PART 3/13 ~ Pop Goes the Cherry
Wesley left the hideout to take a breath of fresh air. Soft rain was
pouring outside and soon his barefeet were dirtied from the mud, even
though the streets were made of cobblestones. The voice of Shawn was
echoing in his head. What was he to do? Go at the rendez-vous with the
Ratboy? That's insane, he's the enemy. But he was so friendly?

He didn't join the gang for the evening meal. That way he wouldn't
be seen sneaking out and he would avoid the inquisitive questions.

Darkness and drizzle emprisoned the Eastern district. The streets
emptied gradually leaving him alone with the drunken sailors and peasants
spewing out from the merry watering holes.

Selwyn's pub, he was told, was west of Larson street. Walking in the
rain, in that direction, made him feel like he was tresspassing on private
property. He reached the pub at eight o'clock sharp. The alley next to it
was extremely dark, reeking of vomit.

He moved forward but all he could see was the black cloak of the night.
No boy was waiting for him there. 'Maybe it was a trap?' he said to myself.
After all, the shoeshiner knew he was a snake. 'Perhaps, he invited me just
to beat me up? or kidnap me?' he freaked.

His heart was pumping blood at a rapid pace now, warming up his little
body. With all the courage he could gather, he stepped forward again.

"Shawn? Are you there buddy?" he asked.

"Back here!"

There was another alley behind the rowdy place. The twelve-year-old
stood there, soaking wet in the rain, his beautiful face flooded by
the light of the pub's back window.

They agreed that playing marbles in that rain was impossible. Upon
the suggestion of Shawn, he followed him to a stable not far away where
they could wait for the showers to stop. Three big horses neighed to welcome
them. Shawn climbed the ladder leading to the upper level and Wes had his
face right on the boy's round ass, tagging along behind him.

The light of the moon was shining on the bales of hay. They jumped
gleefully on them and made pirouettes all around. Tentatively, their bodies
connected. As the awkwardness of the first moments faded away, they
began shoving themselves in the prickly natural cushions, tickling
each other madly until they were all out wrestling in their damp clothes,
giggling hysterically.

A curious blend of fear and attraction swirled in Wesley's guts as he
grabbed the boy. His hands kept caressing the feathery short hair on his
scalp, loving the sweet feel of it. Then he would pulled on the longer
blond tuft over his forehead eliciting a yelp of pain from his partner.
Shawn didn't let up and squeezed his balls to retaliate.

Tangled and clothed, they rolled left and right. Chaste coupling of
boys without the sin.

"Let's take our clothes off, or else we'll catch a cold!" Shawn bawled.

Wesley squirmed. His dick was already stiff. He surely didn't want to
show it to Shawn, not knowing how he would react. Slowly, he took off his
shirt, hoping his pecker would be limp when he got to his shorts. Shawn
sat on a big stack of hay and pulled down his shorts and underwear first.

Wes postponed the rest of his undressing to look at his friend's crotch.
The boy stood up but the long shirt covered his genitals. God, how he wish
he wouldn't keep it. And he didn't. Lightning struck just as he peeled off
the thin rag, giving him a perfect view of his smooth white underfed body
and his uncircumcised penis pointing straight away.

It stood at four inches and he was only half-erect! Seeing that Shawn
didn't have an ounce of timidity, he proceeded to take off his shorts and
underpants too, meanwhile the other boy leaped in the hay wearing only his
shiny shoes and green socks.

Wesley crawled naked next to him and gasped at his beautiful tool. A boy
with a big weapon like that usually has pubs but he didn't.

"Yours has a hat on it?" he peeped, pretending to be ignorant about dicks.

Shawn glimpsed at his cut undeveloped little boydick and smiled.

"I can make the hat go away if you want!?" he grinned, trying not to
laugh at his poor attempt to engage sex play.

He spread his legs as far as they could go and gripped his rod. His
free hand idly massaged his ballbag. Wes watched him jacked himself tenderly.
The big knob of his prick expanded, pushing the folds of skin back.

