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hi this is a poem that one of my friends wrote for me
Your Naughty/Teasing Schoolgirl:

A Poem prepared as I lie down to sleep,
At most I cry, for my penis to weep.
Viewing your Breasts- my fingers roaming,
Oh, schoolgirl, stay and see my cock cumming.

I'm not as others to be pricky and low,
Stick my pole into your moist hole and go.
You have so much to offer my sweet thing,
To view your photos I ask--no meeting.

Then, whom knows what cums thereafter,
My album's tiny cock, will cause laughter.
Oh cyber, kiss me, my lassie of age twenty,
My sperm count is nill, yet quality is plenty.

Dearest naughty with the beautiful penthouses, known as breasts being firm to view and hold and be molded in my hands. Your silver dollar areolas, you might feel with others to be unsure.

Seeing you dressed up as a teasing schoolgil, please know, in your arns--- I will endure.
Endure may sound harsh, let's say That's all I
could think of before my hand fists my penis,
with you awaiting,
-to vew what is cumming,
UP and ejaculated at the finish.

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2013-09-12 16:49:29
MY0GD2 Awesome article post.Much thanks again. Want more.

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2012-11-23 23:50:13
.That's right, to all you femmobolshos who might think it's long oreudve that the job of cooking Christmas lunch be assigned to both genders: GET OVER IT.There's another quote from him furthr down in the article, to be fair, which is less clueless, so he may have been quoted out of context. But it sounds a bit like oops, I said what I really think back there. Helen's last blog post..

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2011-09-17 05:18:35
hahahahahaha, lol. this is SO funny !! haha
the comment before this is hilarious

Big Willy.Report

2010-05-18 20:18:30
It makes very little sense, are you sure it was written by a male, does he speak English, does he understand anything about sex? It's not much of a poem either, I think an adolescent who hasn't learned to spell yet wrote this load of shite and sent it to you and you were kind enough to put it on the internet for the dim bugger. Try writing one yourself next time, it couldn't be worse than this.

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