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Roommates: Chapter 1 - Cock & Pussy Tease

Derek had just arrived home from his last class of the day. "What the hell was I thinking, taking psychology as a class?" he thought to himself as he threw his book bag on the couch. "Norah!" he called out as he kicked off his size 10 shoes. One landing on the couch then falling off. The other down the hallway. "Norah, you in here!" he yelled a second time. Derek searched around the very clean apartment in hopes that she was indeed not there. "Norah." he said as he both knocked and opened her room door. "If you're not dressed tell me now." Viewing her seemingly spotless room he thought, "Good, time to get down to business."

After a stressful day of college, it is almost like clock work that Derek jerks off. He is 23 year old, 5ft 11in. 180lbs. black male with black hair and deep dark brown eyes. His habit of being messy is what he explains is because of his artistic background. The only thing he adores more than his ability to draw, paint, and play the piano is a woman. Being as tidy as Norah is, she would freak if she knew how frequently Derek masturbates on the computer they both share as roommates. It is the one place that he does clean up after himself, as to not hear "her mouth" as Derek puts it.

As Derek sat down in the computer chair, he noticed a sticky note on the screen. "Derek, I just cleaned the entire apartment. I know its hard but please keep it that way. I'm asking you nicely now. But I'm getting tired of seeing your shit all over the place. You know how I am. Norah. P.S. I will be having company over later, so keep it clean." As he balled up the note and threw it behind him, he thought "whatever!" Derek kicked off his pants and took off his shirt. Giving a big sigh of relief, he was now down to his boxers, undershirt, and socks. Pulling his dick through the underwear hole with one hand and using the mouse with the other Derek pondered, "What should I look at today?" His dick was already hard with anticipation, for it had been eight days since Derek has had "a good nut." His eyes widened as an idea popped in his head. "I know, Ellen on the sybian. How could I forget that. That gets me off everytime!" As he caressed his 8in. cock, precum had began to spill. "It has been a while." he thought as he watch Ellen begin to ride the sybian. Derek stroked as she grinded the machine in a simaltanious fashion. She rubbed her clit as she went up and down on the vibrating dildo. "AAhhh!" she moaned, while continuing on the sybian, every now and then gigling and giving a sexy look at the camera. It was almost too much for him. Derek felt himself starting to cum, but he eased off stroking his dick. He started giving it a slower pace and worked the base of his cock, yearning to cum. Now at minute 11, Ellen was riding hard. "OOHH, oooohhh, aaahhh,!" Stroking harder and faster, Derek could not delay it any longer. Suddenly, he heard the front door unlock. Derek frantically grabbed the mouse, turned down the sound, and switched the screen to his facebook account. Just in time too. As the door opened, Derek turned to see it was Norah and her friend Lindsey.

Norah is a 21 year old, 5ft 5in. 110lbs. hispanic girl with long black hair and dark brown eyes. She has perky 32b breasts, very slim waist and thighs. She has a very up front adittude and not afraid to say what is on her mind. To most guys she is very intimidating. But she is very insecure about her body. On most occasions she has to go up to a guy and start the conversation. The past month has been stressing her to no end. With school, work, family, and not to mention Derek, all attacking her from every angle. All the frustration causes her to masturbate 6 times a week on average.

"Home so soon?" Derek asked as he stared at the two young ladies, not knowing that his massive erection was still sticking out. As he wondered about the shocked looks on their faces, he quickly realized what he had forgotten. Norah exclaimed, "What the hell are you doing?" He quickly tried to hide his dick, but being how bulging it was, it took a good 30 seconds to conceal it. "I know you're not jacking off on the computer we BOTH use, when you have a laptop you can do that shit on!" Trying to come up with a response and put his dick back in side of his boxers, all he could say was, "I wasn't! It's not like that!" Neither one of them had notice the enticing look on Lindsey's face. She had never seen a black man's cock in person. "That looks sooo delicious." she thought as she licked her lips day dreaming of sucking on Derek's manhood. "I wonder how far I can fit his dick in my mouth. I wonder if it will fit in my pussy." These thoughts only made her cunt become wet with anticipation. She squeezed her thighs together, increasing the sensation. Lindsey's daydream was interrupted. "Come on Lindsey, lets go get ready and leave this prick to his perverted self!" Norah grabbed Lindsey's hand and marched to her room.

