Stories of me fucking with my family members.
This is how I seduced my 13 year old neice, 11 year old nephew, 12 year old nephew, and 16 year old nephew, in that order.

I have been married to my wife for over 20 years, one of her brothers has a 16 YO boy, 11 YO boy, and 13 year old girl. He is a minister. Her other brother has a 3 YO and a 12 YO boy. I am the uncle to them all...but the FUCKER of 4 of the five is how it all happened.

13, blonde hair, dauther of a minister (we all know the stories), cute, perky thing.

11, dirty blonde hair, minister's son, sneaky guy.

12, blonde hair, boyish face, very good looking boy.

16, oldest minister's son, chubby, easily the ugliest of the 4.

45, average in every way...looks, intelligence, cock size.

My wife
41, love of my life, works to support the family, passion has faded after so many years of marriage (as most do).

I have had chronic leg problems, and a number of leg operations. This has meant years of not being able to I am a stay at hom person. This means I can always be counted on if the relatives need someone to watch over the for me!!!

It was a May afternoon, Isabelle had not been to school, she was not feeling 100% so her parents asked if she could come over and have me watch her. I said sure...I was home all day anyway. I had had another operation less than a month before, so I was happy to have the help.

Isabelle was a bit of a flirt, or in my eyes anyway...always a bit touchy, that girlish grin and smirk, always wanting to hug hello and goodbye.

She came over, and seemed fine to me...I assumed she just wanted the day off school. We talked a bit, small talk of course, and it was time for me to wash my wound, and do some like rehab on my leg again. I asked if she could help me up so I could go wash it, but as she did, she could see the pain as I tried to rise, so she said to stay there on the couch, and she could bring the basin and wash water to me.

Within a couple minutes, she was back with it and set it on the coffee table and sat back on the couch beside me. Poor thing, must not understand that with my sweat pants on, I would have to lower them to I casually said "unless you want to see your fat out uncle pull down his pants, you may want to look away" and chuckled. She blushed a bit, said "you are not fat or old" and said sorry. Then...the little devil (I told you she was flirty) said "what is the big deal, are you not wearing undewear uncle Brian?" and laughed. I said of course I am...and she replied "I have seen guys in underwear before, so no big deal".

So I thought for a second, and figured...if she wants to play, I will play right along. But on MY terms...hehehe.

I said "cool, then how about you help me pull these sweats down, with my leg, it is hard to do sometimes". I thought this may call her bluff and she would decline and leave me be...but that cute look from her, that evil grin, and she bounced up and said "sure".
I started to this really happening, but she had her hands on the waistband of my sweats, looked up at me, smiled, and said "lift up so I can pull them down for you". I think this was a test by each of us to see who would flinch first.

I lifted my ass off the couch, and while still looking me dead in the eye, she started to pull down...very slowly, no doubt expecting me to stop her, then before I knew it, she had them below my knees. I do not know who was more shocked...but I figured by now, let the games begin.

She broke the stare with me, started to look down to the dressing, and saw that my unerwear were tighty whities that show considerably more than boxers...she blushed more than I had ever seen her do before and said "OH, I thought you meant boxers, hehe, I have never seen anyone other than Greg in normal underwear". I caught her looking for a few seconds longer than a good niece should, and I smiled...she was curious, that was obvious.

Now as I said before, I only have an average size cock, about 7.5 inches long, but I am quite thick. My underwear show very well if I do say so myself (thanks to my thickness) and for a 13 year old girl used to only seeing her kid brother in underwear, I am sure I impressed her with what she saw. Now I was somewhat aroused to say the least, so while not hard, I was not in that annoying "BORED" state that cocks get in sometimes where they are shrivelled and look so damn small.

She was unwrapping my bandage, then washed it, and redressed it, but I caught her from time to time glancing up and looking at my bulge...I started thinking that maybe this day would be the start of something...but was not sure how to proceed...I had thought about fucking her before, but never planned on how to make it happen, just the act itself. I figured I needed to keep her interest and wonder about the whole small talk GEARED in that direction would be a good plan.

I asked her "so Greg wears the same kind of underwear as I do", and "do you keep looking at Greg in his underwear like you do me in mine?"...she started to stammer, and I said "I am just teasing you, curiousity is normal, and a good thing". This seemed to relax her alot, and I noticed her glances lasted longer. Then I made move I saw her looking, I moved my cock "I do this without touching it, my wife LOVES when I do that" caught her for sure and Isabelle's eyes widened, she looked at me, smiled and said "Your thingy just moved all by itself". I said, NO, you are imagining it. Then I did it again, and she said, it just happened again...I laughed and she laughed, we were having fun.

Then she said "all cleaned and dressed. I guess we have to put your pants back on now?". I knew she was hoping I would say no, so I said "still need to rehab the leg". She asked "do you do that with the pants off too"...I said SURE DO...and I smiled at her.

My normal rehab are leg stretches, bends, flexes etc..but today, I thought massage would be best. I asked if she could go to the bathroom and grab the baby oil from the medicine cabinet. As she was gone, I repositioned my cock and underwear to make it show better, cock to one side, nuts to the other side, tightened up the material as much as possible, and thought I was going to really give her a good show now.

She came back, got on the floor between my legs, handed me the baby oil, and BAM...her eyes caught the new and improved view...this stare lasted at least 10 seconds as she was able to make out the shape, head, full outline...I watched her expression, and her wide eyes, pouting lips, and I KNEW I had her now.

