You may be familiar with the "Babysitting Keith" series from last year, a 4 installment tale of love between an 18 year old babysitter and her 15 year old 'client'.

Just one problem...this was a 5 installment series. Somehow, a chapter that should have been inserted between 3 and 4 got left out of the story.

As a refresher, or for a first time reader, please check out the rest of the "Babysitting Keith." series.

Anyhow, here it is...


I was afraid to open my eyes. I thought for sure that everything I'd just experienced had been a dream born of fantasy. In my mind, I could feel the smooth warmth beneath my body. I could smell the lingering aroma of sex. I could hear the steady breathing.

But was it real? Did I dare open my eyes? Was opening them worth losing what I considered to be one of the best nights of my life?

"Was it ok for you, too?" I heard someone ask.

My dreams were confirmed. Hearing Keith's voice let me know that I was very awake. This was no fantasy. Rid of the fear, I opened my eyes.

"You were amazing." I said.

Keith's arms drew tighter around me. I looked up and kissed him.

"Really?" He asked.

I nodded. Words couldn't explain or do any justice to how I felt at that moment.

I thought about lots of things. I thought about what just happened. I thought about how I felt about Keith. I feared how he might now feel about me. I wondered if I'd done the wrong thing.

Laying there with Keith, I knew I hadn't done the wrong thing. I knew I wouldn't change anything if I could.

Keith rested his head on mine. We laid there silently. What did we have to say?

Within our silence, a faint 'hum' began to raise our suspicions.

"Your phone." Keith said.

I looked down at my pants, still laying on the floor. I sighed and pushed myself off of Keith's chest. I reached down and fumbled through my pants to retrieve my phone.

1 New Text.

I opened my phone.

Shawn <3: Off work. Let's hang.

I looked at my phone for a long time. I hadn't even thought about Shawn for most of the night.

"Who is it?" Keith asked.

I sat there silent for a moment.

"Oh, my mom. She just wanted to say goodnight." I said, deleting the message.

"Well that's cute." Keith said, jokingly.

"Mhmm." I replied.

I sat on the edge of the bed, moving the hair from my face. Keith sat up and moved next to me. I leaned on his shoulder. Keith's hand found my thigh. I ran my hand down and interlocked his fingers with my own.

We both sat there, staring at our hands.

"You think..." Keith started before stopping for a moment. "...that if I was older?"

"What?" I asked.

"I know. If I was you think we together?" He asked.

I gave Keith a smile.

"It's only 3 years. That sounds like big number now, but it's really not." I said. I didn't want to directly answer his question. It's not that I couldn't see myself being with's just that it was true. It DID sound like a big number now.

"Besides." I said. "What's wrong with Kristina?"

A look on Keith's face told me he had all but forgotten her.

"Well, nothing. I mean I like her a lot...but I just feel like I'm ready for a relationship. I know I'm young...but I just don't think Kristina feels the same way." He said.

"Believe me, Keith, plenty of people feel that way. I'd love to find a guy like you." I said.

"I'm right here." He said, looking me straight in the eye.

I couldn't breathe. He was right. He was everything I wished Shawn would be.

"Oh, Keith..." I sighed, driving my face into the crook of his neck. "I just don't know."

"What don't you know?" He asked.

"Us, I guess. What happens when the sun comes up and I go home?" I said.

"That's totally your call." He said. "I'm ready for anything you want to do from here."

I kissed Keith's neck.

"I don't want you to just be my guy on the side." I said. "You deserve better than that."

"If I could only spend one minute a year with you...I'd be the happiest guy on Earth." He said.

I felt like crying. Keith knew what he was saying and I believed he meant it. Keith actually cared about me.

"Ok, Keithy." I said. "But we can't tell anyone. Just because of the age thing. Otherwise, it wouldn't matter. Plus, if your mom found out, I don't think I'd be babysitting you anytime soon."

Keith laughed.

"Ah, don't worry about it. Our little secret, eh?" He said.

"It's kinda funny." I said. "Your parents are going to pay me for having sex with you."

I almost felt like a prostitute.


I let go of Keith's hand and stood up. I looked down at our clothes, laying on the floor. I smiled.

