PART 5/13 ~ Game Boys
In the room on the third floor they brought Simon. The little six-
year-old blond kid yelled as the ten big boisterous boys dragged him
there, hungry for some fun on this rainy day. Scaring the youngster was
the number one pastime.

When they released him, Simon backed away until he hit a wall. With
nowhere to run, he stared at the gang, a concerned look on his cute mug.
He squirmed bashfully, wearing only a pair of oversized shorts made of
grey tweed.

Wesley struggled to keep a straight face as he watched the small
creature, his bare chest heaving. His short legs were quaking, easing the
only garment on his loins even further down his hips, exposing more of
the beginning of the cleft of his tiny butt in the back and the 'V' of
his groin in front. 'If the shorts fall to the floor, I'm gonna howl!'
Wes thought to himself.

"We hear you've been playing with the RATS little runt..." Rocko lied.

"NO! That's not true! Don't hurt me!" Simon pleaded. "See!" he peeped,
pointing the red 'S' below his right pec with a stubby finger. The tremor
in his soprano voice revealed his utmost fright. "I'm with you, I

"Well, we don't believe you... I think it's time we have some meat..."
Rocko said, looking at the result of his words in the little kid's eyes.

"Yeah... I'm so tired of bread and soup...I want meat!" Harvey
seconded, drool oozing from the corner of his lips.

"Those thighs will make great roasts!" Weirdo bawled.

"..and I want the arms!" a nine-year-old nicknamed Dandy cheered.

"I want the eggs!" Skeeter shouted, sending a wave of laughter in the

"NO. Don't eat me! please!" Simon cried, covering his boyhood with
protective hands, heartbeat pounding.

They attacked him almost with a vengeance. Strong hands pulled on his
limbs, lifting him off the ground as he spewed his litany. "No! Let go of
me!" "Please!" "I didn't do nothing!" "Don't eat me guys!"
They stole his shorts and soon he found himself naked at the
mercy of the pack of wolves. He trashed and wriggled. The rambunctious
kids cheered and yelled, grasping what they could on his little body.

They swung him over on the bed, already prepared with cords tied
to the four corners. Amidst the ruckus, Skeeter bit the young child's
adorable buns eliciting a scream of terror. Another confirmation in
Simon's mind that he was gonna be devoured alive.

The four eldest boys flipped him over on his back and grabbed the
closest wrist or ankle in reach. Within seconds, he struggled against
his bonds, testing them in vain. Spread-eagled, he stared at the ten
tormentors, tears blurring his vision. His little white form lay
helpless on the altar of sacrifice.

"I'm gonna start with the tastiest!" Weirdo muttered, licking his lips
in an exaggerated manner that only he could produce with his elastic

"ARRRGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!" Simon yelled, feeling the twelve-year-old's mouth
engulfing his small dink. He whimpered and wiggled his hips, attempting
to escape the rows of pointy teeth. After a few seconds of no pain, his
cries turned to giggles. The wet lips were suctionning his tiny cocklet.

A blissful smile lit up his angelic face. The other boys joined the
party, running their sticky hands on his smooth flesh. Wesley watched
the kids massaging the young child and bent over to take the pink
miniature balls left unattended. His cheek brushed against Weirdo's as
they pleasured the small hairless genitals.

Two young members of the gang each selected a nipple and suckled them
like babies. Harvey and Rocko washed his wiggly toes with lively
tongues while Skeeter and Dandy put theirs in his ears, darting to get
inside his brain.

Simon shivered. Every part of his body was coming alive. His small boner
throbbed in Weirdo's warm cavern, impossibly excited from all the
attention. He giggled hysterically, tingly all over. Erotic sensations
travelled throughout his skinny frame, begging for him to surrender his will.

Carrot Head rubbed between his silky thighs, getting closer and
closer to his small butt. His fingertips danced on the perfect skin,
covered with goosebumps. He thrust his fingers between the kid's
buttocks and teased the quivering hole. Simon moaned, shaking his blond
head left and right, feeling the gentle digit draw circle around his
tight ring.

For what seemed like forever, they worked on the young child, building
an earthshaking climax. Every move, every peep from Simon was
scrutinized for they all wanted to watch when he would writhe with
the tides of orgasm.

A sheath of little boy sweat erupted from his pores like a second
skin. His cries resounded in the room anouncing to the world his
impending relief. The boys kissed him more feverishly, stroking him with
unbridled passion.

In a dramatic turn of event, they all changed their actions, as if
driven by a new force. The boys licking his nipples instead pinched the
little mounds hard. Simon yelled, seized by the dull pain exploding in
his chest. Harvey and Rocko tickled the sole of his feet, an atrocious
torture under the circumstances. Other kids stabbed their finger at his
hairless armpits.

