This story is long, but it ends well. If people like it, I'll add other parts.
Her name was Ashley. In Freshman English she was thin, lanky, plain, with plastic framed glasses, frizzy red hair and potential. She was smart enough, but otherwise blended in with the rest of the Freshman class. To my knowledge she wasn’t in any clubs. I had never seen her in any of the band concerts or marching on the field twirling flags. She had plenty of friends and her name was on honor roll, but other than that, she was just…Ashley.
I taught introductory English, creative writing, and was the sponsor for the school newspaper, so after Ashley moved up to Sophomore English I didn’t see her for two years. When I received my roster for my classes, I saw Ashleys all over the place because it was a popular name at the time. I had had several Ashleys every year so I didn’t think anything of it. So I didn’t recognize her when she walked in…in a red and white cheerleading uniform with red and white ribbons wrapped around the base of her ponytail. She looked beautiful and vaguely familiar. I’d only had one Ashley who was a redhead in recent years, and this couldn’t be her.

“Hi, Mr. Ortberg!” she said as she walked past my desk, following the other three cheerleaders taking my creative writing class. Her smile was brilliant and then I knew it was her. Same brilliant smile, but now that smile centered beneath the same Ashley nose and now some of the most gorgeous green eyes. Her red hair was no longer frizzy, but was cut to a moderate length and straight (as a freshman she had worn ponytails on occasion, but even they were long and frayed), so I had guessed she used a flat iron this morning.

Her head set upon a lean neck which ended at the white V-neck of her cheer uniform, trimmed and lettered in red. Her top pushed out slightly, indicating the modest, but proportionate breasts of the still-lean redhead. The cuff of her top rode just an inch or so higher than the waist of her short skirt, also white trimmed in red. The mildly exposed belly showed a surprising tan, unusual for a redhead, especially one with freckled cheeks. Her exposed arms and legs bore the same surprising tan, with moderate freckling accents. Though she looked surprisingly different from the Ashley I used to know, her voice and face were the same.

“Hi, Ashley. So you’re cheering this year.”

“Yep. I asked if I could train with them last year and Mrs. Dell let me, even though I wasn’t on the team. I ran, worked out, went to cheer practices and even helped with the fundraisers last year so that I could be ready for tryouts last spring. She said I had a good shot and I had so much fun! So yeah, my senior year and I’m on the squad.”

“Good for you. I’m glad you’re taking this class. It’s my favorite one to teach, and if I’m not mistaken, you’ve got a gift for writing. I think you’ll do well here.”

“Aw, thanks, Mr. Ortberg. I really enjoyed Freshman English so I was glad for the chance to take this class with you.”

At that the bell rang and Ashley walked to take her seat beside the other skirts. Every Friday during football season, Ashley would ask me if I was coming to the game and every Friday I would show up to cheer on the team. I hadn’t been to the school’s sporting events in years so I had forgotten how much energy there was. I saw honor roll students cheering, holding banners, and some even having painted their faces red and white. Of course several were in the marching band and a few were on the team, but what I noticed here that I didn’t notice in the hallways was the lack of division. It appeared that everyone united toward a common enemy, in this case the Bruins.

Over the course of her senior year, Ashley and I spoke frequently in class and occasionally out of class. I saw a bright future in writing for her as her work flourished. She was a willing student, an eager learner and a gifted writer. She had made reference on several occasions to hoping to write for Time magazine for serious journalism, but to write fiction for fun and as a creative release, and of course for extra income. She was under no illusion that she would make a career out of writing fiction, but a girl could dream, as Ashley often reminded me.
I had been asked to write letters of recommendation on Ashley’s behalf to a handful of colleges. She finally decided on a small private college in another state and after graduation I received a hug and a kiss on the cheek from my former student. “Thanks for everything, Mr. Ortberg. I owe you so much for shaping my writing and helping me pursue my dreams.”

“My pleasure, Ashley. Truly. Just remember me when you get your first Pulitzer.” With that, she smiled and walked away, squealing as she met her group of friends in their white or red graduation gowns, diplomas in hand. Immediately they began posing for pictures and after a brief moment, I turned and walked to my car, prepared to enjoy the next few weeks off before school started again.

I didn’t hear from Ashley anymore after that. Occasionally I would pick up a Time magazine at the store and look for her name, but never found it. Soon enough she became just another former student, one of a handful of whom I was very proud, but as time passed, her name blended into the names of the hundreds of students I had taught over the years.

