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PLEASE, read the tags for this story and if they do not appeal to you, pass this one by. This story is Master's idea, given to me by him to write for everyine's enjoyment...and yes, there will be more
First Time
Part One

It’s a nice neighborhood in a high end subdivision. There is a new couple moving in and everyone is watching curiously as the truck is slowly emptied by the movers. The silent and mostly unseen watchers, as they peek through their windows, notice that a lot of the metal and solid wood furniture appears either broken or otherwise damaged.

The man, whose name is Paul; has long brown hair and jade green eyes, he looks like a biker but is in actuality a teddy bear with that bad boy look to him that attracts women so quickly. The woman’s name is Monique. She is a red haired and voluptuous woman. She is wearing sweats that have been cut very short and a thin tee shirt that shows her nipples thru the cloth.

For the next week all is quiet at the new couple’s house. One morning as Monique is taking out the trash, she meets Tabitha, the woman who lives diagonally across from them. Tabitha is a pretty woman who is slightly heavyset; and has 44DD breasts. Her husband Josh has tattoos and a little beer belly. The two women take to each other as they talk and the two couples get together for a cookout that weekend.

The two couples have been partying for a while when Tabby has to go to the bathroom and asks for directions. She is drunk and ends up in the master bedroom where she sees a huge metal four poster bed. To the left, in the corner, Tabby sees a six foot tall coat rack type gadget with handcuffs hanging where the clothes hooks should be. She backs out of the bedroom and turns around and finds a locked door to her right, then finally finds the bathroom. The bathroom has a sunken garden style tub with air jets and a full shower to one side. The shower door is open and she sees a special made shower head and to the side an enema bag.

Tabby takes care of business and staggers back down to the patio where she notices that Monique has changed into loose shorts and a white cutoff and rowdied out tee shirt that barely covers her full breasts. Monique asks tabby if she would like to take a dip in the pool and Tabby says she would but hasn’t got her suit. Monique tells Tabby that she has some loose clothes that will work for her and Paul chimes in and tells Tabby he would enjoy seeing her in anything she’d like to wear.
Monique takes tabby up to the master bedroom to get the clothes, and as they pass the locked door, Tabby asks Monique why it’s locked. Monique stops and turns quickly. With her face just inches from Tabby, Monique whispers “That is our playroom”. Monique gives Tabby a seductive look as she says this.

The women enter the bedroom and before Tabby can react Monique is unbuttoning Tabby’s blouse. Tabby pulls away, turning red with embarrassment and says she can handle it.
As Tabby changes her clothes, Monique asks what else she would like to know about the house. Tabby notices that as she asks, Monique’s eyes drift to the rack in the corner. Tabby comments that she’s never seen a rack quite like the one in the corner and is puzzled by Monique’s answer. Monique tells Tabby that her Master has all kinds of ideas that they indulge in. Not knowing how to respond, Tabby gives Monique a strange look but doesn’t say anything else as the two women head back outside.

While the women have been inside the men have been talking and Paul has made it a point to let Josh know that he thinks Tabby is gorgeous. Josh agrees that she’s ok, but says that he sometimes wishes that there was more than just the comfortable sex life they have after being married so many years. Paul tells Josh that all he needs to do is step up and take charge; take Tabby beyond her limits and enlighten her as he does.
Josh is curious and says he doesn’t know if Tabby would be willing to experiment. Paul has a wicked grin on his face as he looks at Josh and asks in a stern voice if he would like to see if she can. Josh is dumbfounded, but intrigued with the idea of being able to indulge in his deepest fantasies.

Just then the girls come back out and sit back down to another round of drinks, which Monique is making, and at Paul’s earlier orders, she is making them slightly stronger each round.
She serves Paul first with a smile, saying “Here is your drink Master.” Paul responds by reaching around and slapping her ass soundly, then kneading her ass roughly as both Josh and Tabby look on with astonishment. Tabby experiences a thrill throughout her body from the scene, which she didn’t expect.
Once their drinks are almost gone the four head for the pool and jump in. Since both women are wearing white tee shirts, the men can see right through them once they are wet.

Paul makes his way to Tabby while they are all playing around in the pool, making a point of telling her as he stares at her breasts floating in the water that she has one of the sweetest bodies he’s seen, and he would love to kiss it all over. Tabby gets flushed, as she’s not used to such compliments and says thank you as she glances at her nearby husband to see what his reaction is. Her body starts to twitch as she thinks about a man other than Josh touching her. Josh speaks up and says if Paul wants her, he can take her and laughs.

