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Completely infactuated with him
What the hell is wrong with me.
I can’t figure it out can’t you see.
I’m totally stuck on this hot guy.
Contact with him makes me totally high.

I crave him something awful every day.
But he continues to stay away.
Why won’t he treat me like all the other men.
I know if he’d just try he certainly can.

I really do not ask him for very much.
Only to know when I will get his special touch.
But that was much more than he could stand.
That would not due for my sexy man.

Other guys think that he’s totally crazy.
Cuz if he doesn’t take better care of me he’s lazy.
They all wished I liked them half as much as him.
But they are all no match he will always win.

I know he will just drive me insane.
And I have only myself to blame.
Because I’m totally stuck on this hot man.
To get in his pants I would do anything I can.

God I so want to fuck his horny sexy ass!
But I will always treat him with respect and class.
Even as I’m slamming my strap on into him.
I will make him cum so hard it will shake every limb.

I have to figure out a way to get this man.
I will do whatever it takes whatever I can.
Till I can touch him he will be on my mind.
Because no sexier hunk will I ever find.

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2011-06-17 17:32:22
lol i love this poem this is great write more


2010-05-18 20:53:44
A wicked lady mistressb,
she shoves her strap-on into me,
it's one foot long and really thick,
almost as big as my own prick...........I fucking wish.

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