Guests get more than they expected as womb service is free.
Now one of the problems in having my rules- is that whilst I agree its not a good idea to force any issues- it also means you really need to take advantage of anything that arises when it arises- you can’t ignore it ‘cos you will not get another chance! Well so it proved with Katy- I have already explained what happened when I was able to slip her friend Georgina one of my loaded olives- and to be frank I was pretty well settled after that, but Katy was lovely and she was only staying at the hotel for another night. Although I was tired, I reckoned her body would inspire me sufficiently to do my best and so I determined to take advantage of any possibilities that might offer themselves- naturally of course without raising any suspicions.

As it happened the guys in the conference party had taken the early train down straight after the last event. One of these was Katy’s boyfriend “James”. They’d had a double room that had protected her from my attentions until now, but tonight he was gone. Tonight it was only the two girls still resident at the hotel. They seemed relieved the conference was over. They ate in the dining room and I could tell from the way Katy was speaking that she had done well. Apparently her presentation had been very well received and she got quite a few complements on her work. Well I wasn’t sure how many of those were really for her work or simply preparatory for an assault on her knickers, but if this was so, then the dear girl hadn’t noticed and had accepted all at face value. She was pretty well “up” as a consequence and apparently couldn’t wait to tell James how it had all gone.

After dinner she and Georgina had decided to sample the bars on the seafront. They went up to get changed. I cleared up and closed the dining room. I didn’t see them leave but I was happy to bide my time and see what developed when they returned. For so few guests I wouldn’t normally open the bar, but for these two I was prepared to make an exception and the old couple, the gay pair and family-of-four that were also staying all benefitted from my willingness to open.

Actually it was a very pleasant evening in the bar, the guests all chatted amiably and I found that I have a common interest in motorcycles with the family’s father. Things quietened down around 10, the family had already retired to put the kids to bed and the old couple made a move to go up as well. The bar was empty- but Katy and Georgina were still not back. I didn’t want it to be obvious that I was waiting, but then again I didn’t want to close down and maybe miss a chance, so I did what I rarely do and busied myself in reception- a bit of paper work and book-keeping, whilst leaving the bar open and the lights on. I could keep an eye on it from reception whilst I busied myself at my work.

I’d been occupied for about 40 minutes when the door crashed open. Katy and Georgina spilled into the lobby in a crescendo of voices and giggles. They had clearly had a great evening! Both looked, as usual, absolutely stunning, Katy was wearing a short brown leather miniskirt over net tights, whilst on top she wore a light blue blouse. She was probably a little under-dressed because the warm evening had chilled since they had gone out and for a few short wonderful seconds I was treated to the sight of her protuberant nipples pushing through the cotton whilst she warmed up in the lobby and their pertness subsided. Georgina looked equally ravishing and to my immense satisfaction seemed to be behaving absolutely normally. My precautions seemed to have worked like clockwork; this time last night I had been relishing the delights of her body; buried cock-deep in her pussy and flooding her with my juices. I don’t think she even realised she’d been fucked, it was my secret memory and my cock throbbed at the thought.
“Had a nice evening girls” I called in my usual friendly tone
“Wow I should say” Yes definitely” came the replies and then (as I had been hoping) “Say Bob- is the bar still open any chance of a last drink?”
I demurred- “its awfully late, I was just about to close up”
“Aw go on, just one more” they cooed in chorus at me.
Well how could you refuse- also since there was no-one else in the bar I knew it was going to be easy- I simply laced both drinks; Georgina got another of my special olives whilst Katy got the cherries. I put a few extra on the drinks tray and then brought it over to their tables- both sipped their drinks, more excited chatter. I caught the name “James” several times surrounded by giggling as they nibbled on the extra olives. Must be quite a guy I thought. I wondered how he would feel if he knew that I had every intention of fucking his girlfriend in an hour or two. I watched the table, trying to count how many olives or cherries each had eaten, trying hard not to look overly interested. If they had suspicions they probably just thought I was anxious to close. Then, feeling tired they made their excuses and went (somewhat noisily) up to bed.