"See, now it's like yours!" Shawn cheered, raising his butt from the hay
to show him his six inch cock resting against his belly. Wes stared at
his huge balls and slim phallus in awe. He didn't understand how a boy
of twelve like him could be so hung.

Shawn played with his penis, wrapping his fingers around it,
spreading natural lubricant on its head. After a few seconds, he began
pumping his massive pre-pubescent tool.

Wesley stretched next to him and they masturbated playfully, looking at
each other's pulsating cock. He watched, mesmerized, as the foreskin of
Shawn's peter brushed his glans with each firm stroke, wondering how
amazing it must be to have that extra stimulation on your dickhead. Just
staring at the way he handled his boyhood, his heavy balls jiggling,
made him horny like never before. Quickly, their grunts filled the
stable and only the thunder outside was louder.

Without hesitation, Wesley stopped whacking off and moved his head
between Shawn's legs to get a closer look of the hand sliding on the
engorged shaft. His eyes bulged as he contemplated the tower and sniffed
its strong aroma.

"C'mon...Suck it Wesley..." Shawn begged, guiding his penis to the kid's

Ever since Carrot Head's ordeal, he had wanted to know how it felt
to have one in his mouth, how it would taste. The rigid member was
calling him. He swallowed the organ and made his tongue dance all around
the rubbery helmet.

"Ohhh yeahh" groaned Shawn, pushing the back of his partner's blond head
on his young pole.

Wesley started to suck him, taking as much as he could of his cock in
his warm mouth. After the initial salty film had gone, all he could
taste was sweet pre-cum. His cheeks swelled each time he bobbed his head
on the dong. He sucked and sucked eager to give Shawn relief. The big bulb
bumped the entrance of his throat but he didn't mind. He just wanted to
satisfy his new friend, to feel the pleasure growing in his hard-on.
Saliva and natural juice mixed together in his mouth, a delicious
cocktail he tasted greedily.

"Uhhh Bring your ass uhhh over here...uhhh" Shawn grunted.

Wesley's lips didn't leave the cock he was attending as he swung his hips
over the boy's chest. Shawn nibbled his hairless scrotum and teased his three
incher with his pink tongue. He engulfed the short dink in his wet cavern,
suctionning the tiny morsel. Within seconds, a coat of saliva glistened
on Wesley's boydick. Shawn milked the small hard-on with his slimy lips,
feeling it flex on his tastebuds.

Wesley savoured every second of their sixty-nine. Shawn was sucking his
dick like a lollipop and he did the same to his. On top of him like that,
all he could see was his plump balls churning sperm.

He felt hands roaming on his asscheeks and spreading them obscenely.
Shawn stuck out his tongue and licked his smooth flesh. The tip of his
probe found his litte boyhole and tickled it with loving swipes.

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm " he moaned, taking more meat in his throat.

Shawn moistened his butthole really well and started to snake his tongue
in there. He loved it. It was as good as getting sucked. He pushed back
his bottom to meet the hot slippery invader, until he had all of it inside of
him. It wiggled in his rectal opening, exploring his most intimate

The tongue-fuck lasted a few exquisite minutes then Shawn replaced his
oral instrument with an unbashful finger. Wes sucked more passionately,
relishing the sweet digit toying with his hole, and the burning lips
eating his throbbing pecker again.

"Are you ready?" Shawn mumbled, his mouth full.

"Ready for what?"

"To buttfuck dummy! Can't wait to put my dick in your hot little arse!"

The images of the dog humping the chinese boy raced in Wesley's mind.

"I I I don't know." he stammered nervously.

"You're a virgin uh?"

He nodded, wondering how the big thing in his hand could go inside
his tiny opening without giving him tremendous pain.

"I'll do it slow. I promise it won't hurt." Shawn offered with a soothing

Wes couldn't resist him. The boy was so sexy and so gentle. He also
knew he would allow him a few stabs at his sexy butt and that tought
helped to convince him. "Okay" he blurted hesitantly.

