My dad is jeking of in my room while I'm asleep, I was 12
Hey, u can call me Zanna and this is my story. I'm from sweden, so my english is'nt that good.
And I'm now 18

We have allways been the happy family. With a mum and a dad who lived together with their two children.
This happend when I was 12 years. My father came in to my room as allways to say goodnight, then he turned of the light in my room and went to his and mums room.
A couple of hours later I woke up becuase I was cold, I thought I hade dropped my blanket. But then I saw my father, he was sitting on my chair a bit away from my bed, holding his dick in his hand.
- Daddy, what're you doing? -I asked
- Nothing sweety, go back to bed. -He replaid
And I did, I fell asleep again and when I woke up in the morning thinking that it was a dream.

A few weeks later I woke up again, this time when my dad attempted to pull my shirt up.

-What are you doing? - I whisperd
He gave me no answer, but went out from my room.

After school I was allways alone at home and this day I thought that I could use my dads computer to chat with my friends. But instead I saw a bunch of documents I thought looked interesting.
So I opened one of them and saw a picture of myself, it was from the night I thought I had dropped my blanket. Under the picture it said; She makes me so horny, my god, she's my daughter.
I opened the next document and saw a picture of me again, this one was from our holiday to Spain, I had my bikini on but no more. The text was; my little girl.
The next following documents where pictures on me, half naked when I was younger or in bikini from these days. The word horny kept on comming in the text so I went and looked it up in a dictionary. Sexual delight, that must be something good.

I went to bed, my dad came in to my room and said goodnight and turned of the light.
Once again I woke up from my dad in the middle of the night, I still had my blanket on and I saw that he was holding his dick.
I pretended to be asleep, and kicked down my blanket from the bed. I had prepared myself and had no panties.
I could hear him gasp as he saw my pussy, and he where breathing heavily now. I opened my legs wide apart and just lay there and watched my dad. He rubbed his hand up and down on his dick, I had never seen this. He let go of his dick and was now standing up, he moved my chair a bit closer to my bed so I could se him very clear now. If I wanted I could touch him, but if I did something I would scare him off so I just pretended to be asleep.

My dad was beautiful when he did that to his dick I thought. I wanted to touch him so I moved like I do in my sleep and my hand landed on his knee.
Patric as my dad is called stopped his sliding and looked at me, and continued when he saw that I still was asleep. My hand could feel the movement of the sliding and I thought if I moved a bit more he had to touch my hand every time he was at the bottom. So once again I moved, Patric stopped his sliding and I thought he never was going to continue. But he did, and he did it much slower now, afraid to touch my hand. When I had moved, my legs had ended up together and now I moved them apart so that dad could have a look at my pussy again. His breath became heavy again and I heard him groan quiet. When he was at the bottom he stopped, and layed his hand over mine. I felt the warm but wet hand and could feel how he placed it around his dick. He slide it up and down, and he groaned one time, just quiet, but then he groaned loudly. Then there where some white liquid comming out from his dick.
-Dont tell your mom Zanna, I know that you've been awake. We're going to have more fun tomorrow if you're nice little girl. -daddy whisperd
The he went out from my room.

The next night.

I went to bed as usual, but my dad didnt came to say goodnight to me. I turned the light of and tried to sleep, but my dads words was in my head. Have more fun tomorrow, if he thinks that is fun, then I can help him.

I couldnt sleep and the clock turned 10, I decided I had to sleep. But just as that, my dad walks into my room and closed the door.
-Zanna, I know you're awake. - Dad said
I pretended to sleep, like the day before. But this time he sat down in my bed and pulled my blanket of. Just like the day before had no panties under, just a T-shirt.
-Zanna, look at me. -He said
I looked at my dad and he started to take on my thigh.
-Stop it dad! - I said in a loud voice
-Sshh, sweety, I will not hurt you, you're going to enjoy this, I promise you. -he replayed
-You promise? - I asked
-Yes sweety, you're my girl. I can give you a massage cant I? - He said
-Okay dad. - I answered
-Zanna, if you take off your T-shirt and then lay down on your stomach, you will enjoy this
- He ordered me
So I took of my T-shirt and lay down in my bed again. My dad had some sort of oil with him and he started to massage that into my back. It was really nice but then he started to caress my bottom with it, he let his fingers slip down between my bum. Then he started to massage my legs, from my feets and up, his hand sliped between my thighs and he touched my pussy.
-Daddy, no. - I said loudly
-Zanna! Don't wake your mum up! - He whisperd
The he continued.
He massaged my back once again, then he started to massage my buttom again. This time much harder, he took the oil and dropped it over me.. most of it in my splited bum.
Patric started to massage only my bottom part and tricked my pussy to like it.
-Zanna, turn over and spread your legs. He ordered me
I did as he said, didnt want any trouble.
He started to massage my legs, and then he started to massage my pussy. It tickled in my body and he felt me moving, so he moved on. Up to my stomach and up to my new boobies that was not big.
Dad put one of his finger in me and I could feel how warm I was inside.
-Does it hurt sweety? - He asked
-No daddy, it's really nice. - I said
He took out the finger and hold it infront of me.
-Lick it of honey. - He told me
-Daddy.. “I didnt even finish the word.
-Do it! -He said whith a tone that I know that I had to do it.
And I did, it didnt taste horrible, acctuly it was pretty good.
He took some oil on his hand and started to rub my pussy, now he had two fingers in me, while the other hand still was rubbing.
I groaned very quiet, this was amazing. But my dad had heard me and put three fingers in me, that hurted, but it was still fantasting, I groaned lauder.
-Is it nice honey? -He asked me
-Yeeeah, daddy I love you. - I whispered
Because I really did, it was amazing.
He oiled his hands again and now he put three fingers in my pussy and then he did something I didnt know you could do, he put one finger in my ass. I could feel the both fingers pushing together.
I groaned very load this time, and then I started to shaking, it was tickling in my pussy and it felt likte a was going to pee on my self. My daddy turned forward and kissed me, on the lips like he and mum used to do. It where coming liquid from my pussy and it was so nice, I wanted to scream but my dad continued to kiss me.
When I had stoped liquiding he stoped kissing me.
-Was it nice honey doll? - He whispered to me.
-Daddy what was that? - I asked embarresed
-You had and orgasm honey. - He said with joy
-Is that good? - I asked
-Yes, honey doll, thats a good thing.
Now you have to sleep, and tomorrow we are going to have some more fun, okay?
He said and walked away with a big smile on his face..

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