This time I really did close up, I noted the time that they left and made sure to allow at least 45 minutes for the drugs to act. Katy was my target tonight but the drugs meant the Georgina was out of action too- In effect I could take my choice. Perhaps I might visit her too, but mainly this was so she wouldn’t get a last minute girly urge to talk- I’ve known all-female groups here sit up all night chatting! Tonight was definitely not for chat, and I didn’t want any ill-timed interruptions, certainly no distractions. All part of the keep-it-safe plan.

I locked the bar and went to reception, retrieving the pass key and checking Katy’s room number for the umpteenth time- no mistakes; always double check. I glanced at my watch again to confirm the time, just making sure that my excitement hadn’t made me lose count, and then I made my way silently up the stairs to the landing. The girls had adjacent rooms so I checked on Georgina. There was no sound outside the door, and when I popped my head inside she was asleep on the bed, snoring gently. She had managed to get changed and was lying in her negligee. She looked as gorgeous as last night and I was tempted to sample her again- but no: tonight was for Katy! I closed the door quietly and with mounting anticipation I made my way next door. I opened the door gently with a practiced hand; it moved easily on its oiled hinges and opened to reveal a darkened room. I slipped silently inside, closed the door noiselessly behind me and waited for my eyes to acclimatise to the dark. As they did so I took in some more details of the room- Katy was asleep in the bed, face down and snoring loudly. She hadn’t made it through the undressing stage before the laced cherries had taken effect and she was fully clothed face down on the bed. Her nose was scrunched into the pillow and her pretty face a little distorted with the pressure. A fine trickle of drool ran from her mouth. I moved to the bed and gently ran a finger up the line of her thigh towards the hem of the leather miniskirt. This first touch is crucial-I held my breath to see what would follow- no reaction! My heart seemed to leap in my chest, she was out! I was here, she was available to me and she would not be able to prevent me from enjoying her. It was beyond my wildest dreams to have two such gorgeous women on two consecutive nights!

I knelt over her on the bed and reached around to cup her breasts. They were flattened by her weight and had spread out to form two firm discs beneath her. They felt soft and warm. The bra she was wearing hadn’t hidden her nipples earlier and it offered her no protection now. I let my hands roam across the succulent mounds, slipping into the net cradles and rolling those wonderful nipples between finger and thumb. They started to expand, the tissues gently swelling as they responded automatically to my touch. Their centres rose to a berry-like protuberance whilst their owner lay unconscious, oblivious to the intruding hands in her bra and the liberties being taken with her body. I moved my hands down to her miniskirt. I ran my fingers around the waistband searching for a fastening- hoping for a zipper- but I was to be disappointed. There was no zip, just three large buttons fastened through the tight leather. I tried to unfasten one; the leather was stiff and creaked under my fingers. In order to undo that button I would have to twist it into her stomach and slide it sideways through the leather button hole, I tried gently. The button cut into her stomach and she groaned, moving slightly to reduce the pressure. I froze- this was too risky, I couldn’t undo one button and three would surely risk waking her. I explored the leather waistband. It fitted closely to her waist and below that the leather hugged her natural curves. I tried a tentative tug. The thick leather didn’t move. I tugged harder and she made a little moan and wriggled slightly on the bed. There was no way this skirt was coming off easily, I couldn’t risk waking her by unbuttoning it and tugging it down would in all probability have the same effect. I hesitated for a moment, and for that brief moment I feared I would be thwarted in my desire to enter her. Maybe all the women reading this account will rush out for leather minis as the ultimate rape-proof garment. Single-handedly I might revive the leather industry and frustrate all those unknown individuals across the globe, who like me, have to scheme for their access to femininity. I couldn’t have that; luckily I soon formulated another approach. Her frontal position would accommodate me naturally in a rear entry so I simply had to move her slightly and lift the hem.

