Stories of me fucking young family members
My head continues

Over the next three weeks, Belle Belle blew me off 4 more times...all pretty much the same...always me standing, her on the sofa, and me cumming in her mouth and her eating my cum. No deep throat, not the best head going, but head from a cute 13 year old neice is damn good when it is bad...:)

I wanted to change, so the next time she was over after school, I took her to my bedroom, I was going to get her in my marital bed...that was hot thinking of it.

We went in, I layed on the bed, she pulled out my cock, and kind of was puzzled (how do I suck it with me laying on my back). I took her hand, pulled her on the bed between my legs...and muttered "suck your uncled dick dear"...which she started doing. Seeing her little head in a pony tail sucking my cock, head bobbing, eyes bugged out, was an amazing site. I started stroking her head, hair, neck, and shoulder...and I figured now was time to move to the next level.

I asked her to stop and come up and hug with me, which she did with a smile...holding her precious little body in my arms, with a raging hard on, in the bed I would sleep in with my wife was amazing.

I looked my innocent 13 YO neice in the eyes, and said "time to keep yourself growing in sex dear. I want you to undress and get back in bed with me.". She looked, smiled, bounced up, and undressed. No strip tease, not with the top, sweats, and started to get in bed...I said "the rest too", so she blushed and quickly removed the bra and "hello kitty" panites and climbed on the bed.

Her tits were probably only an A cup, but the pussy..still soon as I saw that, I got harder than I had been since I was a teenager.

I started to tell her that "I wanted to make her happy with my mouth like she does me" and "I want to make her a woman and not a kid any longer"...she smiled at me...DAMN, I knew which buttons to push.

I then started to stroke her tiny titties, rubbing them a bit...just small foreplay until I got to get at the cunt. This lasted for only about 3 minutes, I stopped, looked at her and said "now I am going to use my hand and make you happy like you did me...then I will use my mouth on you too". She was puzzled, not knowing what or how this would work..but gave a nervous nod..and said "I trust you Uncle Brian".

Now being called uncle just before you are about to molest and deflower a 13 YO is HOT HOT HOT.

I lowered my hand and began rubbing and needing her tiny cunt. No penetration with my digits, I wanted to save that. I did this for about 4 minutes, she gasped, winced, pulled back, neither of us was totally enjoying I went for the gusto.

"Now I am going to eat you out baby, I will use my tongue and make you REAL happy". Another nod from her, and I lowered my 41 year old mouth to her virgin hairless pussy. I looked and admired it before I flicked the tip of my tongue on her lips, slowly licked her crack up, then down, and began a rotation of flicks and licks. She was moaning and obviously enjoying this more than my rough hand. I then went looking for her clit, I found it, and gave it a lick as I looked at her...she got a twinge, and I knew she liked that. I kept eating her cunt for at least 10 minutes. I was rock hard, she was moaning, gasping, and even once grabbed my head and held it in place...DAMN, this cunt was not only liking this, but knowing how to keep getting this.

I felt precum oozing out of my dick now, so I stopped, came up, and asked her to "use your mouth on me too dear" as I went beside her and put my hard on near her face as I went back to her cunt. She immediately started to suck my cummy cock head, still moaning as I ate her. Her moaning actually was causing her to take more of my cock than she usually does, and I think at least 5.5 inches were in her tiny mouth now...FUCK, this was hot...69'ing with her in my marital bed.

I felt my cum gushing, so I pulled off, said "swallow your uncles cum Belle Belle", went back to ther hairless crack and dumped a HUGE FN load in her mouth, she gagged a bit, coughed out a bit of my cum, but kept sucking and swallowing like a trooper. She kept sucking me as I was softening, but I was done...I needed a break. I pulled away from her moist cunt (from my lapping it), and out of her mouth. A tiny pout came from her as I took my dick out of her mouth.

I layed beside her...and we made our small talk again..
- It was great
- I am glad we are doing grown up stuff now
- Nobody can ever know
- I love you so much
and most importantly, when is the next time.

We planned on a week from Saturday. She had a school dance that she was going to...she would have me drive her, but we woul skip the dance and get together. We decided on a motel..I would get it, she was my daughter, we needed to crash for the night...I was counting the days. I planned on getting her cherry in this motel dick was going to enter my neice's cunt...COUNT ON IT.

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2012-08-24 20:07:58
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2012-08-17 16:14:46
Please at least learn to spell 'niece'. There are several other misspelled words also. Don't you wannabe writers EVER try proof-reading before submitting your junk?


2011-08-30 07:17:46
You seem to have her where you want her. Take her cherry and she is yours forever. Maybe she will get a couple of her friends from school to play to. Likeemyoung!.!

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2011-05-07 04:13:47
very sexy stuff. i'm loving this.

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2010-08-11 07:54:59
Hot story, now take it to the next level. Good luck

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