“Mr. Ortberg!”

I turned around to see Mrs. Dell approaching me, her blonde pony tail swinging as she quick-stepped down the hall toward me. As she got closer she held up a sheet of paper as if hailing a cab.

“Thomas, did you see the teacher roster?”

“Not yet. I was on my way to check my box. Why?”

“We’ve got three former students coming on staff to teach. Two for history and one for language arts.”
Language arts?” I asked, surprised. “I’m not fired am I, Robin?”

“No,” she laughed. “Mr. Wilkins got transferred so Becky’s not coming back this year. But I thought you’d be interested in the new teacher. She’s one of our prized students. We both taught her and she was one of my cheerleaders. But I remember her speaking highly of you and how passionate she became about writing. She talked all the time about becoming a journalist.”

“Who is it?”

“Ashley Moody.”

“Ashley Moody…” Now I’ve always been better with faces than names and while I recognized the name I couldn’t place it.

“About seven or eight years ago. Thin? Red hair? Very pretty…?”

“OH! Ashley! I do remember her. If I recall she was very gifted. She’s coming back to teach?”

“And to be my assistant cheerleading coach. She was talented and enthusiastic there, as well.”

“I guess her writing career didn’t take off like she’d hoped?”

“No idea, Thomas. But since pre-planning starts today she should be here for the morning meeting. We can ask her then.”

As we all filed into the cafeteria for our first meeting of the new school year, teachers and administrators grabbed coffee and a variety of pastries before making their way to their seats. It didn’t take me long to see Ash….Miss Moody. But she noticed me at about the same time, smiled and began walking my direction.
I thought she was pretty as a senior, but now she had matured into a breathtaking woman. She still had the same trim body with modest breasts and a lean waist and hips. She was wearing black dress pants and an emerald green satin dress shirt. Her hair was loose and straight hanging down past her shoulders and she was back in her glasses—wire frames with wide rectangle lenses. Her white teeth peeked from between thin red lips in a wide grin. She still had her signature freckles across her nose and cheeks and her subtle tan was still present. The years had been good to her.

“Mr. Ortberg.” She stuck out her hand in a friendly professional gesture, still smiling.

“Miss Moody.” I placed my hand in hers, making note of the soft and smooth skin. Her silver hoop bracelet slid forward and rested against the back of my thumb.

“Ashley,” she corrected.


“Very well. Thomas.”

I motioned for her to be seated and she took a seat crossing her leg toward me. She set her coffee and small plate with a bagel, on the table. Looking around, pausing on the mural of the Indian chief, she breathed out, “God, I missed this place. I have so many memories here.” Turning back to me, she said, “It’s like being home again.”

“Welcome home, Ashley.”

Across the table, Robin set down her own breakfast and plopped into her seat, her hair and breasts bouncing as she landed. “How about dinner tonight? Just the three of us. It’ll be good to catch up.”

“Sure,” I agreed. “Ashley?”

“Why not? It should be fun.”

We worked out the details and determined that I would swing by and pick up Ashley before picking up Robin at her house.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when Ashley opened the door to her apartment. She was amazing. Dressed in jeans and stretch-fit button up black shirt, she had removed her glasses to let her green eyes shine. She must have noticed my stunned silence and probably caught me tracing her figure with my eyes because she never invited me in, instead walked past me, pulling the door closed behind her. As soon as she passed me, she simply said, “You’re welcome.”

She waited by my car until I opened the door for her. I welcomed the walk around to the driver’s side so I could adjust my growing erection. On the ride to Robin’s house Ashley told me about her time at college and graduate school and her decision to teach writing instead of to pursue journalism.

“To be honest, Thomas, you played a big part in my decision. Your passion for writing and language fanned my own passion. That’s what I want to do: inspire future writers to write with passion. And I’m kind of embarrassed to say this, but…” She looked down at her hands as she said, “I kind of had a crush on you my senior year.”

It was at about that time that we pulled into Robin’s driveway. Ashley waited in the car as I walked to the front door. She, too, was wearing jeans, but complemented hers with a dark purple low-cut v-neck sweater. Her breasts were swelling out the top of the v-neck. Again I had to adjust as I walked around to the driver’s side after letting her in the back seat. I’d noticed her beauty for years, but I’ve never seen her blatantly display her sexuality before. This was a first. I think the combination of Ashley’s admission and the attire of these two gorgeous women was having an unexpected effect on me.