Weirdo let go of the two inch wobbler, glistening with saliva and
swallowed one ball. As Wesley took over the tiny hard-on, sucking like
an experienced whore, Skeeter gulped the other ball and pulled on it,
stretching the pink sac along with Weirdo next to him.

Simon's wails of pleasure mixed with cries of fear and pain.
Strangely, the excessive stimulation intensified his sexual crescendo.
He yelped from time to time, twitching as if on an electric bed. From
everywhere on his body, jolts of pain surged. He didn't know what to do,
scream from the torture, giggle from the tickling or moan from the lips
slidding at one hundred miles on his pulsing shaft.

Carrot Head fingered roughly his tight bumhole, trying his best to
keep his finger there as the young kid arched his back and dug his heels in
the beaten-up mattress.

"UHhhhh uhhh Ohhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh" Simon trashed wildly, the cord biting
his tender flesh. His limbs tensed-up and he released a high-pitched scream.
Wesley felt the little cock flex in his mouth, shaking with immature orgasm.
Coming down from the most intense peak of his six year old life, the little
blond imp exhaled. He surveyed the circle of grinning boys and smiled shyly,
asking with his twinkly eyes to be delivered.

"One last thing..." Rocko whispered.

The gang in a transe, after a half-hour of pent-up sexual tension,
frantically went to their flies. All around, sturdy boydicks sprang out.
They playfully fondled their hard-ons looking at each other with a
devilish grin. Simon's eyes scanned the boys, going from one turgid cock
to the other.

Their moans echoed as they began to pump fiercely their young pricks.
It only took twenty seconds for Harvey to jerk in orgasm and splash
his teenage cum on Simon's tummy. Weirdo aimed his penis at the blond
lad's face, giving him four powerful jets of his warm seed up his nose.

In short intervals, the boys who could unload sprayed the young tyke
with creamy boycum. Wesley masturbated with much pride, knowing he could
contribute to the white shower. His timid wad tickled his urethra as it
spurted on the cute blond's torso.

Rocko beat his massive pole with two hands. All the kids watched in
awe as his geyser erupted with an abundant flow of manly sperm.

In the end, Simon whined, squirming on the bed, covered with boyjuice
forming gooey puddles. It was decided that if he was to be released he
had to make most of it disappear. At first, he turned his head like a
pouting baby but soon sucked happilly the fingers presented to him,
eating with appetite all the fresh boy sperm.


One night, two men showed up at the hideout. They walked around and
examined the gang closely, one by one. Leroy followed their every step
with a wide smile.

The bigger one was like a giant. Almost six and half feet tall and
large like a horse. They could tell the other one was wealthy, definitly
a lawyer.

Wesley shyed away from the visitors recalling Leroy's words about
selling his ass.

"Look at all that tender meat!" said the big man.

"A fine display." replied the lawman. "I've seldom seen such a healthy
group of lads Sir Lewis... quite a place you've brought me...."

The giant gripped Carrot Head under the armpits and lifted him off
the ground. The ten-year-old giggled and Sir Lewis smiled. "I'll take
this one." he said confidently.

Meanwhile, the other man was looking down the underpants of all the
kids. Wesley's turn came and the man stared at his boydick. He blushed,
praying in my head he wouldn't be chosen. The big fingers released
his waistband and he let out a muted sigh of relief.

The lawyer crossed the room and caressed the cheek of the smallest
boy, Simon. "This little angel is perfect..."

Simon grinned, not knowing what was happening, elated to have been
selected out of the competition. Wesley shook his head at the naive
child. He kinda reminded him of a younger him with his blond hair and
boyish grin. He surely didn't want him to go with the strange men
dressed in black.

Both visitors paid Leroy and strolled out the door with the two
underfed boys.

"It's always nice doing business with you Sir Lewis... and you too
Master Bennett." smiled the bearded geezer.

As soon as they left the attic, Harvey grabbed Wesley's hand, pulling
him out the door after the 'customers'.

"Come see what's gonna happen to you if you don't steal something."
he whispered.

Wes looked down the stairs at the figures. The happy couple was rubbing
the shoulders of the two boys. They reached the second floor and opened
the rotten door.

Slowly, Harvey and Wes tiptoed behind them to the entrance of the bordello.
Harvey ran swiftly to hide behind a large velvet couch and Wesley followed
him. Their little scheme had gone unnoticed, the two men were lost in a
discussion with the lady upfront.

Harvey pushed a wooden plank showing his friend the way to a secret
passage. He crawled into the opening and signaled for him to do the same
quietly. When Wesley unfolded his body, he found himself in a narrow
corridor, barely wide enough for him to move. It was spooky and filled
with cobwebs, causing him to wonder why his partner had brought him here.
He soon discovered the reason as they walked in the dark.

Harvey pointed towards two little holes in the wall. Wesley peeked shyly.
In the room on the other side, he could see a young woman on her knees
sucking a man's hard penis. He giggled. Harvey clamped his hand on his
mouth, frowning like a madman.

