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Hiding in the crowd.
I know you wish to be only one of many to have no significance be one of the crowd.

As hard as you try to just blend in your secret desires will always win.

I hope you can find a way to embrace them accept them and make them your own.

I have a huge fear that if you do not they will come back to haunt you and follow you home.

Maybe all my fears are unfounded and things are just exactly the way that you like.

But if you are discovered and it all falls apart I fear giant consequences will strike.

It breaks my heart thinking of you living in a plain vanilla life.

When your flavors are so much more exotic though they cause you some strife.

The things you give up to keep your love must take all of your strength.

I will always be here for you no matter the distance or with time no matter the length.

I will pick up the pieces if they fall apart and take care of all of your needs.

Do everything I have in my power to make sure your heart doesn’t bleed.

All I can do is offer my heart though I think you really don’t want it.

So I will just express myself writing many a whimsical sonnet.

I will hide in the shadows but be available to you on my laurels I will not sit.

Just so you know no matter how difficult things get I will never ever quit.
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