PART 4/13 ~ Between a rock and a hard place
The tension between the new boy and Leroy grew with each passing day.
Wesley hadn't stolen anything valuable and the old man was talking more
and more about selling his ass. How he wouldn't have any trouble
finding a customer interested in a cute little blond lad like him.

Thankfully, Wesley's relationship with Harvey was totally the opposite.
They were getting closer. The black-haired teenager always did something
to make him laugh and he found himself utterly infatuated with him.

One of the things Harvey mastered was pranks, especially the
'hat' prank.

He would steal a nice hat from somebody and go in a back alley.
There, he would lower his dirty pants and masturbate until he shot his
creamy load in the bottom of the hat.

He'd then lay it on the ground and they'd hide. It wasn't long before
an unsuspecting man would pick up the hat and place it on his head. The
viscous sperm would ooze on the sides of his face.

The look on the mugs of the men they'd catch was worth one million
pound! They'd run away, howling like a couple of escaped loons as the
poor victim threw his fist at the sky.

The attic was the home of the 'Snakes' in the old abandoned victorian
house, but nobody really wanted to play there. The three other floors,
actually two, since the second floor was some kind of bordello and there
was always strange people there, were their haven. In between
stealing and sleeping, they'd gather there. Boys of all age, with their
street friends, carefully hiding from adults to play cards, talk and
do other things...

Harvey showed Wesley the special room on the third floor at northwest
corner. It was the place where all the new recruits were initiated
he said with the same mix of bashfulness and strength Wesley had come
to love from him.

Wesley walked around and looked out the window into the alley below
then back at his lover's body. The only thing garnishing the room was a
dirty bed. He sat on it and sneezed as the smell of dust and strong body
odors rose from the sheets.

"Eh. Many boys have been in these sheets..." Harvey grinned.

"Aren't you gonna initiate me?" he snapped boldly.

Harvey closed the door and smiled down at him, drinking his boyish
beauty. Wesley quivered all over as the bigger boy moved one of his hand
gracefully to softly caress his cheek.

"I really like you." he whispered while kissing his blond hair.

Wesley froze, mesmerized by the thirteen-year-old's gentleness.
The boy unbuttoned his shirt and pinched his hard little nipples.
His carpenter hands rubbed his belly and undid the buttons of his shorts.
With a few slight tugs, he pulled them down and did the same to his
skimpy panties exposing his hairless little genitals.

Wesley stared down at his limp little penis resting on his pink scrotum
and watched as Harvey began to fondle it, his long fingers massaging his warm
flesh. In no time, his boydick grew at full attention, rising to the
occasion from the luscious stimulation.

He usually felt vulnerable when he was the only one naked but it was
different this time. He was in love. Harvey's tender hand stroking his penis
sent streaks of pleasure in his skinny body, making him whimper.

"Play with yourself Wes... I love to see you come." Harvey whispered.

He wrapped his fingers around his young rod and caressed the swollen
head before jacking off madly for his friend. His little balls bounced with
each pump of his wrist. What a grotesque show he was putting on, he
thought. Harvey's bulge down the front of his pants increased,
threatening to make every button of his fly explode like popcorn.

He watched envious as Harvey finally lowered his trousers and white
briefs to his ankles. His big hardened pole emerged from the fabric,
glistening from natural lubricant. Wesley's eyes locked on his groin,
on the thick cock fully erect and the big awesome ballbag just below.

Harvey moved closer, towering over him.
"Don't stop now!" he complained. In all his adoration, he had stopped
jerking his little prick. He gripped it again and stared at his hand
squeezing his dick then at his friend's hand doing the same on his teen

They gazed at each other's penis, watching their fingers work on the hot

"That's it, beat your peter!" Harvey panted.

Wesley's heart skip a beat. He had never seen Harvey so excited. His
cock was red, his face was red and he was nearly out of breath. The
thirteen-year-old straddled his lap, slowly guiding his dick closer to
his little member. The penises kissed head to head as they masturbated
and giggled. Harvey's cock was hard as steel and Wes couldn't believe
he was having such an effect of the object of his affection.

Pleasure raced madly into his little penis. His muscles cramped up and
his moans turned to grunts as he climaxed on the bed. Harvey seeing his
blond friend's body twitching, perked up and jerked his dick off faster
and faster until his sperm shot out onto his flat belly, splashing his
little hairless tower at the same time.

Wesley grinned, smearing the slimy goo on his tummy. He brought his
fingers to his lips, tasting for the first time exquisite boyjuice.

"It tastes good!" he peeped, stuffing his mouth with more semen.

"That's because I made it just for you..."

Over the weeks, they'd go there often, everytime Wesley needed to be
satisfied. They had made an oath to always tell each other when it was
'time'. Harvey obeyed the young kid's hormones without complaining,
pleasuring his little hard-on with his mouth and always bringing him to
a bumpy but dry climax. Wesley would suck his magnificent tool too and
swallow his load greedilly for he believed it would make him grow
strong and tall.


