PART 6/13 ~ Snake pit
"Shhhh" said Dandy.

Wesley quieted down and gave a quizzical look to Harvey.


The familiar sound of giggles mixed with moans escaped from the
cracks of the wooden door. Wesley watched Dandy press his cheek to
it and mimicked his action. A wide smile illuminated the face of the
brown-haired nine-year-old boy. Sure the kid was all pristine but he
promptly forgot his elegant ways when the opportunity of sex came around.
Wesley chuckled. Not from the erotic noises but from the absolute
expression of delight on Dandy's cute neatly washed mug.

"Let's go in!"

The three boys stepped into the attic quietly. Wesley scanned the
room and blushed bashfully. On the mattresses, naked figures were
fornicating. An explosion of white flesh flashed in his face. And it was
the middle of the afternoon for chrissakes!

Weirdo's erection was jutting, poking his belly, as he licked the
hairless genitals of his brother Skeeter and a young tyke, barely seven,
called Dax. His pink tongue went from one ballbag to the other. He
teased the little boys, kissing their tiny pricks but not taking them in
his mouth. Skeeter and Dax squirmed on the mattress, squealing in
delight, awaiting patiently the next visit of the oral instrument on
their childish dinks. They spread their legs wide, exposing their proud
boyhood obscenely.

"Suck mine!" Dax bawled.

"NO! Suck mine first!" retorted Skeeter, not at all concerned of the
arrival of the visitors.

Next to the trio, Rocko was buttfucking Carrot Head slowly. The
redhead's poor asshole, still loose after the ordeal with Sir Lewis,
swallowed easilly the eight inches of teenage meat. Rocko grunted with
every langorous thrust, his long blond hair swaying in front of his
eyes. He shoved himself more and more rapidly in the ten-year-old
and Carrot Head wrinkled his button nose as the pain intensified. He
gave a luring look to Wesley, inviting him to the celebration.

Harvey and Dandy were naked in a snap and joining the two horny
brothers before Wesley even realized he was sporting an iron boner. Dax,
left all alone, called the older boy with an impish grin.

"Come heeeeere Wesley!"

The blond twelve-year-old couldn't believe his eyes. He was being
asked to join an orgy by a seven-year-old! The kid jumped on him and
feverishly tugged at his torn short pants, giggling and smiling. For a
second, Wesley revelled in the boyish beauty of the little blond male
and his hot biscuity smell. His naked underfed body glistened with sweat
as his tiny fingers removed the little clothes he was wearing.

This was crazy. Wesley looked all around, trying to capture all of
the boys sexual madness. He prayed to god for more eyes to see all that
was happening.

Harvey selected the best cocksucker of the gang. He pulled on
Skeeter's head and his teenage cock slid in the little boy's mouth
naturally. A tide of pleasure washed over his face. He pumped the nine-
year-old's face, forcing his boner down his throat.

Dandy placed his head under the young fellator and tongued the tiny
nutsack all over. The squeals of Skeeter exhilarated him. He licked the
smooth shaft of the boy up and down, flickering his slimy tongue at the
wet prickhead. He shoved a finger up his tight bunghole and a visible
flow of electricity raced in the child. Skeeter shivered over him, crying
out a muffled peep as he sucked the big meat stick of Harvey.

Dandy replaced his fingers with his pink tongue, eating out the most
sensitive part of the lad. He snaked his way into him, rubbing his silky
skin all the time. The gate of flesh yielded immediately, welcoming his
little tongue inside.

All the while, Nightmare, the mascot of the gang, paraded amongst the
group, his doggy boner fully erect, wagging his tail happilly. The odor
of the young males had a tonic effect on his veiny sex and Weirdo merrilly
crawled to him. He engulfed the large organ in his mouth, sucking away
like a madboy.

Harvey ran his hand in his black hair. Skeeter was swirling his
tongue all around his turgid dickhead, sucking in his cheek tight around
it, driving him crazy with erotic sensations.

