Stories of me fucking my young family members
The Next Time

After that first day, I was scared shitless I would be discovered...I waited for cops, mad brother in laws, a come get
revenge on the pervert who did that. Two days, and nothing...then Friday night came, and my wife Janet was going to have a girls
night out with friends, so I was alone. Janet left about 7 PM, and by 715 the door bell rang, and there was Isabelle...asking if she could come visit for a while...she had that look about her.

I asked if her parents knew where she was...and they are okay with this...she smiled...said "yep, and sure are" and walked by me and into the living room. Now we live about a 15 minute walk away from her house, so I figured she had this planned all out. My wife was due home by 1030, so I did not want to waste a lot of time...time to get to it I figured.

I went in, sat on the couch by her, put my hand on her knee (she was wearing sweats and a hoodie) and asked point blank "are we picking up where we finished the other night?". She smiled, and said the words I was HOPING to hear "I was hoping so" cock twinged as she said that.

She looked at me, and slowly started to reach for my pants...I said "wait, lets do it different this time" and stood up. As I stood above her, I told her to "look your uncle in the eye as you take out his cock Isabelle"...I wanted this to get dirty in a hurry. She got that puzzled, then sexy look, and smiled as she made eye contact with me, slowly grabbed my waistband, and pulled down my sweat pants. This night, I had no briefs on (casually hanging around the house, this is common for me), so my hardening cock sprang up instantly and clipped her on the chin (as her face was only about 6 inches from my cock). She flinched, I laugHed, then she did too. She never broke eye contact as she grabbed my dick in her tiny little hand and began playing with it...stroke, rub, squeeze...she really did not know what to do, but I was not complaining.

She asked if she should go get the baby oil, I said, no, tonight we will use a different kind of lube on it. I started telling her what she was doing was giving me a hand job, jerking me off...trying to educate her. I let her know this is usually how things start, and then move on to better, funner thiings for us both. She quizzically looked at me, all the time playing with me.

I then licked my hand, and rubbed it on my now hard cock...grabbing her hand as I did and together jerking my cock. She felt the moisture, and had to realize how this made it glide better...She smiled, said "now it is sliding up and down better" and picked up the pace. I saw my chance...

I said "spit is the best lube there is"..."go ahead and try it". She started to lick her hand, but I stopped her...I said "I did that because I cant reach my dick, you are there...just spit on it a little". Now girls and spit are not a normal mix, so she had that GROSS look on her I quickly tried to keep her from being repulsed by spit and said "or you can lick my dick instead of your hand if you rather". Eyes bulged like a tiny lap dog, she flinched, gave me the WHAT look...and looked at her uncles now raging hard on, looked back at me, and I simply said "trust me"...and I watched her lean over, stick out her 13 year old for sure virgin tongue, and LICK MY UPPER DICK...FUCK...I almost came there.

She gave it a lick up, a lick down, then went back to stroking...she looked at me, and said "like that?", and I just nodded. She then started to do this every 30-45 seconds, lick, then stroke...lick again, and stroke. I was falling in LOVE...

I said "Oh Isabelle, you are so beautiful and great. Now to get the whole cock wet so you can really do better, you can open your mouth, put my cock inside, and go up and down it like that...then it all gets wet and not only a piece of it".

You could have heard a pin drop...her hand stopped jerking me, she stared at me with that look of ARE YOU FOR REAL, looked at my glistening with precum cock, back at me...and I reassured her "Go ahead sweetie, open your mouth, close your eyes, and pretend it is a sucker...put it in, move you mouth and head a bit, and suck me like a sucker to get me real wet".

The damn little thing was so FN curious and anxious to please...I saw her look down to the floor because she KNEW this was wrong, but then look up, open up, and pop my cock head in her mouth...I could not believe 13 year old niece was now on my sofa, with my cock head in her mouth....I groaned, she murmurred a bit, and started to move a bit on it...maybe taking 3 inches in, then pullling off..."Like that?" she said questioning...I said YES, but keep doing it, to get it real wet.