Dinner went well and we each sipped our drinks of choice. By dessert we had been through a few drinks each and were laughing about fellow teachers and were making inappropriate jokes, pairing teachers up for sexual meetings. Then the bottom fell out.

Through the laughter, Robin blurted out, “Ashley, if you could fuck any teacher at the school, who would you choose?” We all burst out laughing again, until stopped dead by her serious expression and answer.



After a moment Robin started trying to laugh again, but seemed to be having trouble. “No, really, Ashley. Who?”

Again, seriously as she looked in my eyes, “Thomas Ortberg.”

Did they hear the head of my dick knock the underside of the table? Or maybe the seam rip in my jeans?

Because all the blood in my body seemed to force its way into my penis as every imaginable scenario involving Ashley and me, shot through my brain.

As Ashley and I stared at each other across the table, Robin looked back and forth between us, her laughter subsiding to silence. “Me, too.”

Immediately, Ashley and I jerked our heads to look at Robin who was tracing a finger around the rim of her glass. After a short silence, she burst into laughter again, thinning the tension a little bit. In turn, Ashley began to smile, her face flushed and she began to shake with laughter before inhaling a sharp breath and busting out another laugh. Soon enough I followed suit and we were all laughing again.

“Well, I’m trashed. Thomas, are you good to drive?” Robin asked.

“I think so, yeah.” I paid the check before we made our way to the car and took off to Robin’s house. I had to walk her further than the front door because she was trashed, just like she said. Honestly there wasn’t a better word for it. Ashley stayed in the car as I walked Robin to her bedroom, helped her off with her shoes and she convinced me she was fine to take care of the rest.

As I walked out the front door I shrugged to Ashley, who was watching from the front seat. “She’ll sleep well tonight,” I said as I dropped into the driver’s seat.

Ashley remained quiet for most of the ride home. It was awkward to say the least. I figured she was thinking the same thing I was, playing the “who would you fuck?” tape over and over in my shorts. I mean, mind. Playing the tape in my mind.

Parking in the guest spot for her apartment, I walked around to help her out of the car. As she stood up she wobbled a little and I put my arm around her waist to support her as I held her hand and walked her to the door. She laughed as she tried to put the key in the lock and blurted out, “I can’t find the hole.” Then she looked at me and said, “I bet you don’t have that problem. You could find the hole, couldn’t you, Thomas?”

Any possible answer caught in my throat as she leaned in and kissed me. And it wasn’t a sloppy drunk kiss, either. It was controlled and smooth, even when she lightly licked my lip, inviting my tongue to dance. Our hands began to lightly caress each other’s bodies before the passion took over and we both knew for certain that our dinner conversation was about to become a full-blown story. Apparently Ashley had found the key slot because the door was now open and she was pulling me into her apartment as we continued to grope and kiss.

Almost immediately Ashley pushed me onto the couch and sat down beside me, running her hand up and down my thigh. “Thomas, I meant what I said tonight, you know. Of all the teachers at the school, you’re the one I would most want to fuck. I wanted to when I was a student and I still want to.”

Clearing my throat and thinking back to seeing her in that cheerleading uniform, my voice cracked a little. “Well, Ashley, that would have been inappropriate as your teacher. Besides, I never really caught that from you.”

“Well, Mr. Ortberg,” she said, leaning into me and bringing her hand up to rest on my crotch, “I’m not your student anymore, and I think my signals are pretty clear now, don’t you think?” In response I attacked her mouth with my own, pressing her onto her back in my lust. Without objection, she responded immediately, her hand stroking the back of my head, her thumb tracing the rim of my ear. Her other hand was busy molding and squeezing my cock through my jeans. Before long, her free leg wrapped around the back of my thigh as I moved my hand from her waist to her hip and around to her ass. As I held my weight off of her with one hand I made my way from her mouth down to her collarbone nibbling and lightly licking a trail. Licking the hollow of her neck brought a sharp intake of breath and subtle moan.

Before I knew it, I was the one on my back and she was lying on top of me, straddling my hips and attacking me with her tongue. With one hand she continued to stroke my chest and stomach through my shirt while she nimbly unbuttoned my shirt with the other. Soon enough she was licking down my chest and rubbing both hands on my bare skin. She slid down my legs so she was now sitting on my knees. She yanked me up by my shirt, bringing my mouth to hers and pulling my shirt down over my shoulders and arms in a frenzy I had never experienced with a woman.

