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Impossible dreams.
I dream of caressing his handsome face like nothing else matters.
Of taking all his passions and letting him discover mine.
Making him feel so good, better than anyone has.
It is always in another world, in a very different time.

These dreams must be fleeting and short.
I can not dwell on them for very long at all.
If I allow myself to think of them to long.
Under his mysterious spell I will fall.

That dream world is a dangerous place.
Full of unrequited desires.
Makes you want things you can’t have.
Confuses you and crosses your wires.

Though it is a divine escape.
It will only leave you lonely.
Longing for the unattainable.
Leaves you hollow and thinking “if only”.

It is so enjoyable to think of all the possibilities.
Even if they can never ever come true.
Hopes filled with sexual lust and heat.
Annualize it all you want you’ll never have a clue.

So take some time but don’t spend too long.
To dream sweet impossible dreams.
But realize it is just a fantasy.
And it will eventually fall apart at the seams.

Till that time comes it will all seem so nice.
To do what ever I want to you all the time.
Fantasies to use you all the way up.
Entice you enormously but only in my mind.

It may seem like I can only think of one thing and don’t know what to do.
So as long as it still pleases me I will keep dreaming of you.

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2012-09-09 11:55:03
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2011-12-01 11:56:05
Thanks Miss Bunny, I can totaly relate to your poem, I dream to hug her and never to have to leave her , I dream to jail her inside my heart and never to release her , I dream of her wearing the white dress and become mine but its only a dream , maybe one day for me she will fullfil


2010-09-05 14:22:17
Nice Miss Bunny...:)

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