I gently tugged her legs and she slid smoothly down the bed, placing her waist at the end of the mattress, her graceful thighs hung downwards whilst her knees bent naturally as though kneeling, where they met the floor. I know from experience that I can get carried away whilst fucking- there is sometimes a hard edge to my thrusts and these can cause a girl’s inert body to move simply from the humping. I always take care to make sure that there is no chance of catastrophe, that any such movement won’t cause her to fall off the bed or bang her head into a wall. Shocks like that could easily wake her, so I checked out this position carefully. She was stable and well supported, her bottom was proffered towards me by the folding of her body around the end of the bed and the mattress beneath her would cushion the effects of my thrusts. I ran my hand over her leather covered bottom. The leather was stretched firm and taught. Its natural coolness fought with the heat of her flesh beneath. She was presented perfectly for my attention. I reached under the hem of the skirt and gradually worked it upwards, easing the stiff material over her thighs and up to her rounded bottom. It creaked slightly. Carefully now! Not too fast- now over the bottom cheeks, gathering the crumpled material underneath her to provide more room to raise the hem at the back. Her panties came into view- those guys in the conference might have wanted to get into them but they hadn’t even seen them- it was I, the paunchy, balding middle-aged hotelier who would succeed. I could revel in the beauty of a body men half my age had failed to attain. I felt a tremendous tingle in my prick as it twitched in anticipation of the joys that were to come. Her panties were dark blue satin, like the miniskirt they had been stretched tightly over the twin globes of her bottom cheeks. A thin lacy edging curled softly around the curves of her milk-white thighs, where panty fabric meets skin. The effect simply emphasized the sensuous curve. I looked at the tops of her thighs, where they swelled softly to become buttocks. This is one of the finest features of a woman, the gentle curve that is so-formed possesses such natural beauty it’s breathtaking. The notch at the top of her inner thighs was also clearly visible. This is where each thigh suddenly nips in before the flowing out again forming the underside to her body, left thigh meets right in a tender fold of soft crinkled pussy. I adore that notch. You see it all the time- when a firm, fit girl wears tight jeans and stands with her legs together. A tight triangular patch of light is framed between the tops of her thighs on either side and her pussy above. I always think the shape of that notch looks just like the drawings of a womb in the biology books- and fittingly so as that sculpted space entices and pulls your attention towards the womb proper that lies above. I pushed my nose into that space, running its tip down the fabric of her panties where they were moulded to the cleft between the “pads” of her camel foot. The scent was intoxicating, warm cotton mingled with pure raw female, musky and heavy with moisture. I inhaled deeply sucking as much of her as I could into my lungs. I reached up and found the waistband of her panties; as hipsters this lay beneath the miniskirts tight constriction so I was able to ease them gently over her swelling buttocks and down onto her thighs. I left the miniskirt in position, simply raised at the back, the stiff leather staying obediently out of the way, affording me sight and in due course affording me entry. I eased the sides of her panties further down- as I did so the gusset of her panties clung a while in her cleft, the moisture there was just sufficient to retain it for a moment in her stickiness. I pulled the sides further down and the gusset peeled away. I could see her pussy hair, surprisingly light given the colour of her hair. The soft mat had been compressed where her panties had flattened it during the day. The lips of her vulva pouted up and back at me. Downy strands clung to them, bridging the gap at the entrance to her body and held there by a slight seepage of sticky mucous. I reached out, running my finger between the fleshy lips, straightening their crinkled folds and separating them, easing the hairs to either side and clearing my route into her. I lowered my nose again and sniffed deeply of her pussy-scent. She was ready. Scarcely able to contain myself I knelt behind her and pushed my engorged prick forwards. It went in between her thighs, its tip rubbing along the length of her vulva. Its head gently eased the lips aside in preparation for entry. Her mucous covered me and made the passage slippier. A couple of passes along the length of her crinkled pussy lips and I could hold back no longer. Holding my prick for stiffness and to ensure the angle, I eased it into her, moving it from side to side slightly with my hand. This completed the opening process the way was prepared for her to admit me. Slowly, very slowly, careful not to wake her! The prick-head popped in, I stopped to listen. No sound, no movement, her breathing was regular and untroubled. All safe! I held my breath as I eased myself forward – and slid into pure heaven!