I walked to his door.

"Where you going?" Keith asked.

"Bath time." I smiled.

I walked my naked self out of Keith's room and made my way to his parents room. His parents room contained a California King Size bed. I thought of all the room the two of us could have there. The room had a connected master bathroom. Inside, his parents had placed a large Whirlpool tub.

I turned the water on and let the tub fill up. I dispensed some bubble bath into the hot aqua and sank in.

My tense body relaxed underneath the waves. The sticky mess covering my body lifted.

I looked to the door as Keith walked in. He came to the edge, folded his arms, and smiled.

"Looks comfy." He said.

My breasts were floating above the water and I brushed some suds over them and smiled back.

I reached my hand out and circled Keith's hardening cock. I pulled it close to me and fed it to myself. I sucked it in and slid it out my mouth, slowly. I looked at him and repeated the process.

Keith's head tilted back as I sucked his shaft more. I moved my hand down to the base of his cock and kept sucking.

Keith brought a hand up and rubbed his chest. He placed the other on top of my head.

As I sucked in, I took the hand on the base of his cock and pulled. As I slid off, I pushed the skin back.

I brought my lips just to the head of his cock and swirled my tongue around it. I sucked gently and used my hand to stroke him into my mouth.

I sucked more and pulled my mouth off. I ran my hand up and down his mouth-lubed shaft. I bit my lower lip and looked at him. His eyes were shut tight.

I gave his cock a firm squeeze, prompting him to open his eyes.

"Wanna come in?" I asked.

"Oh yeah." Keith replied.

Keith threw one leg over the top and into the water. He brought the other leg in and sat down, facing me.

Keith spread his legs out and I followed suit, placing mine on top of his. We pulled each other in close, kissing. I could feel his stiff cock poking at my crotch.

Keith's hands explored my back as I sucked his tongue into my mouth. I ran my hand down and gripped his shaft once more.

Keith brought his hand around long enough to give my breast a few squeezes. His hand returned to my lower back.

We broke our kiss and I smiled at him. I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed him backwards. Keith slid until he hit the edge, sliding his body up. As he came up, his stiff cock surfaced, reminding me of a submarine's periscope.

Keith sat on the edge of the Whirlpool, cock raised and alert. He leaned his back against the wall as I ran my hand back around his cock once more. I pumped him. I opened my mouth and took him into me, the taste of cock and soap even.

I sucked Keith with a rhythm. I'd suck for a few, pump for a few. Suck for a few, pump for a few.

I pulled his cock out and pointed it at him. I teased his purple head with my tongue. I brought my lips down and licked from his balls to his head. Keith loved it.

I took him back into my mouth, gave him a suck, and pumped him again. Keith loved the alternating. He loved the fell of his cock in my mouth. He loved the pumping. I sucked him for a few more minutes.

I pulled my mouth off and got on my knees. I placed a hand on each of his thighs. I could feel the suds running down my body. Keith began pumping himself, staring at me.

I stood up and pressed my breasts together, right in his face. Keith smiled. I placed a foot beside each of his thighs, which were still sitting on the edge of the tub. Standing this way, Keith had perfect access to my pussy.

Placing a hand on my ass and one on the bottom of my thigh, Keith's tongue slipped out and began to taste my slit. The hand that had been on my thigh moved forward and ran the crack of my ass. I could feel four of his fingers dancing around my lower back. I could feel his thumb teasing my asshole.

Keith's tongue dug into my slit while making its rounds. I could feel his lips encompassing mine, pulling a little for a tease.

I moaned softly.

Keith used his hand to pry my lips apart. His tongue hitting my insides, I brought my own hand back to finger my ass. Keith tilted his head and came at my pussy diagnolly. His tongue flipped up and down the slit, and then straight through it.

Taking advantage of the placement, Keith licked me from hole to hole. He then kissed my pouty lips like one would regular lips. He used his lips to nibble on me like a sandwich...or taco, if you will.

After more kisses, Keith resumed using a tongue assault on me, his thumb resumed the rubbing of my ass as he did so.

With a final lick, I moved my legs back down into the water, Keith smiling big as ever.