One of Norah's friends and classmates is Lindsey. She is a 22 year old 5ft 7in. 130lbs. hispanic girl with short brown hair and dark brown eyes. With size 36c breasts a slim waist and thick thighs, she knows what she has and is not ashamed of it. Unlike Norah, guys come up to her constantly. She is loose with her sexual ways. Lindsey makes it a rule not to go a whole month with out some sexual interaction with a dick.

Norah slammed the door, "I can't believe him, jacking off on the living room computer! Who knows how many times he's done that!" Angrily she began to take her shirt off. "Did you see the size of that dick?" Lindsey lustfully said. In the middle of removing her bra, Norah stoped in shock from what she had just heard. Now at a whisper, Norah replied, "You can't be serious." "I dunno, I've never seen one that big. I'm surprised you two haven't fucked. I mean the way you two yell and argue all the time. You should just fuck him and get it out of your system." proclaimed Lindsey. "What! No way!" said Norah, "I just have a lot on my mind. You know, family, school and stuff. I'm probably just taking it out on him." "Sounds to me like you need to just lay down and have him ram his dick in ya a couple of times." joked Lindsey. "Whatever girl, it sounds like YOU want his dick. Anyway, Imma 'bout to take a shower so we can head out. If you need something just get it in the kitchen." Norah said as she stripped out of the rest of her clothes and now covering herself with a towel, "Oh, you might wanna ask Derek what's mine and what's his. One argument is enough from that dumb ass."

Norah turned on the shower. As she waited for it to warm up, she dropped the towel on the floor and stared at her tits in the mirror. "Maybe if they were like Lindsey's I could get guys attention." she thought as she cupped both breasts, then ran both thumbs over each nipple, lightly. She stood there caressing her breasts, slightly turning herself. She closed her eyes and imagined a pair of lips enveloping her left nipple. Then the right one. The mouth the open and a tongue flicked each nipple before it began to suck her breasts. "Mmmm" she let out a tiny moan. She peered open her eyes and noticed the mirror starting to fog. She shook off the brief arousal session in her mind and stepped into the shower. The warm water relaxed her. Norah allowed the spray to reach each part of her neck where her tension was the worst. Again she shut her eyes to fully enjoy the warmth. As Norah lathered her tight wet body, Lindsey's voice popped in her head, "Did you see the size of that dick?...I've never seen one that big...Sounds to me like you need to just lay down and have him ram his dick in ya..." "Hhhmmm," Norah thought, not noticing she that one had was massaging her clit "that was a big dick. It did kinda turn me on when i saw that rock hard cock." Snapping back to reality, "Dammit Lindsey, why did you have to say that shit about him. Fucking Derek, why couldn't you just jerk it in your room." She place her finger tips back on her clit. "Might as well finish. Don't wanna go out and have a bitchy attitude." The lather from the soap had made Norah's clit very sensitve. Every now and then, she caught her self letting out a light moan. She imagined Derek's dick rubbing the slit of her pussy. Rubbing the head to the opening. Pushing the tip in. "Ooohhh" she moaned. Rubbing the her clit with his dick, and the again putting the tip inside, a little futher. "mmmmmmm" she tried to hold it in. "mmm, oohh, yeah" she said as she was getting more and more into her fantasy. Norah propped he leg on the side of the tub, now putting her two fingers inside her pussy. Now, imagining Derek thrusting his hard member deep inside her. "OOOOHH, fffffuck" she tried to stay quite, but it was so hard to fight what felt so good. She began thrusting her fingers deeper and deeper as she would want him to do. Being that her cunt was now sloppily wet, she continued finger fucking herself with three fingers now and gripping her tits all while letting the shower spray on her clit. "Mmmhhhmmm, mmmhhmm, right there, shit, yes right there." she commanded her imaginary lover. The deeper Norah went inside the louder she became, and the louder she was, the wetter she got and the wetter she got the faster she went. "OH fuck it!" Norah protested as to not caring who heard her screaming. She wanted this, she NEEDED this. She rapidly pushed her fingers in and out, in and out. Deeper and deeper. Think of her roommates cock throbbing inside her hot pussy. She didn't want this to end. "Oh shit, oh yes, yes, yes, mmmhhmmmm" Norah could feel herself about to cum. "Fuck me with that big black dick! fuck me! fuck me!" And one last push, deep and forceful, "AAAAaaaaahhhhhsssssssshhhiiiiiiiiittt!!!" Norah, fell to her knees in the tub. Legs shaking, pussy throbbing, body quivering, and out of breath. "Fuck, what did I just do." Norah whispered to herself, "I hope I wasn't as loud as I think I was." Not realizing it now, but Norah has just turned her thoughts of her "ass-hole roommate" into her "Fuck Fantasy". "Let me hurry up and get out of here before that happens again." she thought as she finished up her shower.