Her passion was electric. Her hair was beginning to lose its style, her face was flush and she was starting to perspire a little, maybe from the workout, maybe from pure lust. My dick was starting to hurt from the continued imprisonment in my jeans, but I had a strong feeling that the prisoner would soon be free. I had admired Ashley’s form eight years ago and I’ve been in awe of it all day. It was time to see her full glory. I quickly moved my hands from her waist and ass up to her breasts.

“Oooooh, my God. You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you to touch me like this! Squeeze them harder!”

I gladly obliged, bringing an even stronger “YES!” and full-body twitch from my lover. Encouraged, I moved in to find her nipples and to stroke my thumbs across them. Again, a moan and twitch, her back arching, she pressed her nipples toward me. Without warning she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and ripped it off over her head. I would like to say I was stunned by her beauty, but I was too deep in my own passion and returned to my work, this time her own hands covering mine, coaching them toward her own pleasure.

I couldn’t hold out anymore and my mouth replaced my hands on her tits and my hands moved down to her ass, pulling her into my cock. She was grinding against me with fervor and it didn’t take long before her breathing caught in her throat, her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth hung open as her hips twitched on my lap in orgasm.

“Ohmigod. I can’t believe I came because you played with my nipples! That was incredible! But I’m not done. I need more. Lots more!”

With that, Miss Moody stood up and removed her jeans, revealing a black thong, soaked at the crotch, and I noticed that she had a navel piercing with a pink and silver jeweled dangle. Her body was still tight like it was her senior year.

“Damn, you’re hot!” I can’t tell if she blushed or not because she was already so flush, but she looked away and smiled for just a moment before looking me in the eyes and dropping to her knees at my feet.

“Okay, Mr. Ortberg, I have a question for you. Can you do multiple orgasms tonight or do you just want one that’s absolutely incredible?” As she was asking her question she began unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them down my legs. I unconsciously raised my ass off the couch to allow her to remove my pants, exposing my blue boxer briefs. The pouch front was stretched to its limits by my Ashley-induced erection.

“I can’t believe I haven’t come already! I haven’t had multiples in years, so I don’t know if I still can.”

“Well, let’s try this: I’ll bring you to one that’s the best you’ve ever had, and if you’re up for it, we can try for a second. Sound good?” As she spoke she stroked my cock through my shorts and kept her face close. I could have sworn I saw her inhale my scent before closing her eyes with a shudder.


“I’ll take that as a yes.” And so she began. She started by kissing all around my upper thighs and lower belly before taking her first nibble on my fabric-covered head. She landed right on the wet spot that had formed by my pre-come soaking through my shorts. I felt her tongue lick the tip of my cock through the fabric. It was my turn to shudder.

“Oh, so you like that, do you?” she asked, looking up at me as she licked from my balls all the way up the shaft to the head.

“Oh, my God. Where did you learn to fuck?”

“College. And Nina Hartley,” she said, smiling.

“I always knew you were a good student.”

“Let me show you why I’m on honor roll.” With that she pulled my shorts down and off and repeated the lick, this time taking my head in her mouth and flicking it with her tongue. “Mmmmm, you taste good.” This time she started taking more and more of me in her mouth on each stroke. During the whole blowjob, her hands alternated between stroking the shaft and rolling my balls in her hand. After a few minutes she shuddered again, and shoved her head down, freezing it at my base. She had just come again. I had failed to notice that she had her hand in her panties, fingering her own pussy as she sucked my cock. That thought, added to the feeling of her deepthroating me, brought me close to my own orgasm.

“I’m gonna come,” I grunted.

Squeezing the base of my shaft with her thumb, Ashley pulled her head up and looked right at me. She breathed out quietly, “The hell you are.” She backed off of me, still squeezing my base and told me to relax my breathing.

“Calm down. We’ve got a long way to go.” My cock was beginning to lightly twitch in her hand and the head was leaking. Still squeezing the base, she made one long lick from the base to the head, cleaning up the trail of my pre-cum. Again I twitched and moaned a little.

Ashley just smiled.

When she saw that I had settled down a little, she ordered me onto the floor. The carpet was going to cause a carpet burn on at least one of us because (a) it was cheap apartment carpet, and (b) because I planned on causing some serious friction on it. I looked up to see Ashley standing there waiting for me to look at her. As soon as I did, she smiled and turned her back to me, showing me the most beautiful ass I’d ever seen. Bending forward at the waist, she pushed her thong down to her feet and I watched it snap free from between her cheeks before catching up with the rest of the fabric. She had taken off her shoes, but I could still see the lean muscles stretching as she bent forward and fully intended to ask her about her exercise later. For now, however, I just enjoyed the….