Shawn slipped from underneath his skinny frame and knelt behind him.
Wesley concentrated on his backside, feeling the humid knob kissing his
virgin anus.

"Relax your muscle Wes, it will be easier that way." Shawn advised. He
pushed his hard cock in the tiny hole, stretching the anal ring of the
tightly guarded cavity.

"Aoowww it hurts. Ouch!" Wesley winced in pain.

"It's gonna feel reaaaaal nice in a moment."

Wesley relaxed his sphincters and the head popped in. Shawn groaned and
slowly penetrated his long wet cock. One inch at time until it was
all inside to the hilt.

"Ohhh your arse is sooooo tight." he whispered.

Wesley wiped the tears on his face. The six inches of hard meat felt
like a metal bar in his rectum. Shawn started to rock his hips, sodomizing
him gently, making sure he liked it. Soon the pain was gone, replaced by
pleasurable rushes of the pelvic thrusts. Shawn alternated between long
languorous strokes and quick jabs that made him squeal.

Then, the lanky bugger grabbed Wesley's three inch erection between his
legs and masturbated him at the same time he was fucking his ass. His small
penis in the hand of the more experienced boy felt so big, ready to explode
from all the action. Wes looked behind, wanting to catch a glimpse of the big
piece of flesh slamming in and out between his white buttocks. Supporting
himself on one hand, he groped for Shawn's nutsack, bumping against his
rump, to confirm he had all of him inside.

He did have all of the boy.

Shawn pushed his shoulders down in the hay and raised his cute behind a
little higher. The hissing boy half-stood up and buried his cock deep
inside his virgin tunnel. Wes could almost feel the mounting pleasure of
his mate through the organ lodged in his anus. In that position, Shawn
fucked him harder and faster. This was going to be his last efforts towards
the release he wanted.

He bucked his hips and constant high-pitched moans escaped from his
mouth. "Ohh fuck ohhh fuck." he cried shaking Wesley's body with his powerful
thrusts. He in returned complained from the sudden savage assaults with
plaintive 'Ohhh's as the big cock pistonned him.

The first hot load Shawn released electrified Wesley's immature body.
Holding the little boy's hips, he then fired his squirts of semen in his

Wesley was proud of the pleasure he had given his new friend. The grin
on his illuminated face was the ultimate reward. Shawn pulled out his
penis from his bottom and the pulsing cock spit the remaining boyjuice
into his sore asshole.

His anus was on fire but already Shawn was wiggling his ass,
inviting him to take the plunge. He had a gorgeous white little butt. The
entrance to his rectum was pink and puckered. His pink round balls
were squeezed between his white thighs probably already at work making
more of that precious sticky cum.

Wesley rubbed his dickhead on his asshole and firmly inserted it in.
The natural lubricant on his knob eased the process, he was inside in
a snap. 'must have been fucked many times before' he thought. Shawn
didn't grunt one time when he shoved all of his three inches in him.

"Ohh yeah...that's it... fuck me now!" Shawn pleaded.

Encouraged by the boy's words, he moved his hips back and forth and began
fucking his great ass. It was amazing. The tight ring of skin adjusted to
the diameter of his little prick automatically as he slid it in and out.

"Ohhh ohhhhhh hhmmmm ohhhhhh" he moaned overtaken by pleasure.

Soon, he was humping Shawn like a young dog. His cock slipped out but
he didn't care. Reinserting it in the slimy butthole was elating. He
stared curious, as his boycock expanded the little hole to disappear in
the depths of the boy. Shawn strangled his dick with his anus and that way
it couldn't come out so easily.

Wes grabbed the boy's hips for balance and gave it his best, staring
between their bodies at his hairless penis plowing the warm pucker. He was
so horny and rammed his cock so hard inside of him, he thought his balls
would enter also.