Meanwhile, Lindsey had made her way into the kitchen where Derek was making himself a snack on the kitchen counter. Much to her surprise, he was still wearing his shirt, boxers, and socks. "Hey Derek..." she said as she walked over and put her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his right arm, in a flirtatious nature, "whatcha makin'?" "You know, just a sandwich, before I start on my psych homework." he replied somewhat ignoring her flirting. "Ooohh, psychology, that sounds HARD." she lustfully responded. Now with his eyebrow raised, he said "well, depending on who's taking it, yeah I guess it is hard." Lindsey was getting even more flirty, "What about me, do you think it would be HARD for me?" That question got the response that Lindsey wanted. She noticed his boxers and how there were expanding in the front. Derek, seeing the smirk on Lindsey's face and the look in her eyes, decided to play along to see where she was going with this. "Oh yeah," he said in a deeper sexier voice, " I think you'll find it really HARD." Lindsey raised up on her toes, put her lips next to his right ear and whispered, "Why don't you show me?" This question also received a response. His erection found its way out the hole as if it was gasping for air. "Oooohh." Lindsey cooed. Derek, jokingly said, "Well, it seems like you gets what get what you ask for." She slowly wrapped one hand around it, then both hands. The touch of her elegantly soft hands around his cock made his eyes close in satisfaction. He balanced himself with his left hand on the counter. Lindsey had no idea how good she felt to him, just as he had no idea how wet just the sheer look and feel of his dick made her cunt. She slowly bent down, cock still in hand and took the tip of her tongue and circled the head of his dick. Quickly, Derek opened his eyes, "Woah, woah, woah, we can't do this. I mean Norah already thinks I'm an ass-hole as it is, and you're her best friend. She'll think I seduced you..." "Aaaww, aren't you sweet." she interrupted," You care about taking advantage of women. And here I was thinking that all nice guys with big dicks were extinct." She stood up and met him eye to eye, all the time not letting go of his thick cock. "Well, this time, it was me seducing you. But I understand if you don't want my lips wrapped around this fat dick." Once again she whispers in his ear,"You gotta learn to share this thing. Let me show you something." Lindsey lifts up her skirt, pulls her panties to the side and rubs her pussy with his dick. Derek, now both his hands on the counter, trying desperately not to show how good what she is doing feels. "Feel how wet that is?" Derek nods. "This is what happens when I see something I want. You play your cards right, and you'll get to know me INSIDE and out. But for now, I'll let you think about what coulda happened." Lindsey bent down and gave Derek's still throbbing cock a kiss and slowly strolled her way back to Norah's room with a sinful smile on her face. "Fuck." Derek softly said to himself in regret. "What a tease." He turned and grabbed his sandwich and shook his head about the situation. Not putting his dick away, Derek walked towards his room, "Now I really gotta handle this." he thought. As he reached his door, Norah just came out of the shower with just her towel. Still soaking wet. "Oh shit!" Derek exclaimed, trying to hide his erection for the second time. Norah turned her head his way to see what Derek was cursing about. She ended up tripping on one of his shoes he had kicked off earlier laying in the hallway. Derek's instinct kicked in to catch his roommate, before he could cover up his cock. He landed on the floor holding Norah's supple soft and wet body, now who's towel was only covering Derek's chest. Derek got an eye full of her tits staring him in the face. This only amplified his cock. Nora on the other hand was furious. About to curse him out, she started to sit up and that's when the head of his dick slid right inside of her. This action turned all of that rage right around. "OOOoooohhh." was all that came out of both of their mouths at the exact same time. Both of their eyes rolling into the back of their heads. Coming back to her senses, Norah quickly jumped up, completely forgetting her towel ran to her room, but not before saying a faint, "Sorry." Slowly getting up, Derek thought to himself, "What the hell, this is one cock tease of a day." Taking the towel and his sandwich, that had dropped on the floor, he into went to his room and shut the door, waiting for the girls to leave so he can finally get a nut.

