other two meanwhile beat their peter, waiting for their turn.
Weirdo couldn't hold on longer and he came with spasmic jerks of his limbs.
Wesley's eyes locked on his sex. Something he had never seen before came
out from the member and hit Carrot Head on the chest. White gooey cream!
He was twelve like Weirdo but nothing came out of his dick? Confused and
baffled, he stared at the pulsing cock as it squirted again and a third
time on the ten-year-old.

"Come here, I've got sperm for you little slut!" Harvey muttered.

He rammed his prick a few times inside Billy's mouth and shot his load.
The ten-year-old complained. Still, Harvey shoved his penis down his throat
and ejaculated there again. From where Wesley was standing, it looked like
the teen's cock was spurting the white stuff directly inside Carrot Head's

Rocko let out a loud groan and his penis started to shoot its sauce like
a cannon on Billy's face. The first thick wad splashed his right
cheek. Then he received it on his nose, in his hair and in his ear.
Ten times, Rocko's cock unloaded the hot liquid on the kid's face.

Carrot Head's nostrils flared as if he was drowning in all that
liquid. The boys were squeezing their balls making sure he was
getting every drop. When it was over, he was covered with it. The
sticky substance was dripping from his chin. He looked back at
everybody with a wet smile of satisfaction on his face. Finally, he
had the chance to work on his own dick.

Wesley shamelessly fiddled his boner in unison with the young boytoy. It
made him hard like a rock just watching him slide his fingers on his slimy
two incher plastered with the white stuff.

They climaxed at the same time and went to bed.


The next morning, Wesley woke up with the musky smell of boys still
in his nose. The other kids were already eating their breakfast around
the large table in the middle of the attic. He joined them and
devoured the bowl of oatmeal he was given.

Harvey chose that time to explain sperm to him, in front of all the
others. He went on about its power to make babies and the taste it had.
The smaller children giggled and nudged themselves in the ribs
watching the color of Wesley's cheeks turn red.

After that, Leroy asked Rocko to find him some appropriate clothes.
The big leader and Harvey browsed in a wooden chest, fishing out of the pile,
a pair of short pants, a shirt and torn white briefs that would be his

He had never undressed before in public. Only his mommy and nanny had
seen him in all his naked beauty. Shyly, he took off his pajama top and
pulled down his pants. He stepped out of them in a flash. Under the
scrutiny of the group, his circumcised boydick bounced left and right.

Twenty-two eyes were staring at his bare body. He quickly jumped in the
underwear to cover his nakedness and pulled the brown shorts over them.
They were a little tight and snugged his firm buttocks. With a sigh of
relief, he put on the beige shirt over his skinny chest, and was ready to
hit the streets.

There was only six pairs of shoes for eleven boys and that day he
didn't have the privilege of wearing one.

With Harvey, he headed to the town square. It was his duty to initiate
him to the 'art of stealing' as Leroy called it. The first trick he showed
the new rookie was the 'hit and run', then the 'bump' and finally the 'lost
lad' technique.

Wes wasn't very good at it and the rich noble men or tradesmen often
caught him. He always managed to flee though, but unfortunatly not before
getting a few whacks of a cane on his little behind.

Just before noon, he stole a nice goldwatch along with the chain it
was attached to. Harvey smiled and patted his blond head.

"You're gonna make a good little pickpocket lad!"

Leroy was even more impressed. He laughed and limped around with the
piece of jewellery in his fist.

"Ain't life grand!" he gloated. "I bought him for his little ass and he
rewards him with his little hands!"

Wes had the afternoon off, courtesy of the old man. He strolled
aimlessly in the streets, lonely. He longed for the old days at the big
mansion but at the same time was exhilarated with his new adventures.

A boy of his age attracted his attention. He had on leather shoes that
were glittering and green socks, covering his ankles. It was very odd for
a street boy, Wes thought. Then, he noticed the bench he was sitting on
and realized he was one of those kids who shined the shoes of the noble men.

He smiled at him and he smiled back. The shirt on him was open in the
middle. A certain sexuality was emanating from his smooth slightly
muscular torso. He'd been blessed by mother nature for sure, the bulge in his
gray shorts was huge for a boy he estimated at twelve.

What startled him the most was his unusual haircut, he had never seen
anything like it. The hair all around his head was shaved except for a
patch of wavy golden hair over his forehead.

"Hi. My name is Wesley" he said, stretching his arm.

"Pleased to meet you Wesley, I'm Shawn" the boy answered shaking his hand.
"You don't seem to have anything I can shine?"

"No.. well... I was just..." he squirmed, seeking in his mind for the right
words. He was only trying to kill time but strangely felt like the kid could
be more than a face in the crowd, perhaps a new friend.