That was when I got the biggest surprise of my life. I have entered a lot of women, I know what to expect as their deliciousness envelopes you, but Katy was different, I simply wasn’t prepared for the heat of her. Far hotter than Georgina the night before. Her vaginal tube seemed to grip my shaft in a vital caress. Even though its owner was unconscious “in a galaxy far, far away”, this vagina knew what to do and she welcomed the thrusting stranger with a cycle of tense, relax, tense, relax.; all perfectly synchronised with the thrusts of my insertion. Gently, gently with small pushing motions I penetrated her more deeply. Her lips opened before me, the delicate rippled walls of her vagina parting to admit me as my probing cockhead opened them, stretched them and teased them. They reacted by moulding around me in a perfect fit. She was tight, the warmth was almost overpowering. I gasped and eased myself deeper into her, nearly, nearly, just a little more. She gave a snorting sound as she dreamed a dream of a happier place, and a more respectful time, but I was in! I revelled in the joy of her, the bliss of the silky clinging warmth. The urgent pleadings of my cock to thrust, thrust, thrust fought with the equally urgent pleadings in my brain-no keep still, savour, keep still, enjoy! I didn’t want this to end too soon. In fact I didn’t want it to end ever! She was undoubtedly the tightest and hottest fuck I had ever had, and I wanted to enjoy it for as long as I could. Hell, if the drug lasts long enough I could still be inside her tomorrow morning! So I tried to relax, to ignore the urgent pleadings to thrust and allowed my prick to soak in her for a while, moving only with short gentle movements, relishing the warmth and the moisture, delighting in the texture of her body and the tight grip she exercised unknowingly on my shaft. Try not to build, just relax enjoy! But it was no use, how could I hold back against millennia of male evolution. The urging from my prick was getting stronger- more strident! The prick is always bound to win in the end even though at this moment I didn’t realise it was winning. Despite myself my movements were becoming faster harder, the withdrawals edging out of her slightly further at each stroke so that the inward thrusts back into her warmth were deeper. Her buttocks were humped against the bed each time I thrust back into her whilst their rounded yielding form moulded itself perfectly to receive my thrusting hips. She gave a gasp- I froze- was she waking? I daren’t withdraw, I didn’t want to withdraw, so I waited, my prick throbbing inside her. No reaction followed, I attributed the event to pressure on her chest forcing air out in time with my thrusts. I started pumping her again- gently at first but soon building once more. God she was fantastic, never before or since have I felt such a tight welcome inside a woman. Her vagina seemed to hold me, resisting each outward slide and then parting joyfully to admit me once more with a warm wet welcome to each inward thrust. Oh God yes, please, please let this go on for ever! Out, push, Ooh, out, push ooh, again, again! More and more of her, I rejoiced in her deliciousness whilst she slept unaware of the intrusion and the joy that was being harvested from her unconscious body. I clasped her leather covered hips pulling her backwards towards me at each thrust, My cockhead entered deeply, bumping on the spongy doughnut of her cervix at each stroke’s end. Lovely, lovely, please, please a little more, Ooh, Ohhh,OoooooHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I ejaculated at the entrance to her womb, my prick pulsing inside her whilst my balls seemed to constrict to be sure of pumping every last drop of my fluids into her. I was on another planet, unaware of anything save the rushing in my ears and the pulsing of my prick as I tumbled and fell through space.