Wesley loved saturdays, because it was the day Leroy supposedly would take
them to the country for a swim. It always rained of course and they stayed
in London time and time again.

But finally, a sunny saturday came around. He glanced at the beautiful
orange ball in the sky gleefully, looking forward to his first bath in weeks.

Leroy rented a horse-drawn carriage and they hit the road for two
hours. The boys exchanged obscene jokes, jammed one against the other.
Weirdo made his famous faces, sticking fingers up his nose, rolling his
eyeballs until there was only white, doing all kind of tricks with his

The spot Leroy took them was idyllic. A small clear river was engulfed
in a forest of tall trees. Everywhere Wesley looked there was green. Kids
and their parents picnicked dressed in fancy clothes. As you can imagine,
the eleven of them scared them away in no time.

The kids in the gang quickly peeled their rags off.

"Don't forget to wash your clothes!" screamed Leroy.

The younger ones stripped to the buff but Wesley noticed the older ones
kept their underwear. A symbol of their status probably. So he didn't
remove his torn briefs and jumped in the water with all of them.

They passed the three soaps around from hand to hand. He loved to watch
the boys scrubbed their little bodies, wash away the dirt of weeks
cooped up in the attic. Everywhere they cleaned, the skin would come out
white like snow. He never thought they could be so shiny and white. The
young tykes were pushing themselves, their penises dangling between their
legs or half-erect.

His turn came and he cleaned his filthy body and blond hair. He reached
between his legs and soaped up his hard little boydick and hairless balls.
Amongst all that yelling and squealing, he didn't care to hide his
excited organ. It protruded out of his undies for all to see.

When the kids had finished their washing, they splashed each other
and climbed in the trees, naked like cheeky monkeys. Carrot Head yelled
like a gorilla, puffing out his chest and hitting it with his fists, before
diving in the river from a tall branch. All the gang was happy for once.
Even Leroy was smiling, sitting on the bank.

Staring at all those bare asses and flailing genitals made Wesley
horny like a devil. He stole a bar of soap and invited Harvey to follow him.

"Come on! I wanna show you something!"

They plunged into the forest until he couldn't hear the giggles from
the youngsters.

A nice clearing appeared before his eyes and he coaxed Harvey over
there. Standing face to face with the confused teen, he looked down at his
wet white briefs. The thin damp fabric couldn't conceal his big balls and
the shriveled teenage cock slowly waking from its stupor.

Wesley wrapped his arms around the boy nervously and hugged him
tight. He kissed him awkwardly on the lips as if putting in practice
lessons of love. The older boy returned the passionate embrace and soon
their tongues were swirling in each other's mouth. They ground their
crotch together feeling the hardness of young erections growing. Harvey
definitly liked the blond boy's plan for the afternoon.

The soft fuzz over Harvey's lips fascinated Wes. He touched it and it
felt like the feathers of a chick. Busily, he explored his black hair,
handsome face and hairless armpits. Harvey cupped his firm buttocks
and squeezed them hard, kneading them like dough. They french kissed
madly again, letting their hands roam all over their smooth bodies.

Harvey briefs were heavy from the water and the little bush on his
pubic mound was exposed. Wesley knelt and eased both thumbs under his
waistband to lower his underwear. The beautiful tool exploded in his
face, hard and proud. He wrapped my fingers around it and pulled the
foreskin back to uncover the mushroom shaped head.

The five inch prick was shorter than Shawn's but it was much thicker.
He turned the cake of soap in his hands a few times and lathered up the
pulsating boner until it was coated with the slimy substance.

"What are you doing?" Harvey demanded.

Wesley smiled wickedly and pulled down his underwear, giving him a
glimpse of his hard boydick before he crawled on all fours in the grass.

"Stick it up my butt!" he begged, pushing the tips of his fingers in the
cleft of his small ass.

"I can't! I've wanted for weeks to break your little bum...but Leroy
will kill me if he finds out you've had it in there."

"It's too late. I already did it!"

"With whom? Rocko?" Harvey replied with a puzzled look on his face.

"I won't tell ya. Now SHOVE it in me! We don't have much time."

The thirteen-year-old didn't hesite this time and knelt behind him
stroking his lubed cock. A drop of nectar appeared from his pisshole and
mixed with the bubbles of the soap. Wesley twisted his head around wanting
to see as much as possible of the big meat invading his hungry backside.

Harvey placed his pole straight in front of his little anus and applied
forward pressure. The big knob burst in his ass. All of a sudden, pain
shot from his tiny hole. He yelled like a siren.

"AHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"

"Shut up! Someone will hear." Harvey freaked. Before attempting any
further penetration, he gagged the twelve-year-old with his little wet
underpants. Then, he stared at his large cock and the task at hand.
He had to make his organ slither like a snake to push it inside the
little bottom.

