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Be true to yourself.
Buried truths will come back to haunt you.
No matter how deep you hide them they will sneak on threw.
If left untended they will keep growing and then begin to stew.

Rising to the surface in years to come.
They will leave you wondering what you have done.
Denying yourself your basic truths you continue to run.

This is a theme I know oh so very well.
Society says that I will surly go to hell.
Because of all the desires on which I do dwell.

Acceptance is so very hard to find.
Judging you so that you wish they were blind.
You can’t understand why they are so unkind.

So I keep it all buried so deep.
Hiding from every nasty creep.
The only relief I get is sleep.

With age and wisdom I’ve decided to be myself.
Take all those old desires off of the shelf.
Explore them fully each one to its self.

Though the things I find may be very scary.
Out of the depths I will bring them to light and unbury.
Release them all so no burdens will I carry.

I wish this revelation for every tortured soul.
To be true to themselves before they grow old.
Come out into the light and no longer be cold.

For your dreams are unique to you and can not be sold.

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2014-03-01 11:33:15
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