PART 7/13 ~ Rat Trap
"Come here!" Harvey whispered, grasping Wesley's shirt sleeve as the
boy climbed the stairway. "They've come back for you... Sir Lewis and
the lawyer... Leroy sold you..." he explained, staring in the young
boy's eyes to see if he had registered what he had said.

"They want me?" Wesley peeped, tears rolling in his blue eyes. "But t t
I I I don't want to.." he stammered nervously.

"Let's go. I know someone who'll take care of you for a few days.."

The night seemed heavy as they trotted barefeet on the cold
cobblestones. Wesley walked close to his teenage lover, brushing
against his bare arm from time to time, wondering who was this
mysterious friend.

"You'll see, he's real nice." Harvey said. "He'll give you shelter and
some food... he did for me!"

For what seem like forever, they trudged on the less frequented
avenues, shivering in the evening air, their breath making clouds of
smoke. Next to Hampton's old bookstore, a darkened alley lead toward a
single grayish door. Wesley held on to the thirteen-year-old's hand as
they advanced to it.

"I think it's here." Harvey murmured. "Knock three times than kick."

'What a strange ritual to meet a friend' Wesley thought. He nodded
silently, his stare glued to one of the older boy. His big black eyes were
shining in the moonlight with a comforting aura.


After a pause, the grumbling sounds of a man opening the door,
slipped through the slit between the heavy door and the frame.

"By Jove. This is NOT for street runts like you!" the large man
bellowed, towering over the two boys in the doorway.

Wes glanced inside through the man's legs. A luxurious feast throned
in the middle of the large room and people waltzed around it gracefully,
disguised in costumes and uniforms. It reminded him of the many
celebrations the count organized, sometimes even in his honor, except
that at those parties, they were women too. A young man with blue round
glasses tilted his head and winked at him.

"Is Daniel there?" Harvey asked. "I want to speak to Daniel."

"Daniel is not in London son... but he'll be back in seven moons... do not
worry boy... now go away..."

The door closed slowly, killing the light. The two paralyzed lads were
drowned in darkness again, a sinking feeling invading their little hearts.

"What will I do Harvey... I I I don't wanna go back there... Leroy will
kill me." Wesley sobbed.

The teenager wrapped his arms around him, shrugging his shoulders
then smiling to indicate he wasn't gonna let him down. They held on to
each other, oblivious to the swift little silhouettes moving in the

Wesley cocked his head. There had been a squeak in the
still of the night. A squeak that could only have been made by a rat.

"Alas, we meet again!!" a grotesque face smiled, suddenly
illuminated by the eerie glow of a gas lamp. Two more lamps were lit up,
revealing the infamous pack of ratboys. Wesley recognized the ugly
teenager from the traumatic evening of his parents' death. And a little
further behind, beutiful Shawn, squirming, obviously embarassed to be

"What do we do Jet?" demanded a little tyke.

"We take'em!"

The gang leaped on the two helpless boys with a roar. Harvey had his
hands full, throwing punches in every direction, kicking the rats who
had not learned to parry. Wesley on the other hand, barely knew how to
defend himself. His skinny arms weren't threatening to the attackers and
they immobilized him in a snap.

"Harvey! Harvey!" he screamed, feeling the bones of his arms getting crushed
behind his back.

A rough blow to the knees sent him to the ground, chin first. Blood
spewed from the scaped skin as he holered for delivrance. Three kids
were on him, pinning him down mercilessly, turning the onslaught into a
real massacre. All his body ached, bruises throbbing on his legs and chest.

Jet finished with a knee to Harvey's groin and left the older boy who
had finally been made prisoners after an energetic battle. He walked
towards Wesley, bent in two on the ground, and kicked him in the guts.
"There. Remember that night?? I told you NOT TO LEAVE!"

"Let's go!" he yelled at the unruly crowd. "Leave the bigger one here."

Two filthy boys picked Wesley from the cold ground and dragged him in
the darkness.

"Harvey! Harvey!" he yelled.

"I'll find you Wes!" Harvey growled, struggling to get away from the
four animals holding him.


"To the Witch's lair!" Jet commanded.