"Ohhhh you're so tight... are you sure you did it?" he asked.

But Wesley couldn't answer with the underwear in his mouth and he
couldn't tell him how good it felt to have his hard cock inside him.
He just moaned.

Harvey pushed all of his hunk of flesh in his rectum and began fucking
him roughly. Wesley imagined the boy would be gentle but then again he
didn't mind the aggressive lovemaking. His anal sphincters were as loose
as he could let them to greet the hot wand of flesh.

Soon the five inch rod was plowing his little butt to the hilt.
Thrusting deep in his guts then pulling back, emprisoned by the stretched
contours of his anus. Faster and faster, he felt it slamming home, taking
possession of his insides.

He looked back and found Harvey bitting his lips and staring at his
hard penis sliding in and out of his butthole. They weren't alone. Between
the bushes, he could see two other kids doing a sixty-nine in the scrubs.
That vision aroused him even more. He wanted Harvey to fuck him hard, fuck
him so hard that he would come anally.

The black-haired boy must have heard his thoughts because he held his
hips and started to sodomise him steady and powerfully. He closed his eyes
and savoured every gigantic thrusts of the hot cock deep inside him.

Harvey pulled on the blond hair on the back of Wesley's head and rammed
furiously his large prick between his little buttocks, sending his big
balls bouncing against his.

"Oh yeah Wes...uh uh that's so good...uh uh uh I could fuck you all day!"

The two other boys Wesley was watching changed position and the younger
one was getting fucked up the ass just like him. He buried his finger in
the moist earth, trying to keep from collapsing forward as Harvey fucked
him with an incredibly frantic pace. Beads of sweat from the teenager's
forehead dropped on his smooth back like droplets of boiling wax.

"Ohhh ohhh it hurtsss soooo good ohhhhh"

Harvey's moans of pleasure rose in the clearing like an incessant
chant to the god of sex. Wesley lowered his head and looked between his
legs at his own boyish wiener sticking up, anticipating orgasm.

Harvey's rock hard organ was rubbing his little prostate, the thick
shaft tickling his vibrant asshole. It was so intense, he thought he would
eat his underwear! The fabric was disintegrating from the grinding of
his teeth.

All that action in his butt and the sight of the two other boys
fucking triggered the greatest electric shock in his young dick. He felt
his balls tightening, climbing up in his groin. "UHH!" he yelped and
began to spurt for the first time. The jet of semen shot three feet
from him! It was a glorious event. He was a man. His little cock
shot again in the grass and the hot spunk dripped from the tip of his
purple knob.

He wanted to hug Harvey, to tell him how much in love with him he was but
the boy was obviously too busy fucking his behind. From the animalistic
groans coming from his throat, he knew he was about to come and prepared
himself to be filled.

Harvey was fucking his ass brutally now and breathing hard. A gush of
warm sperm exploded in his bowels. Harvey didn't stop pumping his ass,
feeding his little red hole all the hot jism he could produce. The big
penis finally pulled out of his body leaving him with a feeling
of emptiness.

They didn't have time to appreciate the afterglow. Twenty minutes had
gone. They put on their briefs, grinning at each other. Harvey kissed him
softly and he led him to the other couple. They crept closer trying
not to make a sound, until they could discern who these shadows were.

It was Weirdo. He was porking a nine-year-old brown-haired boy. His
face, as usual, was contorted with pleasure. He humped steadilly, taking
all of his young dick out of the little boy's ass only to thrust back
inside him a second later.

"That's his little brother Skeeter..." Harvey informed Wesley.

As he watched them go at it, Wesley pondered how it would have been
to have a big brother like Weirdo. Someone who would have taugh him
everything early on.

The child was used to buttbanging. He was smiling like an angel and
fondling his tiny penis as the his elder pounded his small butt. Weirdo
pulled out and leaped quickly to shoot his load in the giggling boy's
face. The lad opened his mouth and swallowed most of his big brother's

During the walk back to the river, Wesley talked about how tight he was.
Harvey told him he was one great fuck and his bosom swelled with
pride. But then he went on about the seven-year-old he had raped when he
was eleven. He confided it was the tightest hole in the universe.

Harvey's sperm was oozing from his gaping butthole, forming a wet spot
in his underwear right between his little buns. The hot substance escaping
from his bum and the conversation about tight holes gave him immediately
another boner. From that day on, he was horny all the time.

-- end of part 4


2007-12-06 21:07:19
I agree with Gammy. I'm bi and an asshole worshiper, male or female. I always like to spend about 10 minutes smelling, kissing, and licking the asshole before I fuck it. I sometimes flat -tongue lick the hole again after I have finished fucking it partially for the pleasure of the person I just fucked and partially for the pleasure of licking a "just fucked" asshole,


2005-05-30 16:08:42
like your stories. give us some ass licking though


2004-10-08 15:49:31
good story.

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