"What happened? Are you okay?" Lindsey inquired as she saw Norah's dripping wet naked body standing at the room door. The combination of the room light and the water made her breasts seem more ample than they actually were. And Lindsey noticed this and it reminded her of the night they both explored each others bodies. "A good night with alcohol," she thought continuing to look lustfully at her best friend and one time lover. "I uh," Norah stammered to come up with a story, "..we don't have anymore clean towels so i just ran in here so Derek wouldn't see me." Lindsey retorted, " But it sounded like you fell out there...", Norah quickly responded. " Oh, yeah I did, the bathroom floor was slippery and i fell as i came out." Lindsey knew she wasn't telling the truth but went on anyway, "Well, hurry up girl. I don't wanna be late for the club and miss out on all those men, waiting for me." Norah walked over to the closet and began to pick out her outfit for the night. Lindsey had crept up behind her and suddenly but softly grabbed her breasts, "Unless you wanna stay here and reenact what happened over the summer..." as she started caressing the still wet tits, Norah turn around to both stop and face her friend. "That night I was drunk. You know I like boys." Lindsey went down and applied two fingers that went inside her friends pussy more easily than she had hoped. Eyes rolling in the back of her head from finally getting attention from something other than her toys, Norah pleaded, "Oh, no no no, stop, please stop." "Hhhmmm, what's this? Your pussy says otherwise." Continuing to push her fingers deep inside, "Damn girl, whens the last time you had a dick?" "OH, SHIT! OOOHHH, SHIT," was her response to both Lindsey's fingers and the loud sloshing noises being made as she slowly thrust her fingers in and out. "Do you want me to call Derek in here? I bet he could use that big dick of his to..." Norah ubruptly opened her eyes, took her friend out of her twat and said, "No! Uh, no, now stop fooling around so I can get ready." Lindsey flopped on the bed, "I was just playing. I don't think your petite ass could handle Derek anyway. I don't even know if I can, but it's worth a try." Norah continuing to dress just rolled her eyes. "But seriously Norah, you need to fuck and fuck now!" Putting on her bra, "Is everything about dicks and fucking to you?". Lindsey sat up, "Uh, Yeah. Sex is everywhere. The got those big dick pills, the have beer commercials with half naked women, and even those baby commercials!" Confused about the last statement, Norah responded, "What does that have to do with fucking?". "Fucking is how you make babies. And it's the best part of making babies." she quickly commented. Norah went back to getting dressed. "I wish I had some kind of power that I could tell if a guy has a big dick ya know, so I could stop fooling around with most of these muscle-heads with little dicks. I mean, I'd still have them take me out to eat and buy me drinks, but I wouldn't waste my time fuckin' them." Finished putting on her dress, Norah grabbed her make and began putting it on, "So what if you sensed that a homeless guy had a 12inch dick? What would you do then?" she asked. "DAMN! 12inches huh? Well, I'd either tell him. 'If you want some of this pussy, go get yourself cleaned up.' or I'd just take him to a hotel, have him shower and shave and put on cologne and then I'd be in heaven. All Night Long girl!". Norah, finally finishing up just shook her head and said, "All that for some dick? You are something else.". "Not just any dick, 12 inches!" Lindsey proclaimed. "Don't you realize how many things in this world are shaped like dicks?" Norah, now walking to the door sighed, "Are you ready?" "Oh, yeah!" Lindsey exclaimed, "Let's go get fucked up, and maybe even fucked!" Norah made her way to the apartment door, and saw her friend stopping in front of her roommates door. "Come on!" Norah whispered. "Wait a minute," Lindsey said, "I gotta say bye to Derek." Lindsey knocked on the door. It took only a few seconds for Derek to open the door and stick only his head out. "We are heading out to the club, did you wanna come?" Derek nervously said, "Uh, no, It would take me too long to even start to get ready. I'll just see you ladies later. Have a good time." That lustful look returned to Lindsey's eyes,"Aw, aren't you sweet. Thanks." She then grabbed his face and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Both him and Norah were shocked, but unlike Derek, Norah tried to hold her surprise in. Lindsey then whispered, "Hope to see real soon." She then headed towards the door where Norah was waiting and then exited the apartment. As Norah closed the door, she gave Derek a look of death, as to say,"Don't Fuck With My Best Friend!"