Shawn pushed his butt back in harmony with the fucking rhythm and the
sound of Wesley's young hips banging his firm ass reverberated in the stable.
It must have been quite a sight for the horses to witness their
lovemaking. Two hairless twelve-year-old fucking each other wildly.

"Oh god! that's feels so good Wes. Yessss." cried Shawn

Wesley couldn't take it anymore, holding back was impossible. He let
himself come. His little cries of pleasure resonated as he tasted his
boyish orgasm. Shawn was still sucking his penis with his asshole,
intensifying each jolt of his climax. Muscle spasms made his body jerk

They collapsed together, Wesley's softening penis still up Shawn's fanny.

The evening was still young though and Shawn sodomised his new
partner again. This time, he put the boy's slender legs on his shoulders and
shoved his big cock as deep as it could go. They were face to face and
Wes enjoyed seeing in the other boy's eyes the pleasure rising. Shawn came
on his stomach, mooing like a donkey, spilling his timid load on his
perfect skin.

Afterwards he sat on Wesley's boner, which he lubricated with his own
juice, and rode him to a thundering orgasm. They hugged each other,
completely exhausted.


Wesley knew Harvey and Leroy were worrying about him. It was midnight and
he was out there in the big city. Sadly, he put back on his rags and
trudged back to the hideout.

He tried to stay on the streets with candlelights shining in the
old lamp-posts but eventually he decided to take a short cut and hobbled
in the dark alleyways.

It turned out to be a mistake. He didn't hear the footsteps behind
him. A forceful arm lifted him up the ground and a large hand clamped
his mouth preventing him from yelling.

"Ain't it a little late for you my lad?" whispered a deep voice.

The man removed his hand from his mouth after he promised not to
yell. Two other silhouettes limped around in the darkness. One of the
big men moved closer to him. He was a peasant, like the other two.

"Aren't you cute boy!"

Wesley smelled the alcohol on his breath and figured he must have drank
five pints of ale. The man pulled down his trousers, he shuddered. The
bully holding him tightened his grip and pushed his arms against his back.

'These guys want blow jobs' he said to himself as the man in front
lowered his large underpants. He opened his mouth instinctively, awaiting
the flaccid meat, swinging from a bush of dark hair.

He had no intention of struggling, he was so tired, but still the man
twisted his arms painfully. Every bone in his body ached. He was resigned
to let them do anything they required just to be in bed as soon as possible.

"Please...stop hurting me...I'll do it." he pleaded.

The man's penis stared at him, its one eye right in front of his face.
Suddenly, a geiser of yellow liquid exploded from the orifice. 'The
bastard is pissing in my mouth!' He sealed his lips and closed his eyes.
The sound of laughter filled his ears as he felt the hot urine
splashing his tender skin. For five minutes, the stranger peed on him,
guiding the stream of yellow liquid up and down his small body.

When he was finished, the next one took over. The second tormentor
concentrated on his hair, shampooing it with his beer piss. Soon his blond
bangs were all wet and drippy.

"Drink up!" laughed the third one. He forced his large prick in his
mouth and peed down his throat. He swallowed some of it. The rest
overflowed from the corners of his lips.

What only took fifteen minutes seemed like hours to Wesley. They finally
strolled away and he heard their coarse laughter fade in the wind.

His skin was red and burning like he'd been splashed with acid. He
regained his composure and ran to the hideout this time.

But to top it all off, Leroy greeted him with a whack of his cane on
his behind.

"Where have you been boy? You tried to escape?" he demanded.

"I I I was lost." he stammered.

The fat man threw him on a chair and tied his hands to the back of it
with the agility of a scout. This was definitly a lousy ending to a
glorious evening.

"Don't try to fool me!" Leroy screamed, slapping his face. "And and what's
that smell? You stink!" He slapped his face again.

Wesley's cheeks were stinging. He thought he'd never get some sleep.

"Now think about what you've put me through!"

The big man went to bed as he cried silently, squirming on the throne of

Harvey delivered him in the middle of the night. He tucked him in next
to him and kissed his cheek.

-- end of part 3

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