Oh, hell! She stayed bent over showing me her bare lips peeking out from just beneath her bare, tight ass. As hot as that was, it was the matching clitoral clip that matched her navel ring that really caught my attention. I’d heard about them, but had never seen one live. I couldn’t believe how hot it was! When she turned to face me, I stood amazed at the beauty of her form. Hairless except for a small trimmed red patch I refer to as a “putting green”, she displayed her beauty without tan lines and with the two jewelry accents that betrayed her innocent appearance. Having taken off her glasses sometime during our kissing session, she now stood before me in nothing but her body jewelry.

“Lie back,” she demanded and walked over to stand next to my head. I did as she commanded and felt like I was getting even harder (although I don’t see how it was possible) when she straddled my head and began to lower herself to my face before dropping to her knees. Her treasure was directly over my mouth and nose, glistening with her excitement. The smell was intoxicating. I’ve loved the smell of a woman since one of my girlfriends taught me how to eat her to orgasm and she was a squirter. It was the first time I’d ever experienced that, but I grew to love it. She also taught me about the pleasure of licking her ass during oral sex and I planned on using that skill to my advantage tonight.

“Eat my pussy.” She spread her knees apart, lowering her down until my nose was just a few inches from her rosebud. The first lap of my flattened tongue brought a shudder and moan from her and her hips twitched in an attempt to escape my lashing. From there it was a steady assault on all areas of her pussy, from circling and flicking and sucking on her clit to occasionally diving in to her opening with the length of my tongue. One trick I had learned was to press my face into a woman this way, putting pressure on her clit with my chin, her ass with my nose and fucking her with my tongue. It seemed to do the trick with Ashley because she started grinding down on me before grunting and letting loose with a light flood of her juices.

“Shit, that was good. No one’s ever done that to me before,” she mused, panting.

“Well, you’re young and you’ve probably only had idiot college boys poking around down there, not a skilled lover.” At that she let out a single “Hmph.” I couldn’t tell if it was a mild laugh or if she wanted to say something but thought better of it.

“Keep going. The motor’s still running.” And so I did. Since I had introduced her to anal play, I decided it was time to see how she felt about a little rimming. As I began to eat her pussy again, I felt her shift her weight and lean forward to take me back into her mouth. I was going to come soon, I could tell. Her mouth was magic. Combined with the movements of her hips trying to drive my tongue deeper and the feeling of her mouth, tongue and hand on my cock and balls, I was getting close already. I shouted out a warning and started thrusting up into her mouth, so she backed off and squeezed the base again. This woman was going to drive me crazy tonight. If she wasn’t careful, I was going to fire her through the sliding glass door when I came!

“Did I say you could stop?” she asked. “Get to work.”

I set to work again, this time moving from her pussy to her ass. My hands grabbed and stroked her thighs, ass and up to her tits, molding and pinching them depending on her response. “Oh, damn!” she yelled. “What the hell…”

“Shut up!” I said “Enjoy the ride”

“OH GOD!” she started twitching again and rubbing her own clit with one hand, stroking my dick with the other, and bearing down on my tongue as I reamed her out.

“FUUUUUUU…..” she couldn’t even finish the word as her orgasm hit, signaling the beginning of my own.

“ME, TOO!” I shouted into her pussy and ass. Damn she was good! In the throes of her own flood, she was still able to squeeze me to prevent my own. She raised up to take away all stimulation for me, and swung her leg over my head to land on her back, propped against the couch. With one hand she still kept the tension on the base of my penis and with the other she started rubbing her own pussy, pulling on the jewels of her dangle clip, inserting a finger or two, and even touching her asshole to regain some of her newly-discovered sensations. In a matter of a few moments, she was coming again, this time releasing a small squirt a few inches onto the carpet. Feeling the throbbing in my cock, she simply said, “Don’t. Just breathe.”