Shortly after that they all decide to call it a night and at the front door as they’re saying good by, Paul reaches over and with a hand on either side of her head forcefully pulls Tabby to himself and kisses her forehead. Josh and tabby leave and Monique closes and locks the door. Paul tells her that she is to go to the playroom and be ready when he gets there.

She rushes to the playroom and as she looks around she takes a mental inventory of the whips and toys in their collection, all of which her master has used on her at one time or another. She hears Paul’s footsteps approaching the door. And as he walks in, drops to her knees and waits and watches as her master goes to the restraint section and chooses wrist and ankle restraints. Then he goes to the rope section and gets an 8 ft section of rope and attaches the rope to the eyebolt secured in the ceiling in the center of the room.

He tells her to go and pick out one paddle or whip for him to use on her, since she didn’t do everything he had ordered her to earlier. Monique rises to her feet and walks over to the collection of whips and paddles and pulls down a cat o nine tails. She takes it to Paul and with her head lowered, offers it to him. He tells her that she is to hold her arms straight before her so he can put the wrist restraints on her. She raises her arms and looks up at the rope dangling down, cringing as she knows what her master is about to do.

Paul loops the rope through the wrist rings and then takes it down to her ankles and through those rings as well. He has Monique lay down and then pulls the rope and puts it back through the eyebolt, raising her off the floor and suspending her about four feet above the floor. Paul ties the rope off to another bolt, leaving Monique hanging by her wrists and ankles and turning slowly, her body helplessly exposed to what he wants to do to her next. Monique hears the whip whistle through the air and it lands on her left ass cheek, stinging. Before she can react, he strikes her on the right cheek.

Her eyes closed tight, Monique hears the cat whistling as her master tells her that she knows what she’s done to displease him and that he is positive she will not repeat that mistake again after he is through with her. Monique is panting and gasping as she tries to respond to Paul to assure him that he is right. Her ass is stinging and she hears him move away and start sorting through the toys. He moves back over to where she is hanging helplessly awaiting what he will do next, and she hears the sound of a vibrator turned on high.

She feels him start sliding the ten inch vibe into her pussy, her body already giving in to the pleasure he is forcing on her, at the same time feeling his hand land hard on her ass again.
Paul whispers in her ear that she must beg him before she can cum since she had been displeasing earlier. As she gets hotter she begins to beg to cum and Paul stops his strokes of the vibe in her pussy. She is sopping wet and on the verge of cumming and begs harder to be allowed release. He tells her that she must slow down and hold. She knows she is so very close that it will be almost impossible but she tries to obey and he listens and watches closely.

Paul pulls the dildo out, tossing it aside, and thrusts his hard throbbing cock into her. He grabs her hips and waits for a few seconds before pushing back into her and she feels the sensations again build quickly to the edge of climax for her. Paul reaches up and roughly yanks her taut nipples and then plunges in and out of her, hard, fast and deep. He tells her that she is to cum NOW. She lets herself go and feels the hot sweet pussy juice gush from her as Paul continues to play with her nipples and ram his hard length in and our of her.

Monique knows that as long as Paul keeps doing as he is she will cum continuously, her body shuddering and twitching as he pounds her pussy with his hard cock and plays with her nipples. As Paul feels his cock start to swell, he stops and asks her if she understands why she was punished and begs for his forgiveness. She stutters yes. He pulls out of her and goes to the rope, lowering her down to the floor so he can release her from the restraints. He grabs her by the hair and leads her into the master bedroom, where he forcibly throws her onto the bed face down.
He puts 2 pillows under her hips to raise her ass high into the air. She watches him move around to the head of the bed and then he blindfolds her and puts her ball gag on her, also securing it with a rolled bandana so that it is firmly held in place and she can barely make a sound. He ties her spread eagled to the bedposts.

Josh and Tabby move down the walkway from Monique and Paul’s house. Tabby asks Josh in a slightly hurt voice as they walk across the street to their own home how he could let another man make passes at her and kiss her like Paul had done.
Josh tells her with a grin that he’s sure Paul was just teasing. Tabby looks at him unbelievingly, wondering if he is serious.

As they enter their house, Tabby, who is still feeling the tingling of the forceful kiss Paul had given her, heads straight to the bedroom and puts on a red silk teddy. Josh walks in and sees her, and knows he is about to get laid and that with all he’s had to drink he may not be able to last long. Josh eases her onto the bed and kisses her, working his way down her neck to her breasts as he plays with his fingers between her legs. To his surprise, he finds that she is wet, open and hot. She responds eagerly to his touches and kisses as he works his way lower, kissing her nipples and fingering her slit hard. She starts bucking her hips up to meet his fingers.