The girls had arrived home from the club around 2:30am. Derek had heard them coming as he sat on the couch, wearing a t-shirt and his boxers, watching an adult movie on showtime. He changed it quick to Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, which also happen to be on. They burst through the door halfway falling down. Derek noticed that Norah was intoxicated and she also looked pissed and looked as though she had been crying. She composed herself, "I'm going to bed." and walked and tried not to stumble to her room. Lindsey followed her to make sure she made it okay. "Don't worry about it. Fuck him and that slut. You look ten times better than her anyway." Norah responded,"Thanks Lindsey." Before she left the room Lindsey said to her, "We'll find you a real man tomorrow. I'm gonna stay here until I sober up so I can drive home, okay?" Norah said nothing. She just changed into her night clothes, a Dallas Cowboys football jersey and some panties and jumped in her bed. Lindsey walked back into the living room where Derek was still on the couch. "What's wrong with her? Is everything okay?" Derek said with concern. Lindsey said, "She'll be fine. We just ran into Tino, her ex at the club. And I guess Norah still has feelings for the loser, cuz next thing I know she's about to fight his new girlfriend." Shocked, Derek replied,"For real?". "Hell yeah!" she retorted, "But Tino must have forgotten he had a girl, the way he was dancing and groping all on Lindsey. But anyway...". She sat down beside him and put her head on his shoulder,"What you watchin'?" she said, not really interested in the movie. "Just a movie."was his response. Lindsey decided to skip beating around the bush; she was drunk and horny and wanted it now. She reached down and pulled his dick through his boxers. It took no time for it to become erect. "There you are, did you miss me?"she playfully cooed. "I can't, I can't." Derek said trying to stop her. Lindsey paused, dick still in hand, looked him in the eyes and whispered, "He says you can." And with that, she lifted up her dress, with no panties on, guided his dick inside her, "OOOOOHHH FFFFUUUCCCKKKKK!!" she tried to not scream. He immediately grabbed her ass as she slowly slide down his pipe. "AAHHHH FFUUCKKK, you have a big dick." Her pussy felt just as good to him as his cock felt to her. "Thank you," Derek said trying not to enjoy this to the fullest. Just then, Lindsey had done something she has never done with a guy she just fucked. She grabbed Derek's face with both hands and kissed him as though she was orgasming at that very moment. "OH! This feels too good," she thought, "I gotta get this dick all the way in me! Oh, shit this fucker is thick".

