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A little history, my mom was Mrs. clean. That meant a bath before school and before bedtime, and sometimes in the middle of the day before my dad got home if us kid had played in the woods or mud. We would get a bath then; She would cut our hair in a buzz cut, so it was easier to keep us clean. She would start at the top and work all the way down. After my sister came along we were on our own when came to baths. It was an hour or two of screw off time for us.
One Saturday night we were in the tub screwing around, making
Too much noise and the old man came in and demanded that we bring
It down, or we’d be in big trouble. As kids will do, we didn’t listen. The old man came in and spanked our bare butts, he was one not to have, a gentle hand. He said from now on he was going to wash us, from head to toe. Sunday morning he came into the bathroom and locked the door. Dad had big smile on his face, not something you would ever see. He looked at my brother and said, you’re first! He washed his hair then the rest. He took one soapy hand and washed his bottom and washed his front with the other. Even at 16 years old my brother’s dick was 7 inches long. But it was very skinny compared to mine, which was about 6 ½ inches long, mine was very thick, He spent a long time doing this. Then he looked at me, your next, a shiver ran down my back. He was having too much of a good time. You could see the front of his pants were sticking out big time. We were too young to understand what was going on. but I had a bad feeling when I saw him lock the door. He washed my hair, and then went directly to my ass and dick. He tried to push his finger into my butt hole, with his left hand and started playing with my balls with the other. You have to understand I have really, large balls. I was too young yet to get a hard on, but he love to squeeze my balls, almost to the point my stomach would ache.

You could not say no to the man, he would put you over his knee, and spank the crap out of you if you didn’t do what he said. No questions asked!
Every day would be something different. He finally would come in lock the door. Take his cloths off, folded them by the sink, and said you guys are getting me to wet. He would sit on the side of the tub, and put one of us between his legs and got started. The first time we saw him with his cloths off, we almost fell over. His dick was huge, only about 5 inches long, but the girth was as big as my wrist, and his pee hole looked like you could dive a truck through it.
He would hold you up against him while he was washing you and you could feel him move his cock up and down your butt crack, and sometimes he would hold me close and I could feel is cock pushing against my butt hole while he was playing with my balls. Every once and a while I would feel something worm on my butt hole, and it was really sticky. One day I finally got a stiffy. He had is finger up my ass to the first knuckle, that hurt a fist, but he didn’t go any farther. Just moved it all around. I thought he was going to have a heart attack, when he saw my dick get stiff, He was in hog heaven. He said you have a hard on, I didn’t have a clue what he was talking abut, until he started to rub my dick, It felt so good to have his finger in my ass and having him rub my cock really Fast. My whole body began to get really tight and I began to get this warm feeling, then this clear stuff start to flow out my dick, and he says you just got off. He said it was pre-cum, not the real thing yet. I never had anything feel so good, even the old man had a large drop of clear stuff coming out of his dick.
From that day on he called me big balls and my brother pencil dick.
Now he had some new rules, your dick was you cock, the long part of your dick is the shaft, the sack with the round things were your balls and ball sack, and where you pooped was you ass hole, if you called it anything else, he would put you over his lap and spank you like there was no tomorrow. About two months later my brother finally got a hard on. Now the old man had a two-feer. He would have us both stand in front of him and jack us both off, AT THE SAME TIME.

Still only clear stuff, but did it feel so good, I WAS HOOKED. I couldn’t wait to take a bath. One day he said do it your self, so we both did, while he took both hands and did the same, His cock was so big, this time he had white stuff come out of his dick, just three little spurts, he held his hand down in a cup, and caught what came out, then held up to his mouth and said this is tootee fruity ice cream, and said, you guys want some. Being we both loved Ice Cream, we both said yes. He put his hand in front of our faces and said try some! It was warm and didn’t taste like any ice cream I ever had, was kind of salty and sticky, wasn’t bad, but O.k. From then on we got his ice cream. He would have both of us in front of him, and you could tell when he was READY TO COME, He would say open you mouth
and stick out your tongue, then he would put his cock on my tongue and I would feel the first spurt, the he would move over to my brother and the same, back and forth till he was done. Then he would have us finish jacking off as he was playing with our ass holes. Then It was our turn, who ever came first would stick out our tongue and slick up the clear stuff that came out. As time went on he would have us jack each other off, while he jacked off too. He really liked that!
Saturday mornings was shopping day, we would take a shower that morning, he would be in there with us. He would soap us down, then have us stand in front of him, one on each side with our mouths open and our tongues out. He would put his hands on our heads and push his cock between our mouths till he came. Every Saturday morning was the same.
One night he had my brother get on his knees, and told him to suck on my cock, man did that ever feel good, I thought having my brother jack me off felt good, I was in heaved. Once I came, it was my turn. I got on my knees, my brother’s cock was way long but the shaft was small. The head was so soft but hard, and when his cock head hit the back of my thought, I thought I was going to throw up, but didn’t. As I got used to the feeling I really got in to it. I could feel the head of his cock start to get larger and throb, then felt his hot clear pre-come in my mouth, from then on I was hook.

This was all a pray-lude to having us suck the old mans cock. His
cock was so big I could only get the first part of the head in my mouth, but my tongue made up for that. I put my tongue in his pee hole and ran my tongue under the head and sucked as hard as I could. He liked me to reach up and play with his balls, compared to mine they were really small. He like me to play with his ass hole. At first it would only be one finger in his ass, the two then three, then his cock would swell then he would come. My brother’s mouth was a bit bigger and the old man could fuck his mouth, so I would play with his balls and stick as many fingers as far as I could up his ass. He really loved ass play! One time after he put some baby oil down there, I was able to put my whole hand up his ass. He had me play or massage a gland inside his ass behind his little balls. He would come right now.
The first time I really came, the old man had me stand in front of him, and I was jacking off, and he had his finger just inside my ass as usual, then he pushed it all the way in. I came so hard the white stuff or come, the fist spurt hit him on the chest, he was so surprised he jump, The second and third hit his cock and balls, I gushed like a fire hose, Must be some thing about having big balls, I turned and my brother got the last three spurts.
He also got into putting things up his cock, said it was called sounding, he took a thermometer and had me push it up his cock, whole my brother put his fingers up his ass. One day he brought in a screwdriver, that he had cut off the end and rounded the tip, this was his favorite.
My dad started to get very kinky, bring in toys in for bath time. He
would put in butt plugs up our asses, small a first, then bigger and bigger as time went on, Trying to get us ready for his monster cock, I think. He would have my brother and I fuck each other while, he watch. Then one night he brought in the butt plug, that had a hose and a bulb on the end. My brother got it first. It was like a balloon, he would crank it up till it was just too much, Then he would put one of us on his lap and have the other give a blow job, just so we would forget what he was up to, until you would fee the tip of his cock on your ass hole. Since, I already had the doctors cock up my ass, I went first. Even after having the balloon up my ass to make it larger.

I could get the tip in, but that’s all, it was just too big, my brother all
though, a year younger, was able to get most of it in, I think he had
gotten used to my thick cock, it, made him ready for the old mans monster. I loved my brother’s cock, it was long and skinny, just right,
I would get down on all fours and he would put it deep into me, as I jacked off. The old man would then get behind him and put his tongue up his ass, then plaster it with KY jelly the shove the monster up him. The old man came fast, about four thrust up his ass and he would come, then I would feel my brothers cum deep inside of me, which make me come. This lasted until I was seventeen, when they got divorced. It only stopped then.

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2012-01-31 14:02:33
7"... On an 8 yr old!?... I don't think so

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2010-05-16 19:01:29
I like the skinny cock part, sounds interesting

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