I handed the baby oil back to her, and asked if she could massage my leg for me, smaller hands hurt less than my big hands. She looked a bit perplexed, but then shrugged and said sure. She asked where it needed massaged (WHAT A LOADED QUESTION THAT WAS). I told her "my quad, over the knee". Well, over the knee and bandage, and under the underwear left about 7 inches...I simply wanted her as near my dick as I could get. She looked, realized how close this was going to me, looked at me, looked at the area again, and of course my dick, and put some baby oil on her hands. I stopped her..and said "it is best to squirt the oil on the leg first, then rub it in quick before it makes a mess".

She said ok, shot it, then put her two little hands on my leg and started to rub...being as careful as possible to NOT touch my unerwear. She did this twice...and I was not getting any play...then the third squirt had some hit my underwear...she froze, not knowing what to do...I smiled, said that is okay dear, then I slowly rode my underwear up a bit to allow her access to that area that got oil on it, and asked her to rub it in. AND...she did, she was rubbing now, her little hand brushing my cock through my underwear...I was in FN heaven. I felt me dick start to harden, she saw the fabric move, tighten, and my dick grow...she had no idea what was happening, or why, but she out right stared and continued rubbing my leg...still accidentally rubbing dick too.

I thought...SHIT, now or never. I took the baby oil that was sitting on the sofa now, said "well these underwear are dirty anyway now" and SPRAYED a big squirt all over my underwear. She lifted her hands off me, giggle, looked down, and with the soaked underwear in baby oil could DEFINITELY see full cock with no imagination needed...looked me in the eye and said words that I will NEVER forget as long as I live..."better rub that in before it leaks down" and begin rubbing my cock through the fabric.

She knew what she was doing was wrong, dirty, and fun. I knew it was illegal and wrong...but I was not stopping her. I think she needed me to stop her, but she rubbed by cock and alternated between looking at me and my dick as this went on for about 5 minutes. I was now ROCK HARD, and my underwear were pointed up and out. She noticed the definite difference, but was not stopping or I decided to find out what she knew about the situation.

"Isabelle, do you know what has happened". No reply as she continued. "Do you know that you have given me a hard on, a boner, an erection"?. She smiled, and said "is that what it is called?". I said "Yes, that is because you have me excited". The little imp kept stroking me as we talked through the fabric. "Is this the first hard on you have seen?", she nodded. I said "well, you have not really SEEN it yet" and with that I swiftly lifted up, and yanked down the tighty whities, and my hard cock sprang up, glistening head with precum, we with baby oil". Isabelle froze...looked at me, and started to get up.

"Stay there dear, I like what you are doing, and I know you are liking it too". She sat back down, and without a word went back and stroked my bare cock, first with one hand, then the second one. She started asking questions like "is this wrong", "why is it so hard", "why is it hot", "what happens next" etc.

I gave her the quick and true answers (except that this is NOT wrong, anything that feels so right can not be wrong). To her what happens next question, I said "lots of different things CAN happen, but right now I will show you one thing that will happen this time".

I had her stop a second, I laid on the couch with my head propped on the arm, and told her to continue. I then instructed her as her little hands could barely grab the full thickness on how to jerk me off...without telling her what it was. I told her "you make me feel so good that I am going to FINISH in a second...keep doing that" as she jerked me up and down at a moderate pace. I warned her "now when I am finishing, do not be alarmed, but you will see stuff come out the end of my dick". My strong word of DICK shocked her, she had called it thingy earlier, but her strokes continued.

Then, I started to come, and when I come, usually there are about 5 squirts, then some dribble...but as all guys know, the more we are worked up, the more and harder we come. The first shot landed above my belly button, the secon, near my neck, then chest, naval, belly button, but...and then the trickle. FUCK, was my cum ever hot as it landed on me. Isabelle never stopped stroking me as I came, and kept as I was softening. I said "OK, let go of your uncle's dick now" and she did. She looked at her cum covered uncle in confusion.

"You made me finish so well dear. That CUM is a result of you being so beautiful, and hot. You really made me happy."

She kept looking at the cum. I said "touch the cum hon, feel what it is like." She 13 year old neice was touching my cum that she had jerked out of me. She rolled it in her fingers, looked at I figured...NOW is the time. I scooped a bit off my neck and playfully put it on her nose...she laughed and pulled away...but still, she had my cum on the end of her nose...FUCK..I was still horny as hell.

I asked if she could clean me up, so she took the cloth and started to wipe me up...DAMN, I was hoping for better than a damp cloth to clean me up...but oh well.

In a few minutes she had my gut, chest and neck clean, then she started to clean my cock with the same cloth. I was in heaven, this angel jerked me off, and is cleaning me up.

After I was clean, I told her we needed to talk.

I asked "did you have fun", "are you okay with what happened", "do you want to keep doing this and more again". Yep, Yep, and YES PLEASE were her replies.

I then had the long talk about nobody can know, our little secret, I will have to go away, your parents will be so mad at you...etc.

She was fine with it all...her only question "when can we do it next".

FUCK...this is going to be fun I thought as I hugged her and said SOON...VERY SOON.

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great seduction.never noticed any spelling errors lol

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great story and as I am reading this story I have got my my ten year old granddaughter here with my cock in her tiny hand and jerking me off at this very moment and as soon as she as finished wanking me off I will be having my dick up her young cunt and taking her cherry

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I had my young niece and her young friend jerk me off last week they were a little in experienced but soon got the idea after i showed them how. There were a little surprised when i shot my cum over there hands and my stomach,They like to do it again I said only if i could play with there pussie, They said alright I said we'll do it tomorrow after school, I can't wait.

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You have far too many spelling errors. Allow someone who is better educated proof-read any future material BEFORE submitting it.


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