Shawn understood right away. He glanced at the confused blond boy's red
cheeks and helped him out.

"Wanna play marbles tonight?"

Wes nodded, totally overwhelmed by the calm easy going boy.

"Great! Meet me at eight o'clock in the alley next to Selwyn's pub."

He didn't have the opportunity to answer back this time. Rocko came out
of nowhere. Hejerked Shawn's shirt to reveal the tattoo of the
despized rodent on his shoulder.

"He's a Rat Wes! You are a Snake!"


Rocko dragged him back to the hideout, explaining that everything between
Larson street and Rosewell Road was Snake territory.

"It has all the richest bussinessmen." he said. "The well-dressed women
will even give you pences if you beg the right way."

"We have to FIGHT to keep it." he shouted.

"But, but, I was only talking to him?" Wes replied like he was on trial.

The leader ignored his remark and continued. "The Rats have the rest of
the Eastern district. They always encroach on our turf. We can't let them
do that or we'll starve."

"Stay away from the Rats. They are the sleaziest of London. You may
think they are nice boys but when they know they have earned your trust.
They will stab you in the back!"

The city halted. Big Ben was announcing teatime.

They opened the door of the attic to discover all the gang
together and agitated. Wesley moved forward and looked over the shoulder of
Carrot Head.

In the middle of the circle, on the wooden planks, was the naked
body of a nine-year-old asian boy. Quite an unexpected sight in London.
He was very small with slit eyes, black hair and yellowish skin.

Weirdo was on the floor beside him, masturbating a large black dog.
Wes recognized Nightmare, who was kind of a mascot for the gang. The
beast's prick was already hard from the stimulation. He was disgusted
yet curious and kept looking between the dog's hairy leg. The size of
the penis was similar to one of a human adult, but it had veins all
over and didn't have a helmet at the end.

His eyes drifted to Weirdo's face. He hadn't really looked at his mug
the night before, obviously being more interested in what was happening
lower. It occured to him he was very handsome, with curly brown hair
and a babyface. He didn't act like a twelve-year-old and the rest of the
afternoon would prove him right.

Silence fell on the crowd. It was like a solemn moment before a
ritual. The little chinese boy was begging:

"Let me go! I didn't do anything. Please don't hurt me."

"I don't give a Rat's ass!" laughed Weirdo. The gang howlered and kicked
the child in the flanks. Rocko approved and winked at Weirdo, signaling
the start of the show.

Wes looked around seeking Leroy. The old man sure wouldn't let them
do anything to this kid?

Again, Harvey informed him he was out, probably selling the goldwatch he
had stolen. He didn't know what was gonna happen to the asian little boy
but he sensed that his fear was legitimate.

Weirdo poured some lotion on his hand and smeared it on the dog's cock,
making it glisten. Nightmare didn't need any coaxing and mounted the
chinese boy like it was a female. The nine-year-old couldn't move,
overpowered by the weight of the large animal. His forepaws gripped his
smooth back and his stiff dog pole stabbed his buns.

Weirdo guided the oiled large piece of meat to the child's
butthole and inserted the tip in it. With several sharp jabs that made
the chinese boy yelp, the dog inserted the full length of his prick
inside his rectum.

He started to hump and howl, burying his claws in the tender flesh of
the boy's sides. Wesley couldn't believe his eyes. The gigantic cock was
ramming in and out, stretching the kid's asshole. It must have hurt
fiercely because he screamed: "Argggg agggggg please get it out aowwooww."

Some of the boys were smiling, others leaning to get a better view
of the penetration. The contorted face of the boy was wet with tears.
Nightmare was fucking him vigorously and his strokes were growing faster
and harder it seemed.

Weirdo spread the boy's ass cheeks to display clearly to everyone the
massive cock moving in and out of his butt. He gripped the chinese boy's
dickie between his leg and it stiffened like it always does on little

"Look! he loves it!" he said.
"You like that uh Ratboy? You like to be fucked by our dog?" he asked.
But the poor victim only responded with a few wails of pain.

Wesley thought it would never stop. The dog was pushing his big prick in
the kid's ass just like a piston. It was so swollen, he wondered how it
would come out.

But suddenly he stopped and began tossing off in the child's virgin
passage. Weirdo held the dog's penis in there as it pumped its hot
jism. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh" the kid cried feeling his bowels getting filled.

Finally, Weirdo pulled out the softening cock out of the sore asshole.
The asian boy collapsed on the floor and the beast's spunk poured out of
his unplugged hole, streaming out just like a waterfall, much to the
amusement of the crowd.

Rocko made the captive boy eat a puddle of the dog's semen and gave
him back his clothes before sending him away still crying from the
humilation and the pain in his ass.

Harvey had a lot of explaining to do this time.

-- end of part 2

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