The attic came alive with the slurping sound of tongues and lips doing
their wonder. Dax had finished undressing Wesley and was eating up his
little hairless tool with abandon now. The twelve-year-old twisted his body
to return the favor and the two blond boys stimulated their boydicks in
a passionate sixty-nine.

The yells of Carrot Head echoed louder as he got plowed more
violently by Rocko. The older teen rammed his cock to the nuts between
his smooth cheeks. He flipped the kid over and penetrated him with a
gentle descent. Using the legs of the redhead for support, he let his
long prick slide in and out of the hot asshole.

Carrot Head held on to the muscular boy with his tiny hands, feeling
the entire member deep inside his guts, sinking deep within him. It
continued pounding him with a squishing noise and he surrendered his
body completely.

After the dog had spilled his warm load all over his face, Weirdo
turned his attention to Dandy. The young boy's dick had not been touched
once and was covered with pre-cum. The musky emission was succulent on
his tongue has he went down on the child's hard-on.

Wesley comitted himself to driving his seven-year-old partner crazy,
still looking at the rest of gang from the corner of his eyes. As he sucked
his tiny cock, he slid two wet fingers in the cleft of his buttocks. When
he found was he looking for, he teased the puckered little butthole much
to the amusement of the vibrant kid who moaned sensuously. Up went a first
finger, then a second in the warmth of his tight orifice.

Utterly excited, Dax rolled over quickly, panting like an animal.

"Put it in my bum Wes!!" the little tyke cheered. He lowered his torso to
the bed, like a cat about to jump on a prey and sighed when the body of
the twelve-year-old wrapped all around his little frame.

Wesley rubbed the young kid's back, letting his hands travel to his
belly, his tiny erect nipples. He gently kissed the nape of his neck,
sucking on his earlobes once in a while. Dax pushed his white buns back
against Wesley's dick, reaching back with his little hand to fondle
his balls. His touch was determined and experienced. He maneuvered the
throbbing boner in the direction of his tiny butt, aiming it as his pink

"Fuck me please!!"

Wesley didn't need to be convinced. He held his penis straight ahead
toward his goal. In one long thrust, he filled the tight boyhole with
his young meat. Dax tilted his head back, moaning in pain. Wes grabbed
the seven-year-old's shoulder and slammed his dick into the incredible
ass. "Uhhhh yesss" Dax whispered. He slammed harder and Dax squealed
with pleasure. "Uhhhh yessss fuck me HARD!"

Wesley braced himself a second. He didn't wanna hurt the pussy boy.
His asshole was so moist and welcoming. It nibbled at his cockhead,
urging him to get inside. The kind of ass that could make even the most
restrained boy lose his mind.

He sank into him slowly, wiggling his sex deep in his little boy
butt, trying not to break the precious rear. But in a matter of second, he
was ramming his three inches of hard flesh. There was no stopping him this
time. He was gonna fuck the kid to paradise.

Weirdo had imitated him and was slowly fucking Dandy. The same for
Harvey who had laid on top of little Skeeter, his teenage prong probing
the kid's tunnel mightilly.

All the smaller holes had big cocks to take care of. Muscles danced
with spasms of pleasure.

Skeeter purred like a kitten, his face bearing a smile of ultimate
ecstasy. There was no doubt he like the feeling of getting buttfucked.
Harvey held his asscheeks opened to watch his five inches move deep in
his little well-used hole. He withdrew unexpectedly and called to Wesley
to come over.

The blond twelve-year-old pouted as he pulled his dick out of Dax,
then waited for his best friend brilliant idea. Harvey stole Rocko's
partner and whispered in his ear, eliciting a sly grin from the redhead

"Get over here!" Harvey ordered.

Wesley laid down on his back and Carrot Head jumped on top of him,
breathing heavilly on his nose. Harvey fiddled with the blond boy's
prick and pushed it easily in the loose hole. This was definitly not as
fun as Dax's opening, Wes thought. He heard a ruffle behind the ten-year-old
and suddenly the underside of another cock slide along his. They were
gonna fuck Carrot Head at the same time!!