Wesley surveyed the group as they breezed from street to street. Most
were like regular street kids. A blond one here, an older one there.
Propped up on the two stronger kids, his feet didn't touch the
ground. They reached some sort of barn and he was thrown on the floor
in a carpet of hay.

All around, big marble statues of naked muscular men looked at him,
almost saying: 'you're in deep little boy'. It seem the witch had plenty
of free time.

The rest of the pack joined the six boys already there in the moldy
abandoned shed. Now, all twelve boys of the rat crew were there, grinning
wickedly as he lay, shaking from fear.

"Take your clothes off." Jet ordered.

In front, of everybody, he slowly removed his dirty shirt off his
shoulders, then his torn short pants along his slender legs. As soon as
he pulled down his underpants, the audience laughed pointing at him to
further humiliate him.

"On your knees little brat!" the leader ordered again.

Wesley executed silently, eyeing the tall rugged boy defiantly. As he
reached the proper prisoner posture, the little tykes around him
whispered, talking about his exposed hairless genitals. A boy knelt
behind him to tie his wrists with a cord. Pain shot along his arms and
he squirmed, resisting the urge to scream and prove that he wasn't
strong enough.

"What do we do with him?" a kid asked.

"Let me see... hmmmm"

Wesley surveyed the teenager's face. His scars, his earing, seeing
the undeniable lust in the back of his dark eyes.

"Maybe we could let the dog screw him!"

"Oh how original... " he snapped back, eliciting a grunt of anger
from the brutal dictator.

Jet unbuckled his trousers frantically and released his pulsating
nine inch tool. "Suck on this then little bastard." he snarled. This was
a better fate that the painful buggering by a dog, but still Wesley
parted his lips bitterly. The hot piece of flesh filled his mouth,
stretching his lips.

With no hands to stop the intrusion, the large dickhead brushed
against his tonsils, down his throat. "You like this uh?" Jet bawled.
"Yeah take my cock."

He didn't even consider it 'sucking'. The big boy was shoving his
teen tool passed his uvula, holding the back of his head to steady it.
Encircling him, the crowd watched, smiling and cooing as the slurping
noise intensified gradually.

Jet fucked his face violently in the end, thrusting his slippery meat
and cussing profanities. He pulled out his prick, convulsing with
pleasure. From his pisshole, a geyser of sperm erupted, painting
Wesley's litte mug white.

"C'mon open up! Eat it all!" Jet gloated.

The last powerful ropes of boycream landed directly in the twelve-
year-old's opened cavity. The gang seemed agitated all of a sudden.
Wesley gulped down the viscous goo and another boy sprang in front of
him, his little cock waiting to be serviced.

The arogant kid had a broad smile of superiority. So of course, he
bit his balls, but that only in turn brought him a flurry of hard slaps
on his face. When the boy's dick was presented again, he took it in his
mouth and bobbed his blond head like a civilized slave.

One by one, the twelve boys invaded his warm mouth. All kinds of
boy penises. Small cocks, big cocks, circumcised, not, hairless or
sporting a wiry bush. For the little seven and eight years old, he
suctionned their tiny cocklets between his cheeks, as if to extirpate
all the juice out of a baby carrot.

The bigger boys preferred taking things into their own hands and they
fucked his mouth furiously. The large wieners gagged him. No matter how
much he complained with muffled moans, they ignored his pleas, some
finding it arousing.

"Suck it! YEAH. SUCK my dick Snake boy!"

The older boys required more extenuating efforts and they could also
ejaculate buckets. The first two filled his mouth rather profusely,
commanding him to swallow it all. What he didn't eat, he received on his

When Shawn's turn came around, the slimy substance was oozing all
over his naked body, from his chin down to his nutsack. He glanced at
him bashfully. The boy was still as beautiful Wesley thought.
Memories of the night they had loved in the hay resurfaced. He surely didn't
want to put his friend in trouble and offered his mouth seductively.

The taste of the stiff prick was sweet. As he sucked on the boy's
penis, he relived the intimate encounter with Shawn, how he had
deflowered him almost tenderly. The rigid organ was throbbing on his
tongue. He licked all around the shaft, nibbling the heavy balls before
going back to stimulate the bloated knob hungrily, making all the other
Rats jealous.