Keith's hand trailed my body. His other hand began pumping himself. I turned, facing away from him. I spread my legs and grabbed his cock. With his hands on my hips, I eased myself down onto his throbbing pole.

"Ah, God..." Keith moaned.

I kept a grip on his cock as I used my legs to move myself up and down. After a few trips, I could feel Keith moving his hips to match my motions perfectly.

His hand slipped around and was cupping my stomach before it moved down and began to finger the area where our sexes met. His other hand moved up and took a firm grab on my breast.

"Oh, yeah." I sighed.

Keith's hands moved back to my hips. I could feel his pumping was speeding ahead of me. His hips jerked with excitement.

"We've got all night, Killer." I reminded him.

Keith lauged and ran his hand down my body as he continued his above average hip-slams.

He placed one hand underneath my thigh and lifted. I quit doing any work and this gave him room for deeper, longer thrusts. He took full advantage of it.

He let go of my leg and I brought it back to the water. I told him to sit still and I began using my legs to run up and down him once more.

Keith couldn't sit still for long. His hands on my hips, he began helping me up and down. This led to him again pumping hard. To my surprise, Keith began slamming furiously. Short, hard shots began hammering me.

"So fucking good." He said.

I raised myself of Keith and turned to him. I got on my knees as he pumped himself.

I gripped his cock again and licked the head. Keith's hands formed tight fists. I knew he was close. I stopped. I didn't want this to end.

I stood and motioned him to stand as well. He did. We switched positions. I sat down and spread my legs wide.

I pinched my nipples and played with my breasts as I watched his face bury itself in my crotch. I could feel his familiar tongue darting in and out of me.

"God, you taste good." Keith said.

I couldn't answer. I was breathing hard. I was moaning. Keith's tongue was attacking me and his fingers were running in and out of me.

My hips began moving. I couldn't control them. Keith did his best to keep his mouth in line.

"Let's fuck." I said.

Keith removed his head and I stood. I bent over the side of the tub. Keith ran his hands over my ass. He pushed his mouth back into the crack.

As badly as I wanted him back inside me, I couldn't help how good this felt too. I placed my foot on the side of the tub and Keith had room to roam.

After licking me in every way he thought possible, he stood. I brought my leg back down. Keith grabbed his cock and ran it from my pussy to my ass. He repeated this. He was finally doing the teasing. Finally, he pushed in. I moaned with pleasure.

Keith started slow and resumed his power-pumping. He'd slow down again, and kick it back into fast-paced. His hand ran from my shoulder to my hips. With each thrust in, he squeezed my hips.

He brought his hand down and spread my ass cheeks as he kept pumping.

He brought his hands back up and squeezed my hips tightly. He pumped with all his might while I fingered myself until I didn't have the strength. I steadied myself by placing a hand on the wall and one on the edge of the tub.

The water splashed violently just above our knees. I made no attempt to hide my loud moans.

Suddenly, Keith's hands turned to vices. They wrapped at my waist and I was being pulled back hard. The loud clapping of our wet bodies smacking together filled the house.

I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing would come out. My whole body was tense as I began to cum. This was the biggest orgasm I'd ever felt.

I was still being pulled back and forth when I was finally pulled back and just held.

"Ahhh...Ahhh...Ohhh!" Moaned Keith.

I could somewhat feel his hot jets coating my insides, though I almost felt numb down there.

Keith's body shook with pleasure. I could feel his cock tense several times. He ran his hands over my smooth back.

Keith slowly slipped out of me.

"Oh my God..." He said, breathless.

Keith and I sat there for a minute before we reached for some towels. We dried off and went back to his room. Keith opted to put on some shorts and I put on his black t shirt and my pink panties.

"Think you're gonna need those?" He asked, pointing at my panties.

"Never know." I said with a smile.

Keith crawled into bed. I crawled in next to him. I rested my head on his shoulder, my hand on his abs. He wrapped his arms around me.

"You know...I kinda like you." he whispered.

"Keith...I like you, too." I said.

Keith leaned down and kissed me.

"Remember what I said earlier?" I asked. "It really is only 3 years. That's not a big deal. Not to me."

Keith knew exactly what I meant. I knew what I was saying. It was perfect.

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