The dilated hole stretched even further and Wesley saw Billy's
grimaces of pain just above his face. At the same time, he and Harvey
pushed their hard-ons up the young child. One inch at a time, their two
cocks disappeared up his little chute. The warmth of Harvey's bigger
penis was amazing next to his dick. They were together again, climbing in
the enlarged hole.

Carrot Head growled and hissed, sweat covering his freckled face.

"Ready Wes?" Harvey muttered.

"Yeah." he peeped, holding back his need to shoot a gigantic load of
cream in Billy's butt.

"Let's fuck him!"

In unison, they pulled back and thrust inside the kid with awkward
jerks. The ring of flesh squeezed their dicks together as if it was one
large tube of flesh. Carrot Head's cries resonated in the room as he
took the two cocks in his rectum.

Wesley suffocated under the weight of the groaning boy. He looked all
around at the other boys, getting turned on like never before. Dax and
Skeeter where servicing Rocko's huge erection. It surely needed two boys
to take care of it. The fourteen-year-old patted the heads of the young
lads as they sucked on his prick, taking turns at the bulbous knob.

Drool leaked from their red lips as they blew the big hunk of meat,
giggling everytime they could make the blond leader moan with exquisite

On the other side, Wesley gasped at the sight of Weirdo banging
furiously Dandy's little butt. The couple was so close, he could clearly
see the boydick lodged in the nine-year-old's anus, getting strangled.
Their two sets of hairless balls bounced playfully with the coitus.

"Uhhh I'm cummmmmmmmmming" Weirdo bawled, burying his dick inside the
exhausted boy. Dandy, usually poised and snubby, cried like a girl,
obviously feeling the rush of boyjuice in his bowels... and more.

Wesley waited for the hole to be unplugged, for the smile of the
satisfied kids. But what he noticed instead was a stream of clear yellow
liquid run down Dandy's legs. The poor boy had been filled with pee
after Weirdo had shot his wad! Dandy complained for being used as a
toilet but Weirdo just laughed and sucked his erect little cock to
comfort him.

The arogant nine-year-old's words turned to moans as Weirdo pleasured
his balls and dick. The older boy pinched his nipples, bobbing his head
faster and faster on the child's shaft. "Ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" Dandy
cried constantly. His muscles tensed up and he peaked, twitching frantically
with the surge of boyish orgasm.

Wesley slammed his penis with Harvey at the same tempo, hitting
Carrot Head's prostate with rhythmic pump of his hips. The ten-year-
old's body was stiff with cramps as he endured the double sodomy,
clutching Wes tightly and whimpering from time to time.

In the symphony of moans, a high-pitched whine of relief rose in the
attic. Rocko held his pulsating meat, shooting torrents of jism on the
two pre-pubescent boys between his legs. Both little satyrs drank his
juice as it erupted from the slit of his red glans, licking their lips
and cleaning the sticky mess on the teenager's thighs along with

Now all the boys attention was focused on the trio. Wesley felt his
mate's cock flex against his. With one last deep push, it unloaded its
potent substance. The flow of sperm tickled Wesley's dick and he couldn't
control the tingles anymore. His balls tightened suddenly for a
thundering blast of semen. Together with Harvey, he ejaculated up Carrot
Head's passage.

Overtaken by orgasm, he trashed madly under the sweaty boy. His
little penis shook again and again, spewing fresh semen, mixing his
offering with the one from his lover.

Carrot Head had had his little boy climax along with the older boys
and glowed silently in the heap of white flesh. The softening pricks
shriveled slowly inside him until they popped out on their on out of his
sore anus.


"What's this?" Leroy screamed.

The gang of clothed boys stared back at him seriously. Dax pressed his
cute mug in a pillow to silence his giggles.

"You haven't swept the floor like I told you to!" the old man frowned,
eyeing all of them with anger.

"We've been busy..." Rocko smiled.

-- end of part 6

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