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Ok this is my first story I'veever written lie this and hopefully you all like it, because I'm plannign more chapters.
Anna was a good looking 16 year old with long brown hair and pretty green eyes, had nice big boobs and a curvy figure. She had gone to a movie with some friends and was dressed for a girl’s night out wearing a skirt than came to her mid thighs, a tank top and a jean jacket. After the movie was over Anna and her friend Sara had realized they didn’t have enough money left for them both to get cabs so they decided to get a cab to Sara’s and Anna would walk home from there since it wasn’t too far.

What neither of them knew was that someone had been following Anna for quite some time now just waiting for the perfect opportunity like this to present itself and tonight luck was on his side. It was dark out, and late so no one was around, he slips his ski mask on and walks up behind Sara and grabs her arm and shoving a gun into her side “you say one fucking word, or make one sound and you’re going to be just another dead whore” Sara eyes went wide and she was terrified, much to scared to say anything as he dragged her deep into a dark alley.

“What a good whore you are, you take directions well. Keep it up and you might survive tonight” He pushes her against the building and puts the gun away “What do you want? P-please let me go. I- I’ll get you money” She begs with tears running down her cheeks. “You only have one thing I want” His hand slips under her skirt.

“No!” She tries to push him away and her slaps her hard twice “Do you think I’m playing? You do want I want or I’ll fucking kill you” He slaps her again “Take off your panties and give them to me.” She hesitates and he slams her against the wall “Don’t make me hurt you Anna”

She was dazed from her head hitting the bricks but does want he says taking them off trying to keep as much of herself covered as possible. “You know my name...” That had to mean she knew this masked man “I know a lot about you. Mmmm” He sniffs the thong and then shoves it in his pocket “But none of that matters right now. Get on your knees.”

“Please no-“He hits her again sending her head reeling “Why are you making me hurt you?” He forces her down to her knees on the filthy ground. “Remember Anna I have a gun “He presses it to the back of her head “Be good and don’t make me use it. Just undo my pants and suck me nice baby.”

She hurt from being hit, and was terrified he was going to kill her and at this point she just wanted to survive. She slowly opens his pants and takes out his hard cock, only fear of angering him made her take him into her mouth but she didn’t do anything just held the head of his cock in her mouth.

”Need help baby? You never did this before? Let me show you how.” Again he puts the gun away and grabs her head with his hands and shovel his entire cock in, not caring as she gagged on it as it filled her broke. Tears ran down her face, and she tried to pull away because she couldn’t breathe but he was too strong. He brutally face fucked her not caring how she felt “Yeah that’s it... Good slut... Next time you’ll do better won’t you?”
He pulls out without cumming and she was gasping for air and coughing. “Please... Let me go. Please” He smiles and pets her hair “You want to go?” She nods “Soon. Soon as I fuck you.”

“No!” She begs as fresh tears form. He hits her again “Yes slut! In fact not only am I going to fuck you, you’re going to beg me to fuck you. You’re going to tell me what a whore you are that needs to be fucked or I’m going to kill you Anna.” He grabs a fist full of her hair pulling on it painfully “You want to ask me something?”

At this point she knew he was going to do it whether she fought him or not, but she didn’t want him to kill her so with a part of her should breaking she begs him “F-fuck me”
“That not begging” He keeps a hold of her hair and slaps her with his other hand. “P-please s-s-ir fuck me”

“Why Anna? Why should I fuck you?”

“Because. I- I’m a ... a whore.”

He jerks her up by the hair till she’s standing “See cunt, it wasn’t that hard. Now turn around, puts your hands on the wall, bend over, and spread those sexy legs.” She does what he said her entire body trembling.

He shoves a finger roughly in her cunt “You're not even wet, bad for you, good for me.” New tears form as she feels his finger touching her there and they spill over as she feels his cock probing her entrance.”Tell me again that you’re a whore” He slaps her ass

“I’m a w-whore sir.” He shoves himself inside her causing her to cry out in pain as he brutally fucks her “Yeah you are, your whore, but your my whore, this cunt belongs to me. I see you with another guy I’ll kill you both.” He fucks her until he cums deep inside her, than he pulls out and shoves her onto the ground and does up his pants “I know you Anna but you don’t know me. You tell anyone about this and I’ll find out. I’m letting you live cause you were a good whore, but if you tell you’ll be a dead whore. Understood?” She nods “Good. Now count to 1000 if you get up before than I may be watching and I can shoot you from a distance”

She curls up into a ball sobbing and starts counting. He walks away and when he gets out of the alley he takes off his mask putting it in his pocket with her thong and from his other pocket takes out a wonder bar and starts eating his ‘gun’. “Man I can’t wait till my next time with that whore.”

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2012-04-14 12:20:53
I think it is a cheap attempt to gain fame of a copy story, normally when a name slips by ('anna' becomes 'sarah' in the start) it means that someone copied it and changes the names

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-05 01:57:53
i get it it wasnt a real gun it was prob somthing that felt like a gun but it was food or somthing


2010-06-13 15:52:50
Kind of lacked imagination.if someone is going to stalk a woman to attack her he's going to do more then fuck her in an ally.and what the hell?Eating the gun?what's up with that love to know.Oh,check your spelling,Whenever I write(type)something I always read it twice.your fingers don't always do what the brain tells them to!!

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2010-04-05 00:19:24
rape is bad...

Anonymous readerReport

2010-03-11 16:12:31
The part where he's eating the gun drags the story down

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