With a low groan, Shawn's body shuddered. A soothing feeling of deja-
vu floated in Wesley's mind as the boy's juice exploded in the back of
his mouth. The voluminous load trickled from the corner of his lips and
he slurped it up, determined to have all of his friend's nectar.

After the rest of the gang used his mouth, he fell to the ground,
totally exhausted and drenched in cum.

"Look at that! He's already dead we haven't fucked him yet!" Jet howled
at the group of satisfied boys. "Pete and Stu! Grab him, he's gonna sit
on Arthur!"

"Nooo, lemme go." Wesley pleaded, discouraged from the announce of
another undeserved punishment. He didn't know who Arthur was, but he
definitly didn't feel like sitting on him.

The two boys called gripped his arms and raised his nude body from the
dirt. They were the more muscular kids of the gang. His light frame was
like a pillow it seemed for them. He trembled slightly between the two
older lads. They both slipped a hand under his knees and carried him
like a package towards one of the white statues.

His feet in the air, his hands tied, there was no way of escaping the
powerful teenagers. As they approached the marble adonis, Wesley
realized the full extent of his next ordeal. Arthur was the statue
towering over him and between his legs was a huge phallus pointing at
the ceiling, glorious tribute to fertility.

"It's too big!" Wesley yelled at the group of sneering kids. A young
tyke lubed the statue's appendage, confirming what he had figured
already. Then the little boy, applied the grease to his tender hole,
poking stubby fingers inside him, giggling hysterically.

"Noooo." he begged again.

The two bullies hefted his body higher, spreading his legs, adjusting
their aim so that the long immobile prick was right in front of his
little bony butt. Slowly, they lowered him and Wesley felt the cold
sculpted knob against his tight little boyhole.

"Noooo. Get me down!" he screamed in terror.

"Down you say?" Jet grinned.

At once, the two boys eased their grip, letting gravity take over.
"ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Wes shrieked, feeling the massive
cock penetrate his tiny opening.

The lubricant smeared on his anal ring worked its magic as they
impaled him, one inch at a time, filling his guts with the stone organ.
All the while, he cried, his toes cramping up from the pain. He never
imagined such a huge thing could enter his backdoor. The large dick hit
bottom and there was no space left in his rectum for anything else.

They raised him off the pillar and he sighed with relief momentarily,
perhaps one second, because as soon as the crown teased his enlarged anus,
he was slammed down on the big piece of rock. "ARRGGGGGGGGGGGHHH"

"Yeah! FUCK him!"

"Make him scream!"

"I bet he loves it!" the gang cheered.

Faster and faster they repeated the same torture, raising and
slamming him on the huge dong. The cold stone brushed his prostate
roughly. He yelped every time a tingle of pleasure surged from deep
inside him. His little erect pecker wobbled left and right with the
brutal fucking.

A symphony of pain and delight travelled from his mid-section to his
brain. The rough cord was bitting his delicate skin as he attempted to
release his hands. Along with his own wails, the cacophony of the crowd
echoed in his ears, nauseating him. The two tormentors spread his buttcheeks
painfully, opening him up to take more of the cock inside his little
white ass.

He pictured himself, split in two with the long phallus coming out of
his mouth. "STOP! AOWWW AOWWW" he complained incessantly.

"Oh. Don't say ya don't enjoy it!" Jet blurted out. "Your dickie is hard

"Uhhh uhhhh uhhhhhhh" Wes moaned, losing control of his mind. One more
savage intrusion of the hard prong and he climaxed, whining throughout
his powerful ejaculation. Blast after blast of his boycream splashed
against the statue's belly.

As they hauled him off the large penis, the crowd cooed, seeing his
red pucker, dilated and quivering in after shock. He managed to stay on
his feet ten seconds then toppled over on the ground, aching from

-- end of part 7

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2012-01-14 01:01:47
Could not take breath even for once until i finished the story,extremely powerful narrative and ideas of fucking is quite unique,i cant remember a single story comprising such unconventional theme. Great job,go on!:)


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thinking of buying a statue lol

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