At the same time, Norah laid in her bed and whiped the tears from her eyes. "Fuck him!" she thought,"I don't need him. All guys are ass-holes anyway!" She went through her drawer looking for the last picture of her and Tino she kept, but it was right below her vibrator that she came across. At that time, she heard Lindsey moaning from the living room. "OOOOOHHH FFFFUUUCCCKKKKK!!" Startled at first but then suspecting what was going on,"What an ass-hole!" she whispered to herself. "I knew he would try and fuck my friend." She heard her again, "AAHHHH FFUUCKKK..." this was all just making her ever so horny. "Fuck it." she said, got under her bed sheets and prepared to masturbate with her vibrator. She turned it on, pulled her panties to the side and began working her clit and the out side of her pussy lips. Being drunk just intensified her erotic feelings. "MMMmm, oh yeah. just what I needed." she moaned over the buzzing sounds of her toy. Rubbing her toy up and down in a steady pace, she began to speed up. "Oh yeah,mmmhhhmm, oh yeah". Norah raised up her shirt, exposing her breasts and started to massage the left one. She teased her self. Slipping the toy little by little inside herself. Feeling the vibrations inside and outside her pussy walls. Forcfully grabbing her nipples she cooed, "Oh, Shit!" she felt she was almost there but in such a short time. "Yes , Derek yes! Give it to me!" she tried to stay quite not realizing who's name she just called out as she plunged the whole toy deeper than she ever has before. She thrust harder and harder, now her pussy's juices were now louder than the sound of her toy. This turned her on even more. "Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck me!" Now, ever so close,she pinched her nipples, slammed her vibrator repeatedly inside herself. Norah, keeping it inside, stopped, turned the toy all the way up, "OH MY FFFFFFUUUUCKK!" and rubbed her, now soaked clit, violently, and groped each tit. That did the trick. She couldn't hold back anymore. "MMMhhhhmmmm, Yes, yes, FUUUCCKKKK MMEEEE!!! OOOHHHHH SHIIITTT!!!!" At this time she didn't care who heard her, this was a well needed orgasm after tonight. Both Lindsey and Derek heard the orgasmic screams coming from Norah. This caused a chain reaction in Lindsey. She grabbed hold on to Derek as she bounced up and down his cock rapidly. "FUCK THIS PUSSY DEREK, FUCK THIS PUSSY!" she screamed as her pussy had now completely drentched the front of his boxers. Derek, put both hand on the couch, and lifted his mid section up raising Lindsey up high and also pushing his dick deep inside her. This pushed her over the edge, "AAAHHHHHHHH FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCK!!!" He could feel her pussy get wetter and grip and clinch on his dick. He could also feel it pulsing as she came again. "OOOOOHHHHH ,MMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHH AAAHHHH!!" She tried to hold the second one in. "Oh shit I'm about to..." Derek said as he tried to get Lindsey off but she had other plans. She gripped on to him tighter and grinded her pussy to help him cum. And she felt it too, which gave her a third orgasm. "OOOHHH SHIITT, AGAIN?!?!" she questioned her body as she came. Once again she grabbed his face and kissed him with passion still grinding, getting every inch of pleasure from the cock. Lindsey tried to stand but her legs were too weak to work and were shaking. Derek, handed her a towel that he had planned to jerk off into that night. "Thanks, sweetie," she said," I hope you enjoyed that. Cuz I only do that with guys I like." Breathing hard Derek said,"Well maybe we'll have to do it again sometime." She finished whiping herself off, stood up, got close to his face and looked dead in his eyes and said, "There's no maybe about it." and walked off into the bathroom to finish cleaning up. A few minutes later, Lindsey came back in the living room. She looked at the time, it said 3:37am. "Imma go, tell Norah I'll call her tomorrow. Why don't you come with us to the club?" Derek looked up at her and responded, "I'm not a club person. I don't know how to approach girls." She looked at him, "Don't worry about that, you'll be with me." As she left she winked at him and said," Good night big boy." Derek got up and closed the door behind her. He sat back down on the couch and flipped through the channels to see what was on.