Tabby has her eyes closed, in her mind she is seeing the face of the man who had just a short time before pulled her to him so forcefully and kissed her forehead. In her mind it is Paul who is touching her and making her so hot and wet, and she yearns to know more of what this exciting stranger might do to her body.
Josh’s cock has become rock hard and is pushing against her leg. He knows that he has to take her soon. Tabby is ready for him and he slides into her. After just a few short strokes Tabby is so hot that she is seeing Paul’s face as her husband cums too quickly and rolls off her and falls sound asleep.

She is still hot and horny, wanting more, so she reaches into her nightstand and pulls out the dildo she keeps there for the many times this has happened in the past. As she starts playing, Tabby’s mind wanders through erotic visions of being touched, and she soon realizes that it is now Monique’s face she is seeing as she plays. She lets the dildo slide all around, touching places on her body that she’s never touched before until she has satisfied her lust for the moment. She puts her toy away and curls close to her sleeping husband, dozing off quickly with a smile on her face.

The next morning, Tabby wakes with Paul and Monique on her mind, and as she is showering cant resist playing with herself.
She is interrupted before she can satisfy herself by the doorbell.
She wraps herself in a towel and rushes to answer the door. When she opens it, she sees Paul standing there in shorts and tank top, the outline of his semi hard cock clearly visible. Paul looks deeply into her eyes and says in a semi serious voice “I guess I’m just in time”. Tabby is speechless for a moment, and after catching her breath asks Paul how he’s doing and what she can do for him this morning.

Paul tells her that he came over to thank her for coming over and making them feel so welcome in the new neighborhood. With an engaging grin, he also tells her that he hasn’t been able to get her out of his mind. His comment sends Tabby’s mind back to the evening before, and she doesn’t notice that her towel is slowly slipping down to expose her full white breasts and erect nipples to Paul’s gaze. Paul brings her back to reality by asking her if she’s always this excited in the morning.

Tabby flushes and tries to think how she can get Paul inside, as she laughs nervously at his comment. She suddenly remembers that she needs the big box of Christmas decorations from the garage, and with Josh already gone for the day, she asks Paul if he would help her by bringing it into the house for her if she shows him where the box is. With a grin, Paul says sure, and Tabby leads him through the house to the garage.

Once in the garage, Tabby heads straight for the stacks of boxes, bending over slightly to make sure that she has located the right one, giving Paul a slight glimpse of her ass cheeks under the towel. Paul slowly moves closer up behind her, and as she straightens and turns, she walks right into him. Paul pulls her closer to him firmly and kisses her on the lips; and she feels the semi-hardness between his legs pressing against her. She tries halfheartedly to fight his strong embrace but his kiss deepens and she feels her body starting to melt against him as he reaches down and grabs her ass, holding her firmly to him.

She feels his hips start to gyrate against her and his cock gets harder as he moves against her. She feels his lips trace down to her neck and he starts nibbling the side of her neck with the same passion as he’d kissed her lips. He grabs her hair and pulls just hard enough to tilt her head to one side as she feels his teeth lightly biting the top of her shoulder. Her insides explode as he causes her to feel sensations she’s only dreamed about. He yanks the towel from her and lowers his questing mouth to her nipples, clamping his teeth on the left nipple hard.

She yelps as he does, Josh never having been this forceful with her. She tries to pull away even though a part of her loves what he’s doing, and Paul clamps his teeth down harder on her engorged nipple. Tabby stands perfectly still as she feels his hand firmly push her legs apart as he searches for her hot wet slit. He tells her in a deep stern voice that it’s now time for her to feel all that her body can awaken to. She tries to tell him in a faint raspy voice that she has never done this before with any other man. Paul tells her that he is not just another man, he is now going to be her Dom.

Tabby looks at him with a puzzled expression on her face, and as she stares quizzically into his eyes, feels his hand land in a hard slap on her ass. The tingle makes her lunge harder against Paul’s now hard cock, and at the same time into his hand as it finds the sweet outer lips of her pussy. His finger slides into her easily and without her knowing, her hips begin rocking into his moving finger as it slides into her ever moistening hole.

She bucks harder and faster, loving the feeling but unsure of what is coming next. Suddenly she feels his thumb pressing against her asshole and then slowly pushing in, and she tells him that she’s never done that. Paul tells her that she will be doing more than she ever thought possible and with that his other hand reaches for hers and places it on his hard cock through his shorts, telling her to just hold it, no squeezing or grasping.

