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Hiya, my name is Sarah. I’m 13 years old. I’m pretty (everybody says so), blonde hair, green eyes and pink lips. I live in California and spend a lotta time outside so it’s kinda hard not to get a tan you know? I’m happy with how I look. I’m slim (“too skinny” my mom says, always tries to make me eat more,) but I like it, all my favourite celebs are skinny! I’m not tall but that’s okay, can always find a nice tall guy to reach for me ha ha. My boobs haven’t started to get big yet but mom says they will soon and not to worry. The only thing that I don’t like about my body… I’m embarrassed to say. The only other people who know are my parents… Okay, I think I trust you. I was born with both sex organs, that is I have both a vagina and a penis. See? I told you it was embarrassing. Normally the penis is removed but there was a complication that stopped them removing mine. It’s never been a problem before (except wearing really tight panties to hide the bulge down there) but recently… well I looked it up online, it’s called getting erections. They happen at really odd times too! Like when I’m with the girls and look at their bodies (can’t help looking sometimes) or when I see a cute guy. It first happened a few days ago. I was at school and daydreaming as usual. I was looking at Cindy Michaels legs, wishing I had legs like that, so long and pretty. She was wearing shorts cause it was really warm that day. Suddenly I felt a tingle and a warmth in my skirt. Next thing my panties felt way too tight, my dick was getting bigger! It started to hurt me, got too big for my panties. I couldn’t adjust myself cause of all the other kids. I whimpered and a girl looked round at me. I tried to give her my best smile and it must have looked convincing because she turned back to the chalkboard. Thankfully it got so long that the tip poked out the top of my underwear, giving me some comfort. The feel of the fabric rubbing against it made my penis feel really good. After a long time it shrank again and I was able to concentrate on the class again.

That evening when I came home I went straight to my room. I unbuttoned my shirt and lay it on the bed. My nipples felt strangely warm and a little swollen. I stepped out of my skirt and shoes and looked down. I could see the fine hairs on my belly standing on end and beyond them my white panties bulging a little in the front. I walked over to the full length mirror and looked at myself. I noticed that my breasts, previously nonexistent, had swollen. I tossed my hair back over my shoulder to get a better look. I pulled my panties down and stepped out of them. I looked in the mirror again and studied my body. I looked at my penis. It was small now only about two inches long and wrinkly. I could see the mound of my vagina just below it too. I sighed and shook my head. I ran a finger down my chest along my swollen breast. It felt weirdly nice, especially on my nipple. I did it again and smiled, it did feel nice. I used my other hand to do the same with my other breast. While I watched myself in the mirror, I felt the tingle again. I watched, amazed as my penis started to grow in front of my eyes. It made little jerking movements as it grew bigger and bigger. At last it stopped growing and was still. I stood there frozen, my fingers touching my nipples, and stared at it. It was now around six inches long and rock hard. I ran one of my fingers along its length and gasped. It felt so good. I put my hand around it. I closed my eyes, I’d never felt anything like this. As I moved my hand, I started to breathe more deeply. I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip, trying not to moan. The faster I went, the better my dick felt. I squeezed my nipple between my fingers and I did moan. I put my hand over my mouth (I didn’t want my parents to hear). I picked up my panties and went to lay on the bed. I bit down on the panties and started rubbing my dick again. From that angle I could see my vagina in the mirror. I noticed that it was wet. Still rubbing myself I used my other hand to touch the liquid coming from my pussy. I lifted my wet fingers to my face and looked at them. I tasted the liquid and liked it. I moved my hand down to my pussy again and put one of my fingers into it. As I did I moaned into the panties. I could see myself in the mirror, rubbing my dick and fingering my pussy and it just made me feel hotter. I threw my head back on the bed as my dick started to feel hot and really good. My stomach began to clench and I bucked on the bed. I could feel the thing in my hand start to pulse. My pussy started to feel really hot too. I moaned as something big started to build inside me. My dick throbbed once more and I arched my back. I cried out as a sticky white liquid squirted out of my penis and landed on my chest. It squirted out three more times, once landing on my face. I kept moving my finger in and out of my vagina and soon I felt the same feeling building there. I squealed as I orgasmed again. I lay there panting, covered in my own cum and a pool of liquid between my legs. When I finally could stand up again I picked up my clothes and put them in the laundry basket, then I went to the bathroom and wiped myself off with some tissue. Looking in the mirror I saw that my cheeks were red and I was sweaty. I also had a smile on my face that I couldn’t wipe off.


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