Leaning in for a kiss, she slowly climbed over my waist, her nipples scraping my chest and the navel ring tickling my abdomen. “Are you ready, Thomas?” she asked. My dick twitched in response and with her hands on my chest, her pussy searched for the head of my cock as Ashley rotated and thrust her hips. When she had found it, she lowered her hips, closing her eyes and biting her bottom lip as she let out a slow moan, stopping after only a couple of inches was in. She leaned forward again, lying on top of me, letting us both get used to the feeling of being joined together. For a few minutes we just lay there kissing, our hands caressing each other. I couldn’t get over the smoothness of her skin, the tone of her muscles and the smell of her. It was relaxing and sensual.

“I’m ready, Mr. Ortberg. Fuck me.” She sat up again, placing one hand on my chest and the other on her own, pulling at a nipple. Lowering herself all the way down to the base, we both moaned at the feeling. Steadily she increased her pace, soon enough bouncing up and down allowing me to come all the way out before impaling herself on me again. The cool air alternating with the heat of her pussy was incredible, not to mention the fact that every time she came up, she squeezed right past the ridge of my cockhead, sending jolts of pleasure through me. It felt like the skin of my dick became tighter with every stroke. Suddenly she forced herself all the way down and just stopped, arched forward, eyes squeezed tightly shut. Then I felt the flood of warmth as her juices ran down my thighs and waist.

“Okay,” she said, fighting for breath, “your turn to do some work. Whenever you’re ready to come this time, let it go.” As she spoke, she rolled off of me onto her back and spread her legs, feet on the floor. I sat up and crawled over to her, giving her pussy one last long lick before climbing over her, trailing my tongue from her pussy to her navel to both nipples, and landing on her mouth. As we kissed, I hooked my elbows behind her knees, angling her hips up off the floor. This allowed me to enter her fully and smoothly in one stroke. As my balls met her ass, her eyes got wide and she forced out an “Oh, my God, you’re so deep! Whoa!” For me, this position pulled the skin tighter, giving me a greater sensitivity and more pleasure. I didn’t have to pound hard, so I just kept a strong steady rhythm. Every few strokes I would press even harder, gaining a moan or grunt. Her tits moved with every thrust and my orgasm quickly approached.

“I’m not gonna last long,” I warned, pressing deeper on every thrust, grinding into her clit.

“Good. God, I can feel your balls on my ass. I’ve never been fucked this deep. Damn! You feel huge! I think you’re getting bigger!”

“FUCK! I’m gonna come!”

“Pull out! Come on me! I wanna see it!”

That’s all it took. I was able to get in a few more quick thrusts, but when I felt the first shot burning up my shaft, I pulled out. She immediately grabbed my cock and pumped it, slick with her arousal. The first shot left a trail from her shoulder, down over her left tit. The second hit her square in the face. To my surprise, rather than aiming it down at her stomach as some of my partners had done, she lifted her head up and aimed me toward her, her mouth open. The third shot hit its mark, half in her mouth, but trailing up her cheek. The remaining few shots were progressively weaker, but still impressive in their strength and quantity.

“Holy shit! Where do you keep it all? That was amazing!” As I sat there regaining my focus and trying to catch my breath, I just watched her play with it, scooping it up and sucking it off her fingers. “Mmmmmm. Sweet. I love your cum, Thomas. It’s even better than I thought it would be.”

I couldn’t help it. I had to collapse onto her and kiss her. I tasted myself on her, but I didn’t care. Soon she rolled me over and, pulling the throe off the arm of the couch, lay on top of me, covering us both with the blanket. As we lay there, I replayed the whole scene in my head, still unable to believe what had just happened. We must have lay there for several minutes before either of us spoke.

“Damn,” I said. “You wore me out, Ashley.”

“Good. That was SO worth the wait,” she said, laughing. “Can we do it again?”

“Right now?!”

“Not necessarily, unless you’re up for it. But sometime soon.”

“Hell, yeah, we can do it again! Anytime, all the time!”

“It’s a date.” For a few minutes we just lay there, enjoying the warmth of each other’s bodies. I thought back to how the conversation started and curiosity got the best of me.

“Ashley, can I ask you a question, just for fun.”

“Sure,” she said, lightly stroking my chest hair. “Anything.”

“When Robin asked you which teacher you most wanted to fuck, you answered pretty quickly.”

“That’s right. I didn’t have any doubts.”

“I can see that,” I said, giving her bare ass a squeeze. “But other than me, are there any other teachers you’d like to fuck?”

That brought a chuckle.

“What? What’d I say?”

“You really want to know.”

“Yes. No jealousy, I promise.”

“Okay. If you’re serious.”

“I’m serious, Ashley. Who?”

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