"Shut up! you'll get us caught." he whispered. "Let's go see the others."

They breezed to the next room which was empty. In the third one, a man
was whipping a teenage girl tied by her wrist and suspended in mid-air.
Wesley squirmed. Her mouth was gagged but still her muffled screams
were audible as the atrocious torture played out before his young eyes.

Harvey tugged at his shirt to shake him from the spell of horror. He
peered in the next hole. This was the one. Carrot Head and Simon were
already naked, washing up in a basin. They seemed oblivious to their
fate and splashed each other merrilly, making beards out of the soap suds
and tickling their slippery bodies. Their boyish giggles echoed in the room,
much to the enjoyment of Sir Lewis and Master Bennett.

The two men gripped them by the waist and hauled them over on the
bed. Sir Lewis sucked on Carrot Head's toes, taking them one by one
between his lips while they wiggled frantically. He parted his jaws and
swallowed half of the small foot, satisfying his fetish fully, before
doing the same to the boy's other foot.

Meanwhile, the lawyer had been more direct. He was sucking Simon's
tiny cocklet, which was as big as a jujube. It grew rapidly to its full
two inches in the man's mouth. Holding the kid's ankles in the air, Master
Bennett made his tongue dance all around the six-year-old's groin, on
his dick, his miniature balls, his inner thighs all the way down to his
tiny pink pucker.

Wesley and Harvey grinned at each other. A weak smile that didn't
hide their fear of what they knew the boys were gonna have to submit to. Sir
Lewis took out a leather harness from his bag and put it on Carrot
Head's shoulders.

"I'm gonna ride you little colt!" he smiled, pulling on the reins of the

Both the adults removed their expensive trousers freeing their
pulsating erections. Carrot Head gasped at the twelve inches standing
proudly in his client's lap. Simon, more naive, fondled the lawyer's
penis, barely wrapping his short fingers around the large shaft. Like the
cheeky monkey he was, he pretended to hang from the hard prong.

Master Bennett opened a jar of grease and smeared it on Simon's
forearm. His little inquisitive eyes stared as the slippery substance
covered his smooth skin. Sir Lewis dipped his fingers in the jar
and greased copiously his throbbing dong.

The scene progressed on the bed and Wesley looked away, hearing the
plaintive yells of Carrot Head. The next time he peeked, he avoided
the sight of the screaming boy, instead aiming his eyes at the six-year-
old. Little Simon had his arm buried in the lawyer's pale ass. "Move it
in and out, yesss, that's it my lad!" the man hissed.

He inhaled and forced himself to look at the other couple.

Accross the mat, Sir Lewis, had his enormous dick lodged deeply in
the other child's bowels. All he could see was the large tube of flesh
protruding from the soft buttocks. Carrot Head, his mouth agape, was
trying to release a scream of pain, which was obviously held back in his
throat from the energy his body required to keep him from fainting.

Sir Lewis forced the last inches of his cock into the boy and Wesley
feared the knob would come out of Carrot Head's lips. His guts churned
sympathizing with Billy's ordeal. The giant man grasped the leather reins
and held the boy steady as he began to plow his tight hole with his huge

"Yeah lad! Here it comes... uhh uhhh.. ohhh you feel good... uh"

One feet of hard flesh slid back and forth from Carrot Head's
backside right in front of his eyes. Harvey was as shocked as him. He could
hear him sigh while he viewed the same grotesque spectacle.

Simon crinkled his cute nose, discouraged by the work at hand. He
thrust his small forearm in the old lawyer's rectum, until it was buried
there right to the elbow.

"Ohhhhh leave it there....uhhhhh" moaned Master Bennett.

Simon executed the order, pausing momentarily, then fisted the man
violently as requested seconds later. The bed pitched and tossed with
the furious sodomy of Carrot Head. Sir Lewis held him in place with the
leather straps and shoved himself fiercely inside his little boyhole.
Carrot Head's wails echoed in the room barely covering the hard slapping
of the man's hips against his tender buns.

The big man hissed with one ravaging last thrust and began spilling
his voluminous load. He pulled out of the red gaping hole, shooting
white blasts of cream all over the ten-year-old smooth body, Carrot Head
lay flat on the bed, finally delivered, breathing heavilly, and twitching
as the ropes of burning cum landed on his back and buttocks.

Next to him, Simon punched the lawyer's tail, his face covered with
sweat. The man cried, awaiting the intrusion of his bowels that would
push him over the edge. It caught him by surprise and he screamed,
ejaculating profusely on the bed sheets.

Wesley felt dizzy. Harvey noticed the pale ghostly face of his friend
and pushed him away, back out of the secret corridor for some fresh air.

"You see Wes, we've got some serious stealing to do..."

-- end of part 5

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