So she lowered again, took the same 3 inches in, and bobbed up and down about 5 times, then began to jerk my cock again as she looked to me for reassurance. I smiled, stroked her hair a bit, and said she was "doing great". I was damned if I was going to settle for a hand job now though...I got a taste of her mouth (and she of my dick) and I wanted BACK in that NOW.

I said..."Good...enough of the hand now, go back to being a big girl and put my dick back in your mouth". I knew she wanted to be a grown up (all teens do), so this was my way of keeping her tricked into sucking my cock.

She did not hesitate, started to suck my head and about 4 inches of cock. She was not using much suction, I was not balls deep, she was using no tongue action (tricks she needed to learn), but this virgin mouth was making me ready to pop soon. She sucked for about 4 minutes, and I figured I should warn her soon.

"Isabelle, I am going to finish again soon", she started to stop..."Don't stop dear, you are doing great" as I took the back of her head and led her back to sucking me. "Remember when I finished last time it was a mess...this time I will finish in your mouth", again she tried to pull up, but I held her there GENTLY..."no babe, dont stop, you are amazing, and she started back down on it. "I am going to finish in your mouth, it will taste like salt, or candy...but it is good for you, and me to finish. Please keep sucking my cock and eat my cum dear...OH YEAH" as I felt my first spray...I watched her intently as this teen was getting her first taste of cum...she flinched, squinted, pulled back (to meet my hand hold her with my head still in her willing mouth) and I shot my normal 5 squirts, and slow discharge...she had puffed cheeks, some ran out the sides...I smiled and said "swallow Belle, swallow my cum". It took two tries, but she got it down, looked at me, as I withdrew my cum covered, softening cock from her now NOT virgin mouth.

I smiled, Kised her on the forehead, gave her a hug, and sat on the couch beside her.

I talked to her how that was a BJ, blowjob, head, cock sucking ALL guys love girls who can do that as well as she did. She relaxed as we talked, let me know what she thought (scared, will I get pregnant, salty was right, not bad, should she always swallow)...I was about to train her I could tell.

She rubbed my cock for a while, we talked more, made arrangements for the NEXT time...and agreed Tuesday after school, and before my wife got home, we should do this again...but I told her this time...all BJ and no "kids stuff" like jerking it...she smiled, agreed, and bounced out the door.

I layed there, and started counting the days until Tuesday...

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2013-08-08 11:35:52
My eight year old niece has been sucking me off for two weeks now, she caught me jacking off when my wife was out. I was feeling a bit horny so I dropped my underpants and was rubbing my cock when she waked in, I froze and stood there she said that is bigger than my brothers can I touch it, I said ok so she took hold of it and worked her hand up and down it. I said would you like to put it in your mouth and suck it, so she open her mouth and put the the head in and sucked it. I slowly pushed it in till she had about four inches and was working her tongue round it. all of a sudden I filled her mouth with my cum and she choked on it I said swallow it and she did. Now she comes over and sucks me of when ever my wife's out. I am going to eat her pussy out next time and I might even get to fuck her as well.

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2013-07-25 22:11:11
All wannabe writers should at least be intelligent enough to spell the TITLE of their stories.

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2011-09-05 09:49:28
Can't anyone spell niece?


2011-08-30 07:10:12
It's great to be able to teach the willing young girls and boys about oral sex and all the other things to cum! Likeeyoung!!!

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2011-08-10 19:56:21
I got to teach my grangdaughter to suck my cock she was also thirteen ,I was having a shower when she walked in the bathroom to use the toilet. she did'nt know i was in there. She was very surprised to see me,As i stepped out of the shower she saw my penis and asked what it was,I said it is my cock . by now it was half hard and getting harder. I said would she like to feel it she said yes . She then put both of her hands round it and started to rub it .when my precum started to drip off the end she said what was it i told her what it was and asked to taste it , She licked the tip of my cock said it was nice. I Said if she if she put it in her mouth and suck it she could make me cum and she would enjoy a lot more com. So she started to suck my cock and i shot my cum in her mouth. she swollowed it all and said it was nice. I asked her if it was nice,She said yes thank you grandad .I asked her if she would like to do it again she said yes,So i told her next time she comes over then.

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