Gradually, rational thought returned- I was still embedded deeply in her but I froze as sense began to re-establish itself. The sight of Georgina next door and my eagerness for Katy had caused me to overlook some of my usual meticulous planning. I was stuck in her to the hilt, the scrolled and ribbed surfaces of her most intimate parts were already bathed in my sticky cum. Yet the towels and tissues were in my pack on the other side of the bed! “Keep all the juices bottled” I thought to myself. I struggled a bit but managed to hump her up the mattress a little without coming out of her. I shuffled her back down to the end of the bed and holding a tissue beneath her pussy I withdrew from her. Her pussy walls seemed to try and hold on to me for a moment, but she was so wet inside from the combination of her own juices and my ejaculate that my already deflating penis slipped wetly out. Immediately the pearlescent drops of my own emission followed. They gathered on her pussy lips and then dripped stringily down, and I collected them on the tissue. The flow abated and she dripped more slowly. I changed tissue, wiped her pussy and went to prepare the douche. Once more I irrigated her vagina and cervix, but this time with warm water until my emissions were washed away. Then I dried her, pulled up her panties, lowered the miniskirt and rearranged her in a more natural position on the bed. I zipped myself up- last check- nothing left, nothing to tell I had been here and then out. Wait! What was I thinking? I had come inside her without even checking she was on the pill! I had been so eager and so reassured by Georgina last night that I was sure she would be too. Telling myself not to worry, I went to her bag and searched methodically but without disturbing the contents. No pills- Oh Shit! A condom and a spermicidal pessary! She wasn’t on the pill!!! A cold sweat crept over me- Even as I stood there the inescapable truth dawned on me. I knew that conception was taking place right at that moment in her womb. The douche would remove visible traces of my sperm, it couldn’t hope to remove every last cell! I knew that even now there were probably thousands swimming eagerly through the film of moisture lining her womb, seeking the magic egg that would surely be found somewhere inside her. Her warmth, the tight welcome of her vagina, the spermicidal pessary- it all added up, she was fertile, she knew it and would have taken steps to avoid the consequences had her insemination been consensual. She was ready and I had provided the seed just as she was ripe to bear fruit! I had no doubt that I had fertilised her. What could I do? I couldn’t use the pessary- it might work, but it might already be too late and it would bring almost immediate discovery since she would be sure to notice that it had gone; I hadn’t another to replace it. There was only one thing I might try. I retrieved the condom from her bag. Placing it on the glass top of the dressing table I took her nail file. I used its sharp metal point to twist into the packet and then pushed hard downwards. The glass surface prevented the packet from distorting in a visible puncture mark but I felt the tip of the file scrunch through the folded latex within.

I repeated the process a few times and then examined my handiwork; the packet looked sound. In the heat of passion, maybe even in a darkened room, she wouldn’t notice (I hoped). If it was used it would surely split or leak. If that happened in the next few days (I hoped) well the conception might be simply attributed to condom failure (I hoped). Too many “hopes” for comfort! It was all a bit far fetched, but it was all I could do and I prayed it would be enough. Perhaps some other lover, most probably the wonderful James of her conversation, would take the fall. I remembered reading that some 1:1000 UK children are being raised by men who think (wrongly) that they are the father… now I could begin to appreciate where that statistic came from.

I hurried back down to reception, grabbed a stiff drink from the bar and then retired to my room and probably a sleepless worried night. Christ if I get away with this I really will need to be more careful!

An hour later the whisky had worked its charm.. things weren’t too bad, she was certain to fuck “James” as soon as she got home- everyone knows contraception isn’t perfect and she clearly knows this is her peak fertility. She will not be too surprised…??? All these things rolled through my mind... and then another thought occurred to me, “If she has already conceived, another dose can’t make it worse???” I thought for a while, remembering the delights of her body and the superb fuck she had afforded me.
“Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb” I mumbled.
Then I retrieved the pass key, grabbed my pack from the safe and quietly mounted the stairs….
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