Tabby is going crazy with the anticipation of cumming from a strangers touch. Paul senses it and stops the attentions he’s paying to her pussy and nipples and straightens up. Tabby looks up at Paul and tells him in a begging tone “but I was so close”. He responds that from this moment on she will beg him, as her new master, to cum. She nods her understanding as he looks at her and tells her to drop to her knees and take her masters cock in her mouth. Again she tells him that she has never done that before and tries to fight his hands pushing down on her shoulders, forcing her to sink to the cold concrete floor.

As she sinks down before him, she finds herself staring at the biggest cock she’s ever seen. It is at least ten inches long and quite thick. She again tries to tell him that there’s no way she can do this. Paul reaches down and pinches a nipple hard, causing her to feel painful pleasure deep inside her trembling body. He tells her that he will not accept any negative responses from her at all. She tries to take his thick head in her mouth, only to feel her jaws widen and Paul at the same time places his hand on the back of her head and pushes, forcing her to suck in several inches of his huge hard length.

He releases her nipple and entwines both hands in her hair and starts fucking her mouth. She feels him push further and faster in and out of her mouth. His hands guide her head so that he can control just how much of his ten inch cock she is taking into her mouth. She feels his dick starting to throb and swell and feels her own body becoming even wetter and hotter. Tabby is now moaning almost constantly even though Paul’s cock is filling her mouth and muffling her sounds. He holds her head firmly and bucks his hips, and she hears him tell her in a low voice that she is loving her masters cock in her mouth as he pushes his entire length down her throat causing her to gag slightly as she adjusts to his intrusion.

Tabby is lost in the excitement and takes it hungrily, only to feel him pull out. She looks up at him with begging eyes and he tells her to get on all fours. She turns and does, and he grabs her hips firmly and pushes into her all the way in one smooth thrust. She gasps, never having had a cock of his size before. She feels him spanking her ass hard at the same time that he pumps her hard and deep. He hits bottom on each in stroke, and she is bucking back hard against him, trying to keep as much of his hard length inside of her as she can.

Paul feels the wetness of her pussy increase and hears the sloshing noise it makes as he drives in and out. Tabby starts to scream as she starts to cum and he stops and pulls out of her completely. As she questions why he has stopped, he slaps her ass hard and tells her that she has been given the rules. He spanks her ass again and tells her in a firm voice that she will do as her master commands or else. Tabby answers that she thinks she’s got it and understands, and she thinks to herself that now Paul will slide back into her.

Instead, she feels him lean down and then his tongue flicks along her pussy lips and up to her asshole. Paul runs his tongue around the rim of her asshole, making her quiver with yet another new sensation. She feels him licking and teasing faster and harder, at the same time spanking her hard on first one side and then the other. Paul runs his tongue back down to her slit and pushes his face tightly against her steaming hot pussy, making her jump as his tongue burrows into her. He licks for a few minutes as she again starts to feel her orgasm build, and remembering his rules, starts to beg him to let her cum.

He tells her to hold it and pulls away from her, rearing up and pushing the head of his hard cock between her pussy lips, and then she feels him shove it in to the hilt with one thrust. He holds still for a moment and then pulls out until just the head is still inside. On his next thrust in, she pushes back hard to meet him and he reaches around and finds her hard little clit, pinching it between two fingers and then rolling it around. She is frantically begging him now in a husky voice to let her cum, and he quietly tells her to cum for her master.

Her body starts to vibrate as he pulls out, and she hears him say it again. He tells her to cum hard for him, and she feels the waves of pleasure roll through her one right after another as she feels the head of his cock nestle against her puckered asshole. Before she can make a sound or react, Paul grabs her hips and pulls her back hard against him. Her tight virgin ass takes him in one long smooth motion.

She gasps as his dick slides in and she realizes that she is still cumming hard. He starts using short strokes as she feels her ass start to stretch to accommodate his size and she is begging him not to stop please, that she’s never done this before but she loves it. He uses longer strokes and is starting to push in and out harder and faster and she can feel him swelling and stretching her more. Paul tells her that she has two choices of where he will cum in her; she can choose either mouth or ass. She begs him to please cum right there in her ass for the first time.

He is now pounding into her, pulling her back by the hips to meet each of his thrusts, and he tells his new slave to cum with him NOW. She feels a mind blowing orgasm shudder through her body as he fills her ass with his hot sticky cum. As the waves of pure pleasure roll through her over and over again her limbs shake and suddenly refuse to hold her up any more. She collapses flat onto her stomach, and as she slides downward, Paul straightens up and lets his hard cock slide out of her freshly fucked ass.

Paul tells tabby “I am now going to leave and I will send over my sub to help you with the decorations” and then turns and walks back through the house, leaving Tabby laying there shaking.

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An exciting story that I hope has at least one more chapter.

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