Ten minutes later, Norah walked in and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. "I hope you had fun!" she said to him in a sarcastic manner. "Not as much fun as you were having back there!" he replied in a snide remark. Norah had a look of horror on her face, "Yeah, we heard you!" She stomped her way over to where Derek was sitting. "You fucking ass-hole!" she said in anger, "Why you gotta fuck my friend? You're no good for her! You're a tipical fucking man, always thinking with your dick!" Derek stood up, "Hey, she is the one who grabbed my dick and sat right on it." Norah responded, "Oh, yeah it did sound like you tried to stop her, no wait, IT SOUNDED LIKE YOU WERE FUCKING HER!". "Well, its not my fault you fucking got dick hungry friends!" he yelled. "Are you calling her a slut?" Norah inquired. Derek paused and calmed himself, "Look, I know you had a bad night with your ex and everything. Let's be calm." He sat on the couch and patted in front of himself, "Sit down." "Why?" norah skeptically responded. "I'm gonna give you a massage." he said as he somewhat forced her to sit down. If it were not for the alcohol, she may have put up more of a struggle. He turned off the t.v. so there was no distractions and only a small amount of street light peered through the blinds. Derek pushed her hair to one side and began on her neck. Only a few seconds had passed before the pleasure had gotten to her, "Mmmmmm.". Derek continued to massage Norah, now moving down to her shoulders, but he could not the affect he wanted through her jersey, so he started to lift it up from the back. Norah's eyes shot open and gripped the jersey, "What do you think you are doing?". Derek responded, I'm gonna relax you. You have a lot of tension in your lower back.". Skeptical, Norah agreed,"...but don't try to sneak a feel." she then proceeded to remove the jersey completely. She leaned forward and scooted back in Derek's lap which was now occupied by his ever growing cock. Derek paused for a moment to see if she would stop him for being a "typical horny ass-hole" but she said nothing so he saw that as a sign to go ahead."Oooooo" His hands felt so good to her skin, so warm to the touch. Normally in her right mind, Norah would never let a guy get this close in this atmosphere and in this situation. Was it because she was drunk, or maybe of the stressful night seeing her ex, or possibly that she hasn't had sex in what seemed like forever and a man's touch would seem to make all her problems disappear. "Mmmmmhhhmmm." Before Norah knew it, Derek had her leaning back against his bare chest while he rubbed her thighs being careful not to get too close to the middle. Just then, Norah grabbed both of his hands and put them on her breasts. "I have a lot a tension in my chest." she whispered to him as if she needed an excuse. Derek soothed her breasts and nipples. Though they were small and perky, he had no complaints. This action started her to grind against his dick for a moment, until she reached back and grabbed it. Norah massage his full length from behind as a "thank you for making me feel so good.". Derek was surprised but went along with it and decided to go an extra length. He strolled his fingers down her stomach, past her belly button, underneath her satin panties and slipped his middle finger directly into her opening. "OOHH!" she let out a shout of a whisper as his finger proceeded to exit and enter her sloppy wet hole. Norah increased he stokes as Derek increased his finger speed. "Oooohh, Oooh, Derek." she finally said his name to and because of his actions. Derek had never been so turned on as to hear his sexy hispanic roommate call his name. He sped his finger up as she did for him. Norah's sounds were growing more and more loud as their actions carried on. "Oh, fuck, oh fuck!" she said as her breathing got heavier. Norah leaned back, put her mouth to Derek's ear, licked him and whispered,"I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you deep inside me." Derek's eye opened. He took his hands out of her panties and said,"I can't, it's not right." Now, Derek is unlike most guys, which would take any situation like this and fuck. Not Derek, deep inside he was still a good guy and at this point did not see Norah acting in her right mind. This did not go well with Norah,"You can't or you won't? I should have know not to throw myself at you.". Derek tried to console her,"It's not like that, I..". She didn't let him finish. She stood up, "So you can fuck my friend but not me? What am I not good enough? You want a girl with bigger tits? That'll suck your dick, your friends and your neighbors?". She tried to hold in the tears. Derek stood up to hold her but she pushed him away. "No, fuck you! You just passed on... fuck it!" she screamed. Derek tried to explain,"I don't want to take advantage of you while your drunk.". Norah in anger,"I'm a big girl. I don't need you to watch over me! And don't expect this to happen again." With that said, she stormed off to her room and slammed the door and cried herself to sleep. Derek sat back down on the couch, thinking to himself,"Stupid". He got up, went to his room and retired for the night.


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The story was pretty good. But it was really tough to read.

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